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Periodical articleMalta Government Gazette (1831)
Account of Operations to Find Water in the Desert Between Cairo and Suez
Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Volume 1. p. 252-253.

Periodical articleWashington, Lieut. (1831)
Geographical Notice of the Empire of Marocco
Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London. Volume 1. p. 123-155.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1830)
Remarks on Delagoa Bay, a Large Harbour Situated on the South-East Coast of Africa, and on the Country and Nations Adjoining It
South African Quarterly Journal. Volume 2. p. 132-144.

PeriodicalAnonymous (1830)
De Zuid-Afrikaan
Kaapstad: Smuts.

BookBartram, Lady Alfred (British) (1830)
Recollections of Seven Years' Residence at the Mauritius, or Isle of France by a Lady
'By a Lady'. London: J. Cawthorn. 208p.

BookElwood, Anne Katharine (Curteis) (British)( -1873) (1830)
Narrative of a Journey Overland From England, by the Continent of Europe, Egypt, and the Red Sea, to India; Including a Residence There, and Voyage Home, in the Years 1825, 26, 27, and 28
Two Volumes. London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley. 429/400p.

Periodical articleTerao. (1830)
Memoir Relative to the Captaincy of Rios de Senna, a Portuguese Settlement of the South-East Coast of Africa
South African Quarterly Journal. Volume 1. p. 49-71.

BookLushington, Sarah (Gascoyne) (British)( -1839) (1829)
Narrative of a Journey From Calcutta to Europe, by Way of Egypt, in the Years 1827 and 1828
London: John Murray. 280p.

Periodical articleAshmun, Jehudi (1828)
Letter of December, 1827, on State of Colony, Neighboring Tribes, etc
Missionary Herald. Volume 24. p. 186-190.

BookKilham, Hannah (British)(1774-1832) (1828)
Report on a Recent Visit to the Colony of Sierra Leone
London: William Phillips. 24p.

Periodical articleAshmun, Jehudi (1827)
Letter on Conditions in Liberia, and a Visit to the Vey
Missionary Herald. Volume 23. p. 389-393.

Periodical articleDard, Charlotte A.P. (1827)
History of the Sufferings and Misfortunes of the Picard Family, After the Shipwreck of the Medusa on the Western Coast of Africa, in the Year 1816
Constables' Miscellany. Volume 2. p. 13-197.

BookDard, Charlotte-Adelaide (Adele) Picard (French) (1827)
History of the Sufferings and Misfortunes of the Picard Family, After the Shipwreck of the Medusa on the Western Coast of Africa, in the Year 1816
#11. Edinburgh: Constable's Miscellany. p. 13-197.

BookMenu von Minutoli, Wolfradine (Prussian) (1827)
Recollections of Egypt: By the Baroness von Minutoli; With a Portrait of Mahomet Ali Pacha
London: Printed for Treuttel and Wurtz, Treuttel, Jun. and Richter. 279p.

Periodical articleAshmun, Jehudi (1826)
American Colony at Liberia
Missionary Herald. Volume 22. p. 245-248.

Periodical articleMacQueen, James (1826)
Letter to R.W. Hay, Under-Secretary of State
Blackwood's Magazine. p. 871-892.

BookPringle, M.A. (Scottish) (1826)
Route to India, by Egypt and the Red Sea
Edinburgh; London: William Blackwood; T. Cadell. 243p.

BookLee, Sarah (Wallis) Bowdich (British)(1791-1856) (1825)
Excursions in Madeira and Porto-Santo during Autumn of 1823
London: G.B. Whittaker. 278p.

PeriodicalAnonymous (1824)
The South African commercial advertiser
Cape Town: G. Grieg.

Periodical articleMorgan (1824)
From the Journal of the Rev. Mr. Morgan, on the River Gambia
Missionary Herald. Volume 20. p. 89.

BookPhilip, John (1824)
Memoir of Mrs. Matilda Smith, Late of Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope
London: F. Westley. 189p.

BookGraham, Maria (1823)
Journal of a Voyage to Brazil, and Residence There during ...1821-1823
London: Longman, Hurst.

Periodical articleJohnson, W. (1822)
Characters of the Youths in the Christian Institution in Sierra Leone
Missionary Herald. Volume 18. p. 303-304.

BookDemont, Louise (1821)
Journal of the Visit of Her Majesty the Queen, to Tunis, Greece, and Palestine
Caroline Amelia Elizabeth, Queen, Consort of George IV, King of Great Britain, 1768-1821. London: Printed for T. and J. Allman. 84p.

BookBarnard, Sophia (British) (1820?)
Travels in Algiers, Spain, & c, & c., With a Faithful and Interesting Account of the Algerines...
London: Goyder. 140p.

BookBradley, Eliza (British)(1783- ) (1820)
An Authentic Narrative of the Shipwreck and Sufferings of Mrs. Eliza Bradley, Wife of Captain James Bradley of Liverpool, Commander of the Ship Sally, Which Was Shipwrecked on the Coast of Barbary in June 1818 [etc]
Boston, Massachusetts: J. Wald. 108p.

BookHamilton, Ann Barlow (British) (1818)
Extracts From the Journal of a Female Missionary on Her Journies in South Africa, to and From Latakkoo
London: W. Kent. 35p.

BookPark, Mungo (1817)
See this documentTweede of laatste reis van Mungo Park in de binnenlanden van Afrika: mitsgaders een beknopt verhaal van deszelfs leven
Dordrecht: A. Blussé en zoon. 374p.

BookTully, Miss (British) (1816)
Narrative of a Ten Years' Residence at Tripoli: From the Original Correspondence in the Family of the Late Richard Tully, Esq., the British Consul. Comprising Authentic Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Reigning Bashaw, His Family, and Other Persons of Distinction; Also, an Account of the Domestic Manners of the Moors, Arabs, and the Turks
London: Henry Colburn. 376p.

BookGraham, Maria (1812)
Journal of a Residence in India
Edinburgh: George Ramsey for Archibald Constable. 211p.

Periodical articleSydenfaden. (1810)
First Visit to the Great Namaquas
Missionary Herald. Volume 6. p. 465-468.

BookMartin, Maria (American)(1779- ) (1809)
An Historical Account of the Kingdom of Algiers: Including a Description of the Country, Manners and Customs of the Natives, Their Treatment of Their Slaves, Their Laws, Religion, etc. To Which is Annexed a History of the Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Maria Martin, Who Was Six Years a Slave in Algiers, Two of Which She Was Confined in a Dark and Dismal Dungeon, Loaded With Irons, by the Command of an Inhuman Turkish Officer
Philadelphia: Joseph Rakestraw. 107p.

BookVelmet, Mary (Italian)(1774- ) (1804)
An Affecting History of the Captivity and Sufferings of Mrs. Mary Velnet, an Italian Lady, Who Was Seven Years a Slave in Tripoli, Three of Which She Was Confined in a Dungeon, Loaded With Irons, and Four Times Put to the Most Cruel Tortures Ever Invented by Man
Boston: William Crary. 96p.

BookKilham, Alexander (1797)
A Short Account of the Life and Death of Mrs. Sarah Kilham. To Which is Added, Three Sermons Preached on the Day She Was Interred
Leeds, Great Britain. 84p.

BookParker, Mary Ann (British)(ca. 1760- ) (1795)
A Voyage Round the World, in the Gordon Man of War: Captain John Parker
London: John Nichols. 149p.

BookFalconbridge, Anna Marie (British)( -1792) (1794)
Two Voyages to Sierra Leone During the Years 1791-2-3: in a Series of Letters Narrative of Two Voyages to the River Sierra Leone During the Years 1791-1793
London: Printed for the author. 297p.

BookKindersley, Jemima (British)(1741-1809) (1777)
Letters From the Island of Teneriffe, Brazil, the Cape of Good Hope, and the East Indies, 1772-1774
London: J. Nourse. 301p.

BookMontagu, Mary Wortley (British)(1689-1762) (1763)
Letters of the Right Honourable Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Written, During Her Travels in Europe, Asia and Africa, to Persons of Distinction, Men of Letters, & c. in Different Parts of Europe
Three Volumes in One. London: Becket and P.A. Hondt. 466p.

BookTshitereke, Clarence (1320)
The experience of economic redistribution: the growth, employment and redistribution strategy in South Africa
London: Routledge. 237p.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Tribal kings versus modern presidents
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #8. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Solution by experts for Africa: the donor's fatigue
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #8. p. 9-10.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Ten dangers of African heads of state: executive council versus executive presidents
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #8. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
A brief history and development of Kenya Railways
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #8. p. 28-30.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
A king, a president and a president-king
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #9. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Structural adjustments for third world economies
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #9. p. 22-25.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
The 8-4-4 education: what went wrong?
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #10. p. 6-10.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Psychology of African refugees: the African 'Jews'
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #10. p. 18-20.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Abdoulkarim Abaine: fundi des temps nouveaux
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Les mahorais sont-ils politisés?
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 18-20, 34-40, 48-75.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Visage pour un cent-cinquantenaire d'obstinée fidélité
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 27-28.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Cent cinquantenaire du rattachement de Mayotte é la France
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Un homme, une entreprise
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 76-78.

Periodical articleAnonymous (----)
Organisation de la famille é Madagascar: quels changements?
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 80-82.

Periodical articleBatwell, J. (----)
Those good old Davenports
Railroader. Volume 9 #10. p. 17-18.

Periodical articleCheyssial, E. (----)
Mission secréte en Grande-Comore sous la dictature d'Ali Soilih ou les tribulations de Kiki Novou, Ministre délégué é l'équipement
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 3-9.

Periodical articleCheyssial, E. (----)
Pascal Perri, derriére l'image: est-il musulman ou pas?
Jana na Leo. #22-23. p. 22-25.

Dissertation / thesisDandare, H. (----)
Izala religious movement in Sokoto Metropolis
B.A. thesis, history. University of Sokoto.

BookDoi, A.I. (----)
Nigerian Muslim names: The meanings and significance
Ahmedabad: Muslim Publishing House.

Periodical articleKabithe, D.W. (----)
Psychological divorce and children of the divorce
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 6-9.

Periodical articleKabithe, D.W. (----)
The deliberate choice of a wrong marriage partner
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 10-12.

Periodical articleKabithe, D.W. (----)
Effects of generation gap on parenting
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 20-23.

Periodical articleKabithe, D.W. (----)
Inherited wealth: a blessing or a curse?
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #12. p. 8-12.

Periodical articleMukasa, P. (----)
Third world launches protest against credit cards
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #10. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleMukusi, W. (----)
The rush-hour problem: a Kenyan solution
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #10. p. 26-27.

Periodical articleMwangi, T.J. (----)
Rioting by our adolescents: what role can the parents play?
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 14-15, 18-19.

Periodical articleMwaniki, N. (----)
Investigating crime: psychological profiling of suspects
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 26-28.

Periodical articleNgungu, F. (----)
Hysteria, involuntary malingering: who are the victims
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #11. p. 24-25.

Periodical articleNyangai, J. (----)
National development agenda: what becomes of sessional papers and development plans?
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #9. p. 18-20.

Periodical articleNyangai, J. (----)
Injustice and poverty: what is the relationship?
Industrial Psychology. Volume 1 #10. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleNyangai, J. (----)
Extramarital affairs, how can they be avoided?
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #12. p. 20-21.

Periodical articlePhares, N. (----)
A case for teenage mothers: society owes them better treatment
Psychology Digest. Volume 2 #12. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleSales, Lyndi and Shoul, Marc and Wallace, Natasha (----)
Shadow Boxing
Style (Johannesburg). April. p. 72-75.

BookStiles, D.N. (----)
The Boni; Hunters of the Juba-Tana Coastal Forest
New Haven: HRAF.

BookThordsen, S.N. (----)
New Muslim Activism in Kenya
Arhus: Institut for Statskundskab.

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