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Periodical articleDe Witte, Ludo (2017)
See this documentThe suppression of the Congo rebellions and the rise of Mobutu, 1963-5
The International History Review. Volume 39 #1. p. 107-125.

BookAmnesty International (2016)
See this documentThis is what we die for: human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Congo power the global trade in cobalt
Abstract presentLondon: Amnesty International Publications. 90p.

BookBaruti, Barly and Bellefroid, Thierry (2016)
Chaos debout à Kinshasa
Grenoble: Glénat. 105p.

BookBrabant, Justine (2016)
Qu'on nous laisse combattre, et la guerre finira: avec les combattants du Kivu
Paris: La Découverte. 243p.

Periodical articleBryceson, Deborah Fahy and Geenen, Sara (2016)
See this documentArtisanal frontier mining of gold in Africa: labour transformation in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 115 #459. p. 296-317.

Periodical articleChakrabarty, Malancha (2016)
See this documentGrowth of Chinese trade and investment flows in DR Congo: blessing or curse?
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 43 #147. p. 116-130.

Periodical articleCook, Christopher R. (2016)
See this documentDiamonds are forever? Press coverage of African conflicts and the Westphalian filter of resource wars
Abstract presentJournal of African media studies. Volume 8 #2. p. 109-126.

Periodical articleEnglebert, Pierre and Kasongo Mungongo, Emmanuel (2016)
See this documentMisguided and misdiagnosed: the failure of decentralization reforms in the DR Congo
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 59 #1. p. 5-32.

BookHunt, Nancy Rose (2016)
A nervous state: violence, remedies, and reverie in colonial Congo
Durham: Duke University Press. 353p.

BookKennes, Erik and Larmer, Miles (eds.) (2016)
The Katangese gendarmes and war in Central Africa: fighting their way home
Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 289p.

Periodical issueKlantschnig, Gernot and Dimova, Margarita and Cross, Hannah (eds.) (2016)
See this documentSpecial issue: Africa and the drugs trade revisited
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 43 #148. p. 161-242.

Dissertation / thesisKoper, Martin (2016)
See this documentHelpt democratie Afrika? Een onderzoek naar meerpartijendemocratie, politiek arrangement en economische ontwikkeling in Afrika

Periodical articleMaret, Pierre de (2016)
Tea party toys? Classical Kisalian grave goods from the Upemba (D.R. Congo)
Journal of African Archaeology. Volume 14 #1. p. 19-32.

BookMarysse, Stefaan and Omasombo Tshonda, Jean (eds.) (2016)
Conjonctures congolaises 2015: entre incertitudes politiques et transformation économique
Abstract presentParis: Éditions L'Harmattan. #87. 333p.

Periodical articleMertens, Charlotte (2016)
Sexual violence in the Congo Free State: archival traces and present reconfigurations
Australasian Review of African Studies. Volume 37 #1. p. 6-20.

Periodical articleO'MALLEY, Alonna (2016)
'What an awful body the UN have become!!' Anglo-American-UN relations during the Congo crisis, February-December 1961
Journal of Transatlantic Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 26-46.

BookOlowu, Dele and Chanie, Paulos (eds.) (2016)
State fragility and state building in Africa: cases from eastern and southern Africa
Amsterdam: Springer Science and Business Media. 10. 249p.

Periodical articlePayne, Charlotte L.R. and Mato, Bibiche and Fruth, Barbara (2016)
Entomophagy in the area surrounding LuiKotale, Salonga National Park, Democratic Republic of the Congo
African Study Monographs. Volume 37 #1. p. 1-12.

Periodical articlePouillard, Violette (2016)
Conservation et captures animales au Congo belge (1908-1960). Vers une histoire de la matérialité des politiques de gestion de la faune
Revue historique. Volume 679. p. 577-604.

Periodical articleRich, Jeremy (2016)
Changing dollars into Zaires: the challenges of a humanitarian aid NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 1965-1972
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 49 #1. p. 77-101.

Periodical articleRoss, Scott (2016)
See this documentEncouraging rebel demobilization by radio in Uganda and the D.R. Congo: the case of 'come home' messaging
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 59 #1. p. 33-55.

BookRöschenthaler, Ute and Schulz, Dorothea Elisabeth (eds.) (2016)
Cultural entrepreneurship in Africa
Abstract presentNew York, NY: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. #20. 317p.

BookSchlindwein, Simone and Schmolze, Bianca and Johnson, Dominic (eds.) (2016)
Tatort Kongo-Prozess in Deutschland: die Verbrechen der ruandischen Miliz FDLR und der Versuch einer juristischen Aufarbeitung
Berlin: Ch. Links Verlag. 504p.

Periodical articleSempijja, Norman (2016)
See this documentDoes dependence lead to cooperation? The case of resource exchange between the European Union and the United Nations in DR Congo
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 9 #4. p. 259-277.

Periodical issueTertrais, Hugues (ed.) (2016)
Dossier: Les empires dans la Grande Guerre
Abstract presentOutre-mers: revue d'histoire. #390-391. 260p.

BookTrefon, Theodore (2016)
Congo's environmental paradox: potential and predation in a land of plenty
London: Zed Books Ltd. 194p.

BookTshonda, Jean Omasombo (ed.) (2016)
See this documentÉquateur, au cœur de la cuvette congolaise
Abstract presentTervuren: Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale. #9. 496p.

BookAfundi Monene, Joseph César (ed.) (2015)
Anthologie des écrivains de la Grande Province orientale de la République démocratique du Congo: les plumes de l'okapi
Paris: L'Harmattan. 250p.

BookAkinyoade, Akinyinka (ed.) (2015)
African roads to prosperity: people en route to socio-cultural and economic transformations
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. 278p.

BookAundu Matsanza, Guy (2015)
Politique et élites en RD Congo: de l'indépendance à la troisième République
Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia. 293p.

BookBacirongo, Isaac and Nest, Michael Wallace (eds.) (2015)
Still a Pygmy
Sydney: Finch Publishing. 234p.

BookBanza Mukalay Nsungu, Baudouin (2015)
Convictions et espérances pour la République démocratique du Congo: verbatim, 2008-2014
Paris: L'Harmattan. 204p.

DVD / videoBashi, Wendy (ed.) (2015)
See this documentRumeurs du lac
Abstract presentBruxelles: Neon Rouge Production.

BookBilissor, Cédric (2015)
Sempiternelles lamentations: poësie
Paris: L'Harmattan. 76p.

DVD / videoBilsen, Kristof (ed.) (2015)
See this documentElephant's dream
Abstract presentLeuven: Dalton Distribution.

BookBonkena Bokombola, Papy (2015)
Infrastructures routières et développement socioéconomique dans le Mayombé: RDC
Paris: L'Harmattan. 180p.

Periodical articleBraun, Lesley Nicole (2015)
See this documentCyber Siren: what Mami Wata reveals about the Internet and Chinese presence in Kinshasa
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 49 #2. p. 301-318.

BookDelfosse, Colin (2015)
Toute arme forgée contre moi sera sans effet
Paris: Éditions 77. 47p.

BookDhejju, Léonard (2015)
Fleuris là où Dieu t'a semé: histoire d'une vie
Paris: L'Harmattan. 251p.

Periodical articleEggers, Nicole (2015)
See this documentMukombozi and the 'Mongana': the violence of healing in the 1944 Kitawalist uprising
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #3. p. 417-436.

BookEngman, Mie and Andersson, Åke E. (2015)
Mirasa: jakthövdingen från Mjölby
Malmö: Roos & Tegnér. 157p.

BookFancello, Sandra (ed.) (2015)
Penser la sorcellerie en Afrique
Abstract presentParis: Hermann. 296p.

Periodical articleFourchard, Laurent and Segatti, Aurelia (eds.) (2015)
See this documentIntroduction of xenophobia and citizenship: the everyday politics of exclusion and inclusion in Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #1. p. 2-153.

Periodical articleFrassinelli, Pier Paolo (2015)
See this documentHeading south: theory, 'Viva Riva!' and 'District 9'
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 29 #3. p. 293-309.

Periodical articleGalletta, Sergio and Jametti, Mario and Redonda, Agustin (2015)
See this documentHighway to economic growth? Competition in public works tenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Abstract presentSouth African journal of economics: the quarterly journal of the Economic Society of South Africa = Die Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir ekonomie: die kwartaalblad van die Ekonomiese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika. Volume 83 #2. p. 240-252.

BookGambou, Richard-Gérard (2015)
L'orphelin: récit
Paris: L'Harmattan. 128p.

Periodical articleGaynor, Niamh (2015)
See this documentPoverty amid plenty: structural violence and local governance in western Congo
Abstract presentJournal of contemporary African studies. Volume 33 #3. p. 391-410.

Dissertation / thesisGoede, Meike de (2015)
See this documentConsuming democracy: local agencies & liberal peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. #57. 207p.

Periodical articleGoede, Meike J. de (2015)
See this document'Mundele, it is because of you': history, identity and the meaning of democracy in the Congo
Abstract presentThe Journal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #4. p. 583-609.

Periodical articleGreen, Nathaniel and Sovacool, Benjamin K. and Hancock, Kathleen (2015)
See this documentGrand designs: assessing the African energy security implications of the Grand Inga Dam
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 58 #1. p. 133-158.

Periodical articleHaavisto, Camilla and Maasilta, Mari (2015)
See this documentTowards a journalism of hope? Compassion and locality in European mediations of distant suffering
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 29 #3. p. 327-341.

BookHall, Ruth and Scoones, Ian and Tsikata, Dzodzi (eds.) (2015)
Africa's land rush: rural livelihoods and agrarian change
Abstract presentWoodbridge: James Currey Ltd. 204p.

Periodical articleHenriet, Benôit (2015)
See this document'Elusive natives': escaping colonial control in the Leverville oil palm concession, Belgian Congo, 1923-1941
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 49 #2. p. 339-361.

BookHillman Smith, Kes (ed.) (2015)
Garamba: conservation in peace & war
Kes Hillman Smith. 448p.

Periodical issueJedlowski, Alessandro (ed.) (2015)
See this documentSpecial issue: across media: mobility and transformation of cultural materials in the digital age
Abstract presentJournal of African media studies. Volume 7 #1. 99p.

BookJewsiewicki, Bogumil Koss (ed.) (2015)
La violence des jeunes dans la ville de Lubumbashi: mémoire des victimes et des bourreaux
Paris: L'Harmattan. 289p.

Conference paperKamdem, Pierre (ed.) (2015)
Migrations et développement dans les Afriques de l'Ouest et du Centre
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 305p.

BookKiaku-Mayamba-Niangi, Jean-Baptiste (2015)
Ngaliema (Kinshasa): commune des paradoxes
Paris: L'Harmattan. 376p.

Periodical issueKimura, Daiji (ed.) (2015)
Present situation and future prospects of nutrition acquisition in African tropical forest
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs: Supplementary Issue. #51. 173p.

BookKisangani, Emizet François (2015)
Guerres civiles dans la République démocratique du Congo, 1960-2010
Paris: L'Harmattan. 354p.

Periodical articleKnox, Katelyn (2015)
See this documentSelling (out) on the black market: 'Black bazar''s literary 'sape'
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 46 #2. p. 52-69.

Periodical issueKriel, Mariana and Loth, Chrismi and Webb, Vic (eds.) (2015)
See this documentSpecial issue: Language politics in Africa
Abstract presentLanguage Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa. Volume 46 #3. 118p.

BookLapière, Albert (2015)
La révolte de la Force publique congolaise (1895): les papiers Albert Lapière au Musée de Tervuren
Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia. 255p.

Periodical articleLuhahi, Jacqueline Nembe Songu (2015)
See this documentLeadership of university women for development in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a critical reflection
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 14 #3. p. 189-209.

BookLukanda lwa Malale (2015)
Les Baluba: histoire, cosmologie et sémiologie d'un peuple bantu
Paris: L'Harmattan. 221p.

BookLumbala wa Lumbala, Jean (2015)
La vie sexuelle des Congolais
Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia--L'Harmattan. 289p.

BookMagnin, André (ed.) (2015)
Beauté Congo: 1926-2015: Congo kitoko
Paris: Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain. 377p.

BookMakala Nzengu, Patrick (2015)
Le conseil agricole rural de gestion et développement à la base en RDC
Paris: L'Harmattan. 161p.

Periodical articleMaringira, Godfrey (2015)
See this documentWhen the war de-professionalises soldiers: wartime stories in exile
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 41 #6. p. 1315-1329.

Periodical articleMarivoet, Wim (2015)
See this documentEvolution in living standards in eight Congolese cities between 1975 and 2005
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 26 #1. p. 15-38.

BookMarysse, Stefaan and Omasombo Tshonda, Jean (eds.) (2015)
Conjonctures congolaises 2014: politiques, territoires et ressources naturelles: changements et continuités
Abstract presentParis: Éditions L'Harmattan. #86. 309p.

BookMashimango, Abou-Bakr Abélard (2015)
Violences et conflits en Afrique des Grands Lacs: polémologie et géo-systémisme
Paris: L'Harmattan. 191p.

BookMawanzi Manzenza, Thomas (2015)
L'Université de Kinshasa en quête de repères
Paris: L'Harmattan. 281p.

BookMbienga Nkansa, Erick (2015)
450 questions sur la RD Congo
Paris: L'Harmattan. 126p.

DVD / videoMichel, Thierry (ed.) (2015)
See this documentL'homme qui répare les femmes = The man who mends women
Abstract presentBrussel: Twin Pics.

BookMills, Kurt (2015)
International responses to mass atrocities in Africa: responsibility to protect, prosecute, and palliate
Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. 302p.

BookMpoy Kadima, Godé (2015)
La Banque mondiale et la réforme des entreprises publiques congolaises (RDC): une analyse critique des enjeux politiques, économiques et sociaux
Paris: L'Harmattan. 176p.

BookMutamba Makombo, Jean-Marie (2015)
L'U.D.P.S. dans l'oeil du cyclone: la violence politique au Zaïre sous Mobutu: octobre 1985
Paris: L'Harmattan. 97p.

BookMutamba Makombo, Jean-Marie (2015)
Autopsie du gouvernement au Congo-Kinshasa: le Collège des commissaires généraux (1960-1961) contre Patrice Lumumba
Paris: L'Harmattan. 382p.

BookMwantuali, Joseph E. (2015)
Tu le diras à ma mère
Paris: Présence africaine éditions. 298p.

Periodical articleMüller-Koné, Marie (2015)
See this documentDébrouillardise: certifying 'conflict-free' minerals in a context of regulatory pluralism in South Kivu, DR Congo
Abstract presentThe Journal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #2. p. 145-168.

BookNasong'o, Shadrack Wanjala (ed.) (2015)
The roots of ethnic conflict in Africa: from grievance to violence
Abstract presentNew York City: Palgrave Macmillan. 208p.

BookNkumisongo Vavi Fabiyo, François-Xavier (2015)
La sorcellerie chez les Ding de la RDC
Paris: L'Harmattan. 99p.

BookNsungu, Banza Mukalay (2015)
Ma vérité sur le maréchal Mobutu et sur la transition démocratique au Zaïre, 1990-1997
Paris: L'Harmattan. 156p.

BookNzongola-Ntalaja, Georges (2015)
Faillite de la gouvernance et crise de la construction nationale au Congo-Kinshasa: une analyse des luttes pour la démocratie et la souveraineté nationale
Kinshasa: Editions Icredes. 446p.

Periodical articleO'Malley, Alanna (2015)
Ghana, India, and the Transnational Dynamics of the Congo Crisis at the United Nations, 1960-1
The International History Review. Volume 37 #5. p. 970-990.

BookOllandet, Jérôme (2015)
La conférence internationale sur la région des Grands Lacs: une dynamique nouvelle d'intégration en Afrique
Paris: L'Harmattan. 288p.

BookOmasombo Tshonda, Jean (ed.) (2015)
See this documentMongala: jonction des territoires et bastion d'une identité supra-ethnique
Abstract presentTervuren: Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika. 372p.

BookOmasombo Tshonda, Jean (ed.) (2015)
Mongala: jonction des territoires et bastion d'une identité supra-ethnique
Abstract presentTervuren: Koninklijk Museum voor Midden-Afrika. #8. 372p.

BookOtita Likongo, Marcel (2015)
Guerre et viol: deux faces de fléaux traumatiques en République démocratique du Congo
Paris: L'Harmattan. 205p.

Periodical articlePasche, Natacha (ed.) (2015)
See this documentBuilding local capacities to monitor methane extraction in Lake Kivu
Abstract presentSustainable access to energy in the Global South: essential technologies and implementation approaches. p. 235-244.

BookPelete Shimuna, Destin and Mpango, Joseph-Dovel (eds.) (2015)
Rapport sur la thématique politique: l'évaluation de la politique congolaise: 54 ans après la naissance du Congo, avons-nous réussi à faire de ce pays un État véritablement souverain? Le Congo est-il une république?
Paris: L'Harmattan. 51p.

Periodical articlePiret, Bérengère (2015)
See this documentReviving the remains of colonization: the Belgian colonial archives in Brussels
Abstract presentHistory in Africa: a journal of method. Volume 42. p. 419-431.

Periodical articlePype, Katrien (2015)
See this documentFunerary comedies in contemporary Kinshasa: social difference, urban communities and the emergence of a cultural form
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #3. p. 457-477.

Periodical issueRüther, Kirsten and Waldburger, Daniela (eds.) (2015)
Sojourns along the way: narrative perspectives of movement, mobility and moments in between
Abstract presentStichproben - Vienna Journal of African Studies. Volume 15 #28. 147p.

Periodical articleScorgie-Porter, Lindsay (2015)
See this documentMilitant Islamists or borderland dissidents? An exploration into the Allied Democratic Forces' recruitment practices and constitution
Abstract presentThe Journal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #1. p. 1-25.

Periodical issueSjögren, Anders (ed.) (2015)
See this documentSpecial issue: territorialising identity, authority and conflict in Africa
Abstract presentJournal of contemporary African studies. Volume 33 #2. p. 405-518.

BookSony Labou Tansi (2015)
Encre, sueur, salive et sang: textes critiques
Paris: Seuil. 195p.

BookSpensky, Martine (ed.) (2015)
Le contrôle du corps des femmes dans les Empires coloniaux: empires, genre et biopolitiques
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. 264p.

Periodical articleTiteca, Kristof and Costeur, Theophile (2015)
See this documentAn LRA for everyone: how different actors frame the Lord's Resistance Army
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 114 #454. p. 92-114.

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