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Periodical articleSetsabi, S. (2003)
The shifting perceptions on development and poverty in the 1990's
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 9 #1-2. December. p. 43-64.

Periodical articleSeube, Jean-Baptiste (2003)
Le droit local à Mayotte: une spécificité menacée?
Annuaire des pays de l'océan Indien. Volume 18. p. 85-92.

Periodical articleSeube, Jean-Baptiste (2003)
Réflexions d'un juriste français sur le droit successoral comorien
Annuaire des pays de l'océan Indien. Volume 18. p. 155-159.

Periodical articleSevenhuysen, Karina (2003)
Behuisingsverskaffing in Suid-Afrika gedurende die veertigerjare: die finansiële vermoë van stedelike swart mense in perspektief
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 48 #2. p. 127-142.

Periodical articleSeyoum, Seltene (2003)
Review of the literature on Ethiopian resistance with particular emphasis on Gojjam: 1936-1941
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 36 #2. p. 37-57.

Periodical articleShaaban, B. (2003)
See this documentCitizenry protection and participation in privatisation of public enterprises: a survey of the legal situation in Tanzania
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 12 #1. July. p. 68-82.

Periodical articleShadle, Brett L. (2003)
See this documentBridewealth and Female Consent: Marriage Disputes in African Courts, Gusiiland, Kenya
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 44 #2. July. p. 241-262.

Periodical articleShanafelt, Robert (2003)
Colonial Knowledge: How Charles Darwin Got Emotional Expression Out of South Africa (and the People Who Helped Him)
Comparative Studies in Society and History. Volume 45 #4. October. p. 815-842.

Periodical articleShandy, Dianna J. (2003)
See this documentTransnational Linkages Between Refugees in Africa and in the Diaspora
Forced Migration Review. #16. January. p. 7-8.

Periodical articleSharafi, Mitra (2003)
The Slave Ship Manuscripts of Captain Joseph B. Cook: A Narrative Reconstruction of the Brig Nancy's Voyage of 1793
Slavery & Abolition: A Journal of Slave and Post-Slave Studies. Volume 24 #1. p. 71-100.

Periodical articleSharkey, Heather J. (2003)
See this documentChronicles of Progress: Northern Sudanese Women in the Era of British Imperialism
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 31 #1. p. 51-82.

Periodical articleSharma, Jagdish P. (2003)
North Africa in the 21st Century and India
Africa Quarterly. Volume 43 #1. p. 25-40.

Periodical articleSharma, Jagdish P. and Jha, Praveen K. (2003)
Nigeria in transition
Indian Journal of African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 133-141.

Periodical articleSharp, Joanne and Briggs, John and Yacoub, Hoda and Hamed, Nabila (2003)
See this documentDoing Gender and Development: Understanding Empowerment and Local Gender Relations
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers. Volume 28 #3. September. p. 281-295.

Periodical articleShaurub, E.H. (2003)
See this documentImmune response of insects to abiotic agents: a review of current prospectives
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 23 #4. October-December. p. 273-279.

Periodical articleShaw, Timothy M. (2003)
Regional Dimensions of Conflict and Peace-Building in Contemporary Africa
Journal of International Development. Volume 15 #4. May. p. 487-498.

Periodical articleShaw, William H. (2003)
See this document'They Stole Our Land': Debating the Expropriation of White Farms in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 41 #1. March. p. 75-89.

Periodical articleShayo, E. and Mboera, L.E.G. and MMbuji, P. and Rumisha, S.F. and Senkoro, K.P. and Mwami, A.J. (2003)
The role of community and traditional healers in communicable disease surveillance and management in Babati and Dodoma Districts, Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 5 #2. June. p. 48-55.

Periodical articleShee, J.C. (2003)
The burial of Cecil Rhodes
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #22. p. 81-87.

Periodical articleShehu, J. and Akpata, D. and Ogundare, O. and Mziray, S. and Kirimbai, R. (2003)
Tanzanian school girls, sport and patriarchal logic: preliminary data from an exploratory study
Papers in Education and Development. #23. p. 86-109.

Periodical articleSheik, Nafisa E. (2003)
Fragmenting Contexts and Contextualizing Fragments
Journal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 21. p. 95-108.

Periodical articleSheldon, Kathleen E. (2003)
See this documentMarkets and Gardens: Placing Women in the History of Urban Mozambique
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 37 #2-3. p. 358-395.

Periodical articleShem, Alfred O. and Rösner, Hans Jürgen (2003)
See this documentSavings Institutions That Count for Small and Micro Enterprises: The Case of Urban Kenya
African Review of Money, Finance and Banking - Supplement to 'Savings and Development'. p. 23-46.

Periodical articleShepard, William E. (2003)
Sayyid Qutb's Doctrine of Jahiliyya
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 35 #4. p. 521-545.

Periodical articleShepherd, Nick (2003)
See this documentState of the Discipline: Science, Culture and Identity in South African Archaeology, 1870-2003
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #4. December. p. 823-844.

Periodical articleShetler, Jan B. (2003)
See this documentInterpreting Rupture in Oral Memory: The Regional Context for Changes in Western Serengeti Age Organization
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 44 #3. November. p. 385-412.

Periodical articleShetler, Jan B. (2003)
See this documentThe Gendered Spaces of Historical Knowledge: Women's Knowledge and Extraordinary Women in the Serengeti District, Tanzania
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 36 #2. p. 283-307.

Periodical articleShiluli, M.C. and Macharia, C.N. and Kamau, A.W. (2003)
See this documentEconomic analysis of maize yield response to nitrogen and phosphorus in the sub-humid zones of Western Kenya
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 11 #3. September. p. 181-187.

Periodical articleShimada, Shuhei (2003)
See this documentThe Impact of HIV/AIDS on Agricultural Production in Zambia
African Geographical Review. Volume 22. p. 73-78.

Periodical articleShinn, David (2003)
See this documentEthiopia: The 'Exit Generation' and Future Leaders
International Journal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 1 #1.

Periodical articleShinn, David H. (2003)
Terrorism in East Africa and the Horn: An overview
The Journal of Conflict Studies. Volume 23 #2. p. 79-91.

Periodical articleShisanya, C.A. (2003)
Ethnicity and identity in Kenya: a survey of historical challenges experienced and theological solutions
AICMAR Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 41-56.

Periodical articleShitandi, A. (2003)
Problems of resistance to antibiotics in Kenyan livestock
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 4 #2-3. July. p. 177-184.

Periodical articleShivji, I.G. (2003)
Whose law rules under the rule of law and who are the governors of good governance?: the tasks of journalist-intellectual
Nyerere Law Journal. Volume 1. p. 34-40.

Periodical articleShivji, Issa G. (2003)
The Life and Times of A.M. Babu: Personal Reflections
Abstract presentDemocracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs. Volume 3 #2. June. p. 85-91.

Periodical articleShivji, Issa G. (2003)
See this documentThe Life and Times of Babu: The Age of Liberation and Revolution
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #95. March. p. 109-118.

Periodical articleShonubi, A.M.O. and Salami, B.A. and Oloruntoba, D.O. and Mohaleroe, P. and Agbahowe, S.A. (2003)
See this documentCongenital syphilis in an immunocompromised neonate: case report
East African Medical Journal. Volume 80 #12. December. p. 660-663.

Periodical articleShukri A. (2003)
Diversification across crops and land in small-holder agriculture in Ethiopia: the case of Shewa Administration Region
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 12 #1. April. p. 43-73.

Periodical articleSiamudaala, V.M. and Kapungwe, E.M. and Samui, K.L. and Nambota, A.N. (2003)
An overview of the development of the game ranching industry in Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 4. December. p. 41-44.

Periodical articleSiamudaala, V.M. and Kapungwe, E.M. and Bwalya, J.M. and Nambota, A.N. and Munang'andu, H.M. (2003)
The translocation of Zebra (equus burchelli) from Chingalika game ranch in Kabwe to the Chikuni sector of the Bangweulu game management area in Mpika District of Zambia: a case study
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 4. December. p. 45-47.

Periodical articleSibanda, Henry M. (2003)
See this documentThe Conflict Dimension of Environmental Degradation and the Case of Lesotho
African Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 3 #1. p. 29-52.

Periodical articleSicherman, Carol (2003)
Building an African Department of History at Makerere, 1950-1972
History in Africa. Volume 30. p. 253-282.

Periodical articleSideris, Tina (2003)
See this documentWar, Gender and Culture: Mozambican Women Refugees
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 56 #4. February. p. 713-724.

Periodical articleSidibé, Mamady (2003)
La fidélité au 'gnitatou bagane' ou la constance des paysans wolof aux systèmes de production extensifs
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 56 #224. p. 419-442.

Periodical articleSietchoua Djuitchoko, Célestin (2003)
Les sources du droit de l'Organisation pour l'Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 113 #843. p. 140-179.

Periodical articleSihlongonyane, Mfaniseni F. (2003)
See this documentThe Invisible Hand of the Royal Family in the Political Dynamics of Swaziland
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 2 #2. p. 155-187.

Periodical articleSihlongonyane, Mfaniseni Fana (2003)
See this documentLocal economic development in Swaziland: the case of Manzini City
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 14 #2-3. p. 244-263.

Periodical articleSikubwabo, C. and Mubalama, L. (2003)
See this documentLes éléphants du Parc National des Virunga au travers la guerre en République démocratique du Congo
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 45-52.

Periodical articleSileshi F. (2003)
See this documentModeling growth in arm circumference of infants in Jimma Town, South-west Ethiopia
Sinet. Volume 26 #1. June. p. 1-10.

Periodical articleSiline, Vladimir (2003)
Tradition et identité nationale des littératures du Maghreb
Le Maghreb littéraire. Volume 7 #13. p. 19-34.

Periodical articleSilva, Chantal Luís da (2003)
L'évêché du Congo et de l'Angola (1596-1760)
Anais de História de Além-Mar. Volume IV. p. 295-334.

Periodical articleSilverstein, Paul A. (2003)
See this documentMartyrs and Patriots: Ethnic, National and Transnational Dimensions of Kabyle Politics
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 8 #1. Spring. p. 87-111.

Periodical articleSimala, K.I. (2003)
Pan Africanism and the language question: re-reading African cultural and intellectual history
African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 19-53.

Periodical articleSimala, Kenneth I. (2003)
Pan-Africanism and the Language Question: Re-Reading African Cultural and Intellectual History
African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 19-53.

Periodical articleSimelane, H.S. (2003)
Labour migration, local production and the reaction of employers in Swaziland, 1935-1945
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 17. December. p. 5-20.

Periodical articleSimister, John and Piesse, Jenifer (2003)
See this documentBargaining and household dynamics: the impact of education and financial control on nutrition outcomes in South Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 71 #1. p. 163-180.

Periodical articleSimiyu, D.E. and Wafula, E.M. and Nduati, R.W. (2003)
See this documentMother's knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding acute respiratory infections in children in Baringo District, Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 80 #6. June. p. 303-307.

Periodical articleSimiyu, D.E. (2003)
See this documentMorbidity and mortality of neontaes admitted in general paediatric wards at Kenyatta National Hospital
East African Medical Journal. Volume 80 #12. December. p. 611-616.

Periodical articleSimon, C. and Fikru T. and Yemane B. (2003)
Assessment of the oral health status of school children in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #3. July. p. 245-256.

Periodical articleSimon, David (2003)
See this documentPoverty Elimination, North-South Research Collaboration, and the Politics of Participatory Development
Abstract presentDevelopment in Practice. Volume 13 #1. February. p. 40-56.

Periodical articleSimon, David (2003)
See this documentContextualising South African local economic development within current development debates: the international setting
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 14 #2-3. p. 127-146.

Periodical articleSimon, Emmanuelle (2003)
See this documentUne exportation du New Age en Afrique?
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 43 #172. p. 883-898.

Periodical articleSimone, AbdouMalig (2003)
See this documentReaching the Larger World: New Forms of Social Collaboration in Pikine, Senegal
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 73 #2. p. 226-250.

Periodical articleSimone, AbdouMaliq (2003)
See this documentResource of Intersection: Remaking Social Collaboration in Urban Africa
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 37 #2-3. p. 513-538.

Periodical articleSimons, Geoff (2003)
Libya Post-Saddam: Signposts to the Future
Journal of Libyan Studies. Volume 4 #1. Summer.

Periodical articleSimpson, Anthony (2003)
See this documentPersonhood and Self in Catholic Formation in Zambia
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 33 #4. p. 377-400.

Periodical articleSimuunza, M.C. and Samui, K.L. and Nambota, A.N. and Phiri, I. and Chota, A. (2003)
Management and productivity of traditionally managed cattle around Shibuyunji field station, Mumbwa District, Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 4. December. p. 35-40.

Periodical articleSinclair, B.J. (2003)
Southern African Empidoidea (Diptera): phylogenetic patterns and biogeographic implications
Cimbebasia. Volume 19. December. p. 205-213.

Periodical articleSinger, Barnett (2003)
French Memories of Algeria
Contemporary Review. Volume 282 #1648. May. p. 257-263.

Periodical articleSingh, D. (2003)
The Asian Diaspora in Tanzania: A Critical Assessment
Africa Quarterly. Volume 42 #4-43 #1.

Periodical articleSingh, Daleep (2003)
The Asian Diaspora in Tanzania: A Critical Assessment
Africa Quarterly. Volume 43 #1. p. 50-60.

Periodical articleSingh, Jaspal (2003)
Indo-Mozambican Relations
Africa Quarterly. Volume 43 #2. p. 71-78.

Periodical articleSingili, C. (2003)
Risk management in banking
Ugandan Banker. Volume 11 #2. September-Dec.. p. 17-29.

Periodical articleSinjela, Mpazi (2003)
The African Union takes a legal stand on corruption
African Yearbook of International Law. Volume 11. p. 143-159.

Periodical articleSioud, Olfa B. and Hmaied, Dorra M. (2003)
The Effects of Automation on Liquidity, Volatility, Stock Returns and Efficiency: Evidence From the Tunisian Stock Market
Review of Middle East Economics and Finance. Volume 1 #2. August. p. 141-154.

Periodical articleSiphambe, H.K. (2003)
See this documentIntroduction: Making Technology Work for the Poor in Botswana
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 17 #2. p. 4-5.

Periodical issueSiphambe, H.K.S. and Narayana, N. (eds.) (2003)
See this documentMaking technology work for the poor in Botswana
Abstract presentPula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 17 #2. 69p.

Periodical articleSiphambe, Happy K. (2003)
See this documentDimensions and Measures to Reduce Poverty in Botswana
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 17 #2. p. 19-25.

Periodical articleSiphambe, Happy Kufigwa (2003)
See this documentUnderstanding unemployment in Botswana
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 71 #3. p. 480-495.

Periodical articleSippel, Harald (2003)
Rechtsrezeption in Namibia: Prozesse direkter und indirekter Rezeption deutschen und südafrikanischen Rechts
Law in Africa (Journal of the African Law Association-Germany). Volume 6 #1. p. 69-89.

Periodical articleSissay A. and Tesfaye T. and Awol Y. (2003)
Severe malaria in the under-fives-clinical features, management and outcome in a district hospital
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #4. October. p. 301-310.

Periodical articleSisulu, Elinor (2003)
See this documentFeminist Africa Speaks About Writing and Reading as Political Engagement to Elinor Sisulu, Zimbabwean Feminist Writer Whose Biography, 'Walter and Albertina Sisulu: In Our Lifetime', was Published in December 2002
Feminist Africa. #2.

Periodical articleSithole, Bevlyne and Campbell, Bruce and Doré, Dale and Kozanayi, Witness (2003)
See this documentNarratives on Land: State-Peasant Relations Over Fast Track Land Reform in Zimbabwe
African Studies Quarterly. Volume 7 #2-3. Fall. p. 81-95.

Periodical articleSithole, M. (2003)
Contributions of Alexander von Humboldt to Geography
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 26 #1-2. November. p. 24-26.

Periodical articleSituma, F.D.P. (2003)
Legislative & institutional framework for community based natural resource management in Kenya
Law Journal (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 1. p. 55-68.

Periodical articleSiulapwa, N.J. and Tembo, A. and Mboozi, A.H. and Chongwe, A.M. and Samui, K.L. (2003)
The potential of ostrich farming in Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 4. December. p. 8-14.

Periodical articleSjaastad, Espen (2003)
Trends in the Emergence of Agricultural Land Markets in Sub-Saharan Africa
Forum for Development Studies. Volume 30 #1. p. 5-28.

Periodical articleSkedsmo, Arild and Danhier, Kwong and Luak, Hoth G. (2003)
See this documentThe Changing Meaning of Small Arms in Nuer Society
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 12 #4. p. 57-67.

Periodical articleSkelcher, B. (2003)
Apartheid and the Removal of Black Spots From Lake Bhangazi in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Journal of Black Studies. Volume 33 #6. July. p. 761-783.

Periodical articleSkelskey, D.A. (2003)
See this documentApplications of a single carbon electrode
Sinet. Volume 26 #2. December. p. 173-176.

Periodical articleSkubko, Yury (2003)
South African science after apartheid: modern scientific and technological potential of the RSA
African Studies in Russia: Yearbook. p. 35-43.

Periodical articleSmidt, W. (2003)
The St. Chrischona Pilgrim-Mission's private archives as a source for Eritrean history: from a romantic quest for 'Ormania' to the establishment at the Erythraean Coast
Journal of Eritrean Studies (Asmara, Eritrea). Volume 2 #1-2. May-December. p. 39-58.

Periodical articleSmidt, Wolbert (2003)
The St. Chrischona Pilgrim-Mission's Private Archives as a Source for Eritrean History: From a Romantic Quest for 'Ormania' to the Establishment at the Erythraean Coast
Journal of Eritrean Studies. Volume 2 #1-2. p. 39-58.

Periodical articleSmidt, Wolbert (2003)
The St. Chrischona Pilgrim-Mission's private archives as a source for Eritrean history: from a romantic quest for 'Ormania' to the establishment at the Erythraean coast
Abstract presentJournal of Eritrean Studies. Volume 2 #1-2. p. 39-58.

Periodical articleSmis, Stefaan and Trefon, Theodore (2003)
See this documentCongo: waiting for Godot
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #98. p. 671-678.

Periodical articleSmit, Maria (2003)
Bemagtiging van musiekopvoeders: die skep van ´n gesonde selfbeeld
Tydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 43 #3-4. p. 237-248.

Periodical articleSmith, A. (2003)
Place Replaced: Colonial Nostalgia and Pied-Noir Pilgrimages to Malta
Cultural Anthropology. Volume 18 #3. p. 329-364.

Periodical articleSmith, Daniel J. (2003)
See this documentPatronage, Per Diems and the 'Workshop Mentality': The Practice of Family Planning Programs in Southeastern Nigeria
World Development. Volume 31 #4. April. p. 703-715.

Periodical articleSmith, Gayle and Soussan, Michael (2003)
The Challenges of African Security: An Interview With Michael Soussan
African Geopolitics. #10. Spring. p. 71-83.

Periodical articleSmith, Laïla and Vawda, Ahmedi (2003)
See this documentCitizen vs. customer: different approaches to public participation in service delivery in Cape Town
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 14 #1. p. 26-52.

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