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Periodical articleMitchell, Laura J. (2002)
See this documentTraces in the Landscape: Hunters, Herders and Farmers on the Cedarberg Frontier, South Africa, 1725-95
Abstract presentJournal of African History. Volume 43 #3. November. p. 431-450.

Periodical articleMitike M. and Shabbir I. and Abera K. and Fikreab K. (2002)
See this documentSexual violence among female street adolescents in Addis Ababa, April 2000
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 16 #2. August. p. 119-128.

Periodical articleMitka, M. (2002)
MTCT - plus program
African Journal of Medical Practice. Volume 9 #7. p. 146, 152-153.

Periodical articleMiyawaki, Yukio. (2002)
Domestication of outside and genesis of public order: some notes on the symbolic universe of chieftainship of the Hor of southwestern Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of Asian and African Studies. #64. p. 1-36.

Periodical articleMiyoshi, Koichi and Sakamoto, Kumiko and Abe, Akiko. (2002)
Beyond the Dualism of Program and Project Aid: The Case of Tanzania
Journal of African Studies (Japan). Volume 60. March. p. 123-138.

Periodical articleMizobe, Yasuo. (2002)
An Analysis of the Role of African Colonial Civil Servants in the End of the 19th Century: The Case of the Gold Coast Colony, British West Africa
Journal of African Studies (Japan). Volume 62. December. p. 31-42.

Periodical articleMjema, G.D. (2002)
Debt relief, foreign aid and prospects for poverty reduction in Tanzania
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 10 #2. January. p. 83-93.

Periodical articleMjwacu, Thembisa. (2002)
See this documentOpportunities and Challenges of New Technologies in Media and Communication: The Windhoek Declaration
African and Asian Studies. Volume 1 #4. p. 407-428.

Periodical articleMkandawire, F.L. and Sibuga, K.P. (2002)
See this documentYield response of bambara groundnut to plant population and seedbed type
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 10 #1. March. p. 39-49.

Periodical articleMkandawire, T. (2002)
See this documentGlobalisation, equity and social development
African Sociological Review. Volume 6 #1. p. 115-137.

Periodical articleMkandawire, Thandika. (2002)
Globalisation, Equity and Social Development
African Sociological Review. Volume 6 #1. p. 115-137.

Periodical articleMkandawire, Thandika. (2002)
Incentives, Governance, and Capacity Development in Africa
African Issues. Volume 30 #1. p. 15-20.

Periodical articleMkandawire, Thandika. (2002)
See this documentThe Terrible Toll of Post-Colonial 'Rebel Movements' in Africa: Towards an Explanation of the Violence Against the Peasantry
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 40 #2. p. 181-215.

Periodical articleMkanganwi, K.G. (2002)
See this document'Shona (Derivational) Morphology: An Observation in Search of a Theory'
Zambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 174-190.

Periodical articleMkanganwi, K.G. (2002)
Shona (derivational) morphology: an observation in search of a theory
Zambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 174-190.

Periodical articleMkhonza, S. (2002)
Surname change narratives: naming and self identity in Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 16. December. p. 37-54.

Periodical articleMkNelly, Barbara and Kevane, Michael. (2002)
Improving Design and Performance of Group Lending: Suggestions From Burkina Faso
World Development. Volume 30 #11. November. p. 2017-2032.

Periodical articleMlacha, S.A.K. (2002)
The 'mwidiki' performance as a survival of tradition
Abstract presentKiswahili. Volume 65. p. 86-96.

Periodical articleMmaduakonam, A. (2002)
The type 'A' behaviour pattern and occupational stress: counselling implications
Eastern Africa Journal of Humanities and Sciences. Volume 2 #2. July-December. p. 79-91.

Periodical articleMngqibisa, Kwezi. (2002)
See this documentTraining Tomorrow's Peacekeepers Today: The Peacekeeping Programme at ACCORD
Conflict Trends. #3.

Periodical articleMnyanda, L. (2002)
The rand's uncertain future
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 14 #9. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleMoaddel, Mansoor. (2002)
Discursive Pluralism and Islamic Modernism in Egypt
Arab Studies Quarterly. Volume 24 #1. Winter. p. 1-29.

Periodical articleModibedi, K. (2002)
The artery from north to south
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #2. February. p. 8, 14-15.

Periodical articleModibedi, K. (2002)
Searching for platinum
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #5. May. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleModibedi, K. (2002)
Genesis of pula
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #8 & 09. August-September. p. 32-35.

Periodical articleMoesi, M. (2002)
Civilisation erodes Kgotla system
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #2. February. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleMogensen, Hanne O. (2002)
See this documentThe Resilience of 'Juok': Confronting Suffering in Eastern Uganda
Abstract presentAfrica. Volume 72 #3. p. 420-436.

Periodical articleMogotsi, Imogen. (2002)
See this documentBotswana's diamonds boom: was there a Dutch disease?
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 70 #1. p. 128-155.

Periodical articleMohamed, A.L. (2002)
See this documentExcise taxation and tobacco consumption in South Africa: a note
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 70 #3. p. 579-587.

Periodical articleMohamed, Adam A. (2002)
See this documentIntergroup Conflicts and Customary Mediation: Experiences from Sudan
African Journal on Conflict Resolution. #1.

Periodical articleMohamed, Jama. (2002)
'The Evils of Locust Bait': Popular Nationalism During the 1945 Anti-Locust Control Rebellion in Central Somaliland
Past and Present. #174. February. p. 184-216.

Periodical articleMohamed, Y. (2002)
Islamic education in South Africa
ISIM Newsletter. Volume 9. p. 30.

Periodical articleMohamed-Rashid, Sheikh H. (2002)
Interview With the Late Abdullahi Qarshe (1994) at the Residence of Obliqe Carton in Djibouti
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies. Volume 2. p. 65-83.

Periodical articleMohan, Giles. (2002)
The Disappointments of Civil Society: The Politics of NGO Intervention in Northern Ghana
Political Geography. Volume 21 #1. January. p. 125-154.

Periodical articleMohan, Giles and Zack-Williams, A.B. (2002)
See this documentGlobalisation From Below: Conceptualising the Role of the African Diaspora in Africa's Development
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 29 #92. July. p. 211-236.

Periodical articleMohan, Giles. (2002)
A Window on Africa: An Interview With Adotey Bing, Director of the Africa Centre
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 29 #92. p. 339-345.

Periodical articleMohee, R. and Gaju, O. (2002)
Comparing the quality of two composts produced from municipal solid waste and bargasse/broiler litter
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Science and Technology. Volume 9. p. 63-78.

Periodical articleMojola, A.O. (2002)
Bible translation in African Christianity: some preliminary thoughts
AICMAR Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 1-14.

Periodical articleMojola, A.O. (2002)
Modernity, post-modernity and the information age: prospects and challenges for African theological education in the twenty-first century
Chemchemi. Volume 2 #1. p. 1-21.

Periodical articleMokgwathi, M.M. (2002)
An evaluation of autonomy in the current teacher education
Mosenodi. Volume 10 #1. p. 23-27.

Periodical articleMolebatsi, C. (2002)
See this documentThe Remote Areas Development Programme and the Integration of Basarwa Into Mainstream Botswana Society: The Case of Manxotae and Mabesekwa
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 16 #2. p. 123-134.

Periodical articleMolebatsi, C. (2002)
The Remote Area Development Programme and the integration of Basarwa into the mainstream of Botswana society
Pula. Volume 16 #2. p. 123-134.

Periodical articleMoletsane, Relebohile. (2002)
See this documentIs Sisterhood Possible? Racial (Dis)Harmony and Feminism in Higher Education
Feminist Africa. #1.

Periodical articleMolina, M. (2002)
See this documentMore Notes on the Verreaux Brothers
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 16 #1. p. 30-36.

Periodical articleMolina, M. (2002)
More notes on the Verreaux brothers
Pula. Volume 16 #1. p. 30-36.

Periodical articleMoller, L.C. (2002)
Infant mortality in Uganda 1995-2000: why the non-improvement ?
Uganda Health Bulletin (Kampala, Uganda: 1995). Volume 8 #3-4. July-December. p. 211-214.

Periodical articleMolokomme, A. (2002)
Gender equality and the new political culture in Southern Africa
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 14 #9. p. 42-45.

Periodical articleMolua, Ernest, L. (2002)
Climate Variability, Vulnerability and Effectiveness of Farm-Level Adaptation Options: The Challenges and Implications for Food Security in Southwestern Cameroon
Environment and Development Economics. Volume 7 #3. July. p. 529-545.

Periodical articleMolukanele, Tshiliso. (2002)
See this documentNew Election Law in Mozambique
Conflict Trends. #4.

Periodical articleMolyneux, C.S. and Mung'ala-Odera, V. and Harpham, T. and Snow, R.W. (2002)
Maternal Mobility Across the Rural-Urban Divide: Empirical Data From Coastal Kenya
Environment and Urbanization. Volume 14 #1. April. p. 203-218.

Periodical articleMombo, E. (2002)
The Bible and polygamy: a mothers' union perspective
AICMAR Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 31-45.

Periodical articleMonciaud, Didier. (2002)
L''Égyptien pour l'Égyptien' (1930-1931), campagne nationaliste économique et controverses sur l'identité
Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée. #95-98. p. 355-380.

Periodical articleMondoh, H.O. (2002)
Impact of the pay as you eat system on university education in Kenya: a case study of Egerton University
Journal of Education and Human Resources. Volume 2 #1. November. p. 75-97.

Periodical articleMonfort, Michel. (2002)
Home vidéo, camera obscura: made in Nigeria
Abstract presentLe film africain & le film du sud. #39-40. p. 116-121.

Periodical articleMonga, Celestin. (2002)
A Theory of Democratic Consolidation
Democracy and Development. Volume 3 #1. September.

Periodical articleMonges, Miriam M. (2002)
The Queen of Sheba and Solomon: Exploring the Shebanization of Knowledge
Journal of Black Studies. Volume 33 #2. November. p. 235.

Periodical articleMonteillet, Sylvain. (2002)
L'islam, le droit et l'État dans la constitution mauritanienne
Abstract presentL'Afrique politique. p. 69-100.

Periodical articleMoodley, Sagren. (2002)
E-Business in the South African Apparel Sector: A Utopian Vision of Efficiency?
Developing Economies. Volume 40 #1. March. p. 67-100.

Periodical articleMoodley, Sagren. (2002)
Connecting to Global Markets in the Internet Age: The Case of South African Wooden Furniture Producers
Development Southern Africa. Volume 19 #5. December. p. 641-658.

Periodical articleMoodley, Sagren. (2002)
Internet-Enabled Supply Chain Integration: Prospects and Challenges for the South African Automotive Industry
Development Southern Africa. Volume 19 #5. December. p. 659-679.

Periodical articleMorais, Kurt and Naidu, Sanusha. (2002)
Libya's Africa Policy: What Does it Mean for South Africa and NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development)?
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 9 #2. p. 109-118.

Periodical articleMorange, Marianne. (2002)
See this documentBackyard shacks: the relative success of this housing option in Port Elizabeth
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 13 #2. p. 3-25.

Periodical articleMore, Mabogo P. (2002)
African Renaissance: The Politics of Return
African Journal of Political Science. Volume 7 #2. p. 61-80.

Periodical articleMori, Keiko. (2002)
The Layennes, an Islamic Brotherhood of Senegal and Their Beliefs in Reincarnations of Prophet Muhammad as the Father and Jesus Christ as the Son
Journal of African Studies (Japan). Volume 62. December. p. 3-30.

Periodical articleMorier-Genoud, Éric. (2002)
L'islam au Mozambique après l'indépendance: histoire d'une montée en puissance
Abstract presentL'Afrique politique. p. 123-146.

Periodical articleMoritz, Mark and Scholte, Said and Kari, Saidou. (2002)
See this documentThe Demise of the Nomadic Contract: Arrangements and Rangelands Under Pressure in the Far North of Cameroon
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 6 #1. p. 124-143.

Periodical articleMorris, Brian. (2002)
Nyau and rock art in Malawi
Abstract presentSociety of Malawi Journal. Volume 55 #2. p. 31-41.

Periodical articleMorule, T.B. (2002)
See this documentMIKE implementation in Botswana
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 69-71.

Periodical articleMorupisi, D. (2002)
Lotlamoreng II becomes Barolong's kgosi
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #4. April. p. 4-11.

Periodical articleMorupisi, D. and Modirwa, M. (2002)
Lady K laid to rest
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #7. July. p. 4-10.

Periodical articleMoses, Kxao and Thoma, Axel. (2002)
See this documentWill Tourism Destroy San Cultures?
Cultural Survival Quarterly. Volume 26 #1. Spring. p. 39-41.

Periodical articleMosley, Paul. (2002)
The African Green Revolution as a Pro-Poor Policy Instrument
Journal of International Development. Volume 14 #6. p. 695-724.

Periodical articleMosweu, Kabo. (2002)
See this documentBoreholes and Land Rights
Cultural Survival Quarterly. Volume 26 #1. Spring. p. 42-44.

Periodical articleMotebang, B. (2002)
Action research in teacher education: institutional structures and development of professional knowledge
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 8 #1-2. December. p. 82-96.

Periodical articleMothebe, R. (2002)
Arts and development
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #3. March. p. 14-17.

Periodical articleMotloung, Boyboy and Mears, Ronald R. (2002)
Combating Poverty in South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 19 #4. October. p. 531-543.

Periodical articleMotsemme, Nthabiseng. (2002)
See this documentGendered Experiences of Blackness in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Social Identities. Volume 8 #4. p. 647-673.

Periodical articleMotshabi, N. (2002)
BEDIA could be country's sales representative
Kutlwano. Volume 40 #4. April. p. 19-21.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
The three dikgosi
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #1. August. p. 4-5.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
M.C.E. exhibition
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #1. August. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
Thapong exhibition
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #1. August. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
Visual arts
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #3. December. p. 4-5.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
Lokgapho on canvas
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #3. December. p. 9-10.

Periodical articleMotswakhumo, B. (2002)
Legaga la ga Kobokwe
Zebra's Voice. Volume 29 #3. December. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleMoulinot, Xavier. (2002)
Dossier bourses
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 57 #2943. p. 725-745.

Periodical articleMoulinot, Xavier and Bambou, François. (2002)
Spécial Cameroun
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 58 #2976. p. 2467-2508.

Periodical articleMoumouni, Seyni. (2002)
'Actualité du cheikh 'Uthmân dan Fodio (1754-1817): un héritage convoité': essai d'une analyse des discours religieux et historiques relatifs au concept de la bonne gouvernance
Abstract presentL'Afrique politique. p. 111-120.

Periodical articleMouser, Bruce L. (2002)
Who and Where Were the Baga? European Perceptions From 1793 to 1821
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 29. p. 337-364.

Periodical articleMouton, Claude. (2002)
Pour une doctrine de sécurité en Afrique subsaharienne
Abstract presentGéopolitique africaine. #5. p. 273-285.

Periodical articleMouton, Claude. (2002)
The Need for a Security Doctrine in Sub-Saharan Africa
African Geopolitics. #5. Winter. p. 281-294.

Periodical articleMouton, F.A. (2002)
'Personifying the Coloured Community': Sonny Leon and the Ambiguities of the Politics of Co-Option and Resistance in the Apartheid State
Kleio. Volume 34. p. 28-48.

Periodical articleMoyin-Jesu, E.I. and Akinwale, O. (2002)
See this documentUse of plant tonic solution fertilizers for improving the soil fertility and yield of pop corn (Zea mays everta L.) and melon (Cucumeropsis edulis) intercrop
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 14 #3-4. December. p. 192-201.

Periodical articleMoyo, A. (2002)
The interpretation of Luke 5:1-11 as a missiological paradigm
Africa Theological Journal. Volume 25 #1. p. 53-57.

Periodical articleMoyo, D. (2002)
The concept of risk management
On Guard (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 7 #4. December. p. 11-14.

Periodical articleMoyo, H.J. (2002)
See this documentLexical Metamorphosis of the Kalanga Language: Towards an Analysis of the Impact of Ndebele Domination of the Kalanga Language
Zambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 142-148.

Periodical articleMoyo, H.J. (2002)
Lexical metamorphosis of the Kalanga language: towards an analysis of the impact of Ndebele domination of the Kalanga language
Zambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 142-148.

Periodical articleMozaffar, S. and Vengroff, Richard. (2002)
A 'Whole System' Approach to the Choice of Electoral Rules in Democratizing Countries: Senegal in Comparative Perspective
Electoral Studies. Volume 21 #4. December. p. 601-616.

Periodical articleMpaata, K.A. (2002)
Quality decision in meetings as a function of leader behaviour: tools for the present manager
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 4. October. p. 24-57.

Periodical articleMpaata, K.A. (2002)
Result oriented management for school management: some key task indicators of managing for performance
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 4. October. p. 68-96.

Periodical articleMpairwe, D.R. and Sabiiti, E.N. and Ummuna, N.N. and Tegegne, A. and Osuji, P. (2002)
See this documentEffect of intercropping cereal crops with forage legumes and source of nutrients on cereal grain yield and fodder dry matter yields
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 10 #1. March. p. 81-97.

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