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Periodical articleSwing, Willian L (2003)
See this documentThe Role of MONUC (UN Mission in the DRC) in the DRC's Peace Process
Conflict Trends. #4. p. 25-29.

Periodical articleSy, Jacques H. (2003)
Partnership in Higher Education in Africa: Communications Implications Beyond the 2000s
Asian and African Studies. Volume 2 #4. p. 577-610.

Periodical articleSylla, A. (2003)
La guerre dans Guernica et dans Little big horn
Éthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #71. 2ème semestre. p. 181-200.

Periodical articleSylla, Abdou (2003)
Dakar et son patrimoine architectural
Revue d'histoire maghrébine. Volume 30 #109. p. 109-123.

Periodical articleSylla, Abdou (2003)
La guerre dans Guernica et dans Little Big Horn
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #71. p. 181-200.

Periodical articleSylvain, Renee (2003)
Class, Culture and Recognition: San Farm Workers and Indigenous Identities
Anthropologica. Volume 45 #1.

Periodical articleSylvester, Anyifite (2003)
Social Perspective of Science Teaching
African Symposium: An On-Line African Educational Research Journal. Volume 3 #2. July.

Periodical articleSæther, O.A. and Ekrem, T. (2003)
Biogeography of afrotropical chironomidae (Diptera), with special reference to Gondwanaland
Cimbebasia. Volume 19. December. p. 175-191.

Periodical articleSéne, Nabo (2003)
Sénégal: rupture avec le 'griotisme'
Abstract presentGéopolitique africaine. #12. p. 117-130.

Periodical articleSéraphin, Gilles (2003)
La presse chrétienne de Nairobi: des combats politiques et idéologiques dévoilés
L'Afrique orientale. p. 247-283.

Periodical articleTadesse E. and Worku B. (2003)
Perinatal mortality audit at Tikur Anbessa Teaching Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: 1995-1996
Malawi Medical Journal. Volume 15 #3. December. p. 102-104.

Periodical articleTadesse, M. (2003)
Determinants of adoption of improved enset processing devices in Wolaita, Kembata-Tembaro and Guragie zones, Southern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 25 #2. October. p. 34-57.

Periodical articleTadesse, Million (2003)
Determinants of Adoption of Improved Enset Processing Devices in Wolaita, Kembata-Tembaro and Guragie Zones, Southern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 25 #2. October. p. 34-57.

Periodical articleTadios M. (2003)
Management of cervical ribs causing neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome: a ten year experience in the neurosurgery unit, Tikur Anbessa Hospital
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #3. July. p. 227-233.

Periodical articleTadjo, Véronique (2003)
Littérature africaine et mondialisation
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #167-168. p. 113-116.

Periodical articleTafa, E.M. (2003)
Education denied: costs and remedies
Mosenodi. Volume 11 #2. p. 64-70.

Periodical articleTafla, Bairu (2003)
Register of International Scholars in Ethiopian and Eritrean Studies
Aethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 6. p. 201-202.

Periodical articleTafor, V. (2003)
See this documentDigital technology: understanding the problems posed by information technology in generating and managing records from a third world perspective
ESARBICA Journal. Volume 22. p. 72-76.

Periodical articleTaguem Fah, Gilbert L. (2003)
Processus politique, mutation sociale et renouveau islamique au Cameroun
Rupture-Solidarité. Volume 4. p. 215-242.

Periodical articleTaiwo, O.O. and Danfillo, I.S. and Okeke, E.N. (2003)
Oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS in Jos, Nigeria
African Journal of Oral Health Sciences. Volume 4 #3. p. 214-218.

Periodical articleTakan, J.P. and Akello, B. (2003)
The status of cotton wilt diseases in the seed multiplication areas in Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 8 #1. January. p. 75-78.

Periodical articleTakeyh, Ray (2003)
Islamism in Algeria: A Struggle Between Hope and Agony
Middle East Policy. Volume 10 #2. Summer. p. 62-75.

Periodical articleTakougang, Joseph (2003)
See this documentContemporary African Immigrants to The United States
Irinkerindo: A Journal of African Migration. #2. December.

Periodical articleTakougang, Joseph (2003)
See this documentThe 2002 Legislative Election in Cameroon: A Retrospective on Cameroon's Stalled Democracy Movement
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 41 #3. September. p. 421-435.

Periodical articleTakougang, Joseph (2003)
See this documentNationalism, Democratisation and Political Opportunism in Cameroon
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 21 #3. September. p. 427-445.

Periodical articleTakyi, B.K. and Givah, P.B. (2003)
The AIDS epidemic and the increase in young widows in Africa
Journal of Management Studies. Volume 18 #2. July. p. 37-52.

Periodical articleTakyi, Baffour K. (2003)
See this documentReligion and Women's Health in Ghana: Insights Into HIV/AIDS Preventive and Protective Behavior
Social Science and Medicine. Volume 56 #6. March. p. 1221-1234.

Periodical articleTalabi, A.E. and Emiola, L. and Ogunsakin, E.A. (2003)
Urban-Rural and Ethnic Trends in Body Composition and Fitness of Kwara State Primary School Children (Nigeria)
African Symposium: An On-Line African Educational Research Journal. Volume 3 #1. April.

Periodical articleTall, Emmanuelle Kadya (2003)
Les nouveaux entrepreneurs en religion: la génération montante des chefs de cultes de possession à Cotonou (Bénin) et Salvador (Brésil)
Abstract presentAutrepart. #27. p. 75-90.

Periodical articleTalla, Richard T. (2003)
Traditional farming methods in the Mambilla plateau: the need for a retention of valuable cultural practices
West African Journal of Archaeology. Volume 33 #1. p. 47-67.

Periodical articleTalton, B.A. (2003)
The Past and Present in Ghana's Ethnic Conflict: British Colonial Policy and Konkomba Agency, 1930-1951
Journal of Asian and African Studies. Volume 38 #2-3. March. p. 192-210.

Periodical articleTalton, Benjamin A. (2003)
See this document'Food to eat and pito to drink': education, local politics and self-help initiatives in northern Ghana, 1945-1972
Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #7. p. 205-229.

Periodical articleTalukdar, B.K. (2003)
See this documentImportance of anti-poaching measures towards successful conservation and protection of rhinos and elephants, Northeastern India
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 59-65.

Periodical articleTamale, Sylvia (2003)
See this documentOut of the closet: unveiling sexuality discourses in Uganda
Feminist Africa. #2. p. 42-49.

Periodical articleTambo, E.M.Z. (2003)
See this documentAssessing gender differences in A-level biology students' perceptions of laboratory environments in Zimbabwean schools
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 15 #2. July. p. 112-121.

Periodical articleTambo, E.M.Z. and Mukaro, J.P. and Mahaso, J. (2003)
See this documentSome misconceptions on cell structure and function held by A-level biology students: implications for curriculum development
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 15 #2. July. p. 122-131.

Periodical articleTambudzai, Zachary (2003)
Privatisation, a review of the Zimbabwean experience (1991-2002)
Africana Bulletin. #51. p. 165-203.

Periodical articleTamila, E. (2003)
Enacting law on terrorism in Tanzania: examining a new legislation
Nyerere Law Journal. Volume 1. p. 62-70.

Periodical articleTamrat A. and Davey, G. and Dukers, N.H.T.M. and Dawit W. and Alemayehu W. and Tsehaynesh M. and Belete T. and Wendelien D. and Sanders, E.J. (2003)
Overall HIV-1 prevalence in pregnant women over-estimates HIV-1 in the predominantly rural population of Afar Region
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #Supp. 1. June. p. 43-49.

Periodical articleTamukong, J.A. (2003)
Textbook availability in selected primary schools in Bamenda sub-division of Cameroon
South-South Journal of Culture and Development. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 119-144.

Periodical articleTanga Onana, Joseph (2003)
See this documentLa pénurie de la main d'œuvre indigène dans les plantations européennes de l'Ouest-Cameroun (1935-1938)
Abstract presentOutre-mers: revue d'histoire. #338-339. p. 247-271.

Periodical articleTangri, Roger and Mwenda, Andrew M. (2003)
See this documentMilitary Corruption and Ugandan Politics Since the Late 1990s
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #98. December. p. 539-552.

Periodical articleTani, B.V. (2003)
Emerging trends in global regional integration: the challenge of the EU and African regionalism
Journal of Applied Social Sciences (Buea, Cameroon). Volume 3 #2. p. 66-83.

Periodical articleTanner, N. (2003)
Ecumenism and the ecumenical councils
Hekima Review. #29. May. p. 7-19.

Periodical articleTanner, R.E.S. (2003)
The Inequality of Unwritten Languages: Some Reflections on the Christian Use of the Vernacular in Eastern Africa
Nordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 13 #1. p. 65-75.

Periodical articleTanoukhi, Nirvana (2003)
See this documentRewriting political commitment for an international canon: Paul Bowles's 'For bread alone' as translation of Mohamed Choukri's 'Al-Khubz Al-Hafi'
Research in African Literatures. Volume 34 #2. p. 127-144.

Periodical articleTanser, G.H. (2003)
The history of the Rhodesiana Society from June 2nd 1953 to June 2nd 1974
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #22. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleTapela, M. and Mmolawa, K. (2003)
See this documentImplications of upgrading from traditional rain-fed farming system to irrigated and mechanized system under NAMPAADD: a case study of a farmer in the Ngwaketse agricultural district
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 12. p. 68-73.

Periodical articleTarimo, A. (2003)
The second scramble for land in Africa
African Christian Studies. Volume 19 #2. June. p. 38-65.

Periodical articleTarimo, A. (2003)
The relationship between African economic crisis, cultural traditions, and religion
African Christian Studies. Volume 19 #4. December. p. 54-74.

Periodical articleTarus, P.K. and Lang'at-Thoruwa, C.C. and Wanyonyi, A.W. and Chhabra, S.C. (2003)
See this documentBioactive metabolites from trichoderma harzianum and trichoderma longibrachiatum
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 17 #2. December. p. 185-190.

Periodical articleTarwireyi, F. and Majoko, F. (2003)
Health workers' participation in voluntary counseling and testing in three districts of Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 49 #5-6. May-June. p. 58-62.

Periodical articleTarwireyi, F. and Chirenje, Z.M. and Rusakaniko, S. (2003)
Cancer of the cervix: knowledge, beliefs and screening behaviours of health workers in Mudzi District in Mashonaland East Province, Zimbabwe
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 49 #7-8. July-August. p. 83-86.

Periodical issueTati-Loutard, Jean-Baptiste (ed.) (2003)
40 ans de littératures du Sud
Abstract presentNotre librairie: revue du livre pour l'Afrique et l'océan Indien. #150. 159p.

Periodical articleTawodzera, G. (2003)
A guide to advanced level geography examinations
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 26 #1-2. November. p. 12-16.

Periodical articleTawodzera, G. (2003)
Socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS on communal agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 26 #1-2. November. p. 64-70.

Periodical articleTaylor, Bev (2003)
See this documentReflections of key stakeholders on the experience of LED in South Africa
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 14 #2-3. p. 294-300.

Periodical articleTaylor, Christopher C. (2003)
Kings and Chaos in Rwanda. On the Border of Disorder
Anthropos. Volume 98 #1. p. 41-58.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian and Mokhawa, Gladys (2003)
See this documentNot Forever: Botswana, Conflict Diamonds and the Bushmen
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 102 #407. April. p. 261-283.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian (2003)
See this documentConflicts in Central Africa: Clandestine Networks and Regional/Global Configurations
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #95. March. p. 45-55.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian (2003)
The Failure of the New Economic Partnership for Africa's Development
Contemporary Review. Volume 282 #1648. May. p. 281-285.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian (2003)
See this document'Ditiro tsa ditlhabololo': Botswana as a Developmental State
Abstract presentPula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 17 #1. p. 37-50.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian (2003)
See this documentAs Good as it Gets? Botswana's Democratic Development
Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 21 #2. May. p. 215-231.

Periodical articleTaylor, Ian (2003)
See this documentLa politique sud-africaine et le Nepad: contradictions et compromis
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #91. p. 120-138.

Periodical articleTaylor, R.D. (2003)
Fifty years ago
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #22. p. 29-34.

Periodical articleTchak, Sami (2003)
Togo: From 'Mercedes Girls' to Prostitutes
African Geopolitics. #10. Spring. p. 173-180.

Periodical articleTchak, Sami (2003)
Togo: The Missing Democracy
African Geopolitics. #11. Summer. p. 123-130.

Periodical issueTchak, Sami and Mondoloni, Dominique and Philippe, Nathalie (eds.) (2003)
Sexualité et écriture
Abstract presentNotre librairie: revue du livre pour l'Afrique et l'océan Indien. #151. 143p.

Periodical articleTchak, Sami (2003)
Togo: des 'Nana Benz' aux prostituées
Abstract presentGéopolitique africaine. #10. p. 175-183.

Periodical articleTchak, Sami (2003)
Togo: la démocratie introuvable
Abstract presentGéopolitique africaine. #11. p. 119-126.

Periodical articleTchakoua, Jean-Marie (2003)
L'espace dans le système d'arbitrage de la Cour commune de justice et d'arbitrage de l'OHADA
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 113 #842. p. 59-87.

Periodical articleTchangbeddji, G. and Djeteli, G. and Kili, K.A. and Savariault, J.M. and Lacout, J.L. (2003)
See this documentChemical and structural characterization of natural phosphate of Hahotoe (Togo)
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 17 #2. December. p. 139-146.

Periodical articleTcheuwa, Jean-Claude (2003)
Essai sur la qualification du régime politique camerounais: la difficile affirmation d'un régime authentiquement parlementaire
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 57 #2. p. 155-172.

Periodical articlete Velde, Dirk W. (2003)
See this documentDo Workers in Africa Get a Wage Premium if Employed in Firms Owned by Foreigners?
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 12 #1. March. p. 41-73.

Periodical articleTedbabe D. (2003)
Tuberculous meningitis in a district hospital from southern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #4. October. p. 311-318.

Periodical articleTedros A.G. and Byass, P. and Witten, K.H. and Asfaw G. and Mitiku H. and Mekonnen Y. and Lindsay, S.W. (2003)
See this documentAppropriate tools and methods for tropical microepidemiology: a case-study of malaria clustering in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 17 #1. April. p. 1-8.

Periodical articleTeferra A. and Gizachew A. (2003)
See this documentAssessment of drug utilization from prescribers and dispensers perspectives in selected towns of Amhara region, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 17 #3. December. p. 231-237.

Periodical articleTegegn, Melakou (2003)
See this documentThe Marginalization of Pastoral Communities in Ethiopia
Indigenous Affairs. #4. p. 32-37.

Periodical articleTegene, Belay (2003)
See this documentCombining Land Capability Evaluation, Geographic Information Systems, and Indigenous Technologies for Soil Conservation in Northern Ethiopia
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 19 #2. June. p. 23-53.

Periodical articleTeichner, Shaun (2003)
The hate speech provisions of the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act 4 of 2000: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 19 #3. p. 349-381.

Periodical articleTeikwa, E.D. and Mgaya, Y.D. (2003)
See this documentAbundance and reproductive biology of the penaeid prawns of Bagamoyo coastal waters, Tanzania
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 2 #2. July-December. p. 117-126.

Periodical articleTeilanyo, Diri I. (2003)
See this documentThe Use of Bombast in Nigeria: The Examples of Icheoku and Masquerade
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 50 #1. Spring/Summer. p. 77-104.

Periodical articleTembo, Fletcher (2003)
Multiple Identities and Representations: Experiences in the Study of People's Life-Worlds in Rural Malawi
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography. Volume 24 #2. July. p. 229-241.

Periodical articleTemechegn E. (2003)
Spatial ability of students in selected Addis Ababa schools
I.E.R. Flambeau. Volume 10 #2. June. p. 43-71.

Periodical articleTemgoua, Albert-Pascal (2003)
Les sources allemandes de l'histoire du Nigeria
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 30. p. 297-307.

Periodical articleTemimi, Abdeljelil (2003)
La société civile tunisienne à la veille de l'indépendance et retombées de la gestion bourguibienne (1946-1963)
Revue d'histoire maghrébine. Volume 30 #109. p. 125-143.

Periodical articleTemimi, Abdeljelil (2003)
Convictions et principes: l'itinéraire du militant maghrébin Youssef Rouissi et son rôle dans la création du bureau du Maghreb arabe au Caire
Revue d'histoire maghrébine. Volume 30 #110. p. 185-199.

Periodical articleTemin, Jonathan (2003)
See this documentConsidering the Role of the BBC in African Conflict
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #98. p. 654-660.

Periodical articleTempelhoff, Johann W.N. (2003)
'Where were we again?' Corporate history and the South African historian
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 48 #2. p. 6-18.

Periodical articleTemple, Henri (2003)
Quel droit de la consommation pour l'Afrique? Une analyse critique du projet OHADA d'acte uniforme sur le droit de la consommation (juin 2003)
Abstract presentRevue burkinabè de droit. #33-34. p. 105-122.

Periodical articleTemu, S.S. (2003)
See this documentMicro finance institutions (MFIs) practices and poverty alleviation in Tanzania
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 11 #2. January. p. 65-83.

Periodical articleTengar, C.Y. (2003)
Formative assessment for professional development: a tertiary agenda
Journal of Education (Réduit, Mauritius). Volume 2 #1. March. p. 91-104.

Periodical articleTenneson, Mathilde and Rojat, Dominique (2003)
La tarification de l'eau au Maroc: comment servir différentes causes?
Afrique contemporaine. #205. p. 151-169.

Periodical articleTerashima, Hideaki (2003)
See this documentNames, Use and Attributes of Plants and Animals Among the Ituri Forest Foragers: A Comparative Ethnobotanical and Ethnozoological Study
African Study Monographs. Volume Supplement #28. p. 7-24.

Periodical articleTerashima, Hideaki and Ichikwaw, Mitsuo (2003)
See this documentA Comparative Ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe Hunter-Gatherers in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo
African Study Monographs. Volume 24 #1-2. p. 1-168.

Periodical articleTerashima, Hideaki (2003)
See this documentNames, use and attributes of plants and animals among the Ituri forest foragers: a comparative ethnobotanical and ethnozoological study
African Study Monographs: Supplementary Issue. #28. p. 7-24.

Periodical articleTerblanche, Nic S. (2003)
A change in tolerance towards street trading in South Africa: a comparative study of three cities
Africa Insight. Volume 33 #4. p. 47-53.

Periodical articleTesfai, Alemseged (2003)
See this documentLand and Liberation in Eritrea: Reflecting on the Work of Lionel Cliffe
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #96. June. p. 249-254.

Periodical articleTessema, Asrat (2003)
See this documentProspects and Challenges for Developing Securities Markets in Ethiopia: An Analytical Review
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 15 #1. June. p. 50-65.

Periodical articleTestas, Abdelaziz (2003)
See this documentForeign Direct Investment: Capital Accumulation and Economic Growth in the Maghrib: Empirical Findings and Implications for Regional Integration and Political Stability
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 8 #2. Summer. p. 75-91.

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