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Periodical articleKawada, Junzo (1998)
Representation of Time and Space in Oral History: Focusing on Oral History of the Ancient Mosi Kingdoms
Senri Ethnological Studies. #45. p. 281.

Periodical articleKawalec, Aleksander (1998)
Méthodologie de préparation des programmes d'action nationaux de lutte contre la désertification (PAN-LCD)
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #46. p. 107-117.

Periodical articleKaweesa, C. (1998)
Uganda Revenue Authority (URA): 7 years of existence
Ugandan Banker. Volume 6 #1. March. p. 17-21.

Periodical articleKawongolo, J.B. and Anguzu, D. (1998)
Investigation of the electrical resistance of maize grains with varying moisture content
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 83-86.

Periodical articleKawongolo, J.B. and Sentongo-Kibalama, J. and Brown, L. (1998)
Design of a decorticator for small scale sisal processing
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 87-92.

Periodical articleKayambazinthu, E.L. (1998)
I just mix: codeswitching and codemixing among bilingual Malawians
Journal of Humanities. #12. p. 19-43.

Periodical articleKayambazinthu, Edrinnie Lora (1998)
I just mix: codeswitching and codemixing among bilingual Malawians
Abstract presentJournal of Humanities. #12. p. 19-43.

Periodical articleKayizzi-Mugerwa, Steve (1998)
Africa and the Donor Community: From Conditionality to Partnership
Journal of International Development. Volume 219-225. March-April. p. 219-225.

Periodical articleKayizzi-Mugerwa, Steve (1998)
See this documentA Review of Macroeconomic Impediments to Technology Adoption in African Agriculture
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 10 #1. June. p. 211-225.

Periodical articleKazadi, J.M. and Kageruka, P. and Losson, B. and Nde Bens, A. and Mohama, L. (1998)
See this documentInfluence du nombre de repas infectieux sur la competence vectorielle des mouches tenerales de glossina morsitans morsitans (Mall) infectées par trypanosoma (nannomonas) congolense IL 1180
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 18 #4. October-December. p. 377-382.

Periodical articleKaziba, R. (1998)
Women in decision-making: did you know this?
Arise (Kampala, Uganda). #special edition. p. 15-16.

Periodical articleKazooba, I. (1998)
The shadow of Sam Katabarwa
6th of February. Volume 11 #11. November. p. 10-14.

Periodical articleKebede F. (1998)
Survey of occupational safety and sanitary conditions in small scale enterprises in Jimma southwestern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #3. December. p. 183-190.

Periodical articleKebret, P. Haile (1998)
Land Reform: Revisiting the Public Versus Private Ownership Controversy
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 7 #2. October. p. 45-64.

Periodical articleKedrebeogo, Gérard (1998)
Francophonie et development africain: mythe ou réalité?
Abstract presentHemispheres: Studies on Cultures and Societies. #13. p. 21-38.

Periodical articleKeightley, Raylene (1998)
The child's right to a nationality and the acquisition of citizenship in South African law
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 14 #3. p. 411-429.

Periodical articleKeita, Kalifa (1998)
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in the Sahel: The Tuareg Insurgency in Mali
Small Wars and Insurgencies. Volume 9 #3. Winter. p. 102-128.

Periodical articleKelbessa U. and Narasimha H.V. (1998)
Traditional sour dough bread (difo dabbo) making. Pt. 1. Effects on phytic acid destruction
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #3. December. p. 167-173.

Periodical articleKelbessa U. and Narasimha H.V. (1998)
Traditional sour dough bread (difo dabbo) making. Pt. 2. Effects on the HCl-extractability of minerals
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #3. December. p. 175-181.

Periodical articleKelbessa U. and Narasimha, H.V. (1998)
See this documentPhytate:zinc and phytate x calcium:zinc molar ratios in selected diets of Ethiopians
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 12 #1. June. p. 1-7.

Periodical articleKelbessa U. and Keshava, N. (1998)
See this documentEffect of fermentation by mixed cultures of lactic acid bacteria on the HCl-extractability of some minerals from tef (eragrostis tef) atmit
Sinet. Volume 21 #2. December. p. 183-194.

Periodical articleKelbrick, Roshana (1998)
The concept 'reasonable royalty' in intellectual property legislation: a comparative view
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 31 #1. p. 18-37.

Periodical articleKelly, M.J. (1998)
Education in an Economy Undergoing Structural Adjustment: The Case of Zambia
African Social Research. #41-42. December. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleKelly, M.J. (1998)
Education in an economy undergoing structural adjustment: the case of Zambia
African Social Research. #41-42. December-June 1999. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleKemdirim, P.O. (1998)
Ecumenical fellowship: a challenge to Catholic identity
AFER. Volume 40 #2. April. p. 101-110.

Periodical articleKemdirim, P.O. (1998)
The Church and human rights in Nigeria: the Ogoni experience
Hekima Review. #20. December. p. 8-15.

Periodical articleKemp, L. (1998)
A pink shop in Khwai Village
Zebra's Voice. Volume 25 #3-4. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleKemp, L. (1998)
Clifton School cultural weekend
Zebra's Voice. Volume 25 #3-4. p. 20-21.

Periodical articleKendie, Daniel (1998)
The Internal and External Constraints to Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentUfahamu. Volume 26 #2-3. p. 18-48.

Periodical articleKendie, Stephen B. (1998)
Do Attitudes Matter? Waste Disposal and Wetland Pollution in the Cape Coast Municipality of Ghana
Malaysian Journal of Tropical Geography. Volume 29 #2. December. p. 69-81.

Periodical articleKendie, Stephen B. (1998)
Employment Structure and the Environment in Cape Coast, Ghana
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography. Volume 19 #1. June. p. 26-38.

Periodical articleKenfack Douajni, Gaston (1998)
Les conditions de la création dans l'espace O.H.A.D.A. d'un environnement juridique favorable au développement
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique: indépendance et coopération. Volume 52 #1. p. 39-47.

Periodical articleKenig-Witkowska, Maria Magdalena (1998)
À propos de la troisième génération des droits de l'homme dans la Charte africaine des droits de l'homme et des peuples
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #46. p. 163-174.

Periodical articleKennes, Erik (1998)
Du Zaïre à la République démocratique du Congo: une analyse de la guerre de l'Est
Abstract presentL'Afrique politique. p. 175-204.

Periodical articleKenney, Henry (1998)
Path Dependence in South African Economic Development
South African Journal of Economic History. Volume 13 #1-2. September. p. 36-59.

Periodical articleKenny, Bridget (1998)
The casualisation of the retail sector in South Africa
Abstract presentIndicator South Africa. Volume 15 #4. p. 25-31.

Periodical articleKenny, Charles J. and Moss, Todd J. (1998)
See this documentStock Markets in Africa: Emerging Lions or White Elephants?
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 26 #5. May. p. 829-843.

Periodical articleKenya. Basic Rights Steering Committee. (1998)
A basic rights charter: proposed for adoption as part of an expanded bill of rights within the new constitution of Kenya
Africa Law Review. #75. November. p. 24-27.

Periodical articleKerdoun, Azzouz (1998)
Régionalisme et intégration en Afrique: vers un nouveau groupement des pays sahélo-sahariens
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique: indépendance et coopération. Volume 52 #1. p. 48-66.

Periodical articleKeregero, K.J.B. and Twala, T.S. (1998)
Extension job performance in Swaziland: how do male and female agricultural extension officers fare?
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 37-42.

Periodical articleKeregero, K.J.B. and Wambura, C.W.M. (1998)
Factors associated with access of rural women to agricultural technical information: the case of Morogoro District, Tanzania
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 55-61.

Periodical articleKeregero, M.M. and Simelane, L.S. (1998)
Social adjustment of grade one pupils
BOLESWA Educational Research Journal. Volume 15. p. 28-41.

Periodical articleKeregero, M.M. and Magongo, Z.A. (1998)
Performance in home economics: does a headstart make a difference?
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 29-36.

Periodical articleKeregero, M.M. (1998)
Factors associated with child nutritional status: the case of Morogoro Urban, Tanzania
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 69-76.

Periodical articleKesteloot, L. (1998)
L'après-guerre: 'l'Anthologie' de Léopold Sédar Senghor et la préface de Sartre
Éthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #61. p. 13-23.

Periodical articleKestling, Robert W. (1998)
Blacks Under the Swastika: A Research Note
Journal of Negro History. Volume 83 #1. p. 84-99.

Periodical articleKeswell-Burns, Justine (1998)
Restructuring the Electricity Distribution Sector: Implications for Local Government
Development Southern Africa. Volume 15 #3. Spring. p. 345-360.

Periodical articleKetema B. and Tetemke M. and Mogessie A. (1998)
See this documentThe microbial dynamics of 'borde' fermentation, a traditional Ethiopian fermented beverage
Sinet. Volume 21 #2. December. p. 195-205.

Periodical articleKeulder, C. (1998)
Elections: party lists and who gains
Namibia Review. Volume 7 #2. June-July. p. 34-37.

Periodical articleKeutcha Tchapnga, Célestin (1998)
Les immunités parlementaires en droit camerounais: réflexion sur une exception au principe de l'égalité des citoyens devant la loi
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique: indépendance et coopération. Volume 52 #2. p. 177-193.

Periodical articleKeyyu, J.D. and Kassuku, A.A. (1998)
The distribution of nematode egg counts in grazing goats and its implications for helminths control
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #supplementary no. 4. p. 69-78.

Periodical articleKeyyu, J.D. and Kassuku, A.A. and Kyvsgaard, N.C. and Willingham, A.L. and Kifaro, G.C. (1998)
Genetic resistance of small East African goats to mixed gastrointestinal nematode parasites
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #3. p. 208-223.

Periodical articleKgaphola, M.R. (1998)
Science in South Africa: its achievements, shortcomings and challenges
Bulletin (UNESCO. Nairobi Office). Volume 33 #1. January-June. p. 7-11.

Periodical articleKhalanyane, T. (1998)
Teaching language not about language: a critique of mainstream linguistics
Lesotho Journal of Teacher Education. Volume 2 #3. p. 81-89.

Periodical articleKhalifa, M.Y. (1998)
Nutritional and therapeutical aspects of iron-WPC-fortified emasi
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 62-68.

Periodical articleKhamala, C.A. (1998)
Striking a constitutional balance: EA Co-operation and majimboism
Africa Law Review. #75. November. p. 28-33.

Periodical articleKhamala, C.A. (1998)
A basic law safeguarding basic rights
Africa Law Review. #76. December-Jan. 1999. p. 29-33.

Periodical articleKhamis, Said A.M. (1998)
Implication as a literary technique in Mohamed S. Mohamed's novels: 'Kiu' and 'Nyota ya Rehema'
Abstract presentAfrikanistische Arbeitspapiere: Schriftenreihe des Kölner Instituts für Afrikanistik. #55. p. 93-114.

Periodical articleKhan, Amadu W. (1998)
See this documentJournalism and Armed Conflict in Africa
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 25 #78. December. p. 585-597.

Periodical articleKhan, M.M. (1998)
Good governance: the case of Bangladesh
African Journal of Public Administration and Management. Volume 10 #2. December. p. 44-57.

Periodical articleKhan, N. (1998)
Research and public education on sexual harassment at the workplace
Legal Forum. Volume 10 #2. June. p. 41-46.

Periodical articleKhan, Sultan and Maharaj, Brij (1998)
See this documentRestructuring the apartheid city: Cato Manor: 'a prime urban reconstruction opportunity'?
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 9 #2. p. 197-223.

Periodical articleKhanyile, Moses B. (1998)
Accountability and Oversight in the New South African Intelligence Community: A Preliminary Assessment
Abstract presentAfrica Insight. Volume 28 #1-2. p. 76-83.

Periodical articleKharin, N. (1998)
Estimation of desertification damage and the cost of land rehabilitation: a methodological approach
Desertification Control Bulletin. #33. p. 29-31.

Periodical articleKhati, T.G. (1998)
A model for teaching English temporal prepositions effectively using the audio-lingual method
Lesotho Journal of Teacher Education. Volume 2 #3. p. 32-49.

Periodical articleKhattabi, Mustapha (1998)
Les interventions du pouvoir réglementaire dans le domaine de la loi (la pratique constitutionnelle marocaine)
Revue juridique et politique: indépendance et coopération. Volume 52 #2. p. 225-233.

Periodical articleKhelloufi, R. (1998)
Le Médiateur de la République
IDARA: revue de l'École nationale d'administration. Volume 8 #1. p. 9-60.

Periodical articleKhonga, E.B. and Kaunda, C.C. and Hillocks, R.J. (1998)
Biocontrol of schlerotium rolfsii Sacc. in peanuts (arachis hypogaea L.) by trichoderma harzianum Rifai in Malawi
Malawi Journal of Science & Technology. Volume 4. December. p. 51-62.

Periodical articleKhonga, E.B. (1998)
Oyster mushrooms (pleurotus spp.): a potential cash crop in Malawi
Tizame. #6. November. p. 17-21.

Periodical articleKhoodabux, I. (1998)
Demographic trends in Mauritius: the greying of the Mauritian population
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Social Sciences & Humanities and Law & Management. Volume 1. p. 71-82.

Periodical articleKhosa, Meshack M. and Naidoo, Kibbie (1998)
See this documentUrban renewal in inner-city Durban: the Warwick Avenue area
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 9 #2. p. 225-239.

Periodical articleKhoza, L.S. (1998)
A review of textiles and clothing research at the University of Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 112-116.

Periodical articleKhujneri, R. and Qureshi, M.M. (1998)
Role of MRI in the diagnosis of cervical brucellar spondylitis: case report
East African Medical Journal. Volume 75 #11. November. p. 671-672.

Periodical articleKhumalo, Cyrius V. (1998)
'We Have Always Planted, But the Difficulty Has Been in Getting the Cane Crushed'. Sugar Cane Production at Umvoti Mission Reserve From 1860 to 1882
Abstract presentJournal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 18. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleKhupe, T.B. and Khupe, C. (1998)
Teaching biotic studies for 'O' level geography
Geographical Education Magazine. Volume 21 #2. September. p. 1-5.

Periodical articleKiai, Maina (1998)
See this documentA Last Chance for Peaceful Change in Kenya?
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 45 #2. April-June. p. 185-192.

Periodical articleKiamba, M. (1998)
The greening of development: thinking globally, designing locally
Horizon Dat. Volume 2 #1. July. p. 1-12.

Periodical articleKiazayila Kingengo, P. (1998)
Actualisation du dialogue entre l'homme religieux africain et Jésus-Christ
Revue congolaise de théologie protestante. Volume 12 #12. p. 115-128.

Periodical articleKibaki, M. (1998)
Collapse of the Kenyan economy is imminent...
Africa Law Review. #72. June. p. 38-39.

Periodical articleKibaki, M. (1998)
Kibaki speaks: Moi's statement was zero
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). April 27. p. 23-25.

Periodical articleKibanga, T. (1998)
Théologie et praxis révolutionaire d'après Joseph Comblin et Jean-Marc Ela: incidences en Afrique
Revue de spiritualité africaine. Volume 4 #4. November. p. 9-26.

Periodical articleKibera, W.L. (1998)
Reforming education in Kenya: pupils and teachers' assessment of a vocationally based curriculum
Papers in Education and Development. #19. p. 60-73.

Periodical articleKibler, Robert E. (1998)
William Henry Lewis: Missionary in Sierra Leone and Ghana, 1910-18
Journal of African Travel-Writing. #4. April. p. 62-65.

Periodical articleKibunja, M. (1998)
Lokalalei: An Early Stone Age Archaeological Site in Kenya
Kenya Past and Present. #30. p. 40-44.

Periodical articleKibwana, Kivutha (1998)
See this documentConstitutionnalisme et démocratie au Kenya, 1990-1997
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #70. p. 74-81.

Periodical articleKibwika, P. and Tibezinda, J. (1998)
Participation of youth in agriculture in Iganga District, Uganda
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 1-5.

Periodical articleKidane M. (1998)
Eritrea's land reform proclamation: a critical appraisal
Eritrean Studies Review. Volume 2 #2. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleKiemde, Paul (1998)
Les élections démocratiques en question: cas du droit électoral des États du conseil de l'Entente
Abstract presentRevue burkinabè de droit. #33. p. 60-102.

Periodical articleKienle, Eberhard (1998)
See this documentMore than a response to Islamism: the political deliberalization of Egypt in the 1990s
Middle East Journal. Volume 52 #2. p. 219-235.

Periodical articleKiflai G. and Afeworki A.M. (1998)
Strategies for technology transfer: lessons for Eritrea
Eritrean Studies Review. Volume 2 #2. p. 111-131.

Periodical articleKightlinger, L.K. and Kightlinger, M.B. and Seed, J.R. (1998)
La situation du paludisme chez les enfants dans la forêt de Ranomafana du Sud-Est de Madagascar
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 64 #1-2. November. p. 48-50.

Periodical articleKigomo, B.N. (1998)
Morphological and growth characteristics in brachylaena huillensis (muhugu): some management considerations
Kenya Journal of Sciences. Series B, Biological Sciences. Volume 12 #1-2. p. 11-20.

Periodical articleKihore, Y.M. (1998)
Some remarks on ji-bearing verbs in Kiswahili
Kiswahili. Volume 61. p. 6-15.

Periodical articleKiltgaard, R. (1998)
International cooperation against corruption
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). May 31. p. 27-30.

Periodical articleKim, Young M. and Kols, Adrienne and Mucheke, Stephen (1998)
See this documentInformed Choice and Decision-Making in Family Planning Counseling in Kenya
International Family Planning Perspectives. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 4-11.

Periodical articleKimani, Kamau and Pickard, John (1998)
Recent Trends and Implications of Group Ranch Sub-Division and Fragmentation in Kajiado District, Kenya
Geographical Journal. Volume 164 #2. July. p. 202-213.

Periodical articleKimathi, J. (1998)
City architecture and bomb explosion disaster
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 9 #9. September. p. 8-10.

Periodical articleKimathi, J. (1998)
Critical features on tall buildings
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 9 #10. October. p. 13-14.

Periodical articleKimbita, E.N. and Silayo, R.S. (1998)
Maximizing theileria parva sporozoite maturation in adult male and female rhipicephalus appendiculatus by varying tick age and feeding conditions: in vitro studies
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #2. June. p. 93-100.

Periodical articleKimenju, J.W. and Waudo, S.W. and Mwang'ombe, A.W. and Sikora, R.A. and Schuster, R.P. (1998)
See this documentDistribution of lesion nematodes associated with maize in Kenya and susceptibility of maize cultivars to pratylenchus zeae
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 6 #4. December. p. 367-375.

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