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Periodical articleJ.D.R. (1998)
Journal of African Travel-Writing. #4. April. p. 31-33.

Periodical articleJabbar, M.A. (1998)
Buyer Preferences for Sheep and Goats in Southern Nigeria: A Hedonic Price Analysis
Agricultural Economics. Volume 18 #1. January. p. 21-30.

Periodical articleJackson, Ashley (1998)
See this documentVE (Victory in Europe) Day 1995: African Commemorations and Perspectives From Botswana
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 30. p. 87-100.

Periodical articleJackson, O. (1998)
Broadcasting: NBC programming not really Namibian
Namibia Review. Volume 7 #2. June-July. p. 24-27.

Periodical articleJacob, Jean-Pierre (1998)
Pourquoi les Winye ont-ils cessé de cultiver leurs champs permanents en 1986? (Burkina Faso)
Abstract presentAutrepart. #7. p. 111-124.

Periodical articleJacob, Jean-Pierre (1998)
See this documentLa décentralisation comme distance: réflexions sur la mise en place des collectivités territoriales en milieu rural ouest-africain
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #71. p. 133-147.

Periodical articleJacobs, Susie M. (1998)
Past Wrongs and Gender Rights: Issues and Conflicts in South Africa's Land Reform
European Journal of Development Research. Volume 10 #2. p. 70-87.

Periodical articleJacquemond, Richard (1998)
Entre littérature et politique: l'Union des écrivains égyptiens
Monde arabe: Maghreb Machrek. #159. p. 48-59.

Periodical issueJacquey, Marie-Clotilde and Brunot, Mireille and Astier, Pierre (eds.) (1998)
Nouveaux paysages littéraires: Afrique, Caraïbes, océan Indien 1996-1998/1
Abstract presentNotre librairie: revue du livre pour l'Afrique et l'océan Indien. #135. 167p.

Periodical articleJacquin, E. (1998)
Bilan des travaux sur la plantation mécanique de la canne
Prosi. Volume 30 #348. janv.. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleJagtap, S.S. and Alabi, R.T. and Adeleye, O. (1998)
See this documentThe influence of maize density on resource use and productivity: an experimental and simulation study
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 6 #3. September. p. 259-272.

Periodical articleJain, P.K. and Sharma, L.K. (1998)
See this documentThe physics of blackbody radiation: a review
Journal of Applied Science in Southern Africa. Volume 4 #2. p. 80-101.

Periodical articleJain, Prakash C. (1998)
Population and Development: Trends in North Africa
Africa Quarterly. Volume 38 #4. p. 59-78.

Periodical articleJakobeit, Cord (1998)
Die Afrikapolitik der Volksrepublik China: Großmachtanspruch, Pragmatismus und die Rivalität mit Taiwan
Abstract presentAfrika Jahrbuch: Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft in Afrika südlich der Sahara. p. 36-42.

Periodical articleJalloh, Alusine (1998)
See this documentThe Fula and the Motor Transport Business in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. #26. p. 63-81.

Periodical articleJambou, R. and Raharimalala, L. and Milijaona, R. and Rakotomanana, F. and Randrianasolo, L. and Ratsimbasoa, A. and Pfister, P. (1998)
Etude de la chimiosensibilité de plasmodium falciparum à Madagascar: Pt. 2. Efficacité et tolérance de la quinine-base 250 mg (Surquina®) dans le traitement de l'accès palustre simple
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 64 #1-2. November. p. 56-61.

Periodical articleJaneiro, Helena Pinto (1998)
Os 21 dias que abalaram Angola
História. Volume 20 #1. p. 26-35.

Periodical articleJani, P.G. and Mburugu, P.G. (1998)
Outpatient experience with oesophageal endoscopic dilation
East African Medical Journal. Volume 75 #7. July. p. 422-424.

Periodical articleJankielsohn, Roy (1998)
AIDS in Southern Africa: Implications for Regional Cooperation and Development
Indian Journal of African Studies. Volume 9 #1-2. April-October. p. 109-120.

Periodical articleJansen, Christine (1998)
Scheidung in Kamerun: Frauen zwischen Gewohnheitsrecht und modernem Recht
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 33 #1. p. 81-97.

Periodical articleJansen, Jan (1998)
See this documentBeyond Ownership: On the Permission to Perform the Sunjata Epic
Mots Pluriels. #8. October.

Periodical articleJansen, Jan (1998)
See this documentHot Issues: The 1997 Kamabolon Ceremony in Kangaba
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 31 #2. p. 253-278.

Periodical articleJanz, Bruce (1998)
Thinking wisdom: the hermeneutical basis of sage philosophy
Abstract presentAfrican Philosophy. Volume 11 #1. p. 57-71.

Periodical articleJavaid, I. and Uaine, R.N. and Massua, J.N. (1998)
See this documentPest management constraints in smallscale cotton farms in Mozambique: timing and application of insecticides
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 18 #3. July-September. p. 251-255.

Periodical articleJayne, T.S. (1998)
Market reform, institutional constraints and agricultural productivity: emerging evidence from Africa
Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Volume 2 #2. July. p. 1-60.

Periodical articleJedrej, M. Charles (1998)
The Southern Funj of the Sudan Under the Anglo-Egyptian Rule
Sudan Notes and Records. #2. p. 77-97.

Periodical articleJeeves, Alan H. (1998)
See this documentLand, Labour and Livelihoods in Rural South Africa
Canadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 32 #1. p. 121-126.

Periodical articleJeeves, Alan H. (1998)
See this documentNew Perspectives in South African War Studies: A Report on the UNISA Conference, August, 1998
South African Historical Journal. #39. November. p. 154-158.

Periodical articleJeewoth, T. and Li Kam Wah, H. (1998)
Synthesis of some Schiff bases, zinc (II) and copper (II) complexes derived from 1,2-diaminocyclohexane
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Science and Technology. Volume 1. p. 23-31.

Periodical articleJefferis, K. and Mannathoko, I. (1998)
A note on exchange rates and inflation in Botswana
Research Bulletin (Bank of Botswana). Volume 16 #1. Special Issue. p. 29-35.

Periodical articleJefferis, K. and Kelly, T. (1998)
Determinants of poverty in Botswana
Research Bulletin (Bank of Botswana). Volume 16 #2. September. p. 11-22.

Periodical articleJefferis, K. and Kayawe, T. (1998)
Interpolating quarterly GDP from annual data
Research Bulletin (Bank of Botswana). Volume 16 #2. September. p. 33-47.

Periodical articleJeffries, Richard (1998)
See this documentThe Ghanaian Elections of 1996: Towards the Consolidation of Democracy?
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 97 #387. April. p. 189-208.

Periodical articleJemal H. and Hana N.T. (1998)
Xerophthalmia in children of Torbayo village, West Hararghe
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 12 #1. April. p. 39-43.

Periodical articleJenkins, Carolyn (1998)
See this documentDeterminants of Private Investment in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 7 #1. March. p. 34-61.

Periodical articleJenssen, J.I. and Holbek, J. (1998)
Social network, resources and entrepreneurship
Business Management Review. Volume 5 #2. July-December. p. 1-22.

Periodical articleJeppie, Shamil (1998)
Achmat Davids (1939-1998)
Journal for Islamic studies. Volume 18-19. p. 150-153.

Periodical articleJerah, G. (1998)
Comparison: Ockham's razor and Samkhya causality
Chiedza (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 1 #1. April. p. 43-47.

Periodical articleJimoh, Ismaheel Akinade (1998)
Practice and documentation of indigenous medicine among Yoruba Muslim clerics
Abstract presentAfrican Notes: Bulletin of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. Volume 22 #1-2. p. 90-109.

Periodical articleJissurey, B. (1998)
Training opportunities at the IVTB
NCRD Newsletter. #7. December. p. 25-26.

Periodical articleJiwa, S.F.H. and Kazwala, R.R. and Maselle, R.M. and Mnembuka, B.V. (1998)
Fish related public health issues needing urgent attention in Tanzania
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #supplementary no. 4. p. 36-41.

Periodical articleJo, J. (1998)
Which way Botswana feminism
Kutlwano. Volume 36 #1. January. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleJoffe, George (1998)
See this documentThe Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Initiative: Problems and Prospects
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 3 #2. Autumn. p. 247-266.

Periodical articleJohansson, S.G. and Cunneyworth, P. and Doggart, N. and Botterweg, R. (1998)
See this documentBiodiversity surveys in the East Usambara Mountains: preliminary findings and management implications
Journal of East African Natural History. Volume 87 #1-2. p. 139-157.

Periodical articleJohn Paul II, Pope, 1920- (1998)
De la justice de chacun naît la paix pour tous
Congo-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 38 #321. janv.. p. 5-13.

Periodical articleJohnsen, Nina (1998)
See this documentMaasai in a Tourists' Paradise: A Process of Poverty and Sedentarisation
Indigenous Affairs. #2. p. 10-19.

Periodical articleJohnson, M. and Monye, S.O. (1998)
See this documentSelling and sales management in Nigeria
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 7 #1. July. p. 94-102.

Periodical articleJohnson, P.-N.T. (1998)
See this documentPhysico-chemical changes during storage of dehydrated plantain slices packaged in two polymeric film pouches
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 31. p. 7-13.

Periodical articleJohnson-Mwenda, M.G. (1998)
Patents: a general overview
LAZ: Law Association of Zambia Journal. Volume 1. p. 41-46.

Periodical articleJohnstone, R. (1998)
Eternal questions
Swara. Volume 20-21 #6-1. p. 13-19.

Periodical articleJohnstone, R. (1998)
Destruction industry
Swara. Volume 21 #2. March-April. p. 25-27.

Periodical articleJolliffe, Dean (1998)
Skills, Schooling, and Household Income in Ghana
World Bank Economic Review. Volume 12 #1. January. p. 81-104.

Periodical articleJonckers, Danielle (1998)
'Le temps de prier est venu': islamisation et pluralité religieuse dans le sud du Mali
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 68 #1-2. p. 21-45.

Periodical articleJones, Adam (1998)
See this documentFrom Rightist to 'Brightest'? The Strange Tale of South Africa's Citizen
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 24 #2. June. p. 325-345.

Periodical articleJones, F. Stuart (1998)
See this documentBusiness imperialism and the imperial banks in South Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 66 #1. p. 67-90.

Periodical articleJones, Patricia (1998)
See this documentSkill Formation and Inequality in Poor Countries: How Much Do Ethnic Neighbourhoods Matter?
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 7 #1. March. p. 62-90.

Periodical articleJonsson, N. and Zimmerman, M. and Chidzonga, M.M. and Jonsson, K. (1998)
Oral manifestations in 100 Zimbabwean HIV/AIDS patients referred to a specialist centre
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 44 #2. February. p. 31-34.

Periodical articleJoonas, N. (1998)
Focus on the Society for the Welfare of the Deaf
NCRD Newsletter. #7. December. p. 29-31.

Periodical articleJoseph, Richard (1998)
See this documentAfrica, 1990-1997: From Abertura to Closure
Journal of Democracy. Volume 9 #2. April. p. 3-17.

Periodical articleJoseph, Richard (1998)
See this documentIs Ethiopia Democratic? Oldspeak vs. Newspeak
Journal of Democracy. Volume 9 #4. October. p. 55-61.

Periodical articleJouhir, Latifa (1998)
Schools, Those Uncertain Tools of Social Change: A Case Study of Morocco's Female Graduates
Journal of African Policy Studies. Volume 4 #2-3.

Periodical articleJourdan, Paul (1998)
Spatial Development Initiatives (SDIs): The Official View
Development Southern Africa. Volume 15 #5. Summer. p. 717-725.

Periodical articleJournet-Diallo, Odile (1998)
Un monde diffracté: théories joola du double animal
Abstract presentSystèmes de pensée en Afrique noire. #15. p. 203-230.

Periodical articleJulien, R. (1998)
Results of the 1997 crop: the impact of the national project to improve sugar production
Prosi. Volume 30 #350. mars. p. 36-43.

Periodical articleJulius, A.B. and Lumby, A.B. (1998)
Phases One, Two and Three of the Local Content Programme in the South African Motor Car Manufacturing Industry, 1961-1976
South African Journal of Economic History. Volume 13 #1-2. September. p. 17-35.

Periodical articleJumare, Ibrahim M. (1998)
See this documentColonial Taxation in the Capital Emirate of Northern Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. #26. p. 83-97.

Periodical articleKaare, S.C.M. (1998)
See this documentLand for housing the urban poor in Tanzania: solution or stop gap to the housing crisis of urban poor of Tanzania?
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 7 #1. July. p. 39-49.

Periodical articleKaaya, A.N. and Namutebi, A. and Ongol, M.P. (1998)
Effects of blending and heat treatment on the quality parameters of honey
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 141-145.

Periodical articleKaaya, A.N. and Hansen, P.M.T. and Biribonwa, S. (1998)
Small scale production and fortification of soy milk with calcium
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 147-152.

Periodical articleKabazzi-Kisirinya, S. (1998)
Was Jesus tempted by the devil?: hard facts from the scriptures
African Christian Studies. Volume 14 #4. December. p. 67-85.

Periodical articleKabell, T.C. (1998)
Zhovhe Dam: the deep cut-off in the river bed of staurated sand
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 63 #5. May. p. 15-17, 19, 21.

Periodical articleKaberia, M. (1998)
From heroism to villainy: the unmaking of 'young turks'
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). September 27. p. 6-14.

Periodical articleKabigumila, J. (1998)
See this documentEfficacy of Leopard Tortoise Farming in Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs. Volume 19 #4. p. 187-199.

Periodical articleKabigumila, J. (1998)
See this documentCommunity Attitudes to Tortoises (Geochelone Pardalis Babcocki) and Their Conservation in Northern Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs. Volume 19 #4. December. p. 201-216.

Periodical articleKabilika, H.S. and Sharma, R.N. (1998)
Investigation into factors causing hatchery losses in Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 2. December. p. 18-24.

Periodical articleKabunze, P. (1998)
Charged with murder
WomanPlus. Volume 3 #2. May-July. p. 33.

Periodical articleKabwegyere, S. (1998)
Is the value of children substitutable?
Arise (Kampala, Uganda). #23. January-April. p. 18-19.

Periodical articleKachingwe, N. (1998)
Gender: much talked about, little understood
WomanPlus. Volume 3 #1. January-April. p. 8-10.

Periodical articleKadende-Kaiser, Rose M. and Kaiser, Paul J. (1998)
See this documentIdentity, Citizenship, and Transnationalism: Ismailis in Tanzania and Burundians in the Diaspora
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 45 #3-4. p. 461-480.

Periodical articleKadima-Nzuji, Mukala (1998)
La République démocratique du Congo: un demi-siècle de littérature
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #158. p. 63-79.

Periodical articleKadohira, M. and Mweene, A.S. and Samui, K.L. (1998)
Prevalence and risk factors of bovine viral diarrhea and infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in traditional cattle in Lusaka Province, Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 2. December. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleKadohira, M. and Samui, K.L. and Makondo, K. (1998)
Normal range of hematological and serum biochemical parameters in traditional cattle in Lusaka Province, Zambia
Zambian Journal of Veterinary Science. Volume 2. December. p. 32-39.

Periodical articleKafuko-Ntuyo, R. (1998)
Who has powers to arrest anybody?
Law Review (Kampala, Uganda). March. p. 82-105.

Periodical articleKafuko-Ntuyo, R. (1998)
The right to bail
Law Review (Kampala, Uganda). March. p. 131-136.

Periodical articleKagabo, L. (1998)
La démocratisation en Afrique: l'impératif éthique
Quest: An International African Journal of Philosophy. Volume 12 #1. June. p. 79-90.

Periodical articleKagabo, Liboire (1998)
La démocratisation en Afrique: l'impératif éthique
Abstract presentQuest: An International African Journal of Philosophy. Volume 12 #1. p. 79-90.

Periodical articleKagabo, V. (1998)
De la loi du talion à l'amour des ennemis (Mt 5,38-48)
Au coeur de l'Afrique. Volume 66 #1-2. janv.-juin. p. 177-218.

Periodical articleKaggwa, D. and Bharo, I. (1998)
A study to assess the main complaints of terminal AIDS patients and the level of health care they receive
Makerere Medical Journal. Volume 33 #2. April. p. 18-20.

Periodical articleKagoro, B. (1998)
The constitution-making process: lessons from Namibia & S. Africa
Social Change and Development. #45. August. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleKagwanja, M. and Rutere, M. (1998)
Internal displacement
Africa Law Review. #71. May. p. 29-30, 37.

Periodical articleKahwa, C.K.B. and Andrex, A.A.B. and Mtambo, M.M.A. (1998)
The cytology of the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) fluid in healthy small East African goats
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #supplementary no. 4. p. 62-68.

Periodical articleKaidoo, I. (1998)
T-shirts, trousers, pullovers and shirts: the lion share of clothing exports
Industry Focus. #38. May-June. p. 17-19.

Periodical articleKaijage, E.S. (1998)
Employment of FCM B.Com graduates: a comparative analysis between accounting, finance and marketing graduates
Business Management Review. Volume 5 #2. July-December. p. 23-55.

Periodical articleKakaire, A. (1998)
Have bad laws failed the fight against corruption in Uganda?
Defender (Kampala, Uganda). Volume 4 #1. p. 9-13.

Periodical articleKakuhenzire, R.M. and Ogenga-Latigo, M.W. and Adipala, E. and Bhagsari, A.S. (1998)
Ability of systematic insecticide dimethoate to prevent aphid colonisation and the spread of aphid transmitted viruses in solanum tuberosum Lin
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 3 #1. September. p. 25-31.

Periodical articleKakuramatsi-Kikafunda, J. (1998)
Changes in the viscosity and energy density of weaning maize porridge on supplementation with groundnut paste and dairy milk
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 3 #1. September. p. 13-20.

Periodical articleKalasopatan, S. (1998)
Statistical thinking, the ideas behind the techniques
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Social Sciences & Humanities and Law & Management. Volume 1. p. 55-69.

Periodical articleKalenga, P. (1998)
SADC: pooling markets for regional benefit
Namibia Review. Volume 7 #1. January. p. 12-14.

Periodical articleKaler, Amy (1998)
See this documentA Threat to the Nation and a Threat to the Men: The Banning of Depo-Provera in Zimbabwe, 1981
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 24 #2. June. p. 347-376.

Periodical articleKalilombe, P.A. (1998)
How do we share third world Christian insights in Europe?
AFER. Volume 40 #1. February. p. 12-20.

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