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Periodical articleAdebisi, A.R. (1993)
Muslim child between two worlds: A critique of Cheikh Hamidou Kane's 'Ambiguous adventure'
Islamic Studies. Volume 32 #2. p. 205-214.

Periodical articleAdedeji, A. (1993)
Développement socio-économique et démocratie en Afrique
Zaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. #271. janv.. p. 37-41.

Periodical articleAdediji, O. (1993)
Policy considerations as a potential factor of strained relations between local governments and higher levels of government
Abstract presentReview of African Political Affairs. Volume 7 #1-2. p. 55-68.

Periodical articleAdegbidi, Florent Valère (1993)
Promouvoir l'engagement au travail: une approche judicieuse pour l'entreprise africaine?
Abstract presentCahiers de sociologie économique et culturelle. #20. p. 64-79.

Periodical articleAdegbite, W. (1993)
Some Features of Language Use in Yoruba Traditional Medicine
African Languages and Cultures. Volume 6 #1. p. 1.

Periodical articleAdegbola, Adeolu (1993)
Christian religious and theological strategies
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 25 #1-2. p. 38-47.

Periodical articleAdejumobi, S. (1993)
Economic issues and Nigeria's foreign policy in the emergent new world order: some consideration on the next decade
African Journal of Political Economy. p. 95-106.

Periodical articleAdejuyigbe, Omolade (1993)
Considerations in the selection of headquarters for local government areas in Nigeria
Abstract presentReview of African Political Affairs. Volume 7 #1-2. p. 5-19.

Periodical articleAdeleye, I.A. and Adetosoye, A.I. (1993)
Antimicrobial resistance patterns and plasmid survey of salmonella and shigella isolated in Ibadan, Nigeria
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #5. May. p. 259-262.

Periodical articleAdeleye, M.O. (1993)
Impacts of Islam on Some Social Features of Ijesa People of Nigeria
Islamic Quarterly. Volume 37 #1. 1st Quarter. p. 63-72.

Periodical articleAdelman, S. (1993)
See this documentThe Politics of Research on Sanctions in South Africa
Canadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 27 #1. p. 89-94.

Periodical articleAderinoye, R.A. (1993)
Towards effective teaching and learning of Islamic studies in secondary schools in the Oyo State of Nigeria: A case study
Muslim Education Quarterly. Volume 11 #1. p. 41-51.

Periodical articleAdesanya, D.A. (1993)
An analysis of self-syphonage in drainage systems
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 5 #2. June. p. 127-133.

Periodical articleAdesina, Akinwumi A. and Zinnah, Moses (1993)
Technology Characteristics, Farmers' Perceptions and Adoption Decisions: A Tobit Model Application in Sierra Leone
Agricultural Economics. Volume 9 #4. December. p. 297-311.

Periodical articleAdewale, S.A. (1993)
Religion and the issue of human rights: Yoruba religion as a case study
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 25 #1-2. p. 22-37.

Periodical articleAdewumi, Funmi (1993)
Aspirations & expectations of labour in a neo-colonial State: the case of Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Notes: Bulletin of the Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan. Volume 17 #1-2. p. 32-53.

Periodical articleAdhikari, M. (1993)
Protest and Accommodation: Ambiguities in the Racial Politics of the APO (African Political Organization), 1909-1923
Kronos: Journal of Cape History. #20. p. 92-106.

Periodical articleAdimorah, E.N.O. (1993)
An empirical study of the information needs of industries in Nigeria
African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science. Volume 3 #1. April. p. 45-54.

Periodical articleAdipala, E. and Mugerwa, J.S. (1993)
Effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilisers on the dry matter yield and chemical composition of amaranthus hybridus subspecies hybridus (green head)
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 59 #2. October. p. 131-136.

Periodical articleAdiri, Karim (1993)
Algerian Housing Policies, Practices and End Product
Third World Planning Review. Volume 15 #3. August. p. 287-305.

Periodical articleAdjamagbo-Johnson, Kafui (1993)
Les pratiques successorales à Lomé: un exemple d'assimilation de valeurs nouvelles dans une situation de pluralisme juridique
Abstract presentJournal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law. #33. p. 161-177.

Periodical articleAdler, G. (1993)
From the Liverpool of the Cape to the Detroit of South Africa: The Automobile Industry and Industrial Development in the Port Elizabeth-Uitenhage Region
Kronos: Journal of Cape History. #20. p. 17-43.

Periodical articleAdoki, A. (1993)
Agro-waste management: carbohydrate utilization efficiency and biomass production by a strain of candida sp. in semi-solid fermentation
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 59 #1. July. p. 27-39.

Periodical articleAdomako Ampofo, Akosua (1993)
See this documentControlling and Punishing Women: Violence Against Ghanaian Women
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 20 #56. March. p. 102-111.

Periodical articleAdotevi, Stanislas S. (1993)
Les fondations culturelles de l'intégration économique régionale en Afrique
Abstract presentAfrique 2000: revue trimestrielle. #13. p. 89-96.

Periodical articleAdubifa, O. Akin (1993)
Technology Policy in National Development: A Comparative Study of the Automobile Industry in Nigeria and Brazil
Journal of Asian and African Studies. Volume 28 #1-2. January-April. p. 42-53.

Periodical articleAduda, D. (1993)
Opposition parties in quagmire
Drum. September. p. 6-8.

Periodical articleAduda, D. (1993)
The Kenyan Vice-Presidency: is there a jostle for the seat?
Drum. June. p. 9-11.

Periodical articleAduda, D. (1993)
Kibaki's Democratic Party: the internal intrigues
Drum. July-August. p. 9-11.

Periodical articleAduda, D. (1993)
Hempstone, the cowboy who turned Kenya's political cap upside down
Drum. March. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleAduda, D. (1993)
Opposition, are we on the right track?
Drum. April. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleAdutchum, O.A. (1993)
The church and the issue of polygamy
Africa Theological Journal. Volume 22 #1. p. 21-33.

Periodical articleAfrican Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights (1993)
See this documentGuidelines for national periodic reports = Directives générales pour les rapports périodiques nationaux
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 5 #4. p. 885-944.

Periodical articleAfrican National Congress (1993)
See this documentTransition to democracy in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 5 #1. p. 208-224.

Periodical articleAfrican National Congress (1993)
See this documentConstitutional principles for a democratic South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 5 #1. p. 225-237.

Periodical articleAfrik, Tai (1993)
Non-literate women in extreme poverty
Abstract presentUNESCO-Africa: Quarterly Journal of the Regional Office in Dakar. #6. p. 12-20.

Periodical articleAganga, A.A. and Umunna, N.N. (1993)
Nitrogen requirement of Maradi goats in the Savanna Zone of Nigeria
Zambian Journal of Agricultural Science. #[1]. February. p. 45-49.

Periodical articleAgarwal, A. (1993)
The land of milk from water
Our Planet. Volume 5 #2. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleAgbaje, B. (1993)
'Incantation' as a Means of Healing in Yorubaland
Abstract presentAfricana Marburgensia. Volume 26 #1-2. p. 32-46.

Periodical articleAgdebahunsi, J.M. (1993)
Plant Utilization in Indigenous Medical System
Abstract presentAfricana Marburgensia. Volume 26 #1-2. p. 14-26.

Periodical articleAgere, S. (1993)
Strengthening the linkages between public policy and its implementation: a review of Zimbabwe's experience
African Journal of Public Administration and Management. Volume 2 #2. July. p. 44-54.

Periodical articleAgere, S.T. (1993)
The strategies of accelerating recruitment and career development of women in the public service
African Management Development Forum. Volume 3 #1. March. p. 21-34.

Periodical articleAguilar, M.I. (1993)
Dialogue with Waso Boorana traditional religious practices
AFER. Volume 35 #2. April. p. 101-114.

Periodical articleAguilar, Mario I. (1993)
The Role of the Sarki Dance in Waso Boorana/Somali Symbiosis and Conflict
Anthropos. Volume 88 #1-3. p. 184-190.

Periodical articleAguilar, Renato and Bigsten, Arne (1993)
An analysis of differences in technical efficiency among Kenyan smallholders
Abstract presentEastern Africa Economic Review. Volume 9 #2. p. 295-306.

Periodical articleAgullar, L.B. (1993)
Cuthy Mede, catalyst to the art of Malawi
Southern African Art. Volume 2 #3. p. 29-31.

Periodical articleAguwa, Jude C.U. (1993)
Taboos and Purification of Ritual Pollutions in Igbo Traditional Society
Anthropos. Volume 88 #3-4. p. 539-546.

Periodical articleAguwa, Jude C.U. (1993)
Agwu Possession: Belief and Experience in Traditional Igbo Society
Abstract presentPaideuma. Volume 39. p. 279-289.

Periodical articleAgwanda, C.O. and Ayiecho, P.O. and Tyagi, A.P. (1993)
Variability and selection studies in two Kenyan bean landrace populations
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 5 #4. December. p. 361-365.

Periodical articleAhluwalia, D.P. (1993)
Contradictions in Uganda's development: the case of the sugar industry
The African review: a journal of African politics development and international affairs. Volume 20 #1-2. p. 81-93.

Periodical articleAhmadi-Esfahani, Fredoun Z. (1993)
An Analysis of Egyptian Wheat Imports: A Constant Market Shares Approach
Oxford Agrarian Studies. Volume 21 #1. p. 31.

Periodical articleAhmadu, Frambai S. (1993)
Sierra Leone and the IMF Stabilization
Sierra Leone Review. Volume 2. Winter. p. 14-30.

Periodical articleAhmed, Badr E.D.K. and Hassan, Abdel R.K. (1993)
See this documentGeological Study on Uraniferous Pegmatitic Veins and Late Quartz Stockworks Hosted by Alkali Syenite Batholith, Miri Barra, Nuba Mountains, Sudan
Nilo-Ethiopian Studies. #1. p. 43-56.

Periodical articleAhnaf, M. al- (1993)
Maroc: force et faiblesses des acteurs juridiques
Abstract presentMonde arabe: Maghreb Machrek. #142. p. 16-23.

Periodical articleAhwireng-Obeng, Fred (1993)
Gender, Entrepreneurship and Socioeconomic Reparation in South Africa
Review of Black Political Economy. Volume 22 #2. Fall. p. 151-165.

Periodical articleAicardi de Saint-Paul, M. (1993)
L'Afrique du Sud, géant de l'Afrique?
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #165. p. 19-31.

Periodical articleAidoo, Akwasi (1993)
Africa: Democracy Without Human Rights?
Human Rights Quarterly. Volume 15 #4. November. p. 703-715.

Periodical articleAiello, Leslie C. (1993)
The Fossil Evidence for Modern Human Origins in Africa: A Revised View
American Anthropologist. Volume 95 #1. March. p. 73-96.

Periodical articleAim, V. (1993)
Dlhakama e o processo de paz
Tempo. #1165. 21 março. p. 9-13.

Periodical articleAina, Olabisi I. (1993)
See this documentMobilizing Nigerian Women for National Development: The Role of the Female Elites
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. #21. p. 1-20.

Periodical articleAina, T.A. (1993)
Health, habitat and underdevelopment in Nigeria
Urban Perspectives. Volume 3 #3. May. p. 2, 6.

Periodical articleAjavon, Pierre-Lawoetey (1993)
See this documentLe SIDA au Togo
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #50. p. 125-129.

Periodical articleAjulu, Rok (1993)
See this documentThe 1992 Kenya General Elections: A Preliminary Assessment
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 20 #56. p. 98-102.

Periodical articleAkacem, Mohammed (1993)
Algeria: In Search of an Economic and Political Future
Middle East Policy. Volume 2 #2. p. 50-60.

Periodical articleAke, Claude (1993)
See this documentWhat is the Problem of Ethnicity in Africa
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #22. p. 1-14.

Periodical articleAke, Claude (1993)
The Unique Case of African Democracy
International Affairs (London). Volume 69 #2. April. p. 239-244.

Periodical articleAkele Adau, P. (1993)
Prison, démocratie et sous-développement
Zaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. #277. September. p. 433-440.

Periodical articleAkele Adau, Pierre (1993)
Prison, démocratie et sous-développement
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 33 #277. p. 433-440.

Periodical articleAkenda, J.C.K. (1993)
La misère des épistémologies dichotomiques et l'urgence d'une approche systemique de l'esprit
Revue philosophique de Kinshasa. Volume 7 #11-12. janv.-déc.. p. 7-21.

Periodical articleAkhong'o, E.M. (1993)
The essence of human life
AFER. Volume 35 #5. October. p. 269-273.

Periodical articleAkibode, Ayéchoro K. (1993)
Le monde rural de Notsé face au projet de développement rural intégré
Abstract presentRevue tunisienne de géographie. #23-24. p. 27-48.

Periodical articleAkinboade, Oludele A. (1993)
See this documentTechnical Efficiency Change in Kenyan Agriculture and the Poor: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis
African Development Review. Volume 5 #2. December. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleAkindele, R.A. (1993)
Nigeria in the New World Order: foreign policy beyond the transition period
Abstract presentNigerian Journal of International Affairs. Volume 19 #1. p. 28-47.

Periodical articleAking-George, J. (1993)
Promoting intra West-African trade
Legislative Alert (Accra, Ghana). #6. December. p. 1-8.

Periodical articleAkinnawo, Ebenezer Olutope (1993)
Prevalence of psychopathological symptoms in a Nigerian prison
Abstract presentPsychopathologie africaine. Volume 25 #1. p. 93-103.

Periodical articleAkinterinwa, Bola A. (1993)
The New World Order: French perspectives and implications for Africa
Abstract presentNigerian Journal of International Affairs. Volume 19 #1. p. 72-91.

Periodical articleAkinyele, R.T. (1993)
Growth Pole Theory, Marginals and Minorities: States Creation in Nigeria in a Period of Military Transition
Asian and African Studies. Volume 27 #3. November. p. 293-312.

Periodical articleAko-Nai, A.K. and Taiwo, O. (1993)
Bacterial isolates in meningitis
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #4. April. p. 198-201.

Periodical articleAkodu, Abiodun (1993)
A review of the origin and identity of the Maguzawa of northern Nigeria
Abstract presentSavanna: A Journal of the Environmental and Social Sciences. Volume 14 #1. p. 61-66.

Periodical articleAkolo, K. (1993)
Camel, the ideal economic option for pastoralist Maasai?
EcoNews Africa. Volume 2 #12. September. p. 4-5.

Periodical articleAkotia, P. (1993)
The search for a meaningful disposition programme in West Africa: the case study of the Gambia
African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science. Volume 3 #2. October. p. 151-156.

Periodical articleAkotia, Pino (1993)
Judicial and Legal Records in the National Archives of Ghana/Accra: An Introduction for Users
History in Africa. Volume 20. p. 361-367.

Periodical articleAkpala, C.O. (1993)
Utilization of maternity services and pregnancy outcome in rural Northern Nigeria
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #4. April. p. 220-222.

Periodical articleAkpede, G.O. and Sykes, R.M. and Abiodun, P.O. (1993)
See this documentConvulsions with malaria: febrile or indicative of cerebral involvement?
Abstract presentJournal of Tropical Pediatrics. Volume 39 #6. p. 350-355.

Periodical articleAkumanyi, K. (1993)
Effective policing
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). February 28. p. 38-40.

Periodical articleAkwei, A. (1993)
Human rights democracy and Africa
Social Change and Development. #33-34. December. p. 27-28.

Periodical articleAl Freihi, H. and Twum Danso, K. and Sohaibani, M. and Bella, H. and El Mouzan, M. and Sama, K. (1993)
The microbiology of acute diarrhoeal disease in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #5. May. p. 267-269.

Periodical articleAl-Sam, S. (1993)
Problems arising from the use of antibiotics as a growth promoter in man and animals
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 5 #4. December. p. 295-300.

Periodical articleAlain, Jean-Paul and Rajoharivelo (1993)
La religion des Sakalava: une étude du pasteur Rajoharivelo publiée dans la revue Fiainana (1931-1937)
Abstract presentÉtudes océan Indien. #16. p. 125-143.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Relojoarias em Maputo: será que as casas e a arte desaparecerao?
Tempo. #1154. 3 de jan.. p. 13-17.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Para as primeiras eleiçoes livres: PPPM confiante na vitória
Tempo. #1165. 21 março. p. 14-18.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Para as primeiras eleiçoes: PADEMO é pela coligaçao em forma de frente
Tempo. #1168. 11 abril. p. 17-22.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Governo nao cedera a pressoes antidemocraticas
Tempo. #1171. 2 de maio. p. 49-51.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Estado Unitário: antídoto para os graves problemas do país
Tempo. #1172. 9 de maio. p. 25-30.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Estado unitário: antídoto para os graves problemas do país
Tempo. #1172. 9 de maio. p. 25-30.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
PAFEMO muda de nome e afasta o presidente
Tempo. #1175. 30 de maio. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Para a FUMO: em política tudo é possível
Tempo. #1178. 20 de junho. p. 18-26.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
PANADE nao segue nenhuma ideologia política
Tempo. #1182. 18 de Julho. p. 9-16.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Debate do anteprojecto de lei eleitoral divergências caracterizam o encontro
Tempo. #1185. 8 de agosto. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleAlberto, D. (1993)
Novas propostas permitirao ultrapassar o impasse?
Tempo. #1187. 22 de agosto. p. 4-6.

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