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Periodical articleBogosi, M.I. (1999)
Owls: noctural birds of prey
Zebra's Voice. Volume 26 #1. p. 27.

Periodical articleBogosi, M.I. (1999)
Countries may demand the return of collections?
Zebra's Voice. Volume 26 #1. p. 26.

Periodical articleBogunjoko, Julius O. (1999)
Poverty and women development strategies: lessons from policy targeting and public transfers in Nigeria
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 105-123.

Periodical articleBoilley, Pierre. (1999)
The late colonial State in the AOF and the nomadic societies
Abstract presentItinerario: European Journal of Overseas History. Volume 23 #3-4. p. 98-109.

Periodical articleBoister, Neil and Burchill, Richard. (1999)
See this documentThe Implications of the Pinochet Decision for the Extradition or Prosecution of Former South African Heads of State for Crimes Committed Under Apartheid
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 11 #4. December. p. 619-637.

Periodical articleBoix-Hinzen, C. (1999)
Interesting bird sightings from Daan Viljoen Game Reserve
Lanioturdus. Volume 32 #1. p. 24-27.

Periodical articleBollig, Michael and Lang, Hartmut. (1999)
See this documentDemographic Growth and Resource Exploitation in Two Pastoral Communities
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 3 #2. p. 16-34.

Periodical articleBollig, Michael and Schulte, Anja. (1999)
Environmental Change and Pastoral Perceptions: Degradation and Indigenous Knowledge in Two African Pastoral Communities
Human Ecology. Volume 27 #3. September.

Periodical articleBoloka, Gibsen. (1999)
African Renaissance: A Quest for (Un)Attainable Past
Abstract presentCritical Arts. Volume 13 #2. p. 91-102.

Periodical articleBomah, Andrew K. (1999)
Environmental Assessment and Management in Sierra Leone: Its Past, its Present and its Future
African Journal of Environmental Assessment and Management. Volume 1 #2. July.

Periodical articleBond Patrick. (1999)
Basic Infrastructure for Socio-Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Geographical Desegregation: South Africa's Unmet Challenge
Geoforum. Volume 30 #1. February. p. 43-59.

Periodical articleBond, Patrick. (1999)
Zimbabwe: another liberation?
Abstract presentIndicator South Africa. Volume 16 #1. p. 93-103.

Periodical articleBondarenko, Dmitri M. and Roese, Peter M. (1999)
Benin Prehistory. The Origin and Settling Down of the Edo
Anthropos. Volume 94 #4-6. p. 542-554.

Periodical articleBong Amaazee, V. (1999)
British support for African collaborators: the case of the Mankon chieftaincy dispute in North West Cameroon, 1919-1961
Héritages des tropiques. Volume 2 #1. p. 79-103.

Periodical articleBoni, Stefano. (1999)
See this documentStriving for Resources or Connecting People? Transportation in Sefwi (Ghana)
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 32 #1. p. 49-70.

Periodical articleBonkoungou, E.G. and Djimde, M. and Ayuk, E.T. and Zoungrana, I. and Tchoundjeu, Z. (1999)
The market potential of parkland trees
Agroforestry Today. Volume 11 #1-2. January-June. p. 13-15.

Periodical articleBonnin, Debby. (1999)
'We went to arm ourselves at the field of suffering': traditions, experiences and grassroots intellectuals in the making of class
Abstract presentLabour, Capital and Society. Volume 32 #1. p. 34-69.

Periodical articleBonnin, Debby. (1999)
'I am poor, I must start all over again': the impact of political violence on household economies
Abstract presentIndicator South Africa. Volume 16 #1. p. 47-53.

Periodical articleBonthuys, Elsje. (1999)
Spoiling the child: domestic violence and the interests of children
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 15 #3. p. 308-327.

Periodical articleBooysen, Susan. (1999)
The 1999 Election and New Orientations in Opposition Politics in South Africa
Issue. Volume 27 #2. p. 24-30.

Periodical articleBorghesio, L. and Ndang'ang'a, K. (1999)
Threatened birds of Kenya 11: Kulal white-eye
Kenya Birds. Volume 7 #1-2. August. p. 75-77.

Periodical articleBorsari, Bruno. (1999)
See this documentTeaching Agriculture in Tropical Africa: Understanding the Local Culture for the Design of a Sustainable Curriculum
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 1 #1. Summer.

Periodical articleBosch, Mineke. (1999)
Colonial Dimensions of Dutch Women's Suffrage: Aletta Jacobs's Travel Letters From Africa and Asia, 1911-1912
Journal of Women's History. Volume 11 #2. Summer. p. 8-34.

Periodical articleBosire, S.A. (1999)
I am committed to a better Kenya
Wajibu. Volume 14 #4. p. 9-11.

Periodical articleBotha, Christo. (1999)
From mercenaries to 'private military companies': the collapse of the African State and the outsourcing of State security
Abstract presentSouth African Yearbook of International Law. Volume 24. p. 133-148.

Periodical articleBoubrik, R. (1999)
Traditional 'men of religion' and political power in Mauritania
ISIM Newsletter. Volume 2. p. 20.

Periodical articleBoukari, Y. and Bawa, L.M. and Djaneye-Boundjou, G. (1999)
See this documentCharacterization of some Togo surface waters
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 13 #1. June. p. 11-21.

Periodical articleBoutwell, Jeffrey. (1999)
See this documentBreaking the Cycle: Light Weapons and Conflict in Africa
Conflict Trends. #4.

Periodical articleBracking, Sarah. (1999)
Structural Adjustment: Why is Wasn't Necessary and Why it Did Work
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 26 #80. June. p. 207-226.

Periodical articleBraddock, B.J. (1999)
Theodore and Mabel Bent: a discussion on the work in Great Zimbabwe of this 19th century couple
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #23. July. p. 38-44.

Periodical articleBraden, Su and Mayo, Marjorie. (1999)
See this documentCulture, community development and representation
Abstract presentThe Community Development Journal: An International Journal for Community Workers. Volume 34 #3. p. 191-204.

Periodical articleBradlow, D. (1999)
A legal perspective on the Asian crisis and lessons for Africa
Banking and Financial Law Journal of Ghana. Volume 1 #2-3. February-June. p. 110-121.

Periodical articleBradlow, Edna. (1999)
J.H. Hofmeyr, Liberalism and Jewish Migration
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #40. May. p. 114-129.

Periodical articleBrand, Gerrit. (1999)
See this documentSalvation in African Christian theology: a typology of existing approaches
Abstract presentExchange: Bulletin of Third World Christian Literature. Volume 28 #3. p. 193-223.

Periodical articleBratton, Michael and Garnett, Harry and Koenen-Grant, Julie and Rielly, Catherine. (1999)
Policy Management in Africa's Democracies
Journal of African Policy Studies. Volume 5 #1.

Periodical articleBratton, Michael and Alderfer, Philip and Bowser, Georgia and Temba, Joseph. (1999)
See this documentThe Effects of Civic Education on Political Culture: Evidence From Zambia
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 27 #5. May. p. 807-824.

Periodical articleBratton, Michael. (1999)
Political Participation in a New Democracy: Institutional Considerations From Zambia
Comparative Political Studies. Volume 32 #5. p. 549-588.

Periodical articleBraude, S. (1999)
Mole-rats in the dust
Swara. Volume 22 #2-3. April-Sept.. p. 36-37.

Periodical articleBraziel, Jana E. (1999)
Islam, Individualism and Devoilment in the Works of Out el Kouloub and Assia Djebar
Journal of North African Studies. Volume 4 #3. Autumn. p. 81-101.

Periodical articleBredwa-Mensah, Yaw. (1999)
See this documentArchaeology of Slavery in West Africa
Abstract presentTransactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #3. p. 27-45.

Periodical articleBreidlid, Anders. (1999)
See this documentResistance and Reaction in Alex La Guma's 'And a Threefold Cord'
SOAS Literary Review. #1. November.

Periodical articleBrekke, Kjell A. and Iversen, Vegard and Aune, Jens B. (1999)
Tanzania's Soil Wealth
Environment and Development Economics. Volume 4 #3. July. p. 333-356.

Periodical articleBrennan, James R. (1999)
See this documentSouth Asian Nationalism in the East African Context: The Case of Tanganyika, 1914-1956
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Volume 19 #2. p. 24-39.

Periodical articleBrenner, L. (1999)
The study of Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa
ISIM Newsletter. Volume 4. p. 31.

Periodical articleBreslin, Edward D. and Sawyer, R. (1999)
A Participatory Approach to Community-Based HIV/AIDS Awareness
Development in Practice. Volume 9 #4. p. 473-479.

Periodical articleBreusers, Mark. (1999)
See this documentBorder Conflict and Chiefly Power: The Making of History in Colonial Haute Volta: Border Conflicts Between Two Moose Chieftaincies, 1900-1940
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 40 #3. November. p. 447-467.

Periodical articleBreytenbach, Karen and Manning, Claudia. (1999)
Financing Municipal BOOTs (Build-Own-Operate-Transfer) in South Africa: The Lender's Perspective
Development Southern Africa. Volume 16 #4. Summer. p. 707-728.

Periodical articleBreytenbach, Willie J. (1999)
Indian Ocean Rim: Assessing the Prospects for Cooperation and Integration
Development Southern Africa. Volume 16 #1. Autumn. p. 69-88.

Periodical articleBreytenbach, Willie J. and Chilemba, Dalitso and Brown, Thomas A. and Plantive, Charlotte. (1999)
See this documentConflicts in the Congo: From Kivu to Kabila
African Security Review. Volume 8 #5.

Periodical articleBrickhill, J. (1999)
A brief history of socialist politics in Zimbabwe
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 12 #9. September. p. 31-37.

Periodical articleBrink, Elsabe and Krige, Sue. (1999)
Remapping and Remembering the South African War in Johannesburg and Pretoria
South African Historical Journal. #41. p. 404-421.

Periodical articleBrinkman, Inge. (1999)
See this documentViolence, Exile and Ethnicity: Nyemba Refugees in Kaisosi and Kehemu (Rundu, Namibia)
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 25 #3. September. p. 417-439.

Periodical articleBroadley, D.G. (1999)
A new species of worm snake from Ethiopia (Serpentes: Leptotyphlopidae)
Arnoldia Zimbabwe. Volume 10 #14. February. p. 141-144.

Periodical articleBroch-Due, Vigdis and Sanders, Todd. (1999)
See this documentRich Man, Poor Man, Administrator, Beast: The Politics of Impoverishment in Turkana, Kenya, 1890-1990
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 3 #2. p. 35-55.

Periodical articleBrockerhoff, Martin and Biddlecom, Ann E. (1999)
Migration, Sexual Behavior and the Risk of HIV in Kenya
International Migration Review. Volume 33 #4. Winter. p. 833-856.

Periodical articleBrockington, Daniel. (1999)
See this documentConservation, Displacement, and Livelihoods: The Consequences of Eviction for Pastoralists Moved From the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 3 #2. p. 74-96.

Periodical articleBroderick, Cyril E. and Kiazolu, James L.S. (1999)
Environmental Challenges to Liberian Agriculture
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 24 #2. p. 53-65.

Periodical articleBrook, G.A. and Marais, E. and Cowart, J.B. (1999)
Evidence of wetter and drier conditions in Namibia from tufas and submerged speleothems
Cimbebasia. Volume 15. May. p. 29-39.

Periodical articleBrough, B. (1999)
The role of the U.M.C.A. in 19th century Malawi
The Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 52 #1. p. 13-24.

Periodical articleBrown, Malcolm J. (1999)
See this documentThe plight of rural elderly in South Africa: a case for a community development cadre?
Abstract presentThe Community Development Journal: An International Journal for Community Workers. Volume 34 #2. p. 143-150.

Periodical articleBrown, Nicholas. (1999)
See this documentRevolution and recidivism: the problem of Kenyan history in the plays of Ngugi wa Thiong'o
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 30 #4. p. 56-73.

Periodical articleBrown, Robert H. (1999)
Approaches to the Development and Implementation of a Bilingual Educational Programme in Liberia
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 24 #2. p. 30-52.

Periodical articleBrown, William. (1999)
See this documentThe EU and Structural Adjustment: The Case of Lome IV and Zimbabwe
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 26 #79. March. p. 75-91.

Periodical articleBruce Lockhart, Jamie. (1999)
In the Raw: Some Reflections on Transcribing and Editing Lieutenant Hugh Clapperton's Writings on the Borno Mission of 1822-1825
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 26. p. 157-195.

Periodical articleBrugiere, D. (1999)
Analysis of the protected area network in Gabon
Nature et Faune. Volume 15 #1. January-June. p. 15-21.

Periodical articleBruijn, Mirjam de and Dijk, H. van. (1999)
See this documentInsecurity and Pastoral Development in the Sahel
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 30 #1. January. p. 115-139.

Periodical articleBruijn, Mirjam de and Dijk, Han van. (1999)
Fulbe Mobility: Migration and Travel Into Mande
Abstract presentMande Studies. #1. p. 41-62.

Periodical articleBruijn, Mirjam de and Dijk, Han van. (1999)
Changing Frontiers: Migratory Movements of the Mande People and Their Neighbors
Mande Studies. #1. p. 9-12.

Periodical articleBrukum, N.J.K. (1999)
See this documentChiefs, Colonial Policy and Politics in Northern Ghana, 1897-1956
Abstract presentTransactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #3. p. 101-122.

Periodical articleBrummett, Randall E. (1999)
Integrated Aquaculture in Subsaharan Africa
Environment, Development and Sustainability. Volume 1 #3-4. p. 315-321.

Periodical articleBryce, Jane. (1999)
'Going Home is Another Story': Constructions of Nation and Gender in Ama Ata Aidoo's 'Changes'
West Africa Review. Volume 1 #1. July.

Periodical articleBryceson, Deborah F. (1999)
See this documentAfrican Rural Labour, Income Diversification and Livelihood Approaches: A Long-Term Development Perspective
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 26 #80. June. p. 171-189.

Periodical articleBryden, Matthew. (1999)
New Hope for Somalia? The Building Block Approach
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 26 #79. March. p. 134-140.

Periodical articleBrydon, Lynne. (1999)
See this document'With a Little Bit of Luck...'. Coping With Adjustment in Urban Ghana
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 69 #3. p. 366-385.

Periodical articleBräutigam, Deborah A. (1999)
Mauritius: Rethinking the Miracle
Current History. Volume 98 #628. May. p. 228-231.

Periodical articleBuba, Malami and Furniss, Graham. (1999)
Youth Culture, Bandiri, and the Continuing Legitimacy Debate in Sokoto Town
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 12 #1. June. p. 27-46.

Periodical articleBuchmann, Claudia. (1999)
See this documentThe State and Schooling in Kenya: Historical Developments and Current Challenges
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 46 #1. p. 95-117.

Periodical articleBuckland, S. (1999)
Does belief in God make sense?
Chiedza (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 2 #1. May. p. 91-102.

Periodical articleBuckner, Phillip. (1999)
The Royal Tour of 1901 and the Construction of an Imperial Identity in South Africa
South African Historical Journal. #41. p. 324-348.

Periodical articleBudlender, Debbie. (1999)
Patterns of Poverty in South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 16 #2. Winter. p. 197-219.

Periodical articleBuga, G.A.B. and Lumu, S.B. (1999)
Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy at Umtata General Hospital: perinatal and maternal outcomes
East African Medical Journal. Volume 76 #4. April. p. 217-222.

Periodical articleBuhlungu, Sakhela. (1999)
A Question of Power: Co-Determination and Trade Union Capacity
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 3 #1. p. 111-129.

Periodical articleBuhlungu, Sakhela. (1999)
See this documentGenerational Transition in Union Employment: The Organisational Implications of Staff Turnover in COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions) Union
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #39. p. 47-71.

Periodical articleBukonda, Ngoyi K.Z. (1999)
Adoption of France-Originated and United Kingdom-Originated Medicines by Older and Younger Health Care Professionals in the Ivory Coast and in Zambia
Journal of Black Studies. Volume 29 #5. May. p. 706.

Periodical articleBundoo, Sunil K. and Dabee, Beealasing. (1999)
Gradual Liberalization of Key Markets: The Road to Sustainable Growth in Mauritius
Journal of International Development. Volume 11 #3. May-June. p. 437-464.

Periodical articleBuor, D. (1999)
Poverty and health in the Ashanti Region of Ghana
Bulletin of the Ghana Geographical Association. #21. July. p. 101-112.

Periodical articleBurgess, Thomas. (1999)
See this documentRemembering Youth: Generation in Revolutionary Zanzibar
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 46 #2. p. 29-50.

Periodical articleBurk, James. (1999)
Public Support for Peacekeeping in Lebanon and Somalia: Assessing the Casualties Hypothesis
Political Science Quarterly. Volume 114 #1. Spring. p. 53-78.

Periodical articleBurns, Yvonne. (1999)
The regulation of telecommunications in South Africa
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 32 #3. p. 300-316.

Periodical articleBurrell, J.H. (1999)
Birding in... Embu
Kenya Birds. Volume 7 #1-2. August. p. 23-28.

Periodical articleBurrett, R.S. (1999)
Vulture Point and other Iron Age sites in the Zambezi Valley near Chirundu
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #23. July. p. 28-37.

Periodical articleBurrett, R.S. (1999)
Events in the Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902, in the wider Tuli area, Zimbabwe-Botswana
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #18. p. 21-57.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S. (1999)
See this documentA Lost Story: Francistown and the Anglo-Boer war
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 31. p. 11-18.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S. (1999)
Events in the Second Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902, in the wider Tuli area, Zimbabwe-Botswana
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #18. p. 21-57.

Periodical articleBussmann, R.W. (1999)
See this documentGrowth rates of important East African montane forest trees, with particular reference to those of Mount Kenya
Journal of East African Natural History. Volume 88 #1-2. p. 69-78.

Periodical articleButare, G. (1999)
The other side of military justice
Military Justice Gazette. #5. July. p. 28-39.

Periodical articleButhoke, E. (1999)
From mission to evangelization & its challenge in Africa today
Africa Tomorrow. Volume 1 #1. July. p. 65-68.

Periodical articleButler, Larry. (1999)
Industrialisation in Late Colonial Africa: A British Perspective
Abstract presentItinerario: European Journal of Overseas History. Volume 23 #3-4. p. 123-135.

Periodical articleBwire, R. and Borgdorff, M.W. and Sticht-Groh, V. and Rieder, H.L. and Kawuma, H.J.S. and Bretzel, G. and Rüsch-Gerdes, S. (1999)
Tuberculosis chemotherapy and sputum conversion among HIV-seropositive and HIV-seronegative patients in south-eastern Uganda
East African Medical Journal. Volume 76 #6. June. p. 307-313.

Periodical articleByabagambi, S. and Kyamanywa, S. and Ogenga-Latigo, M.W. (1999)
See this documentEffect of fertiliser and mulching on bean infestation and damage by bean fly
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 7 #4. December. p. 599-604.

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