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Periodical articleHendriks, Thomas; Spronk, Rachel (2017)
See this publicationRethinking sexuality from Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 28-33.

Periodical articleChacha, Babere Kerata (2015)
Scars of memory and scales of justice: rethinking political assassinations in post-colonial Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 94-98.

Periodical articleNyamnjoh, Francis B. (2015)
Black pain matters: down with Rhodes
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 74-93.

Periodical articleMoyo, Sam (2015)
The political economy of transformation in Zimbabwe: radicalisation, structural change and resistance
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 28-38.

Periodical articleWanda, Ronald Elly (2013)
Afrikology and community conversations on restorative cultural practices in the Mt. Elgon area
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 44-54.

Periodical articleAnyang' Nyong'o, Peter (2013)
The land question, land grabbing and agriculture in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleManji, Firoze (2013)
New media, new truths, new lies: popular struggles in Africa and the media
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 21-26.

Periodical articleAl-Bulushi, Samar (2013)
Peacekeeping as occupation: the African Union Mission in Somalia
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 14-16.

Periodical articleAlexander, Peter (2013)
Marikana massacre: a turning point in South African history?
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 36-40.

Periodical articleLebakeng, Tebobo J. (2013)
Rediscovering Archie Mafeje and how South Africa is coming to terms with its ignored intellectual icon: a rejoinder
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 32-36.

Periodical articleTandon, Yash (2013)
First steps to creating the 'Nilo' currency for Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 26-31.

Periodical articleMurombedzi, James (2012)
Where do we go from Rio? The implications of the Third World Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+ 21)
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 57-63.

Periodical articleAl-Abdin, Al-Tayib Zain (2012)
The outstanding issues between the two Sudans
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 42-49.

Periodical articleDiouf, Mamadou (2012)
African history / History in Africa: academic, vernacular histories and area studies
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 8-11.

Periodical articleChristian, Ijahnya (2012)
Return of the 6th Region: Rastafari settlement in the motherland contributing to the African Renaissance
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 30-42.

Periodical articleBarro, Maimouna (2012)
Development aid and higher education in Africa: the need for more effective partnerships between African universities and major American foundations
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 20-29.

Periodical articleBangura, Abdul Karim (2012)
Fractal complexity in Cheikh Anta Diop's 'Precolonial Black Africa': a pluridisciplinary analysis
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 10-19.

Periodical articleGeda, Alemayehu (2011)
African economies and relevant economic analysis: a heterodox approach to economic research in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 32-41.

Periodical articleSounaye, Abdoulaye (2011)
Gendered media and gendered religion: female preachers, audiovisual media and the construction of religious authority in Niamey
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 27-31.

Periodical articleOssome, Lyn (2011)
Feminism in the African media: possibilities for diversification of gender representation
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 22-26.

Periodical articleObadan, Mike I. (2011)
Africa's recent growth performance and development challenges
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 14-19.

Periodical articleShivji, Issa (2011)
The struggle to convert nationalism to Pan-Africanism: taking stock of 50 years of African independence
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 40-46.

Periodical articleKeita, Lansana (2011)
Reconfiguring eurocentric discourse and African knowledge
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 33-40.

Periodical articleLumumba-Kasongo, Tukumbi (2010)
A reflection on the Bandung Conference in the era of liberal globalization
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 32-39.

Periodical articleAssie-Lumumba, N'Dri T. (2010)
Africa-Asia connection in the global context: the pursuit of solidarity for peace and social progress
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 25-29.

Periodical articleSharawy, Helmi (2010)
Egyptian Nasserite memories on African liberation (1956-1975): a personal experience
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 6-14.

Periodical articleLebakeng, Teboho J. (2010)
Discourse on indigenous knowledge systems, sustainable socio-economic development and the challenge of the academy in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 24-29.

Periodical articleBangura, Abdul Karim (2010)
Challenges to Africa's economic development and Barack Obama's policies toward the continent thus far
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 15-24.

Periodical articleAnyidoho, Kofi (2010)
Beyond his place, beyond his time: Nkrumah's heritage in the new millenium
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 3-10.

Periodical issueJones, Jeremy (ed.) (2009)
Child and youth study in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. 62p.

Periodical articleMangezvo, Pedzisayi Leslie (2009)
Sovereignty, the ballot and democratisation: interrogating Zimbabwe's political and electoral processes in the first years of the twenty-first century
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 29-37.

Periodical articleMentan, Tatah (2009)
Cameroon: gambling with democracy
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 23-28.

Periodical articleMurunga, Godwin R. (2009)
The Kenya general elections: troubling political propaganda in an intellectual garb
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 16-22.

Periodical issueOlukoshi, Adebayo; Nyamnjoh, Francis B.; Shivji, Issa (eds.) (2008)
A giant has moved on: Archie Mafeje (1936-2007)
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. 115p.

Periodical articleBergson, Ange; Ngnemzué, Lendja (2008)
French policy on immigration and co-development in light of the Dakar speech
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 62-67.

Periodical articleBinsbergen, Wim van (2008)
Existential dilemmas of a North Atlantic anthropologist in the production of relevant Africanist knowledge
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 15-20.

Periodical articleDevisch, René (2008)
What is an anthropologist?
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 5-11.

Periodical issueOlukoshi, Adebayo; Nyamnjoh, Francis B.; Ki-Zerbo, Joseph (eds.) (2007)
[Joseph Ki-Zerbo, un hommage]
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. 79p.

Periodical articleKonings, Piet (2007)
China and Africa in the era of neo-liberal globalisation
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 17-22.

Periodical articleLumumba-Kasongo, Tukumbi (2007)
China-Africa relations in the post-Cold War era: dialectics of rethinking South-South dialogue
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 8-16.

Periodical articleOlukoshi, Adebayo (2006)
African perspectives on the Commission for Africa report
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 45-50.

Periodical articleEtoke, Nathalie (2006)
Writing the woman's body in Francophone African literature: taxonomy issues and challenges
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 41-44.

Periodical articleN'Gaide, Abderrahmane (2006)
Reconciliation, justice or pardon: Mauritanians face their history
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 37-41.

Periodical articleMustapha, Abdul Raufu (2006)
Rethinking Africanist political science
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 3-10.

Periodical articleMagbadelo, J.O. (2005)
Pentecostalism in Nigeria: exploring or edifying the masses?
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 44-50.

Periodical articleMartey, J.J.M. (2005)
The challenges of university governance in the 21st century
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 9-12.

Periodical articleKom, Ambroise (2005)
Redesigning the African university, emerging from subalternity
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 4-8.

Periodical articleSonko, Bruno (2004)
The Casamance conflict: a forgotten civil war?
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 30-33.

Periodical articleOchonu, Moses Ebe (2004)
Democracy and the performance of power: observations from Nigeria
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleNgwane, Mwalimu George (2004)
Cameroon's democratic process: vision 2020
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 20-26.

Periodical articleBahi, Aghi (2004)
Internet use and logics of social adaptation of youth in Abidjan cybercafés
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 67-71.

Periodical articleBalaïbou, Badameli Kassan (2003)
Expressing gender in first names in Kabiyè: (a Gur language of Togo)
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 10-13.

Periodical articleArnfred, Signe (2003)
African Gender Research: A View from the North
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 6-9.

Periodical articleYengo, Patrice (2002)
Globalisation, new war order and perpetuation of conflicts in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 49-59.

Periodical articleManuh, Takyiwaa (2002)
Higher education, condition of scholars and the future of development in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 42-48.

Periodical articleSadiqi, Fatima (2002)
Changing gender dynamics in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 35-41.

Periodical articleAlou, Mahaman Tidjani (2002)
Democratic consolidation and the future of democratisation processes in Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 27-34.

Periodical articleAdedze, Agbenyega (2002)
African arts and the artist: perspectives for the new millennium
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 22-26.

Periodical articleStanislas, Bamas (2002)
Mobility and urban transport policies in Africa: future concerns
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 16-21.

Periodical articleKisiang'ani, Edward Waswa (2002)
The youth and African heritage in the new millennium: some reflections
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 8-15.

Periodical articleAbdeljélil, Bédoui (2002)
Tunisia: an economy facing major challenges
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 22-26.

Periodical articleKiawi, Emmanuel Chia; Mfoulou, Jean (2002)
Rethinking African development: social science perspectives
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 12-17.

Periodical articleAseka, Eric Masinde (2001)
Conflict resolution in higher education in a globalising Africa: the case of moral authority and leadership integrity in management of universities
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 17-22.

Periodical articleMaloka, Eddy (2001)
Writing for them: 'radical' historiography in South Africa and the 'radical' other
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 16-19.

Periodical articleMurunga, Godwin Rapando (2001)
Private universities in the Kenyan higher education experience
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 11-15.

Periodical articleChachage, C.L.S. (2001)
Higher education transformation and academic exterminism
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 3-10.

Periodical articleHansen, Karen Tranberg (2000)
A salaula state: secondhand clothing and the topography of consumption in Zambia
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #2-4. p. 61-68.

Periodical articleNiger-Thomas, Margaret (2000)
Women and the arts of smuggling in western Cameroon
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #2-4. p. 45-61.

Periodical articleSimone, AbdouMaliq (2000)
On the worlding of cities in Africa
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #2-4. p. 38-44.

Periodical articleBazenguissa-Ganga, Remy (2000)
The popularisation of political violence in Congo
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 55-59.

Periodical articleTozy, Mohammed (2000)
Political changes in the Maghreb
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 47-55.

Periodical articleHibou, Beatrice; Banégas, Richard (2000)
Civil society and the public space in Africa
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 39-47.

Periodical articleDiouf, Mamadou (2000)
The Senegalese murid trade diaspora and the making of a vernacular cosmopolitanism
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 19-30.

Periodical articleMbembe, Achille (2000)
African modes of self-writing
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 4-19.

Periodical articleMama, Amina (1999)
Dissenting daughters? Gender politics and civil society in a militarized State
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 29-36.

Periodical articleComaroff, Jean; Comaroff, John (1999)
Alien-nation: zombies, immigrants, and millennial capitalism
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 17-28.

Periodical articleMbembe, Achille (1999)
At the edge of the world: boundaries, territoriality, and sovereignty in Africa
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 4-16.

Periodical articleBiaya, T.K. (1999)
Hair statements in urban Africa: the beauty, the mystic and the madman
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 32-38.

Periodical articleKadima, Denis Kazadi (1999)
Congolese immigrants in South Africa
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 14-23.

Periodical articleHonwana, Alcinda (1999)
Negotiating post-war identities: child soldiers in Mozambique and Angola
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 4-13.

Periodical articleOkeke, Phil E. (1998)
First Lady syndrome: the (en)gendering of bureaucratic corruption in Nigeria
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 16-19.

Periodical articleBakary, Tessy (1998)
Democracy in Africa: the post electoral era?
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 9-15.

Periodical articleMartinez, Luis (1998)
The civil war in Algeria: gaining from a state of anarchy?
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 4-9.

Periodical articleKagwanja, Peter Mwangi (1997)
Post-industrialism and knowledge production: African intellectuals in the new international division of labour
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #3. p. 5-11.

Periodical articleTouré, Abdoulaye (1997)
Election campaigns and election-time militants: a challenge to democracy in Senegal
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 9-14.

Periodical articleZeleza, Paul Tiyambe (1996)
Banishing words and stories: censorship in Banda's Malawi
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1. p. 10-15.

Periodical articleTadesse, Zenebeworke (1992)
Conference on: Democratization processes in Africa: problems & prospects
Abstract presentCODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 12-27.

Search: pe=CODESRIA Bulletin
Found: 87 Record 1-87

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