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Periodical articleWondwosen Teshome B. (2008)
Cold War politics in the Horn: Ethiopia in the bipolar world (1945-1991)
Viva Africa. p. 330-350.

Periodical articleSzabó, Loránd (2008)
Power brokers and stability in the Congo Basin (Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2003-2007)
Viva Africa. p. 319-329.

Periodical articleTarrósy, István (2008)
Africa's global positions in light of non-alignment since 1955
Viva Africa. p. 309-318.

Periodical articleEnhörning, Catherina (2008)
African studies education at Dalarna University: programme based on partnerships
Viva Africa. p. 300-308.

Periodical articleHiiemaa, Karin (2008)
Decolonization of the mind: the case of Africa
Viva Africa. p. 294-299.

Periodical articleMachalík, Tomá˙és (2008)
SWAPO children in Czechoslovakia: from the past to the present
Viva Africa. p. 280-293.

Periodical articleTaddia, Irma (2008)
Reconsidering Horn of Africa studies today
Viva Africa. p. 272-279.

Periodical articleNegash, Tekeste (2008)
Higher education in Africa: some preliminary reflections
Viva Africa. p. 263-271.

Periodical articleKünzler, Daniel (2008)
'The State has resigned': transformations in the educational system of Benin, West Africa
Viva Africa. p. 251-262.

Periodical articleBudil, Ivo (2008)
Hannah Arendt and Africa
Viva Africa. p. 243-250.

Periodical articleZáho˙érik, Jan (2008)
Ethnicity, languages and the discussion on the Ethiopian constitution
Viva Africa. p. 227-242.

Periodical articleSkalník, Petr (2008)
Nationhood in post-colonial Africa: between politics and religion
Viva Africa. p. 219-225.

Periodical articleWienia, Martijn (2008)
Daring to tackle: calm and insecurity in northern Ghana
Viva Africa. p. 203-218.

Periodical articleHoráková, Hana (2008)
Contested language: Nuwe Afrikaanse Beweging in a new South Africa
Viva Africa. p. 183-202.

Periodical articleKessel, Ineke van (2008)
Post-apartheid South Africa: class, culture, the neo-patrimonial welfare State and African nationalism
Abstract presentViva Africa. p. 162-182.

Periodical articleCimpric, Alexandra (2008)
Occult forces, practice and imaginary in urban context of Central African Republic: the example of 'talimbi'
Viva Africa. p. 147-161.

Periodical articleMildnerová, Kate˙érina (2008)
Spiritual healing in the context of the Mutumwa church in Zambia (a case study of New Jesus Disciples Church in Lusaka)
Viva Africa. p. 126-146.

Periodical articleJoubert, Annekie (2008)
'I am a Morula tree on the border line': from ancestors to Christian prophets in Southern Africa
Viva Africa. p. 112-125.

Periodical articleAshdown, Shelley (2008)
The supernatural category of the non-physical self in Ndorobo world view
Viva Africa. p. 100-111.

Periodical articleMaphumulo, A.M. (2008)
An analysis of a plot structure of D.B.Z. Ntuli's radio trilogy: 'Isivumelwano', 'Isivumelwano Esisha' and 'Ngenxa Yesivumelwano'
Viva Africa. p. 91-99.

Periodical articleMojalefa, M.J. (2008)
Ramaila and Matsepe: two authors representing two different periods in the history of Sepedi literature
Viva Africa. p. 82-90.

Periodical articleSkhosana, P.B. (2008)
IsiNdebele culture influence in character naming
Viva Africa. p. 71-81.

Periodical articleBla˙ézek, Václav; Záho˙érík, Jan (2008)
Bayso: an endangered language of the Ethiopian highlands: dedicated to the memory of Marvin Lionel Bender (18.8.1934-19.2.2008)
Viva Africa. p. 53-70.

Periodical articleOrwenjo, Daniel Ochieng (2008)
Lexical borrowing as language contact phenomena: phonological adaptations of Dholuo loanwords from Swahili
Viva Africa. p. 36-52.

Periodical articlePasch, Helma (2008)
Mündü language and culture: the current state of research
Viva Africa. p. 17-35.

Periodical articleSavŕ, Graziano (2008)
What does documentation of endangered languages mean? The case of the Ongota documentation project (Southwest Ethiopia)
Viva Africa. p. 9-16.

Periodical articleGedlu, Mesfin (2007)
European colonization of Africa: an interpretation
Viva Africa. p. 295-307.

Periodical articlePawliková-Vilhanová, Viera (2007)
Afro-European encounters, variables of resistance and collaboration: the case of Buganda
Viva Africa. p. 277-285.

Periodical articleFiala, Vlastimil (2007)
Typology of African political parties
Viva Africa. p. 263-275.

Periodical articleHlavácek, Pavel (2007)
Growing power of China and its foreign policy in Africa
Viva Africa. p. 251-262.

Periodical articleKubata, Martin (2007)
The phenomenon of securitization in South Africa
Viva Africa. p. 241-249.

Periodical articleLukás, Ivan (2007)
Regional integration in sub-Saharan Africa, the case of the Southern African Development Community, SADC
Viva Africa. p. 221-240.

Periodical articleMachalík, Tomá°s (2007)
Czechoslovakia on the battlefront of the Cold War: Angolan civil war and the 'Namibian Czechs'
Viva Africa. p. 205-220.

Periodical articleHnízdo, Bo˙érivoj (2007)
The role of English in Africa: linguistic imperialism or a national identity factor?
Viva Africa. p. 197-204.

Periodical articleKumsa, Alemayehu (2007)
Political conflict in contemporary Somalia
Viva Africa. p. 183-195.

Periodical articleKropá˙écek, Lubo˙és (2007)
Libyan model for Africa
Viva Africa. p. 177-181.

Periodical articleSkalník, Petr (2007)
African political leadership: any alternatives?
Viva Africa. p. 165-176.

Periodical articleVokrová, Dagmar (2007)
Circumcision or mutilation: dialogue over female circumcision
Viva Africa. p. 155-164.

Periodical articleKandert, Josef (2007)
African sacral kingships
Viva Africa. p. 151-154.

Periodical articleMildnerová, Kate˙érina (2007)
Witchcraft in sub-Saharan Africa
Viva Africa. p. 139-150.

Periodical articleWeiss, Holger (2007)
Debating poverty and marginalization among Muslim scholars in the contemporary Ghana
Viva Africa. p. 127-138.

Periodical articleHoráková, Hana (2007)
Zulu nation: ethnicity and politics
Viva Africa. p. 113-125.

Periodical articleRezácová, Vendula (2007)
Healing and the problem of resistance: the case of spirit possession in the Venda-speaking region of South Africa
Viva Africa. p. 107-111.

Search: pe=Viva Africa
Found: 43 Record 1-43

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