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Periodical articleDevèze, Jean-Claude (2006)
Dossier 'agricultures familiales au Maghreb'
Afrique contemporaine. #219. p. 19-117.

Periodical articleDufumier, Marc and Bainville, Sébastien (2006)
Le développement agricole du Sud-Mali face au désengagement de l'État
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #217. p. 121-133.

Periodical articleKakeya, Makoto and Sugiyama, Yuko and Oyama, Shuichi (2006)
See this documentThe Citemene System, Social Leveling Mechanism, and Agrarian Changes in the Bemba Villages of Northern Zambia: An Overview of 23 Years of 'Fixed Point' Research
African Study Monographs. Volume 27 #1. p. 27-38.

Periodical articleLeedy, Todd H. (2006)
See this documentHistory with a Mission: Abraham Kawadza and Narratives of Agrarian Change in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 33. p. 255-270.

Periodical articleRena, Ravinder (2006)
Lessons of Indian experience for Eritrea
Africa Quarterly. Volume 46 #4. p. 18-23.

Periodical articleYaro, Joseph A. (2006)
See this documentIs Deagrarianisation Real? A Study of Livelihood Activities in Rural Northern Ghana
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 44 #1. March. p. 125-156.

Periodical articleBelete, Abenet and Mariga, IK and Goqwana, W. (2005)
Rural, urban and peri-urban agricultural potential in Buffalo City municipality: possibilities for the Eastern Cape province of South Africa
Africa Insight. Volume 35 #3. p. 25-30.

Periodical articleBuldgen, André (2005)
Avenir de l'agriculture en Afrique de l'Ouest: le rôle des productions animales dans la partie centrale du Sénégal
Abstract presentBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 51 #2. p. 163-171.

Periodical articleGalaa, Sylvester Z. (2005)
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Operating in Ghana's Agricultural Sector: How Can We Harness their Potential?
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 20 #2. July. p. 87-111.

Periodical articleMakgala, C.J. (2005)
Botswana's NAMPAADD in historical perspective, 1939-2005
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 19 #2. p. 118-128.

Periodical articleDevèze, Jean-Claude (2004)
Les agricultures familiales africaines entre survie et mutations
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #210. p. 157-170.

Periodical articleGadzama, N.M. (2004)
Analysis of agricultural sector in Borno State: constraints and way forward for sustainable agricultural development
Annals of Borno. Volume 21-22. p. 123-141.

Periodical articleGrimaud, P. and Faye, B. and Mugarura, L. and Muhoozi, E. and Bellinguez, A. (2004)
Identification of research activities for the dairy sector development in Uganda: systemic and participatory approaches
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1. September. p. 887-892.

Periodical articleLe Guen, Tanguy (2004)
Le développement agricole et pastoral du nord de la Côte d'Ivoire: problèmes de coexistence
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 57 #226-227. p. 259-288.

Periodical articleMubangizi, N. and Mangheni, M.N. and Garforth, C.J. (2004)
Information sources and constraints under National Agricultural Advisory Services programme, of service providers in Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 1. September. p. 257-264.

Periodical articleTwesigye, C.K. (2004)
The potential of promoting biotechnology education in Africa: a vital tool in a global world
Uganda Journal. Volume 50. December. p. 117-127.

Periodical articleAlacho, F.O. and Otim Nape, G.W. and Oumo, F.I. and Padde, P. and Lusembo, P. and Mutaka, R.N. and Bua, A. (2003)
Meeting the needs of clients in research: a preliminary overview of NARO experiences
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 8 #1. January. p. 11-16.

Periodical articleAntoine, Pierre (2003)
Present trends in agricultural development in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 49 #3. p. 339-349.

Periodical articleBrown, Karen (2003)
See this documentPolitical Entomology: The Insectile Challenge to Agricultural Development in the Cape Colony, 1895-1910
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #2. June. p. 529-549.

Dissertation / thesisHoag, Heather J. (2003)
Designing the delta: a history of water and development in the lower Rufiji river basin, Tanzania, 1945-1985
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 238p.

Dissertation / thesisKorieh, Chima J. (2003)
The state and the peasantry: agricultural policy, agricultural crisis and sustainability in the Igbo region of southeastern Nigeria, 1900-1995
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 362p.

Conference paperLema, Ninatubu M. and Schouten, Chira and Schrader, Ted (eds.) (2003)
See this documentManaging research for agricultural development: proceedings of the national workshop on client oriented research, 27-28 May 2003, Moshi, Tanzania
Dar es Salaam: Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. Division of Research and Development. 206p.

Periodical articleNgwa, Canute (2003)
The Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) and socio-economic change in the Ndop Region of Cameroon, 1970-1995
The Nigerian Journal of Economic History. #5-6. p. 104-121.

Periodical articleOtieno, C. (2003)
And the last shall be first
Ecoforum. Volume 26 #2. long rains. p. 32-34.

Periodical articleScully, J. (2003)
Growing organic
Ecoforum. Volume 26 #2. long rains. p. 20-24.

BookSmucker, Thomas A. (2003)
In search of the sustainability miracle: land reform, agricultural intensification, and changing livelihoods in semi-arid Tharaka, Kenya
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 242p.

Dissertation / thesisWood, Eric Channing (2003)
Modeling and characterizing agricultural expansion: a case study in Senegal, West Africa
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 209p.

BookBassett, Thomas J. (2002)
Le coton des paysans: une révolution agricole (Côte d'Ivoire 1880-1999)
Paris: IRD Éditions, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement. À travers champs. 291p.

Periodical articleBob, Urmilla (2002)
See this documentRural African Women, Food (In)Security and Agricultural Production in the Ekuthuleni Land Redistribution Project, KwaZulu-Natal
Abstract presentAgenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #51. p. 16-32.

Dissertation / thesisBookwalter, Jeffrey Thomas (2002)
Land reform and rural development in South Africa
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 234p.

Periodical articleBryceson, Deborah F. (2002)
See this documentMultiplex Livelihoods in Rural Africa: Recasting the Terms and Conditions of Gainful Employment
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 40 #1. March. p. 1-28.

Periodical articleGudeta Z. (2002)
How successful the agricultural development led industrialisation strategy (ADLI) will be by leaving existing landholding system intact
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 4 #4. January-February. p. 16-20.

Dissertation / thesisLaTowsky, Robert James (2002)
Community experiences of rural transformation in Egypt, 1960-1980
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 615p.

Dissertation / thesisMulaudzi, Maanda (2002)
'U Shuma Bulasi': agrarian transformation in the Zoutpansberg district of South Africa, up to 1946
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 305p.

BookScoones, Ian and Wolmer, William (eds.) (2002)
Pathways of change in Africa: crops, livestock & livelihoods in Mali, Ethiopia & Zimbabwe
Abstract presentOxford: James Currey. 236p.

Periodical articleEdriss, A. and Mphepo, M. and Njolomole, E. (2001)
See this documentAnalysis of male and female farmers' participation in agricultural extension programmes: a case study in Mzuzu and Machinga agricultural development divisions of Malawi
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 5 #2. December. p. 110-116.

Periodical articleKamidza, R. (2001)
The role of the state in agricultural development
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 14 #5. p. 24-26.

Periodical articleMwinjilo, M.L. (2001)
See this documentReflections on the need for technology packaging to ensure the success of technological initiatives for agricultural development: experiences from Malawi
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 10. p. 71-75.

Periodical articlePackard, Randall M. (2001)
See this document'Malaria Blocks Development' Revisited: The Role of Disease in the History of Agricultural Development in the Eastern and Northern Transvaal Lowveld, 1890-1960
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 27 #3. September. p. 591-612.

BookPedersen, Poul Ove (2001)
See this documentBusy work or real business: revaluing the role of non-agricultural activities in African rural development
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #46.

Periodical articlePonte, Stefano (2001)
See this documentTrapped in Decline? Reassessing Agrarian Change and Economic Diversification on the Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 39 #1. March. p. 81-100.

Periodical articleTeklu, Tesfaye (2001)
Agricultural Technology, Health and Nutrition Linkages: Some Recent Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 17 #1. January. p. 1-14.

Periodical articleAndré Rouillard, E.E. (2000)
Three hundred years of sugar manufacture in Mauritius
Revue agricole et sucrière de l'île Maurice. Volume 79 #3. septembre-décembre. p. 1-67.

Periodical articleClaxton, Mervyn (2000)
Water, culture and agricultural development
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #161-162. p. 48-74.

Periodical articleHoorweg, Jan and Leegwater, Piet and Veerman, Willem (2000)
See this documentNutrition in agricultural development: Intensive dairy farming by rural smallholders
Abstract presentEcology of Food and Nutrition. Volume 39 #6. p. 395-416.

Periodical articleIlorah, R. (2000)
See this documentExplaining de-agriculturalisation in Nigeria: theory and evidence
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 68 #2. p. 307-323.

Periodical articlePuplampu, Korbla P. and Tettey, Wisdom J. (2000)
See this documentState-NGO Relations in an Era of Globalisation: The Implications for Agricultural Development in Africa
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 27 #84. June. p. 251-272.

Periodical articleWiggins, Steve (2000)
See this documentInterpreting Changes from the 1970s to the 1990s in African Agriculture through Village Studies
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 28 #4. April. p. 631-662.

Periodical articleAjayi, A.R. and Ajala, A.A. (1999)
See this documentRural farmers' participation in agricultural development project (ADP) and the effect on their adoption of innovations: a case study of Ekiti-Akoko ADP in Ondo State of Nigeria
Ghana Journal of Science. Volume 39. p. 83-90.

Periodical articleBiggs, Stephen and Matsaert, Harriet (1999)
See this documentAn actor-oriented approach for strengthening research and development capabilities in natural resource systems
Abstract presentPublic Administration and Development. Volume 19 #3. p. 231-262.

BookBryceson, Deborah Fahy (1999)
See this documentSub-Saharan Africa betwixt and between: rural livelihood practices and policies
Abstract presentLeiden: Afrika-Studiecentrum. ASC working paper #43. 73p.

BookChukwuezi, Barth (1999)
See this documentDe-agrarianisation and rural employment in Igboland, south-eastern Nigeria
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #37. 58p.

Periodical articleHince, B. (1999)
Women at the helm
Agroforestry Today. Volume 11 #1-2. January-June. p. 3-4.

BookIliya, M.A. (1999)
See this documentIncome diversification in the semi-arid zone of Nigeria: a study of Gigane, Sokoto, north-west Nigeria
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #39. 43p.

Periodical articleKofie, R.Y. (1999)
A case study of the relationship between irrigated agricultural programmes and rural development in Ghana
Bulletin of the Ghana Geographical Association. #21. July. p. 31-37.

BookMacAllister, Pat (1999)
See this documentAgriculture and co-operative labour in Shixini, Transkei, South Africa
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #33. 55p.

BookManona, Cecil (1999)
See this documentDe-agrarianisation and the urbanisation of a rural economy: agrarian patterns in Melani village in the Eastern Cape
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #32. 43p.

BookMeagher, Kate (1999)
See this documentIf the drumming changes, the dance also changes: de-agrarianisation and rural non-farm employment in the Nigerian savanna
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #40. 90p.

Periodical articleMudimu, G.D. (1999)
See this documentZimbabwe's agriculture 1899-1999: a century of achievement and challenges for the new millenium
Transactions of the Zimbabwe Scientific Association. Volume 73. p. 24-38.

Periodical articleN'Bessa, Benoît (1999)
Les exploitations agricoles des citadins en milieu rural: l'exemple béninois
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 52 #207. p. 275-292.

BookShazali, Salah and Ahmed, Abdel Ghaffar M. (1999)
Pastoral land tenure and agricultural expansion: Sudan and the Horn of Africa
London: International Institute for Environment and Development. Issues paper. 18p.

Periodical articleSutton, J.E.G. (1999)
See this documentEngaruka: additional observations on fields, furrows and enclosures
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 34. p. 114-115.

Periodical articleTzeutschler, Gregory G.A. (1999)
Growing security: land rights and agricultural development in northern Senegal
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 43 #1. p. 36-62.

Periodical articleVennetier, P. (1999)
Un thème de recherches à développer: urbanisation et évolution des activités rurales en Afrique noire
Héritages des tropiques. Volume 2 #1. p. 171-179.

BookYunusa, Mohammed-Bello (1999)
See this documentNot farms alone: a study of rural livelihoods in the Middle Belt of Nigeria
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #38. 44p.

Periodical articleGalvankar, Mausami J. (1998)
Land Issues in the Context of South African Agriculture
Abstract presentAfrican Currents. Volume 13 #26. October. p. 88-106.

Periodical articleGooptu, S. (1998)
The impact of structural adjustment in the context of Ethiopia
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 1 #3. April. p. 10-12.

BookJambiya, George (1998)
See this documentThe dynamics of population, land scarcity, agriculture and non-agricultural activities: West Usambara mountains, Lushoto District, Tanzania
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #28.

Periodical articleKatambira, M.C. (1998)
Measures to eradicate poverty
6th of February. Volume 11 #8. August. p. 14-16.

BookKoenig, Dolores and Diarra, Tiéman and Sow, Moussa (1998)
Innovation and individuality in African development: changing production strategies in rural Mali
Ann Arbor: University Press of Michigan. Linking levels of analysis. 279p.

Periodical articleMashinini, Vusi (1998)
Tenure Reform and Agrarian Change in Lesotho: An Inquiry into the Nature of the Land Act 1979
Review of Southern African Studies. Volume 2 #2. December. p. 69-88.

Periodical articleMchau, K.W. and Busungu, S.M. and Mchaki, C.E. and Laffa, J.Y. and Simba, M.A. and Auerboeck, R.M. (1998)
Milk: the 'white gold' of traditional livestock keepers in Bagamoyo District
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 18 #supplementary no. 4. p. 1-8.

BookMung'ong'o, C.G. (1998)
See this documentComing full circle: agriculture, non-farm activities and the resurgence of out-migration in Njombe district, Tanzania
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #26.

Periodical articleSutton, John E.G. (1998)
See this documentEngaruka: Irrigation Agriculture in Northern Tanzanian Rift Valley before the Maasai Era
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 33. p. 1-37.

BookBerkvens, Ronald J.A. (1997)
See this documentBacking two horses: interaction of agricultural and non-agricultural household activities in a Zimbabwean communal area
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #24. 35p.

Periodical articleBeyene H. (1997)
The land question and the issue of food security
Economic Focus (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia). Volume 1 #2. December. p. 5-7.

Periodical articleBibangambah, J.R. (1997)
Main strands in the debate about land ownership in Uganda: a reply to A.R. Nsibambi
Uganda Journal. Volume 44. December. p. 126-127.

Periodical articleDejene A. (1997)
The linkages between agriculture and non-agriculture: a conceptual framework
Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Economics. Volume 1 #2. April. p. 74-98.

BookDemeke, Mulat (1997)
See this documentRural non-farm activities in impoverished agricultural communities: the case of North Shoa Ethiopia
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #25. 61p.

Periodical articleHarrigan, Jane (1997)
See this documentModelling the Impact of World Bank Policy-Based Lending: The Case of Malawi's Agricultural Sector
Abstract presentJournal of Development Studies. Volume 33 #6. August. p. 848-873.

Periodical articleMonu, Erasmus D. (1997)
See this documentFarmer Participation in Research: Implications for Agricultural Development
Journal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 12 #1. p. 53-66.

Periodical articleOculi, Okello (1997)
Politics and the food crisis in Nigeria, 1900-1988
Abstract presentSavanna: A Journal of the Environmental and Social Sciences. Volume 18 #1. p. 34-48.

Periodical articleOkorie, A. and Makuyana, I.B. (1997)
The Swaziland Business Growth Trust (SBGT) as a conduit for extending credit to smallscale agribusiness firms
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 6. p. 89-99.

Periodical articleReinwald, Brigitte (1997)
See this document'Though the Earth Does Not Lie': Agricultural Transitions in Siin (Senegal) Under Colonial Rule
Abstract presentPaideuma. Volume 43. p. 143-169.

Periodical articleRakotomavo, A. (1996-1997)
Gestion durable des ressources végétales et développement: le cas du bassin versant du petit Jabo
Terroirs & ressources. #3. p. 43-52.

Periodical articleHenrique, B. (1996)
Nao suporto ver outra mulher a chorar por nao ter pao
Tempo. #1331. 23 de junho. p. 13-16.

Periodical articleHirsch, S.M. (1996)
The ecological and socio-economic conditions and their implications for land use systems in the Huri Hills, northern Kenya
Journal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 26. p. 187-210.

Periodical articleHuizing, A. (1996)
The role of wetlands in agricultural development
Splash. Volume 12 #1. January-June. p. 6-7, 23.

Periodical articleKadzere, C.T. (1996)
See this documentAnimal Production Level: A Measure of Social Development in Southern Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 11 #1. p. 17-31.

Periodical articleKakonge, J.O. (1996)
Agricultural projects in various African countries: a case for environmental impact analysis application
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 2 #1. November. p. 63-74.

Periodical articleLevin, Richard M. and Weiner, Daniel (1996)
See this documentThe Politics of Land Reform in South Africa After Apartheid: Perspectives, Problems, Prospects
Abstract presentThe Journal of Peasant Studies. Volume 23 #2-3. January-April. p. 93-119.

Periodical articleLuís, A. (1996)
Salário mínimo: dez dias de chá vinte de fome...'
Tempo. #1324. 5 de maio. p. 4-9.

Conference paperMission française de coopération et d'action culturelle au Mali (1996)
Le Mali dans le XXIe siècle
Abstract presentBamako: Donniya. 133p.

Periodical articleMwakubo, S.M. and Sambili, E. and Maritim, H.K. (1996)
A historical perspective of the socio-economic impediments to agricultural development in the Coast Province of Kenya: with special reference to Kwale District
Journal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 26. p. 32-53.

Periodical articleNsibambi, A. (1996)
Land tenure relations in Uganda, 1900-1995
Uganda Journal. Volume 43. December. p. 12-33.

Periodical articleO'Laughlin, Bridget (1996)
See this documentThrough a Divided Glass: Dualism, Class and the Agrarian Question in Mozambique
Abstract presentThe Journal of Peasant Studies. Volume 23 #4. July. p. 1-39.

Periodical articleRajery, L. (1996)
L'eau élément de vie et de liaison entre les populations peut disparaitre
Akon'ny Ala. #18. avril. p. 3-5.

Periodical articleSaveca, F. (1996)
Milho moçambicano será exportado?
Tempo. #1331. 23 de junho. p. 17-20.

Periodical articleSuleimna, Abrar (1996)
Technical Efficiency of Fertilized Farms in Ethiopia: An Application of the Stochastic Frontier Approach
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 18 #2. October. p. 1-30.

Periodical articleWebber, Paul (1996)
See this documentAgrarian Change in Kusai, North-East Ghana
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 66 #3. p. 437-457.

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