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BookBekele, Maru Shete (2016)
See this publicationEconomic and agricultural transformation through large-scale farming: impacts of large-scale farming on local economic development, household food security and the environment in Ethiopia

Periodical articleCioffo, Giuseppe Davide; Ansoms, An; Murison, Jude (2016)
See this publicationModernising agriculture through a 'new' Green Revolution: the limits of the Crop Intensification Programme in Rwanda
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 43 #148. p. 277-293.

Dissertation / thesisDebas, Mezegebu Getnet (2016)
See this publicationCrop intensification options and trade-offs with the water balance in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
Wageningen: Wageningen University. 178p.

Periodical articleNyantakyi-Frimpong, Hanson; Kerr, Rachel Bezner (2015)
See this publicationA political ecology of high-input agriculture in northern Ghana
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 34 #1. p. 13-35.

BookShanguhyia, Martin S. (2015)
Population, tradition, and environmental control in colonial Kenya
Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press. Rochester studies in African history and the diaspora. 323p.

Periodical articleHillbom, Ellen (2014)
See this publicationFrom millet to tomatoes: incremental intensification with high-value crops in contemporary Meru, Tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #3. p. 400-419.

Conference paperVanlauwe, Bernard; Asten, Piet van; Blomme, Guy (eds.) (2014)
Challenges and opportunities for agricultural intensification of the humid highland systems of Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentNew York: Springer. 404p.

Periodical articleDabat, Marie-Hélène; Lahmar, Rabah; Guissou, Richard (2012)
La culture du niébé au Burkina Faso: une voie d'adaptation de la petite agriculture à son environnement?
Abstract presentAutrepart. #62. p. 95-114.

Periodical articleHillbom, Ellen (2012)
See this publicationWhen water is from God: formation of property rights governing communal irrigation furrows in Meru, Tanzania, c. 1890-2011
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #3. p. 423-443.

Periodical articleDelaney, Sara; Livingston, Geoffrey; Schonberger, Steven (2011)
See this publicationRight place, right time: increasing the effectiveness of agricultural development support in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 18 #3. p. 341-365.

Periodical articleHillbom, Ellen (2011)
See this publicationFarm intensification and milk market expansion in Meru, Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 54 #1. p. 145-165.

Periodical articleNwaru, J.C.; Onuoha, R.E.; Onwukwalu, S.I. (2010)
See this publicationDeterminants of agricultural intensification among crop farmers in Ikwuano Local Government area of Abia State, Nigeria
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 43. p. 65-75.

Periodical articleKodesh, Neil (2008)
See this publicationNetworks of knowledge: clanship and collective well-being in Buganda
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 49 #2. p. 197-216.

Periodical articleMureth, P.; Waswa, F.; Kituyi, E. (2008)
Occupational and environmental safety concerns in pesticide use among small-scale farmers in Sagana, Central Highlands, Kenya
African Journal of Environmental Studies and Development. Volume 1 #1. December. p. 1-7.

Periodical articleNwaru, J.C.; Onuoha, R.E.; Onwukwalu, S.I. (2008)
Determinants of agricultural intensification among crop farmers in Ikwuano local government area of Abia State, Nigeria
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 30 #2. October. p. 1-20.

Periodical articleJouve, Philippe (2006)
Transition agraire: la croissance démographique, une opportunité ou une contrainte?
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #217. p. 43-54.

Periodical articleOkike, I.; Jabbar, M.A.; Manyong, V.M.; Smith, J.W.; Ehui, S.K. (2004)
See this publicationFactors Affecting Farm-Specific Production Efficiency in the Savanna Zones of West Africa
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 13 #1. March. p. 134-165.

BookBachtiar, Palmira (ed.) (2003)
To be or not to be: cropping in the Ditsobotla and Mafikeng districts: causes of decreasing crop production in Mafikeng and Ditsobotla: new development strategies to improve attractiveness of dry land crop production in the Central Region of North West Province in South Africa
Wageningen: ICRA. Working document series #111. 142p.

BookBoulassel, Abdelmadjid (ed.) (2001)
Périmètre irrigué du Gharb au Maroc: quelles actions de recherche et de développement pour l'amélioration raisonnée du niveau d'intensification
Montpellier: ICRA, International Centre for Development Oriented Research in Agriculture. Working document series #99. 123p.

Periodical articleGray, Leslie C.; Kevane, Michael (2001)
See this publicationEvolving Tenure Rights and Agricultural Intensification in Southwestern Burkina Faso
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 29 #4. April. p. 573-587.

Periodical articleHeald, Scott (1999)
See this publicationAgricultural Intensification and the Decline of Pastoralism: A Case Study from Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 69 #2. p. 213-237.

Periodical articleReardon, Thomas; Christopher, Barrett; Savadogo, Kimseyinga (1999)
See this publicationPolicy Reforms and Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Africa
Abstract presentDevelopment Policy Review. Volume 17 #4. December. p. 375-395.

Periodical articleRoussel, Bernard (1999)
Déforestation des bas-fonds sahélo-soudaniens du Niger central: de la 'brousse noire' aux cultures maraîchères
Abstract presentAutrepart. #9. p. 17-32.

Conference paperWidgren, Mats; Sutton, John Edward Giles (eds.) (1999)
'Islands' of intensive agriculture in the East African Rift and highlands: a 500-year perspective
Abstract presentStockholm: EDSU, Departments of Human and Physical Geography, School of University of Stockholm. EDSU working papers #43. 90p.

Periodical articleKramer, Eira (1998)
A Clash of Economies: Early Centralisation Efforts in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1929-1935
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 25 #1. p. 83-98.

Periodical articleReardon, Thomas; Kelly, Valerie; Crawford, Eric (1997)
See this publicationPromoting Sustainable Intensification and Productivity Growth in Sahel Agriculture after Macroeconomic Policy Reform
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 22 #4. August. p. 317-327.

BookDuivenbooden, N. van (1996)
La durabilité exprimée en termes d'éléments nutritifs: avec référence spéciale à l'Afrique de l'Ouest
Abstract presentBamako: Institut d'Économie Rurale. Rapports du projet de coopération scientifique Production Soudano-Sahélienne (PSS) #29. 268p.

BookQuak, W.; Breman, H. (eds.) (1996)
Description agronomique quantitative des systèmes de production végétale en zone soudano-sahélienne
Abstract presentBamako: Institut d'Economie Rurale. Rapports du projet de coopération scientifique Production Soudano-Sahélienne (PSS) #28. 82p.

Periodical articleSpencer, Dunstan S. (1996)
See this publicationInfrastructure and Technology Constraints to Agricultural Development in the Humid and Sub-Humid Tropics of Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 8 #2. December. p. 68-93.

Periodical articleCheeseboro, Anthony Q. (1994)
See this publicationMissed Opportunities: The Failure of Intensification and Diversification in the Gezira Scheme
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 1 #2-3. p. 49-73.

Periodical articleStamm, Volker (1994)
Anbausysteme und Bodenrecht in Burkina Faso
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 29 #3. p. 247-264.

Periodical articleCouty, P. (1991)
See this publicationL'agriculture africaine en réserve: réflexions sur l'innovation et l'intensification agricoles en Afrique tropicale
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 31 #121-122. p. 65-81.

Periodical articleMbata, J.N. (1991)
A comparative study of the supervised and non-supervised agricultural credit scheme as a tool for agricultural development in Rivers State, Nigeria
Abstract presentDiscovery and Innovation. Volume 3 #4. December. p. 29-35.

Periodical articleLandais, É.; Lhoste, P. (1990)
L'association agriculture-élevage en Afrique intertropicale: un mythe techniciste confronté aux réalités du terrain
Abstract presentCahiers des sciences humaines. Volume 26 #1-2. p. 217-235.

Book chapterManger, L. (1990)
Agro-pastoral production systems and the problem of resource management
Abstract presentIn: Adaptive strategies in African arid lands. p. 163-180.

Periodical articleStewart, Philip J. (1990)
Rural renovation in Algeria
Abstract presentMaghreb Review. Volume 15 #1-2. p. 37-47.

Periodical articleAmborn, Hermann (1989)
See this publicationAgricultural Intensification in the Burji-Konso Cluster of South-Western Ethiopia
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 24. p. 71-84.

Periodical articleHakansson, T. (1989)
See this publicationSocial and political aspects of intensive agriculture in East Africa: some models from cultural anthropology
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 24. p. 12-20.

Periodical articleSwindell, Kenneth; Iliya, M.A. (1989)
See this publicationField Systems, Cultivation Techniques and Non-farm Incomes in Hausaland
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 24. p. 28-37.

Periodical articleRiddell, James C.; Campbell, David J. (1986)
See this publicationAgricultural Intensification and Rural Development: The Mandara Mountains of North Cameroon
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 29 #3. September. p. 89-106.

Periodical articleMangeart, Rémi (1984)
Les paysans peuvent-ils avancer ensemble?
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 24 #185. p. 275-281.

Periodical articleRaunet, M. (1984)
Les potentialites agricoles des bas-fonds en regions Intertropicales: l'exemple de la culture du blé de contre-saison à Madagascar
Abstract presentL'agronomie tropicale. Volume 39 #2. p. 121-135.

Periodical articleVennetier, Pierre (1978)
Une entreprise moderne en milieu rural traditionnel: la ferme de Baledjam (Cameroun)
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 31 #121. p. 90-95.

Periodical articleHall, Malcolm (1970)
A review of farm management research in East Africa
Abstract presentAgricultural Economics Bulletin for Africa. #12. p. 11-24.

Periodical articleCollinson, M.P. (1969)
Experience with a Trial Management Farm in Tanzania
Abstract presentEast African Journal of Rural Development. Volume 2 #2. p. 28-43.

Periodical articleShehata, S.E. (1968)
Selected agricultural inputs in North Africa
Abstract presentAgricultural Economics Bulletin for Africa. #10. p. 61-67.

Periodical articleBottomley, A. (1967)
Planning for innovation in African Rural Areas
Abstract presentAgricultural Economics Bulletin for Africa. #9. p. 64-78.

Periodical articleHarrison, J.E. (1967)
Farm economics with particular reference to farm management
Abstract presentRhodesian Journal of Economics. Volume 1 #2. p. 39-51.

Periodical articleWilson, F.A. (1967)
Area measurement techniques: some observations on the methodology developed in Kenya research into small farm economics
Abstract presentAgricultural Economics Bulletin for Africa. #9. p. 53-63.

Periodical articleDavidson, B.R. (1960)
The economics of arable land and labour use in African and European areas of Kenya
Abstract presentEast African Economic Review. Volume 7 #1. p. 5-12.

Periodical articleHill, P. (1960)
Two economists in the field
Abstract presentUniversitas. Volume 4 #2. p. 53-55.

Periodical articleClayton, E.S. (1958)
Policies affecting agrarian development in Kenya
Abstract presentEast African Economic Review. Volume 5 #2. p. 35-40.

Search: su=agricultural intensification
Found: 52 Record 1-52

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