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Periodical articleGormo, Jean and Pahimi, Patrice (2011)
Cultures de rente et mutations politiques dans les sociétés toupouri et massa du Nord-Cameroun (1920-2010)
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #16. p. 133-146.

BookGebissa, Ezekiel (ed.) (2010)
Taking the place of food: khat in Ethiopia
Abstract presentTrenton, NJ: The Red Sea Press. 239p.

Periodical articleGodfrey, Asiimwe B. (2010)
See this documentHousehold gender and resource relations: women in the marketing arena of income generating crops in Uganda
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 26 #2. June. p. 1-30.

Periodical articleAdeyemo, Oyenike and Wise, Russell (2009)
Bio-fuels and food security: a case study of South Africa
Africa Insight. Volume 39 #3. p. 94-107.

Periodical articleBiénabe, Estelle and Leclercq, Maya and Moity-Maïzi, Pascale (2009)
Le rooibos d'Afrique du Sud: comment la biodiversité s'invite dans la construction d'une indication géographique
Abstract presentAutrepart. #50. p. 117-134.

Periodical articleDebela, Adane Tuffa (2009)
See this documentImpact of perennial cash cropping on food crop production and productivity
Ethiopian Journal of Economics. Volume 18 #1. April. p. 1-34.

Periodical articleDelpierre, Matthieu (2009)
See this documentFarm input use in a context of liquidity constraints and contract unenforceability
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 18 #3. p. 496-528.

Dissertation / thesisBenfica, Rui M.S. (2008)
An analysis of income poverty effects in cash cropping economies in rural Mozambique: blending econometric and economy-wide models
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 219p.

Periodical issueKatendi, François and Patriat, Lucas and Kouassi, Parfait (eds.) (2008)
Investir en Côte d'Ivoire
Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. #2. 74p.

BookNgailo, Jerry A. and Kaswamila, Abiud L. and Senkoro, Catherine J. (2007)
See this documentRice production in the Maswa district, Tanzania and its contribution to poverty alleviation
Dar es Salaam: REPOA. REPOA research report #7. 48p.

Periodical articleSorre, B.M. and Akong'a, J.J. (2007)
Cash crop production in the realization of millennium development goals: the case of sugarcane production, household food security and nutritional status in Busia District, Kenya
Maarifa (Eldoret, Kenya). Volume 2 #2. p. 229-242.

Periodical articleDubois, Anaïs (2006)
Dossier OGM
Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 60 #3168. p. 5-9.

BookBotha, Lindie (ed.) (2005)
Can we get them there? A case of commercializing arable farming at Rust de Winter farms of Limpopo Province, South Africa
Wageningen: International Centre for development oriented Research in Agriculture (ICRA). Working document series #124. 93p.

Periodical articleEdriss, A. (2005)
Gender differential in groundnut productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa: the case of Lilongwe and Salima adds in central Malawi
Bunda Journal of Agriculture, Environmental Science and Technology. Volume 3 #1. October. p. 29-37.

BookMagnagna Nguema, Viviane (2005)
L'agriculture du Gabon: entre décolonisation et ajustements structurels, (1960-2000)
Paris: Éditions Karthala. Économie et développement. 304p.

Periodical articleMangison, J.H. (2005)
An economic analysis of the value of agricultural trade preferences to Malawi: a case study of the tobacco, tea and sugar industries
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 7 #pt. 2 of 3. 5-9 Dec.. p. 797-801.

Periodical articleCazenave-Piarrot, Alain (2004)
Burundi: une agriculture à l'épreuve de la guerre civile
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 57 #226-227. p. 313-338.

Periodical articleHovorka, A.J. (2004)
Commercial urban agriculture in Greater Gaborone: form and function, challenges and prospects
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 18 #2. p. 80-94.

Periodical articleSserwadda, G. (2004)
Aloe vera: another green gold
6th of February. Volume 17 #3. March. p. 24-25.

Dissertation / thesisAllen, William Ezra (2003)
Sugar and coffee: a history of settler agriculture in nineteenth-century Liberia
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 223p.

Dissertation / thesisKorieh, Chima J. (2003)
The state and the peasantry: agricultural policy, agricultural crisis and sustainability in the Igbo region of southeastern Nigeria, 1900-1995
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 362p.

Periodical articleLegwaila, G.M. and Balole, T.V. and Karikari, S.K. (2003)
See this documentReview of sweet sorghum: a potential cash and forage crop in Botswana
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 12. p. 5-14.

Periodical articleMokwena, K. and Chimbombi, E.M. and Monkhei, M. (2003)
See this documentProspects for adding value to maize and sorghum
UNISWA Journal of Agriculture. Volume 11. p. 48-55.

Periodical articleCollier, Paul (2002)
See this documentThe Future of Perennial Crops
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 14 #2. December. p. 237-250.

Dissertation / thesisDiallo, Boubacar (2002)
Agricultural supply response for export crops: effects of world price and exchange rate in Niger
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 174p.

Dissertation / thesisStessens, Johan (2002)
Analyse technique et économique des systèmes de production agricole au nord de la Côte d'Ivoire
Leuven: Departement Agrotechniek en -Economie, Faculteit Landbouwkundige en Toegepaste Biologische Wetenschappen, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Dissertationes de agricultura #530. 286p.

Conference paperAgbo, B.P. (ed.) (2001)
Recherche agricole pour le développement: actes de l'atelier scientifique 1: Niaouli 11-12 janvier 2001
Cotonou: INRAB. 497p.

Periodical articleCarr, S.J. (2001)
See this documentChanges in African smallholder agriculture in the twentieth century and the challenges of the twenty-first
African Crop Science Journal. Volume 9 #1. March. p. 331-338.

Periodical articleMaxon, Robert M. (2001)
See this documentWhere Did the Trees Go? The Wattle Bark Industry in Western Kenya, 1932-1950
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 34 #3. p. 565-584.

Dissertation / thesisMustafa, Hamad El-Nil Gadain (2001)
Aspects of Sudanese trade 1960-1999
Boston Spa: The British Library, British Thesis Service.

BookRaemaekers, Romain H. (ed.) (2001)
Crop production in tropical Africa
Brussels: Directorate General for International Co-operation (DGIC), External Trade and International Co-operation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 1540p.

Periodical articleBohra, N.K. (2000)
Non-traditional cash crops of Rajasthan
Agroforestry Today. Volume 12 #1. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleChâtel, Bénédicte (2000)
Produits d'Afrique
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 55 #2850. p. 1147-1223.

Periodical articleEkomó Engolo, Camille and Mengué Mengué, Joseph and Ndjetcheu, Louis (2000)
Les problèmes actuels du monde rural dans le sillage de la mondialisation
Abstract presentAfrican Administrative Studies. #55. p. 29-46.

Periodical articleIlorah, R. (2000)
See this documentExplaining de-agriculturalisation in Nigeria: theory and evidence
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 68 #2. p. 307-323.

Periodical articleMuchai, E. (2000)
The pesticide Kenya forgot - then remembered
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). June-July. p. 15-17.

Periodical articleN'Bessa, Benoît (1999)
Les exploitations agricoles des citadins en milieu rural: l'exemple béninois
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 52 #207. p. 275-292.

Periodical articleGarba, Abdul-Ganiyu and Kwanashie, Mike and Ajilima, Isaac (1998)
Price and non-price output response of crops, subsectoral aggregates and commodity exports
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 40 #2. p. 241-270.

Periodical articleKavoi, M.M. and Mbogoh, S.G. (1998)
See this documentEconomic analysis of production relationships among cash and food crops: the case of maize, sunflower and cotton production in Machakos District, Kenya
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 10 #3-4. December. p. 144-150.

Periodical articleKhonga, E.B. (1998)
Oyster mushrooms (pleurotus spp.): a potential cash crop in Malawi
Tizame. #6. November. p. 17-21.

Periodical articlePonte, Stefano (1998)
See this documentFast Crops, Fast Cash: Market Liberalization and Rural Livelihoods in Songea and Monogoro Districts, Tanzania
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 32 #2. p. 316-348.

Periodical articleJacquet, Laurent and Boisriveau, Judith and Giraudo, Gérard (1997)
Spécial produits tropicaux 1996-1997
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 52 #2690. p. 1141-1210.

Periodical articleJanin, Pierre (1996)
See this documentUn planteur sans État peut-il encore être un planteur?
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #62. p. 45-56.

Periodical articleBraun, Joachim von (1995)
See this documentAgricultural commercialization: impacts on income and nutrition and implications for policy
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 20 #3. p. 187-202.

Periodical articleJacquet, Laurent and Châtel, Bénédicte and Devey, Muriel (1995)
Spécial produits tropicaux 1994-1995
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 50 #2591. p. 1431-1484.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1994)
Spécial produits tropicaux 1993-1994
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 50 #2539. p. 1423-1470.

Periodical articleFall, Serigne Modou (1994)
See this documentCultures industrielles et développement régional: le cas de la région de Saint-Louis
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 19 #2. p. 97-125.

Periodical articleGervais, Raymond (1994)
See this documentLa politique cotonnière de la France dans le Mosi colonial (Haute-Volta) (1919-1940)
Abstract presentRevue française d'histoire d'outre-mer. Volume 81 #302. p. 27-54.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1993)
Produits tropicaux 1992-1993
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 49 #2487. p. 1735-1780.

BookHoutkamp, John A. and Laan, H. Laurens van der (1993)
See this documentCommodity auctions in tropical Africa: a survey of the African tea, tobacco and coffee auctions
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. Research reports #54. 93p.

Periodical articleKouassi, René (1993)
See this documentLa répartition des moyens d'incitation à la production entre cultures d'exportation et cultures vivrières en Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 18 #1. p. 67-85.

Periodical articleRakotovao Ramasiarivelo, Z.R. (1993)
Utilisation d'une hormone régulatrice de croissance et de fructification chez l'anacardier
Akon'ny Ala. #10. mars. p. 12-16.

Periodical articleDarkoh, Michael B.K. and Ould-Mey, Mohamed (1992)
See this documentCash Crops versus Food Crops in Africa: A Conflict between Dependency and Autonomy
Abstract presentTransafrican Journal of History. Volume 21. p. 36-50.

Periodical articleJacquet, L. and Toure, A.B. and Desrosiers, K. (1992)
Produits tropicaux 1991-1992
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 48 #2434. p. 1689-1733.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1991)
Produits tropicaux 1990-1991
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 47 #2381. p. 1619-1660.

Periodical articleNjoku, Jude E. and Ofiabulu, Emmanuel C. (1991)
The effect of the structural adjustment program on the output, prices and exports of major agricultural export crops in Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing. Volume 3 #4. p. 69-84.

Book chapterOesterdiekhoff, P. (1991)
Agricultural marketing and pricing: a synopsis of current problems
Abstract presentIn: The Agriculture of the Sudan. p. 365-394.

Periodical articlePatnaik, Ila (1991)
Export Crop Production and the Food Crisis in Egypt
Abstract presentInd-Africana: Collected Research Papers on Africa. Volume 4 #1. April. p. 65-75.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1990)
Produits tropicaux 1989-1990
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 46 #2329. p. 1849-1891.

Periodical articleNindi, Benson C. (1990)
See this documentEvolution of Agricultural Marketing Institutions and the Public versus Private Debate in Tanzania
Abstract presentTransafrican Journal of History. Volume 19. p. 117-138.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1989)
Produits tropicaux 1988-1989
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 45 #2276. p. 1753-1870.

Periodical articleLaan, H.L. van der (1989)
Export crop marketing in tropical Africa: what role for private enterprise?
Abstract presentJournal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing. Volume 1 #1. p. 41-62.

Periodical articleMshomba, Richard E. (1989)
Price Elasticity of Supply of Tanzania's Major Export Crops
Abstract presentEastern Africa Economic Review. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 9-23.

BookNiemeyer, Rudo and Hoorweg, Jan (1989)
Commercialisation and household nutrition: rice growers in West Kenya
Leiden: African Studies Centre.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1988)
Produits tropicaux 1987-1988
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 44 #2217. p. 1093-1172.

Periodical articleBassett, Thomas J. (1988)
See this documentDevelopment Theory and Reality: The World Bank in Northern Ivory Coast
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 15 #41. p. 45-59.

Periodical articleDelaporte, Guy (1987)
Produits tropicaux 1986/87
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. #2164. p. 1009-1081.

Book chapterFitzgerald, Peter (1987)
Markets, commodity production and indigenous farmers in colonial Algeria
Abstract presentIn: The State and the Market: studies in the economic and social history of the Third World. p. 47-65.

Book chapterAhmed, Mustafa Babiker (1986)
The development of peasant commodity production in Dar Hamar: incorporation with immiseration
Abstract presentIn: Perspectives on development in the Sudan. p. 373-400.

Periodical articleVaughan, Megan (1985)
See this documentHousehold Units and Historical Process in Southern Malawi
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 12 #34. December. p. 35-45.

Periodical articleBako, Haman (1984)
Cameroun: l'exode rurale: manifestations et signification de classe de l'exode rurale dans l'Afrique actuelle
Abstract presentJournal of African Marxists. #5. p. 51-76.

Periodical articleClere, J. (1984)
Produits tropicaux et mediterraneens 1983-84
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 40 #2013. p. 1405-1495.

Periodical articleSutton, Inez (1983)
See this documentLabour in Commercial Agriculture in Ghana in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 24 #4. p. 461-483.

Periodical articleClere, Jacques (1982)
Produits tropicaux et mediterraneens
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 38 #1893. p. 425-534.

BookHart, Keith (1982)
The political economy of West African agriculture
Abstract presentCambridge: Cambridge University Press. Cambridge studies in social anthropology #43. 226p.

Periodical articleHogendorn, Jan S. and Gemery, Henry A. (1982)
See this documentCash Cropping, Currency Acquisition and Seigniorage in West Africa, 1923-1950
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. #11. p. 15-27.

Periodical articleMuir, K.A. (1982)
See this documentThe employment effects of 1980 price and wage policy in the Zimbabwe maize and tobacco industries
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 81 #322. p. 71-85.

Periodical articleClarke, Julian (1981)
See this documentHouseholds and the Political Economy of Small-Scale Cash Crop Production in South-Western Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 51 #4. p. 807-823.

Periodical articleCondé, S. (1981)
Agriculture d'exportation et agriculture vivrière dans le développement économique de la Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentAnnales de l'Université d'Abidjan, Série K: Sciences Économiques. Volume 4. p. 5-17.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1980)
Produits tropicaux et mediterraneens
Abstract presentMarchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 36 #1805. p. 1357-1478.

Periodical articleBryceson, Deborah F. (1980)
See this documentChanges in Peasant Food Production and Food Supply in Relation to the Historical Development of Commodity Production in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Tanganyika
Abstract presentThe Journal of Peasant Studies. Volume 7 #3. April. p. 281-311.

Periodical articleGuyer, Jane I. (1980)
See this documentHead Tax, Social Structure and Rural Incomes in Cameroun, 1922-1937
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 20 #79. p. 305-329.

Periodical articleSemiti, G.A. (1980)
Cash crops versus food crops and their comparative effects on the human environment
Abstract presentVierteljahresberichte Probleme der Entwicklungsländer. #79. p. 93-101.

Periodical articleTosh, John (1980)
See this documentThe Cash-Crop Revolution in Tropical Africa: An Agricultural Reappraisal
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 79 #314. January. p. 79-94.

BookOesterdiekhoff, P. (1979)
Interne Vermarktungsbedingungen und Verteilung der Aussenhandelseinkommen
Abstract presentBremen: Universität Bremen. 112p.

Periodical articleSmith, Sheila (1979)
See this documentColonialism in Economic Theory: The Experience of Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of Development Studies. Volume 15 #3. April. p. 38-59.

Book chapterAkinbode, Ade (1978)
Export crop production
Abstract presentIn: A Geography of Nigerian Development. p. 226-239.

Periodical articleBoutrais, J. (1978)
Competition fonciere et developpement au nord du Cameroun: la plaine de Mora
Abstract presentCahiers de l'ONAREST. Volume 1 #2. p. 53-90.

Periodical articleIvy, P. (1978)
See this documentThe Dryland Cash Crop Production Potential of Natural Region II
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 6 #2. p. 147-160.

Periodical articlePéhaut, Yves (1978)
L'évolution des structures de commercialisation des produits agricoles en Afrique noire
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 31 #124. p. 313-324.

Periodical articleScott, Earl P. (1978)
See this documentSubsistence, Markets, and Rural Development in Hausaland
Abstract presentJournal of Developing Areas. Volume 12 #4. July. p. 449-469.

Periodical articleTosh, John (1978)
See this documentLango Agriculture during the Early Colonial Period: Land and Labour in a Cash-Crop Economy
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 19 #3. p. 415-439.

Periodical articleBouzidi, A. (1977)
Productivité du travail dans l'agriculture algerienne et problèmes de la commercialisation des produits agricoles
Abstract presentRevue algérienne des sciences juridiques, politiques et économiques. Volume 14 #4. p. 502-539.

Periodical articleCoulson, Andrew C. (1977)
Crop Priorities for the Lowlands of Tanga Region
Abstract presentTanzania Notes and Records. Volume 81 and 82. p. 43-54.

Periodical articleDerman, P.J. (1977)
Cash Crops in Swaziland: An Anthropological Perspective
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of African Affairs. Volume 7 #2. p. 115-119.

Periodical articleMlambiti, M.E. (1977)
Structural Patterns in Produce Marketing at Morogoro
Abstract presentTanzania Notes and Records. Volume 81 and 82. p. 79-98.

BookBeshai, Adel Amin (1976)
Export performance & economic development in Sudan, 1900-1967
Abstract presentLondon: Ithaca Press for the Middle East Centre, St Anthony's College.

Periodical articleBowles, B.D. (1976)
See this documentExport crops and underdevelopment in Tanganyika 1929-61
Abstract presentUtafiti. Volume 1 #1. p. 71-85.

Periodical articleHogendorn, J.S. (1976)
The vent-for-surplus model and African cash agriculture to 1914
Abstract presentSavanna: A Journal of the Environmental and Social Sciences. Volume 5 #1. p. 15-28.

Periodical articleNg'ang'a, D. Mukaru (1976)
Cash crops and class formation: the case of the Gatanga coffee growers' co-operative society
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 6 #1. p. 69-84.

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