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BookBongmba, Elias Kifon (ed.) (2016)
The Routledge companion to Christianity in Africa
New York: Routledge-Taylor & Francis. 577p.

BookSlageren, Jaap van (2016)
Wijzen uit het Oosten, uit zo verren land: Oriëntaals-Orthodoxe Kerken in Nederland: hun geschiedenis, liturgie en verhalen van de geboorte van Christus
Glane: Bar Ebroyo Press. 204p.

Periodical articleStuart, John (2016)
See this document'The most improbable diocese of the Anglican communion': mission, Church and revolution in Lebombo, Mozambique, 1961-1976
Abstract presentSocial Sciences and Missions = Sciences sociales et missions. Volume 29 #1-2. p. 93-117.

Periodical articleAncel, Stéphane (2015)
L'Église orthodoxe 'täwahedo' d'Éthiopie et la révolution: assurer sa survie par la réforme (1974-1991)
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 55 #220. p. 687-710.

Periodical articleDuncan, Graham A. (2015)
See this documentThe migratory dimension of Scottish Presbyterianism in Southern Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 47 #2. p. 85-114.

BookEchtler, Magnus and Ukah, Asonzeh (eds.) (2015)
Bourdieu in Africa: exploring the dynamics of religious fields
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. 274p.

BookFiedler, Klaus (2015)
Missions as the theology of the church: an argument from Malawi
Mzuzu: Mzuni Press. #2. 69p.

Periodical articleLetsie, Tlohang (2015)
See this documentThe role of Christian churches in political conflict in Lesotho
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 24 #1. p. 75-88.

Conference paperNosnitsin, Denis (ed.) (2015)
Veneration of saints in Christian Ethiopia: proceedings of the international workshop Saints in Christian Ethiopia: Literary Sources and Veneration, Hamburg, April 28-29, 2012
Abstract presentWiesbaden: Otto Harrassowitz. #3. 274p.

BookVan Wyk, Ilana (2015)
A church of strangers: the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in South Africa
Johannesburg: Wits University Press. 280p.

BookAdelowo, E. Dada (ed.) (2014)
Perspectives in religious studies
Abstract presentIbadan: HEBN Publishing Plc.

BookBerga, Petros S. (2014)
What happened to the original Christian unity in Ethiopia? Towards the restoration of our original unity in Christ
Addis Ababa: Master Printing Press. 202p.

Periodical articleCabrita, Joel (2014)
See this documentAn introduction to the letters of Isaiah Moteka: the correspondence of a twentieth-century South African Zionist minister
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 84 #2. p. 163-198.

BookCabrita, Joel (2014)
Text and authority in the South African Nazaretha Church
New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. #46. 400p.

BookCreus Boixaderas, Jacint (2014)
Action missionnaire en Guinée Équatoriale, 1858-1910
Paris: L'Harmattan. 274p.

BookDavies, Colin C. (2014)
From pilot to pastoral Bishop: memoirs and reflections of 53 years of missionary life in Kenya
Nairobi: Paulines Publications Africa. 180p.

BookDuriez, Christian (2014)
Nord-Cameroun, une Église en construction
Paris: Karthala. 203p.

BookKasuba Malu, Rodhain (2014)
Joseph-Albert Malula: liberté et indocilité d'un cardinal africain
Paris: Éditions Karthala. 273p.

BookLayton, Bentley (2014)
The canons of our fathers: monastic rules of Shenoute
Oxford: Oxford University Press. 359p.

Periodical articleMorton, Barry (2014)
See this documentThe rebellion from below and the origins of early Zionist Christianity
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 46 #2. p. 25-47.

BookAnonymous (2013)
A century of ecumenism and mission: the story of National Council of Churches of Kenya 1913-2013
Nairobi: National Council of Churches of Kenya. 128p.

Periodical articleBlack, Joseph William (2013)
See this documentOffended Christians, anti-mission churches and colonial politics: one man's story of the messy birth of the African Orthodox Church in Kenya
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 43 #3. p. 261-296.

Periodical articleDuncan, Graham A. (2013)
'African churches willing to pay their own bills': the role of money in the formation of Ethiopian-type churches with particular reference to the Mzimba secession
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 45 #2. p. 52-79.

Periodical articleGarrard, David J. (2013)
See this documentThe Protestant church in Congo: the Mobutu years and their impact
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 43 #2. p. 131-166.

BookHoule, Robert J. (2013)
Making African Christianity: Africans re-imagining their faith in colonial Southern Africa
Bethlehem Pa.: Lehigh University Press.

BookLepage, Claude and Mercier, Jacques (2013)
Lalibela, capitale de l'art monolithe d'Éthiopie
Paris: Picard. 343p.

BookLivingston, J. Kevin (2013)
A missiology of the road: early perspectives in David Bosch's theology of mission and evangelism
Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications. 402p.

BookMakosso-Makosso, Sylvain (2013)
L'Église et l'État au Congo de 1960 à 1991
Paris: L'Harmattan. 100p.

BookSpencer, Leon P. (2013)
Toward an African church in Mozambique: Kamba Simango and the Protestant community in Manica and Sofala, 1892-1945
Mzuzu: Mzuni Press. 173p.

Periodical articleAncel, Stéphane (2012)
Les sièges épiscopaux en Éthiopie: une étude préliminaire
Pount: cahiers d'études: Corne de l'Afrique - Arabie du Sud. #6. p. 109-127.

BookBausi, Alessandro (ed.) (2012)
Languages and cultures of Eastern Christianity: Ethiopian
Abstract presentFarnham: Ashgate. #4.

Conference paperBazenguissa-Ganga, Rémy and Sounga-Boukono, Gabriel and Tabard, René (2012)
Le Cardinal Biayenda et le Congo-Brazzaville: colloque à l'Institut Catholique de Paris (14 et 15 février 2008)
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. 264p.

BookGray, Richard (2012)
Christianity, the papacy, and mission in Africa
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis. 197p.

BookMndolwa, William Fabian (2012)
See this documentFrom Anglicanism to African socialism: the Anglican Church and Ujamaa in Tanzania 1955-2005

Periodical articleMorton, Barry (2012)
See this document'The devil who heals': fraud and falsification in the evangelical career of John G. Lake, missionary to South Africa 1908-1913
Abstract presentAfrican historical review. Volume 44 #2. p. 98-118.

BookOgunmekan, D.A. and Sowunmi, M. Adebisi (2012)
Diamonds are forever: the treasured legacies of the Right Reverend I.G.A. Jadesimi and Yeye D.A. Jadesimi
Ibadan: BookBuilders, Editions Africa. 542p.

BookPeterson, Derek R. (2012)
Ethnic patriotism and the East African revival: a history of dissent, c. 1935-1972
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. #122. 344p.

BookRugyendo, Medard (2012)
A handbook of African church history
Limuru: Zapf Chancery. 142p.

Conference paperWard, Kevin and Wild-Wood, Emma (eds.) (2012)
The East African Revival: history and legacies
Abstract presentFarnham: Ashgate. 235p.

Periodical articleAncel, Stéphane (2011)
Territories, ecclesiastical jurisdictions and centralization process: the improvement of the Ethiopian patriarchate authority (1972-1983)
Annales d'Éthiopie. Volume 26. p. 167-178.

BookBrocke, Eunice Miranda (2011)
Adventism in Accra: history of the Hansen Road Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Accra: EMB Goodwill Foundation. 346p.

Periodical articleFatokun, Samson Adetunji (2011)
Persecution in the early church and its implications for the twenty-first century church in Nigeria
Orita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 43 #1. p. 36-54.

Periodical articleHendrich, Gustav (2011)
Vereniger en opheffer: die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in Rhodesië (1890-2007)
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #62. p. 155-177.

BookHogan, Edmund M. (2011)
Berengario Cermenati among the Ebira of Nigeria: a study in colonial, missionary and local politics, 1897-1925
Ibadan: HEBN Publishers. 262p.

BookMfonyam, Joseph Ngwa (ed.) (2011)
The centenary of the gospel in Bafut-Tubah Presbytery, 1911-2011
Bafut: Presbyterian Pastors of Bafut Origin. 209p.

BookRognard, Eugène (2011)
Paroisse du Tampon: histoire de la nouvelle église: 1907-1924
Sainte-Clotilde: Surya éditions. 209p.

BookSsekabira, Getrude Ida Kuseka Kibwika (2011)
Alexander Murdoch Mackay, 1849-1890: the amazing story
Kampala: Makerere University Printery. 114p.

BookWaliggo, John Mary (2011)
The Catholic Church in the Buddu Province of Buganda, 1879-1925
Kampala: Angel Agencies Limited. 219p.

Periodical articleCabrita, Joel (2010)
See this documentTexts, authority, and community in the South African 'Ibandla lamaNazaretha' (Church of the Nazaretha), 1910-1976
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 40 #1. p. 60-95.

Periodical articleMongwa, T. (2010)
Christianity within the Bangwato culture
Kutlwano. Volume 48 #9. September. p. 54-56.

BookOnibere, S.G.A. Oseovo and Adogbo, Michael P. (eds.) (2010)
See this documentSelected themes in the study of religions in Nigeria
Lagos: Malthouse press. 163p.

Conference paperWard, Kevin and Wild-Wood, Emma (eds.) (2010)
The East African Revival: history and legacies
Abstract presentKampala: Fountain Publishers. 307p.

BookKimani, Antony Kangonga (2009)
The move of God from East Africa: the revival that impacted the whole world
Nairobi: Creations Enterprises. 86p.

Periodical articleMepaiyeda, S.M. (2009)
A brief survey of the emergence and impact of the Anglican Church in Kogi and Kwara States (1854-1999)
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 194-219.

Periodical articleOmotoye, Rotimi (2009)
The challenges of survival of a mission: an examination of the Anglican Diocese of Badagry
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 229-238.

BookTamcke, Martin and Manukyan, Arthur (2009)
Protestanten im Orient
Abstract presentWürzburg: Ergon Verlag. #1. 209p.

BookBallin, Camillo (2008)
Le Christ et le Mahdi: la communauté chrétienne au Soudan dans son contexte islamique en particulier durant la période de la révolution mahdiste (1881-1898)
Versailles: Éditions de Paris. #7. 499p.

Periodical articleFiedler, K. (2008)
A revival disregarded and disliked or what do Seventh-day Adventists, Church of Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses and the New Apostolic Church have in Common?
Religion in Malawi. #15. November-Nov. 2009. p. 10-19.

BookKobo, Ousman Murzik (2007)
Promoting the good and forbidding the evil: a comparative historical study of Ahl-as-Sunna Islamic movements in Ghana and Burkina Faso, 1950-2000
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 347p.

BookNkomazana, Fidelis and Lanner, Laurel (eds.) (2007)
Aspects of the history of the church in Botswana
Abstract presentPietermaritzburg: Cluster Publications. 376p.

Dissertation / thesisPauw, Jacobus Christoff (2007)
See this documentAnti-apartheid theology in the Dutch Reformed family of churches: a depth-hermeneutical analysis

Periodical articleSredzinski, Paweÿ (2007)
The Catholic Curch and independence of Ghana
Africana Bulletin. #55. p. 152-157.

Periodical articleBediako, G.M. (2006)
Indigenous knowledge systems as intellectual and spiritual resource: learning from Africa for a new perspective on the European Christian story-a preliminary study of the Heliand in early saxon Christianity
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #1. June. p. 27-41.

Periodical articleBediako, K. (2006)
Whose religion is Christianity? reflections on opportunities and challenges for Christian theological scholarship as public discourse: the African dimension
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #2. December. p. 43-48.

Periodical articleKimaro, L. (2006)
The Church in Africa, 1450-1950
African Christian Studies. Volume 22 #4. December. p. 62-78.

Periodical articleLepage, Claude and Mercier, Jacques (2006)
Évolution de l'architecture des églises éthiopiennes du XIIe au milieu du XVe siècle
Annales d'Éthiopie. Volume 22. p. 9-43.

Dissertation / thesisMogambi, Ernest Achuti (2006)
Missions and evangelism in Kenya and its impact on the Abagusii of western Kenya in 1909 - 1963
Berlin: Viademica-Verlag. #8. 228p.

BookMunro-Hay, Stuart C. (2006)
Ethiopia: Judaism, altars and saints
Hollywood, CA: Tsehai. 202p.

BookOmari, Cuthbert K. (2006)
The Church in contemporary Africa: issues, problems and challenges in the eighties and nineties
Neuendettelsau: Erlanger Verlag für Mission und Ökumene. #15. 140p.

Periodical articleOmulokoli, W.A.O. (2006)
Portuguese presence and endeavours in East Africa, 1498-1698
Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology. Volume 25 #2. p. 139-150.

Periodical articleWalls, A.F. (2006)
Scholarship, mission and globalisation: some reflections on the Christian scholarly vocation in Africa
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #2. December. p. 34-37.

Periodical articleWalls, A.F. (2006)
New mission, new scholarship: exploring the old faith in new terms
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #2. December. p. 23-29.

Periodical articleWalls, A.F. (2006)
Scholarship under the cross: thinking Greek and thinking Christian
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #2. December. p. 16-22.

Periodical articleÒgúngbilé, David O. (2006)
Ìjèsà culture and the growth of Christianity in Nigeria since the 20th century
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 38 #1-2. p. 85-116.

Dissertation / thesisCreary, Nicholas Matthew (2005)
Domesticating a foreign import? African cultures and the Catholic Church at Jesuit missions in Zimbabwe, 1879-1980
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 536p.

Periodical articleHeuser, Andreas (2005)
See this documentMemory Tales: Representations of Shembe in the Cultural Discourse of African Renaissance
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 35 #3. p. 362-387.

Periodical articleKibor, J.Z. (2005)
The growth and development of the Africa Inland Mission and Africa Inland Church in Marakwet, Kenya
Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology. Volume 24 #2. p. 107-128.

Periodical articleThiesen, M. (2005)
A methodology for oral history
Religion in Malawi. #12. November. p. 25-35.

Periodical articleÉtèvenaux, Jean (2005)
2000 ans de christianisme
Géopolitique africaine. #19-20. p. 165-180.

Periodical articleCreary, Nicholas (2004)
See this documentJesuit Perspectives on the Formation of African Clergy and Religious Institutes in Zimbabwe, c.1922-1959
Abstract presentLe Fait Missionnaire: Social Sciences and Missions. #14. July. p. 117-145.

Periodical articleGehman, R.J. (2004)
The Africa Inland Mission: aspects of its early history
Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology. Volume 23 #2. p. 115-144.

Periodical articleOmulokoli, W.A.O. (2004)
The early history of church cooperation and unity in Kenya
Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology. Volume 23 #2. p. 145-159.

Periodical articleWauthier, Claude (2004)
Sectes et prophètes
Géopolitique africaine. #15-16. p. 281-298.

BookBanda, Alick (2003)
Church-state relations in Zambia: a policy proposal
Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften. 773. 192p.

Periodical articleCorten, André (2003)
See this documentRwanda: du Réveil est-africain au pentecôtisme
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 37 #1. p. 28-47.

Periodical articleGundani, P.H. (2003)
Teaching the history of Christianity in Africa: pedagogical considerations for young practitioners
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 6 #2. December. p. 39-43.

Periodical articleKaplan, Steven (2003)
The social and religious functions of the Eucharist in medieval Ethiopia
Abstract presentAnnales d'Éthiopie. Volume 19. p. 7-18.

Periodical articleMadu, E. (2003)
The place of African culture on Christian practice: food thought for Nigeria's major seminaries
African Christian Studies. Volume 19 #3. September. p. 27-40.

Periodical articleMuzumanga Ma-Mumbimbi, Flavien (2003)
La symbolique végétale dans la mystique de Béatrice Kimpa Vita (1682-1706)
Revue africaine des sciences de la mission = African review of mission studies. Volume 10 #19. déc.. p. 143-167.

Dissertation / thesisOram, Elizabeth E. (2003)
Constructing modern Copts: the production of Coptic Christian identity in contemporary Egypt
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 262p.

Dissertation / thesisVernal, Fiona (2003)
Inventing a 'select class of natives': Christianity, community and land access at the Farmerfield mission, Eastern Cape, South Africa, c. 1838-1999
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 426p.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S. (2002)
The Zambezi Mission: the first steps: the second Jesuit attempt at Roman Catholic evangelisation in South Central Africa
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #21. p. 37-71.

Periodical articleMunro-Hay, Stuart (2001)
A sixth century Kebra Nagast?
Abstract presentAnnales d'Éthiopie. Volume 17. p. 43-58.

BookOlusunmbola, Olu (2001)
The growth of Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria
Ibadan: O. Olusunmbola. 90p.

Periodical articlePerbi, A. (2001)
Symposium: Towards a theological perspective on culture and tradition: towards a theological interpretation of historical tradition
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 4 #1. June. p. 12-14.

Periodical articleAcquah, C.A. (2000)
Introductory history of God's Church of Peace
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 54-55.

Periodical articleAddo-Fening, R. (2000)
Doing local Christian history
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #1. June. p. 37-40.

Periodical articleAmpofo, S.K. (2000)
History of Ebenezer Gospel Church, Tema
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 41-45.

Periodical articleAnkamah, J. (2000)
A brief history of the Church of the Lord (Brotherhood)
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 24-30.

Periodical articleAryee, E. (2000)
The history of the Gospel Faith Ministry
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #2. December. p. 56-57.

Search: su=Church history
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