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DVD / videoHuraux, Marc (ed.) (2000)
Une visite à Ali Farka Touré
Abstract presentVPRO.

DVD / videoJacopetti*, Gualtiero and Prosperi, Franco (eds.) (2000)
See this documentAfrica blood & guts: (aka Africa addio)
Abstract presentWest Hollywood, CAL: Blue Underground.

DVD / videoLewis, Jack (ed.) (2000)
A normal daughter: the life and times of Kewpie of District Six
Abstract presentIdol Pictures.

DVD / videoSeck, Abdoulaye and Coulibaly, Sidi Dramane and Reehorst, Marie (eds.) (2000)
Les mots imprimés = Taalvorming in Mali
Abstract presentCentre National Education.

DVD / videoAnonymous (200*)
Le Festival mondial des arts nègres: FESMAN III
Abstract presentParis: GETNER.

DVD / videoGachara, Mwangi and Mitambo, Gitau and Njogu, Kimani (eds.) (200*)
Uhiki = The wedding: a documentary on culture & environment
Abstract presentAfrica Health and Developement International (AHADI).

DVD / videoManel, Zé and Diop, Wasis and Lamko, Koulsy (eds.) (200*)
Bintou Wéré, un opéra du Sahel: un opéra
Abstract presentKanari Films.

PeriodicalMerolla, Daniela (200*)
See this documentVerba Africana: African languages and oral literatures: DVD documentation and digital materials
Abstract presentLeiden: Department of Languages and Cultures of Africa and ELNWS FB Internationalisation, University of Leiden.

DVD / videoNabile, Karim and Halib, Mehdi (eds.) (200*)
El Hank, Casablanca
Abstract presentAssociation Forum Casablanca.

DVD / videoReinders, Albert (ed.) (200*)
Health Insurance Fund
Abstract presentAmsterdam: Health Insurance Fund.

DVD / videoSteenbrugge, Josee van and Bruijn, Mirjam de (eds.) (200*)
Voices from the Sahel
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre.

DVD / videoAchmat, Zackie and Lewis, Jack (eds.) (1999)
Apostles of civilised vice
Abstract presentJohannesburg: South African Broadcast Corporation.

DVD / videoHowes, Arthur (ed.) (1999)
Nuba conversations
Abstract presentSan Francisco, CA: California Newsreel.

DVD / videoMohamed, Akiedah (ed.) (1999)
Malawian kiss
Abstract presentPrimedia Pictures.

DVD / videoWalker, Christopher (ed.) (1999)
La vache a sauté au dessus de la lune
Abstract presentLussas: Ardèche images production.

DVD / videoAbrahamson, Neil and Hines, Susanne and Ramsey, Kannard and Glover, Danny (eds.) (1998)
Soldier child
Abstract presentWinghead Films.

DVD / videoBrooks, Philip and Bocahut, Laurent (eds.) (1998)
Woubi Cheri
Abstract presentFrance/Ivory Coast.

DVD / videoHaroun, Mahamat-Saleh (ed.) (1998)
Sotigui Kouyaté: a modern griot
Abstract presentNew York, NY: ArtMattan Productions.

DVD / videoLetlaka, Palesa Ka and Smith, Roger (eds.) (1997)
Moses Molelekwa
Abstract present

DVD / videoAzevedo, Licínio (ed.) (1996)
The water war
Abstract presentMaputo: Ébano Multimédia.

DVD / videoCognet, Christophe and Jourdain, Stéphane (eds.) (1996)
Gongonbili, de l'autre côté de la colline
Abstract presentLa Huit.

DVD / videoAnonymous (1995)
Impressions Afrique: l'art Afrique et maintenant Amadou Hampâté Bâ
Abstract presentArte.

DVD / videoSuccab-Goldman, Christiane (ed.) (1995)
À Bamako, les femmes sont belles: un film
Abstract presentISKRA.

DVD / videoAlpert, Moshe and Wolf, Peter van der and Greenspan, Michael (eds.) (1994)
Soil and water conservation
Abstract presentEvangelische Omroep.

DVD / videoLouhichi, Taïeb (ed.) (1994)
Kër Jo Ouakam; Screens of Africa; Le chant du Baye Fall
Abstract presentParis: Tanit Productions.

DVD / videoDjahnine, Habiba (ed.) (1993)
Lettre à ma soeur
Abstract presentNord-Pas-de-Calais: Momento!.

DVD / videoLeclercq, Vincent and Seye, Chérif Elvalide (eds.) (1992)
Sur la piste des Zébus: les rois d'Abidjan
Abstract presentParis: Periscoop.

DVD / videoSissoko, Cheick Oumar and Sinet, Catherine (eds.) (1992)
Être jeune à Bamako
Abstract presentProduction 108.

DVD / videoWassink, Jos and Klaassen, Kaie (eds.) (1992)
Rêve d'Afrique = het Afrikaanse gezicht van Corneille
Abstract presentUtrecht: Moving Image Production.

DVD / videoSorrentino, Bruno (ed.) (1991)
Rivers of sand
Abstract presentCentral Independent TV.

DVD / videoVredeveld, Saskia and Graaff, Bart de (eds.) (1991)
Hartseer land
Abstract presentAmsterdam: CinéTé Filmproduktie Amsterdam.

DVD / videoNjinge, Mpumi and Alberton, Paulo (eds.) (199*)
Everything must come to light
Abstract presentThe Gay and Lesbian Archives of S.A., s.a..

DVD / videoHowes, Arthur and Hardie, Amy (eds.) (1989)
Kafi's story
Abstract presentSan Francisco, Cal.: California Newsreel.

DVD / videoRaeburn, Michael (ed.) (1989)
Under African skies: Zimbabwe
Abstract presentBBC.

DVD / videoHerzog, Werner and Sandrin, Patrick (eds.) (1988)
Herdsmen of the sun = Woodabe les bergers du soleil
Abstract presentNew York: Kino Video.

DVD / videoColleyn, Jean-Paul and Bonmariage, Manu and De Clippel, Catherine (eds.) (1987)
Minyanka funerals: the diary of a dry season
Abstract presentRTBF-ACME.

DVD / videoColleyn, Jean-Paul and Bonmariage, Manu and De Clippel, Catherine (eds.) (1987)
The Tyi-Wara: the diary of a dry season
Abstract presentRTBF-ACME.

DVD / videoCoppe, Gervais (ed.) (1986)
Quel avenir pour les nomades du Sahel? Une enquête de Direction nationale de l'élevage du Mali
Abstract presentDirection nationale de l'élevage du Mali.

DVD / videoCurling, Christopher and Howell, Paul and Kunijwok, Walter and Singer, André (eds.) (1976)
The Shilluk of Southern Sudan
Abstract presentLondon: Royal Anthropological Institute.

DVD / videoBernus, Edmond (ed.) (1970)
Les gens du sel
Abstract presentParis: Comité du film ethnographique.

DVD / videoEchard, Nicole (ed.) (1967)
Noces de feu - Ader, Niger
Abstract presentArgos Films.

DVD / videoSchlenker, Hermann (ed.) (1967)
Magic rites, chicken sacrifice
Abstract presentNew York: Julian Bryan and the International Film Foundation.

DVD / videoSchlenker, Hermann (ed.) (1967)
Herding cattle on the Niger: the Peul (Fulani) nomads in Mali
Abstract presentNew York, NY: International Film Foundation.

DVD / videoBorelli, Sergio (ed.) (1966)
See this documentFestival mondial des arts nègres
Abstract present

DVD / videoMeillassoux, Claude (ed.) (1965)
Goumbou du Sahel
Abstract presentParis: Comité du film ethnographique.

DVD / videoMeillassoux, Claude (ed.) (1964)
Bamako, i ni tye
Abstract presentParis: Comité du film ethnographique.

DVD / videoRouch, Jean (ed.) (1958)
La chasse au lion à l 'arc
Abstract presentParis: Films de la Pléiade.

DVD / videoTiley, John and Roulet, John (eds.) (1958)
Report on Lake Kariba
Abstract present

DVD / videoBiltgen, J. and Royen, G. (eds.) (1957)
Karsika, nomade de l'Aïr
Abstract present

DVD / videoColonial Film Unit (19**)
Nigeria: a village improves its water supply
Abstract presentLondon: Colonial Film Unit.

DVD / videoColonial Film Unit (19**)
Abstract presentLondon: Colonial Film Unit.

DVD / videoDorès, Maurice (ed.) (19**)
Borom Xam-Xam, ou la route du savoir
Abstract presentSociété nationale de cinématographie du Sénégal.

DVD / videoPiault, Marc H. (ed.) (19**)
Mahauta, les bouchers du Mawri
Abstract presentParis: Comité du film ethnographique.

Search: su=documentary films (form)
Found: 353 First Previous Record 301-353

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