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Periodical articleSam, Moses Kofi and Ayesu, Samuel and Agbenu, Victor and Kumordzi, Bright Boye and Wilson, Sandra (2003)
See this documentReconnaissance survey of human-elephant conflict in the Dadieso area, Western Ghana
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 132-136.

Periodical articleSikubwabo, C. and Mubalama, L. (2003)
See this documentLes éléphants du Parc National des Virunga au travers la guerre en République démocratique du Congo
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 45-52.

Periodical articleStiles, D. and Martin, E. (2003)
Enter, China's 'ivory triangle'
Swara. Volume 26 #3-4. July-December. p. 64-66.

Periodical articleStiles, Daniel and Martin, Esmond (2003)
See this documentThe trade in African and Asian ivory in East Asia
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 82-99.

Periodical articleTalukdar, B.K. (2003)
See this documentImportance of anti-poaching measures towards successful conservation and protection of rhinos and elephants, Northeastern India
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 59-65.

Periodical articleUsongo, L. (2003)
See this documentPreliminary results on movements of a radio-collared elephant in Lobeke National Park, Southeast Cameroon
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 53-58.

Periodical articleWigington, J. (2003)
The weapon now is wire
Swara. Volume 26 #1. January-March. p. 24-26.

Periodical articleYirmed Demeke (2003)
See this documentLaw enforcement, illegal activity and elephant status in Mago and Omo National Parks and adjacent areas, Ethiopia
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 16-30.

Periodical articleYohannes H. and Yohannes Y. and Medhanie G. and Jeheskel S. (2003)
See this documentThe elephants (loxodonta africana) of Gash-Barka, Eritrea: Pt 1. Historical perspective and related findings
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 13-23.

Periodical articleAsher, M. (2002)
What next?
Swara. Volume 25 #3. September-December. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleBouché, P. (2002)
See this documentElephant status and conservation in the upper Bandama Game Reserve, Ivory Coast
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 72-73.

Periodical articleBouché, P. and Lungern, C.G. and Ouedraogo, L.K. (2002)
See this documentStatut et tendances des effectifs d'éléphants dans les aires protégées de l'Est du Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 49-54.

Periodical articleFoley, C.A.H. (2002)
See this documentHigh incidence of elephant twin births in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 64-66.

Periodical articleKahumbu, P. (2002)
Mowed down
Swara. Volume 25 #1. January-April. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleLitoroh, M. (2002)
See this documentAerial elephant count in the Shimba Hills ecosystem, Kenya
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 55-63.

BookLoos, Marc and Quinten, Rene (2002)
Crop raiding by elephants in Hunting Zone 7 in Northern Cameroon during the wet season
Leiden: Centre of Environmental Science (CML), Leiden University. Environment and development student report #151.

Periodical articleMilewski, A.V. (2002)
See this documentElephant diet at the edge of the Fynbos Biome, South Africa
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 29-38.

Periodical articleMorule, T.B. (2002)
See this documentMIKE implementation in Botswana
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 69-71.

Periodical articleMpanduji, D.G. and Hofer, H. and Hilderbrandt, T.B. and Goeritz, F. and East, M.L. (2002)
See this documentMovement of elephants in the Selous-Niassa wildlife corridor, southern Tanzania
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 18-31.

Periodical articleMubalama, L. and Sikubwabo, C. (2002)
See this documentRate of decay of elephant dung in the central sector of Parc national des Virunga, Democratic Republic of Congo
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 43-49.

Periodical articleOjienda, T.O. (2002)
Sustainability and the ivory trade: whither the African elephant?
East African Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 1 #1. p. 141-150.

Periodical articleOmondi, P. and Bitok, E. and Mayienda, R. (2002)
See this documentDecline of elephants and other wildlife in the Nasolot-South Turkana and Kerio Valley-Kamnarok conservation areas, Kenya
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 69-73.

Periodical articleOmondi, P. (2002)
See this documentRecent translocation of elephant family units from Sweetwaters Rhino Sanctuary to Meru National Park, Kenya
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 39-48.

Periodical articleOsborn, F.V. (2002)
See this documentElephant induced change in woody vegetation and its impact on elephant movements out of a protected area in Zimbabwe
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 50-57.

Periodical articleOsborn, F.V. and Parker, G.E. (2002)
See this documentCommunity-based methods to reduce crop loss to elephants: experiments in the communal lands of Zimbabwe
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 32-38.

Periodical articleOuattara, S. (2002)
See this documentConflits homme-éléphant autour de la forêt classée du Haut-Sassandra (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 12-21.

Periodical articleSam, M.K. and Haizel, C.A.K. and Barnes, R.F.W. (2002)
See this documentDo cattle determine elephant distribution in the Red Volta Valley of northern Ghana?
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 39-42.

Periodical articleStiles, D. and Martin, E. (2002)
See this documentThe trade in African and Asian ivory in South and South East Asia
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 74-87.

Periodical articleTehou, C.A. (2002)
See this documentLes éléphants (Loxodonta africana) dans la réserve de biosphère de la Pendjari, nord-est République du Bénin: abondance, densité et répartition spatiale
Pachyderm. #33. July-December. p. 64-68.

Periodical articleTom, Patrick (2002)
See this documentThe Debate Over Elephant Culling: Is it Ever Morally Justified to Cull Elephants?
Zambezia. Volume 29 #1. p. 76-81.

Periodical articleVollrath, F. and Douglas-Hamilton, I. (2002)
Elephants, buzz off!
Swara. Volume 25 #3. September-December. p. 20-21.

Periodical articleAalangdong, O.I. and Komoah, M.K. and Gordon, D.M. (2001)
See this documentFood habits of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) in Mole National Park, Damongo, Ghana
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 3 #1. p. 106-118.

Periodical articleAlexander, F. (2001)
Species diversity: or elephants?
Swara. Volume 24 #2. May-August. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleDanquah, E. and Boafo, Y. and Dubiure, U.F. and Awo, N. and Héma, E.M. and Appiah, M.A. (2001)
Elephant census in the Ankasa Conservation Area in South-western Ghana
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 63-69.

Periodical articleDudley, C.O. (2001)
The influence of elephant browsing on colophospermum mopane woodland, Liwonde National Park, Malawi
Malawi Journal of Science & Technology. Volume 6. August. p. 19-34.

Periodical articleGarai, M.E. and Carr, R.D. (2001)
Unsuccessful introductions of adult elephant bulls to confined areas in South Africa
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 52-57.

Periodical articleGraham, M. (2001)
At large in a sea of troubles
Swara. Volume 24 #2. May-August. p. 38-40.

Periodical articleMauvais, M. (2001)
See this documentQuelques éléments sur les effectifs d'éléphants au parc national du Niokolo Koba (année 2000)
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 70-72.

Periodical articleMubalama, L. and Mapilanga, J.J. (2001)
See this documentLess elephant slaughter in the Okapi Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo, with Operation Tango
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 36-41.

Periodical articleSituma, J. (2001)
Mission bulk transfer: East Africa's largest ever single translocation of elephants was accomplished in July
Swara. Volume 24 #2. May-August. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleSlotow, R. and Balfour, D. and Howison, O. (2001)
See this documentKilling of black and white rhinoceroses by African elephants in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, South Africa
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 14-20.

Periodical articleStiles, Dan (2001)
The Quest for African Ivory
Kenya Past and Present. #32. p. 16-20.

BookVerhage, Bas and Wielinga, Sally (2001)
Spatial distribution and habitat use of the African elephant in Cameroon
Leiden: Programme d'Environnement et Développement, Centre des Études de l'Environnement, Université de Leiden. Environment and development student report #139.

Periodical articleWambwa, E. and Manyibe, T. and Litoroh, M. and Gakuya, F. and Kanyingi, J. (2001)
See this documentResolving human-elephant conflict in Luwero District, Uganda, through elephant translocation
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 58-62.

Periodical articleWatson, R. (2001)
The mingled destinies of baobabs and elephants
Swara. Volume 24 #1. January-April. p. 24-28.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2000)
Night ride in Lifupa
WASI: [bulletin]. Volume 11 #2. April. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleChardonnet, B. (2000)
See this documentEtude des effectifs et de la répartition saisonnière des éléphants des aires classées de l'Est du Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 16-31.

Periodical articleHoare, R. (2000)
See this documentProjects of the human-elephant conflict taskforce (HETF): results and recommendations
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 73-77.

Periodical articleHoare, R.E. (2000)
See this documentEffects of habitat on visibility of elephants during aerial census
Pachyderm. #29. July-December. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleKantai, P. (2000)
Elephants & ivory: the debate continues
Swara. Volume 22 #4. April. p. 22-31.

Periodical articleLeakey, R.E. (2000)
Protect elephants
Our Planet. Volume 10 #5. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleMapaure, I. and Mhlanga, L. (2000)
Patterns of elephant damage to colophospermum mopane on selected islands in Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
Kirkia. Volume 17 #pt. 2. p. 189-198.

Periodical articleMcKnight, B. (2000)
See this documentChanges in elephant demography, reproduction and group structure in Tsavo East National Park (1966-1994)
Pachyderm. #29. July-December. p. 15-24.

Periodical articleMilewski, A. (2000)
See this documentIodine as a possible controlling nutrient for elephant populations
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 78-90.

Periodical articleMipro, H. and Joseph, B.I. and Sita, G. (2000)
Eléphants et dissémination des graines de quelques espèces végétales dans le Ranch de Gibier de Nazinga (sud du Burkina Faso)
Pachyderm. #29. July-December. p. 29-38.

Periodical articleMubalama, L. (2000)
See this documentPopulation and distribution of elephants (loxodonta africana africana) in the central sector of the Virunga National Partk, Eastern DRC
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 44-55.

Periodical articleMuoria, P.K. (2000)
Population estimate of elephants in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
Pachyderm. #29. July-December. p. 48-51.

Periodical articleSmith, B. and Hutchins, M. (2000)
See this documentThe value of captive breeding programmes to field conservation: elephants as an example
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 101-109.

Periodical articleYirmed D. and Afework B. (2000)
See this documentStudy on the elephants of Mago National Park, Ethiopia
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 32-43.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
New era for elephants?
Swara. Volume 22 #1. January-March. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleBen-Shahar, R. (1999)
See this documentElephants and their woodland habitats in Northern Botswana
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 101-104.

Periodical articleDe Iongh, H. and Tchamba, M. and Tamis, W. and Van't Zelfde, M. and Prins, H. and De Haes, H.U. and Bauer, H. and Tiawoun, S. (1999)
See this documentResults of four years' satellite tracking of elephants in Northern Cameroon
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 62-65.

Periodical articleHoare, R. (1999)
See this documentReducing drug induction time in the field immobilization of elephants
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 49-54.

Periodical articleKuriyan, R. and Wittemyer, G. (1999)
The beaded bull
Swara. Volume 22 #2-3. April-Sept.. p. 39-41.

Periodical articleTehou, A.C. and Sinsin, B. (1999)
Ecology and ethology of elephant herds (loxodonta Africana) of the Djona Hunting Zone in Benin
Nature et Faune. Volume 15 #1. January-June. p. 62-71.

Periodical articleVanleeuwe, H. and Lambrechts, C. (1999)
See this documentHuman activities on Mount Kenya from an elephant's perspective
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 69-73.

Periodical articleWaithaka, J. (1999)
See this documentMonitoring human-elephant conflict through remotely located stations
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 66-68.

Periodical articleBhima, R. (1998)
See this documentElephant status and conflict with humans on the western bank of Liwonde National Park, Malawi
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 74-80.

Periodical articleDouglas-Hamilton, I. (1998)
See this documentTracking African elephants with a global positioning system (GPS) radio collar
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 81-92.

Periodical articleElkan, P.W. and Planton, H. and Powell, J.A. and Haigh, J.A. and Karesh, W.B. (1998)
See this documentChemical immobilization of African elephant in lowland forest, southwestern Cameroon
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 32-37.

Periodical articleGibson, D.St.C. and Craig, G.C. and Masogo, R.M. (1998)
See this documentTrends of the elephant population in northern Botswana from aerial survey data
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 14-27.

Periodical articleMachena, C. and Hutton, J. and Chishawa, A. (1998)
What is CITES and what does it mean to Zimbabwe?
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 32 #1. January-March. p. 3-7.

Periodical articleMapaure, I. and Mhlanga, L. (1998)
Elephants and woodlands: the impact of elephant damage to colophospermum mopane on Namembere Island, Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 32 #1. January-March. p. 15-19.

Periodical articleOkoumassou, K. and Barnes, R.F.W. and Sam, M.K. (1998)
See this documentThe distribution of elephants in north-eastern Ghana and northern Togo
Pachyderm. #26. July-December. p. 52-60.

Periodical articleSam, M.K. and Barnes, R.F.W. and Okoumassou, K. (1998)
See this documentElephants, human ecology and environmental degradation in north-eastern Ghana and northern Togo
Pachyderm. #26. July-December. p. 61-68.

Periodical articleTchamba, M. (1998)
See this documentHabitudes migratoires des éléphants et interactions homme-éléphant dans la région de Waza-Logone (Nord-Cameroun)
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 53-66.

Periodical articleThouless, C.R. (1998)
See this documentVariability in ranging behaviour of elephants in northern Kenya
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 67-73.

Periodical articleWhyte, I.J. and Grobler, D.G. (1998)
Elephant contraception research in the Kruger National Park
Pachyderm. #25. January-July. p. 45-52.

Periodical articleBen-Shahar, R. (1997)
See this documentElephants and woodlands in northern Botswana: how many elephants should be there?
Pachyderm. #23. p. 41-43.

Periodical articleBita, B.B. (1997)
See this documentCurrent elephant conservation problems in Borno State, Nigeria
Pachyderm. #23. p. 19-23.

Periodical articleLitoroh, M.W. (1997)
See this documentAerial census of the gash-setit elephant population of Eritrea and Ethiopia
Pachyderm. #23. p. 12-18.

Periodical articleMoss, C. (1997)
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 25-26, 28.

Periodical articleOrenstein, R. (1997)
CITES and elephant conservation
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 7-8, 10-11.

Periodical articleOwens, M. and Owens, D. (1997)
Gift: a personal account of elephant conservation
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 14-21.

Periodical articleRotich, N.K. and Njoka, T. (1997)
No hunting in Kenya
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleRotich, N.K. (1997)
Why we need the ban
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 6.

Periodical articleShoshani, J. (1997)
Little players and big players
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 22-24.

Periodical articleStanley Price, M.R. (1997)
Valuing elephants: the voice for conservation
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleTavengwa, T. (1997)
Use it or lose it
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleYirmed D. (1997)
The status of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana) in Ethiopia
Walia. #18. p. 15-27.

Periodical articleCherie E. (1996)
Distribution, abundance and age structure of elephants in Omo National Park, Ethiopia
Walia. #17. p. 17-26.

Periodical articleDudley, J.P. (1996)
See this documentAfrican elephants in coastal refuges
Pachyderm. #21. p. 78-83.

BookHoeven, Christiaan van der and Ormondt, Hanneke van (1996)
Migration, use of the floodplain and daily routine of the African elephant in Waza National Park, Cameroon
Leiden: Programme Environment and Development, Centre of Environmental Sciences (CML), Leiden University. Environment and development student report #67.

Periodical articleLahm, S.A. (1996)
See this documentA nationwide survey of crop-raiding by elephants and other species in Gabon
Pachyderm. #21. p. 69-77.

Periodical articleLockwood, L. (1996)
Lewa Downs: a new conservancy
Swara. Volume 19 #3. May-June. p. 20-23.

Periodical articleMoeng, B. (1996)
Elephants destroy habitat
Kutlwano. Volume 34 #9. September. p. 26-27.

Periodical articlePankhurst, R. (1996)
A chapter in the history of Ethiopian elephants: the Ptolemaic century (305-284 BC) and its Aksumite aftermath (to 525 AD)
Walia. #17. p. 11-16.

Periodical articleSimpson, D. (1996)
Wrestling with elephants
Swara. Volume 19 #4. July-August. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleWatts, R. (1996)
Battle of the elephant
Swara. Volume 19 #2. March-April. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleBarnes, R. (1995)
The great African dung rush
Swara. Volume 18 #4. July-August. p. 24-25.

Search: su=elephants
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