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BookMazibuko, Zamanzima (ed.) (2019)
Epidemics and the health of African nations
Abstract presentJohannesburg: Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA). 412p.

Periodical articleRotz, Philip D. (2016)
See this publicationSweetness and fever? Sugar production, 'aedes aegypti', and dengue fever in Natal, South Africa, 1926-1927
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 68 #3. p. 286-303.

Periodical articleBenton, Adia; Dionne, Kim Yi (2015)
See this publicationInternational political economy and the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 58 #1. p. 223-236.

BookDieng, Mamadou Moustapha (2015)
Famines, disettes et épidémies dans la basse et la moyenne vallée du fleuve Sénégal: 1854-1945
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 247p.

Periodical articleWhiteside, Alan; Zebryk, Nicholas (2015)
See this publicationEbola and AIDS in Africa
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 49 #2. p. 409-419.

BookBenton, Adia (2014)
See this publicationEbola exhausts health systems
Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute. NAI Policy Note.

BookQuammen, David (2014)
Ebola: the natural and human history of a deadly virus
New York: W.W. Norton & Company. 119p.

Periodical articleWade, Mary; Southey, Nicholas (2013)
The poliomyelitis epidemic in Johannesburg in 1918: medical and public responses
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 45 #2. p. 80-112.

Periodical articleJansen, Karine Aasgaard (2012)
The printed press's representations of the 2005-2007 chikungunya epidemic in Réunion: political polemics and (post)colonial disease
Abstract presentJournal of African Media Studies. Volume 4 #2. p. 227-242.

Periodical articleRashid, Ismail (2011)
See this publicationEpidemics and resistance in colonial Sierra Leone during the First World War
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 415-439.

Periodical articleDramaix-Wilmet, Michèle (2010)
Biostatistique: pure théorie ou outil pour la santé? Recherche dans les pays en développement
Bulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 56 #2. p. 165-176.

Periodical articleO'Brien, Stephen; Broom, Alex (2010)
See this publicationThe prevalence and politics of HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe: examining the ideological, political and historical factors behind the 'decline'
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 37 #2-3. p. 311-330.

Periodical articleKaatano, G.M.; Mashauri, F.M.; Kinung'hi, S.M.; Mwanga, J.R.; Malima, R.C.; Kishamawe, C.; Nnko, S.E.; Magesa, S.M.; Mboera, L.E.G. (2009)
See this publicationPatterns of malaria related mortality based on verbal autopsy in Muleba District, Northwestern Tanzania
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. Volume 11 #4. October. p. 210-218.

Periodical articleSimmons, David (2009)
See this publicationReligion and medicine at the crossroads: a re-examination of the Southern Rhodesian influenza epidemic of 1918
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 35 #1. p. 29-44.

Conference paperFuma, Sudel; Chan Low, Jocelyn (eds.) (2008)
Épidémies et pharmacopée traditionnelle dans l'histoire des îles de l'océan Indien: actes du colloque international organisé du 05 au 07 décembre 2007 par l'Université de Maurice; et la Chaire Unesco de l'Université de la Réunion
Abstract presentSaint-Denis: Université de la Réunion. 335p.

Periodical articleMesfin G.; Schluter, W.; Gebremariam A.; Benti D.; Bedada T.; Beyene B.; Yigzaw A.; Taddess Z.; Mbakuliyemo, N.; Babaniyi, O. (2008)
See this publicationPolio outbreak response in Ethiopia
East African Medical Journal. Volume 85 #5. May. p. 222-231.

BookGewald, Jan-Bart (2007)
See this publicationSpanish influenza in Africa: some comments regarding source material and future research
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #77. 25p.

Periodical articleKamugisha, M.L.; Gesase, S.; Minja, D.; Mgema, S.; Mlwilo, T.D.; Mayala, B.K.; Msingwa, S.; Massaga, J.J.; Lemnge, M.M. (2007)
Pattern and spatial distribution of plague in Lushoto, Northeastern Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 9 #1. January. p. 12-18.

Periodical articleRumisha, S.F.; Mboera, L.E.G.; Senkoro, K.P.; Gueye, D.; Mmbuji, P. (2007)
Monitoring and evaluation of integrated disease surveillance and response in selected districts in Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 9 #1. January. p. 1-11.

Periodical articleEgerö, Bertil (2006)
See this publicationHIV/AIDS on the Campus: Universities and the Threat of an Epidemic
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 22 #2. June. p. 31-50.

Periodical articleHeaton, Matthew M.; Falola, Toyin (2006)
See this publicationGlobal Explanations versus Local Interpretations: The Historiography of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Africa
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 33. p. 205-230.

Periodical articleMagnan, Alexandre (2006)
L'épidémie de chikungunya à la Réunion: une occasion de réfléchir au(x) paradoxe(s) insulaire(s)
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 59 #234. p. 151-160.

Periodical articleNgalamulume, Kalala (2006)
See this publicationPlaque and Violence in Saint-Louis-du-Senegal, 1917-1920
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 46 #183. p. 539-565.

Periodical articleAdungo, F.N.; Adungo, N.I.; Bedno, S.; Yingst, S.L. (2005)
See this publicationInfluenza: the next pandemic? a review
East African Medical Journal. Volume 82 #9. September. p. 477-481.

Periodical articleDjukpen, Richard Ohwofasah (2005)
See this publicationUnderstanding the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Measles Infections in Nigeria
African Geographical Review. Volume 24. p. 71-91.

Periodical articleMboera, L.E.G.; Malima, R.C.; Mangesho, P.E.; Senkoro, K.P.; Mwingira, V. (2005)
Malaria among the pastoral communities of the Ngorongoro crater area, northern Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 7 #2. May. p. 79-87.

Periodical articleMboera, L.E.G.; Molteni, F.; Nyange, A.; Thomas, E.G. (2005)
Using retrospective epidemiological data to determine malaria epidemic prone areas and development of an epidemic early warning system in Mpwapwa District, Central Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 7 #2. May. p. 73-78.

Periodical articleMpazi, V.M.; Mnyika, K.S. (2005)
Knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding cholera outbreaks in Ilala municipality of Dar es Salaam region, Tanzania
East African Journal of Public Health. Volume 2 #2. October. p. 6-11.

Periodical articleNdayimirije, N.; Kindhauser, M.K. (2005)
Marburg haemorrhagic fever in Angola
African Journal of Medical Practice. Volume 12 #3. May-June. p. 72-73.

Periodical articleNegash K.; Kebede A.; Medhin A.; Argaw D.; Babaniyi O.; Guintran, J.O.; Delacollette, C. (2005)
See this publicationMalaria epidemics in the highlands of Ethiopia
East African Medical Journal. Volume 82 #4. April. p. 186-192.

Periodical articleSparks, Stephen (2005)
'...They Say That They do Not Know This Disease': Epidemic Influenza in Rural Natal, 1918-1919
Abstract presentJournal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 23. p. 129-149.

Periodical articleUsman, A.; Sarkinfada, F.; Mufunda, J.; Nyarang'o, P.; Mansur, K.; Daiyabu, T. (2005)
Recurrent cholera epidemics in Kano, Northern Nigeria
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 51 #3-4. March-April. p. 34-38.

Periodical articleWakgari D.; Dereje O.; Shelleme C. (2005)
See this publicationCommunity participation in malaria epidemic control in highland areas of Southern Oromia, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 19 #1. p. 3-10.

Periodical articleAdugna W.; Teshome G.; Ahmed A. (2004)
See this publicationAn indigenous malaria transmission in the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Akaki town and its environs
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 18 #1. p. 2-7.

Periodical articleBelete T.; Hailu M.; Abera K.; Tsehaynesh M.; Ayele H.; Yared M.; Fontanet, A.L. (2004)
Nine year trends in HIV-1 prevalence among visa applicants in urban Ethiopia
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 42 #1. January. p. 41-47.

Periodical articleKariuki, S.; Mwituria, J.; Munyalo, A.; Revathi, G.; Onsongo, J. (2004)
See this publicationTyphoid is over-reported in Embu and Nairobi, Kenya
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 11 #3-4. July-December. p. 103-110.

Periodical articleGetahun M.; Kassahun M.; Wondimu T. (2003)
Analysis and reporting of meningococcal meningitis epidemic in north Gondar 2001-2002
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 41 #4. October. p. 319-331.

Periodical articleRasolofonirina, N (2003)
Historique de la grippe à Madagascar
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 69 #1 & 2. p. 6-11.

Periodical articleSoares, J.L.; Ratsitorahina, M.; Rakoto Andrianarivelo, M.; Robinson, R.; Rousset, D.; Rasoazanamiarana, L.N.; Rabarijaona, L.P.; Manuguerra, J.C.; Migliani, R. (2003)
Epidémies d'infections respiratoires aiguës à Madagascar en 2002: de l'alerte à la confirmation
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 69 #1 & 2. p. 12-19.

Periodical articleAgu, A.O.; Katabaro, J.K.; Amani, K.; Ndaugoba, D.; Mboya, M. (2002)
The impact of HIV/AIDS on primary education in Tanzania: a comparative analysis of Bukoba rural and kinondoni (urban) districts
Journal of Educational Management. Volume 4. November. p. 86-102.

BookChillio, L. (ed.) (2002)
Autour de la contagion, de la transmission, et de la prévention: notions populaires hausa et songhay-zarma
Niamey: LASDEL. Études et travaux #7.

Periodical articleAhmed A.; Fikre E. (2001)
Demographic impact of HIV/AIDS in Addis Ababa
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 39 #1. January. p. 9-22.

Periodical articleHarboe, M. (2001)
The contribution of immunology to tuberculosis control
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 39 #1. January. p. 75-82.

Periodical articleMboera, L.E.G.; Kitua, A.Y. (2001)
Malaria epidemics in Tanzania: an overview
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 8 #1-2. January-June. p. 17-23.

Periodical articleTumwesigire, S. (2001)
New malaria epidemics: how is Kabale coping?
Uganda Health Bulletin (Kampala, Uganda: 1995). Volume 7 #4. October-December. p. 82-86.

Periodical articleZachariah, R. (2001)
Cholera epidemic control
Malawi Medical Journal. Volume 13 #1. March. p. 17-20.

Periodical articleDerege K.; Mathias A.; Sanders, E. (2000)
The HIV epidemic and the state of its surveillance in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 38 #4. October. p. 283-302.

Periodical articleMwanza, A. (2000)
The scourge of AIDS in Southern Africa
Southern Africa Political & Economic Monthly. Volume 14 #3. December-Jan. 2001. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleSalem, Gérard; Cadot, Emmanuelle; Fournet, Florence (2000)
Villes africaines et santé: de la nouvelle jeunesse des vieilles endémies, à l'émergence de nouvelles épidémies
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #195. p. 60-70.

Periodical articleSoito, E.; Pinto, E.; Bernardino, L. (2000)
Epidemia de poliomielite em Luanda, 1999
Acta médica angolana. Volume 13 #1. p. 49-56.

Periodical articleMohamed, Jama (1999)
See this publicationEpidemics and Public Health in Late Colonial Somaliland
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 45-81.

Periodical articleSaoke, F. (1999)
Improving African ways of coping with epidemics
Medicus (Nairobi, Kenya). January. p. 18-19.

Periodical articleLyamuya, E.F.; Mhalu, F.S. (1998)
Current status of the HIV/AIDS epidemics in Tanzania and prospects for control
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 1 #2. June. p. 4-11.

Periodical articleNyasulu, Y.M.Z. (1998)
Differences in response between Europeans and indigenous Malawians to sleeping sickness in Malawi
Tizame. #6. November. p. 54-56.

Periodical articleOirere, O. (1998)
Malaria epidemic
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). April 13. p. 27-29,31.

Periodical articleOkeyo, T.M.; Mwanzia, J.; Kahindo, M. (1998)
Rift Valley fever outbreak in Kenya
African Journal of Medical Practice. Volume 5 #1. p. 8-9.

Periodical articleGumende, A. (1997)
AIDS toll on regional economies
Southern African Economist. April-May. p. 3-6.

Periodical articleWatkin, J. (1997)
...and buffalo?
Swara. Volume 20 #4. July-August. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleBergeron, L. (1996)
Mara lions weather distemper virus
Swara. Volume 19 #4. July-August. p. 22.

Periodical articleDeane, J. (1996)
Dual AIDS theory explains third world epidemic
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 8 #1. March. p. 4-6.

Periodical articleO'Grady, M. (1996)
Current status and trends of the AIDS epidemic in Africa
African Journal of Medical Practice. Volume 3 #2. March-April. p. 41-46.

Periodical articleRoelke-Parker, M.E.; Munson, L.; Packer, C.; Kock, R.; Cleaveland, S.; Carpenter, M.; O'Brien, S.J.; Pospischil, A.; Hofmann-Lehmann, R.; Lutz, H.; Mwamengele, G.L.M.; Mgasa, M.; Machange, G.A.; Summers, B.A.; Appel, M.J.G. (1996)
A canine distemper virus epidemic in Serengeti lions (Panthera leo)
Tanzania Veterinary Journal. Volume 16 #1 Supplement. p. 65-74.

Periodical articleBarreto, A.; Tallarico, M.; Aragón, M. (1995)
Cólera em Moçambique no século XIX. Pt. 1. Origem, incidência e letalidade
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 6 #1-2. março-junho. p. 2-4.

Periodical articleMelakeberhan D.; Mesganaw F.; Shabbir I. (1995)
Epidemic prone diseases in Ethiopia: EPHA expert group report
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 9 #2. August. p. 117-130.

Periodical articlePatterson, K. David (1995)
See this publicationInfluenza Epidemic of 1918-1919 in the Gold Coast
Abstract presentTransactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #1. p. 205-225.

BookPreston, Richard (1995)
The hot zone
New York: Anchor Books. 422p.

Periodical articleCliff, J. (1994)
Doenças relacionadas com a mandioca em Moçambique 1981-1993
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 5 #1. março. p. 2-5.

Periodical articleMusambachime, Mwelwa C. (1993-1994)
The Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919 in Northern Rhodesia
Abstract presentZambia Journal of History. #6-7. p. 46-73.

Periodical articleAly, F.A.R.; Machatine, G.J.; Paulo, D. (1993)
Epidemia de cólera na Província de Maputo novembro 1991-junho 1992
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 4 #4. dez.. p. 2-5.

Periodical articleBarreto, J.; Stakteas, S.; Fernandes, A. (1993)
Surto de cólera num prédio urbano da cidade de Maputo
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 4 #4. dez.. p. 22-26.

Periodical articleBoureima, Alpha Gado (1993)
See this publicationÉcologie et histoire: concepts et conceptions traditionnels sur les sécheresses, famines, et épidémies du Sahel
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 27 #2. p. 260-270.

Periodical articleColombo, M.M.; Francisco, M.; Ferreira, B.D.; Rubino, S.; Andrade, A.; Cappuccinelli, P. (1993)
Epidemologia e bacteriologia da colera em Luanda no ano 1992
Acta médica angolana. Volume 9 #1. p. 35-46.

Periodical articleWaiyaki, P.G. (1993)
The status of epidemic diseases, 1923 and 1993
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #6. June. p. 375-379.

Periodical articleAsiimwe, G. (1992)
AIDS pandemic surges
Uganda Health Bulletin. Volume 1 #1. July-September. p. 25-27.

Periodical articleMusonge, D.L. (1992)
Epidemics: how cholera took a beating
Uganda Health Bulletin. Volume 1 #1. July-September. p. 16-18.

Periodical articleFekade S.M.; Taddese M.; Mulugeta E.; Henriksen, T.; Klungseyr, P.; Hudson, P.J.; Tsegay T.G.K. (1991)
Community-wide outbreak of neisseria gonorrhoeae conjunctivitis in Konso District, north Omo administrative region
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 29 #1. January. p. 27-35.

Periodical articleJochelson, Karen (1991)
HIV and Syphilis in the Republic of South Africa: The Creation of an Epidemic
Abstract presentAfrican Urban Quarterly. Volume 6 #1-2. February-May. p. 20-34.

Periodical articleBereket S. (1989)
Mass treatment approach to acute diarrhoeal disease in a Afabet Hospital, Northern Ethiopia
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 27 #3. July. p. 155-159.

Periodical articlePankhurst, R. (1989)
The great Ethiopian influenza (Ye hedar beshita) epidemic of 1918
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 27 #4. October. p. 235-242.

Periodical articleRandrianasolo, R. (1989)
Ny nendra tao amin'ny faritr'i Vonizongo faha Radama I sy Ranavalona I
Tantara. #13. p. 50-58.

Periodical articleCliff, J.; Zinkin, P.; Martelli, A. (1988)
Uma epidemia de cólera no Hospital Central de Maputo
Revista médica de Moçambique. Volume 4 #1. January. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleTymowski, M. (1988)
Famines et épidémies au Soudan nigérien du XVIe au XIXe siècle: causes locales et influences extérieures
Abstract presentHemispheres: Studies on Cultures and Societies. #5. p. 5-27.

Periodical articleHerman, D. (1987)
Typhoid fever review
Lesotho Epidemiological Bulletin. Volume 2 #1. 3rd quarter. p. 33-35.

Periodical articlePhillips, Howard (1987)
See this publicationThe Local State and Public Health Reform in South Africa: Bloemfontein and the Consequences of the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 13 #2. January. p. 210-233.

Periodical articleBotte, Roger (1985)
See this publicationRwanda and Burundi, 1889-1930: Chronology of a Slow Assassination. Part One
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 18 #1. p. 53-91.

Periodical articleRamatlapeng, T. (1985)
Rabies in Lesotho
Lesotho Epidemiological Bulletin. Volume 1 #1. January. p. 2-4.

Periodical articlePatterson, K. David (1983)
See this publicationThe Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919 in the Gold Coast
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 24 #4. p. 485-502.

Periodical articleGallagher, Nancy E. (1982)
Contagion and Quarantine in Tunis and Cairo, 1800-1870
Abstract presentMaghreb Review. Volume 7 #5-6. September-December. p. 108-111.

Periodical articleM'Bokolo, Elikia (1982)
See this publicationPeste et société urbaine a Dakar: l'épidémie de 1914
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 22 #85-86. p. 13-46.

Periodical articleMiller, Joseph C. (1982)
See this publicationThe Significance of Drought, Disease and Famine in the Agriculturally Marginal Zones of West-Central Africa
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 23 #1. p. 17-61.

Periodical articleOhadike, Don C. (1981)
See this publicationThe Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 and the Spread of Cassava Cultivation on the Lower Niger: A Study in Historical Linkages
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 22 #3. p. 379-391.

Periodical articleVidal, J.J. (1981)
Notices a majorque sur les epidemies subies au maghreb au XVIIIe siècle
Abstract presentLes cahiers de Tunisie: revue de sciences humaines. Volume 29 #117-118. p. 621-627.

Periodical articleKeita, Maghan (1980)
Development, Migration and Epidemiology: The African Context
Abstract presentUfahamu. Volume 10 #1-2. Fall/Winter. p. 129-140.

Periodical articleTymowski, Michal (1978)
Famines et epidemies à Oualata et à Tichit au XIXe siècle
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #27. p. 35-48.

Search: su=epidemics
Found: 94 Record 1-94

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