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Periodical articleTsri, Kwesi (2016)
See this publicationAfricans are not black: why the use of the term 'black' for Africans should be abandoned
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 14 #2. p. 147-160.

Periodical articleEllis, William F. (2015)
See this publication'Ons is Boesmans': commentary on the naming of Bushmen in the southern Kalahari
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 38 #1-2. p. 120-133.

BookTaïno Kari, Alain Désiré (2015)
Les Moundang du Cameroun et du Tchad: onomastique et histoire (XVIIIe-XXe siècle)
Paris: L'Harmattan. 249p.

Periodical articleNorman, Neil L. (2014)
See this publicationLiquid gods within cellular landscapes: micro-monuments, ethnic pluralism and the political landscape of Hueda, Bénin, 1650-1727
Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 49 #1. p. 3-20.

Periodical articleAgrour, Rachid (2012)
Contribution à l'étude d'un mot voyageur: 'Chleuh'
Cahiers d'études africaines. Volume 52 #208. p. 767-811.

Periodical articleBahuchet, Serge (ed.) (2012)
Identités 'pygmées' dans un monde qui change: questions et recherches actuelles
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 82 #1-2. p. 5-205.

Periodical articleAyana, Daniel (2010)
The 'Galla' that never was: its origin and reformulation in a hinterland of comparative disadvantage
Abstract presentThe journal of Oromo studies. Volume 17 #1. p. 1-40.

BookFéral, Carole de (ed.) (2009)
Le nom des langues en Afrique sub-saharienne: pratiques, dénominations, catégorisations = Naming languages in Sub-Saharan Africa: practices, names, categorisations
Abstract presentLouvain-la-Neuve: Peeters. Bibliothèque des cahiers de l'Institut de Linguistique de Louvain #124. 309p.

Periodical articleSeignobos, Christian (2009)
Les ethnonymes peuls comme révélateurs d'histoire dans le bassin du lac Tchad
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 79 #2. p. 316-333.

Periodical articleSiegel, Brian (2008)
See this publicationChipimpi, vulgar clans, and Lala-Lamba ethnohistory
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 35. p. 439-453.

Periodical articleTourneux, Henry (2006)
See this publicationLe nom des Sao: approche étymologique
Méga-Tchad: bulletin de liaison de Réseau international de recherches pluridisciplinaires sur l'histoire et la préhistoire dans le bassin du lac Tchad. p. 29-37.

Periodical articleJennings, Christian (2005)
See this publicationBeyond Eponymy: The Evidence for Loikop as an Ethnonym in Nineteenth-Century East Africa
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 32. p. 199-220.

Periodical articleLaw, Robin (2005)
See this publicationEthnicities of Enslaved Africans in the Diaspora: On the Meanings of 'Mina' (Again)
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 32. p. 247-267.

Periodical articleAnignikin, Sylvain C. (2001)
See this publicationHistoire des populations mahi: à propos de la controverse sur l'ethnononyme et le toponyme 'Mahi'
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 41 #162. p. 243-265.

Periodical articleHart, David M. (2000)
See this publicationPersistence and Change in Names on the North African Landscape: Berber Tribes in Ibn Khaldun's Genealogies and as They Appear Today
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 5 #1. Spring. p. 121-146.

Periodical articleLaw, Robin R. (1997)
See this publicationEthnicity and the Slave Trade: Lucumi and Nago as Ethnonyms in West Africa
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 24. p. 205-219.

Periodical articleHunwick, John O. (1996)
Back to West African Zanj Again: A Document of Sale from Timbuktu
Abstract presentSudanic Africa. Volume 7. p. 53-60.

Periodical articleLarson, Pier M. (1996)
See this publicationDesperately Seeking 'the Merina' (Central Madagascar): Reading Ethnonyms and Their Semantic Fields in African Identity Histories
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 22 #4. December. p. 541-560.

Periodical articleWright, John (1996)
See this publicationSonqua, Bosjemans, Bushmen, abaThwa: Comments and Queries on Pre-Modern Identifications
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #35. May. p. 16-29.

Periodical articleBilusa Baila Boingaoli (1993)
See this publicationRecherche sur l'identité ethnique du peuple topoke (Haut-Zaïre): contribution à l'histoire socio-culturelle du Zaïre
Abstract presentCivilisations. Volume 41 #1-2. p. 103-116.

Periodical articleAdelberger, Jörg (1992)
See this publicationThe Problem of 'Wurkun': New Evidence for the Clarification of an Enigma in Northern Nigerian Ethnography and Linguistics
Abstract presentAfrican Languages and Cultures. Volume 5 #1. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleKubik, Gerhard (1992)
Das 'ethnische' Panorama Ostangolas und der Nachbargebiete
Abstract presentBulletin of the International Committee on Urgent Anthropological and Ethnological Research. #34-35. p. 161-195.

Periodical articleBontinck, F. (1991)
L'ethnonyme mongo
Abstract presentAnnales aequatoria. Volume 12. p. 462-470.

Periodical articleOmosule, Monone (1989)
Kalenjin: the emergence of a corporate name for the 'Nandi-speaking tribes' of East Africa
Abstract presentGenève-Afrique: acta africana. Volume 27 #1. p. 73-88.

Periodical articleLoung, J.-F. (1987)
Le nom authentique du groupe pygmee de la region cotiere camerounaise
Abstract presentRevue de géographie du Cameroun. Volume 7 #2. p. 81-94.

Periodical articleTolmacheva, M.A. (1986)
See this publicationToward a Definition of the Term Zanj
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 21. p. 105-113.

Periodical articleAwoniyi, T.A. (1981)
The world Yoruba
Abstract presentNigeria Magazine. #134. p. 104-107.

Periodical articleSaulnier, Pierre (1975)
Recherches sur le vodun Dan à partir des noms individuels de ses vodunsi
Abstract presentBulletin de l'Institut Fondamental d'Afrique Noire, Série B: Sciences humaines. Volume 37 #2. p. 358-387.

Periodical articleBourgeot, A. (1972)
See this publicationIdéologie et appellations ethniques: l'exemple Twareg: analyse des catégories sociales
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 12 #48. p. 533-554.

Book chapterSchoffeleers, J.M. (1972)
The meaning and use of the name Malawi in oral traditions and precolonial documents
Abstract presentIn: The early history of Malawi. p. 91-103.

Periodical articleSilverstein, R.O. (1968)
See this publicationA note on the term 'Bantu' as first used by W.H.I. Bleek
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 27 #4. p. 211-212.

Periodical articleSkinner, N. (1968)
See this publicationThe origin of the name 'Hausa'
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 38 #3. p. 253-257.

Periodical articleMonod, Th. (1958)
Principes de normalisation et de transcription des toponymes et des groupes éthiques ouest africains
Abstract presentNotes africaines: bulletin d'information et de correspondance de l'Institut Français d'Afrique Noire. #77. p. 26-28.

Search: su=ethnological names
Found: 33 Record 1-33

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