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Periodical articleOmanga, Duncan (2019)
See this documentWhatsApp as 'digital publics': the Nakuru Analysts and the evolution of participation in county governance in Kenya
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 13 #1. p. 175-191.

PeriodicalCamara, Bacary (ed.) (2017)
See this documentLa lettre du maire: mensuel d'information communale
Bamako: BAMA Impression.

Periodical articleDubbeld, Bernard (2017)
See this documentDemocracy as technopolitical future: delivery and discontent in a government settlement in the South African countryside
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 40 #2. p. 73-84.

Periodical issueAmmann, Carole and Engeler, Michelle and Knierzinger, Johannes (eds.) (2016)
Guinea: one revolution at a time
Abstract presentStichproben - Vienna Journal of African Studies. Volume 16 #30. 162p.

Periodical articleCheeseman, Nic and Lynch, Gabrielle and Willis, Justin (2016)
See this documentDecentralisation in Kenya: the governance of governors
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 54 #1. p. 1-35.

BookDavidson, Kristina (ed.) (2016)
See this documentState of South African cities report 2016
Braamfontein: South African Cities Network. 415p.

Periodical articleEngel, Ulf (2016)
See this documentZupta's next nightmare: the South African local government elections of 3 August 2016
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 51 #2. p. 103-115.

Periodical articleGreffath, Wynand and Van der Waldt, Gerrit (2016)
See this documentSection 139 interventions in South African local government, 1994-2015
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #75. p. 135-160.

Periodical articleGreffrath, Wynand and van der Waldt, Gerrit (2016)
See this documentSelf-help governance and state dysfunction: exploratory perspectives on the South African state and civil society
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 43 #3. p. 389-409.

BookHarding, Andrew (2016)
The mayor of Mogadishu: a story of chaos and redemption in the ruins of Somalia
New York: St. Martin's Press. 278p.

BookHibou, Béatrice and Bono, Irene (eds.) (2016)
Le gouvernement du social au Maroc
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. 362p.

BookKane, Moustapha (2016)
Mémoires d'un haut fonctionnaire prince du Bosséa
Dakar: L'Harmattan Sénégal. #20. 160p.

Periodical articleMasvaure, Steven (2016)
See this documentElusive public participation: citizen decision-making in budget formulation process in the City of Harare, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 27 #4. p. 447-463.

Periodical articleSabbi, Matthew and Mensah, Collins Adjei (2016)
See this documentJuggling administrative institutions: local state actors and the management of urban space in Kumasi, Ghana
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 27 #1. p. 59-78.

Periodical articleSelemela, P. and du Plessis, D.J. (2016)
See this documentA comparative analysis of urban growth and development in traditional authority and non-traditional areas: the case of Rustenburg and Mahikeng municipalities in the North West Province, South Africa
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 27 #4. p. 433-446.

BookSilva, Carlos Nunes (ed.) (2016)
Governing urban Africa
Abstract presentLondon: Palgrave Macmillan. 380p.

Periodical articleAverweg, Udo Richard and Leaning, Marcus (2015)
See this documentThe use of 'community' in South Africa's 2011 local government elections
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 50 #2. p. 101-111.

Periodical articleBeken, Christophe Van der (2015)
See this documentFederalism, local government and minority protection in Ethiopia: opportunities and challenges
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 59 #1. p. 150-177.

Periodical articleBerriane, Yasmine (2015)
See this documentThe micropolitics of reform: gender quota, grassroots associations and the renewal of local elites in Morocco
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 20 #3. p. 432-449.

BookBénit-Gbaffou, Claire (ed.) (2015)
Popular politics in South African cities: unpacking community participation
Abstract presentCape Town: HSRC Press. 298p.

Periodical articleChome, Ngala (2015)
See this documentDevolution is only for development: decentralization and elite vulnerability on the Kenyan coast
Abstract presentCritical African studies. Volume 7 #3. p. 299-316.

Periodical articleGaynor, Niamh (2015)
See this documentPoverty amid plenty: structural violence and local governance in western Congo
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 33 #3. p. 391-410.

Periodical articleHart, Tim (2015)
See this documentInnovation and the development nexus: prospects from rural enterprises in South Africa: research note
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 45 #1. p. 1-9.

Periodical articleJibao, Samuel S. and Prichard, Wilson (2015)
See this documentThe political economy of property tax in Africa: explaining reform outcomes in Sierra Leone
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 114 #456. p. 404-431.

Periodical articleLeonardi, Cherry (2015)
See this documentPoints of order? Local government meetings as negotiation tables in South Sudanese history
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 9 #4. p. 650-668.

Periodical articleManasseh, Tumuhimbise (2015)
See this documentHeightening leadership effectiveness in local governments of Uganda: 'challenge the process' for organisational support
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies. Volume 10 #2. p. 143-155.

BookMbilizi, Billy Kakelengwa and Ngonga, Alphonse Maindo Monga (2015)
See this documentDéficit de redevabilité dans la gestion de la rente forestière communautaire: le cas de Yasekwe en Province orientale (République démocratique du Congo)
Dakar: CODESRIA. #18. 30p.

Periodical articleMnwana, Sonwabile (2015)
See this documentDemocracy, development and chieftaincy along South Africa's 'Platinum Highway': some emerging issues
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 33 #4. p. 510-529.

Periodical issueNascimento, Augusto and Rodriques, Eugénia and Fernandes, Paulo Jorge (eds.) (2015)
'Municípios e poderes locais em África'
Abstract presentCadernos de Estudos Africanos. #30. 185p.

BookNdletyana, Mcebisi (ed.) (2015)
Institutionalising democracy: the story of the Electoral Commission of South Africa, 1993-2014
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. 262p.

BookNuesiri, Emmanuel O. (2015)
See this documentRepresentation in REDD: NGOs and chiefs privileged over elected local government in Cross River State, Nigeria
Dakar: CODESRIA. #11. 43p.

BookOduor, Chrispine (2015)
See this documentReview of status of public participation, and county information dissemination frameworks: a case study of Isiolo Kisumu Makueni and Turkana Counties
Nairobi: Institute of Economic Affairs. 42p.

BookOyono, Phil René and Galuak, Deng-Athoi (2015)
See this documentLand governance, local authorities and unrepresentative representation in rural South Sudan: a preliminary exploration
Dakar: CODESRIA. #27. 38p.

BookOyono, Phil René and Ntungila-Nkama, Floribert (2015)
See this documentZonage des terres, conservation des paysages et représentation locale déboîtée en RD Congo
Dakar: CODESRIA. #10. 40p.

BookRidder, Ko de (ed.) (2015)
See this documentPublic administration in Tanzania: current issues and challenges
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. #3. 113p.

Periodical articleSabbi, Matthew (2015)
The competing interests of local political actors in the making of local government in Ghana
Modern Africa: Politics, History and Society. Volume 3 #1. p. 11-37.

BookSakyi, E.K. and Ahenkan, A. and Bawole, J.N. (eds.) (2015)
Public administration in Ghana: selected contemporary issues
Abstract presentTema: For the University of Ghana by Digibooks Ghana Ltd. #6. 284p.

Periodical articleAwortwi, Nicholas and Helmsing, A.H.J. (Bert) (2014)
See this documentBehind the façade of bringing services closer to people: the proclaimed and hidden intentions of the government of Uganda to create many new local government districts
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 48 #2. p. 297-314.

BookBako-Arifari, Nassirou (2014)
Le pouvoir politique en milieu rural africain: les cas du Bénin et du Niger
Paris: Editions Afridic. 475p.

BookBen Attou, Mohamed (2014)
Tan-Tan: un espace partagé: mondialisation économique, fait urban et gouvernance locale
Rabat: Centre des Études Sahariennes. 191p.

Periodical articleBoge, Faruq Idowu (2014)
An administrative history of Ikorodu, 1894-1960
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 14. p. 135-150.

Periodical articleBouquet, Christian and Kassi-Djodjo, Irène (2014)
See this documentLes élections locales 2013 en Côte d'Ivoire: des malentendus subsistent sur l'exercice de la démocratie
Paris: ÉchoGéo. ÉchoGéo Sur le vif.

Periodical articleCornell, Agnes and D'Arcy, Michelle (2014)
See this document'Plus ça change?': county-level politics in Kenya after devolution
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #1. p. 173-191.

Periodical articleDebrah, Emmanuel (2014)
See this documentThe politics of decentralization in Ghana's Fourth Republic
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 57 #1. p. 49-69.

Periodical articleDu Plessis, Anél and Kotzé, Louis J. (2014)
See this documentThe heat is on: local government and climate governance in South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 58 #1. p. 145-174.

Periodical articleEl Mehdi, Rachida and Hafner, Christian M. (2014)
Local government efficiency: the case of Moroccan municipalities
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 26 #1. p. 88-101.

Periodical articleEvans, Laura (2014)
See this documentResettlement and the making of the Ciskei Bantustan, South Africa, c.1960-1976
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 40 #1. p. 21-40.

BookHart, Gillian Patricia (2014)
Rethinking the South African crisis: nationalism, populism, hegemony
Athens: The University of Georgia Press. #20. 268p.

Periodical articleHassim, Shireen (2014)
See this documentPersistent inequalities: a comparative view of Indian and South African experiences of local government quotas for women
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 85-102.

BookHinnou, Patrick (2014)
Négocier la démocratie en Afrique: l'exemple du Bénin
Paris: L'Harmattan. 464p.

Periodical articleHope (Sr), Kempe Ronald (2014)
See this documentDevolved government and local governance in Kenya: implementing decentralization underpinned by the 2010 Constitution
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 13 #3. p. 338-358.

BookKwaimwa Maneno, Bruno (2014)
L'enjeu de la décentralisation en RDC: organisation et gestion des entités de base: 'secteur' et 'chefferie'
Paris: L'Harmattan. 316p.

Periodical articleLeeuwen, Mathijs van (2014)
See this documentRenegotiating Customary Tenure Reform - Land Governance Reform and Tenure Security in Uganda
Land Use Policy. Volume 39. p. 292-300.

BookMachrafi, Mustapha (ed.) (2014)
Régionalisation, gouvernance et développement local en Afrique: expériences comparées
Abstract presentRabat: Institut des Études Africaines, Université Mohammed V-Souissi. #18.

BookMenkhaus, Ken (2014)
See this documentAid and institution-building in fragile States: the case of Somali-inhabited eastern Horn of Africa
Helsinki: UNU-WIDER, World Institute for Development Economics Research. #2014-2. 13p.

BookMenkhaus, Ken (2014)
See this documentIf mayors ruled Somalia: beyond the state-building impasse
Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute.

Periodical articleNkyabonaki, Jason (2014)
Service delivery and performance management for development at local levels in Tanzania: a myth or reality?
Abstract presentThe Ugandan Journal of Management and Public Policy Studies. Volume 7 #1. p. 40-57.

BookNtububa Bisimwa, Maurice (2014)
Les pouvoirs politiques traditionnels dans la gouvernance démocratique en RDC
Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia L'Harmattan. #12. 393p.

BookNuesiri, Emmanuel O. (2014)
See this documentThe re-emergence of customary authority and its relation with local democratic government
Dakar: CODESRIA. #6. 72p.

Periodical articlePlanel, Sabine (2014)
See this documentA view of a 'bureaucratic' developmental State: local governance and agricultural extension in rural Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #3. p. 420-437.

Periodical articlePrevost, Gary and Kotze, Joleen Steyn and Wright, Bianca (2014)
See this document'The battle for the bay': the 2011 local government elections in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 41 #1. p. 59-83.

BookSerre, Jacques (2014)
Répertoire de l'administration territoriale de la République centrafricaine
Paris: L'Harmattan. 293p.

BookSignoles, Pierre and Cattedra, Raffaele and Troin, Florence (eds.) (2014)
Territoires et politiques dans les périphéries des grandes villes du Maghreb
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. 535p.

BookSkouby, Knud Erik and Williams, Idongesit (eds.) (2014)
The African mobile story
Abstract presentAalborg: River Publishers. 266p.

Periodical articleTodes, Alison (2014)
See this documentNew African suburbanisation? Exploring the growth of the northern corridor of eThekwini/KwaDakuza
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 73 #2. p. 245-270.

Periodical articleTurner, Robin L. (2014)
See this documentTraditional, democratic, accountable? Navigating citizen-subjection in rural South Africa
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 49 #1. p. 27-54.

Periodical articleWillott, Chris (2014)
See this documentRejecting continuity and rupture
Abstract presentAfrican and Asian Studies. Volume 13 #4. p. 405-428.

BookAmtaika, Alexius (2013)
Local government in South Africa since 1994: leadership, democracy, development and service delivery in a post-apartheid era
Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press. 374p.

Conference paperAïdara, Mouhamadou Moustapha and Kaag, Mayke (eds.) (2013)
Gerti Hesseling: à l'ombre du droit: actes du colloque des 15 et 16 décembre 2011, Saint-Louis
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 246p.

BookBarungi, Julian (2013)
See this documentAgri-food system governance and service delivery in Uganda: a case study of Tororo District
Kampala: Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment. #61. 41p.

BookBogere, George and Tumushabe, Godber and Ssemakula, Eugene (2013)
See this documentGovernance aspects in the water and roads sectors: lessons from five districts in Uganda
Kampala: ACODE. #59. 47p.

Periodical articleBurbidge, Dominic (2013)
See this documentUrban trust in Kenya and Tanzania: cooperation in the provision of public goods
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 47 #3. p. 465-482.

Periodical articleChikulo, Bornwell C. (2013)
Developmental local governance and service delivery in South Africa: progress, achievements and challenges
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 28 #1. p. 35-64.

BookCoulibaly, Siaka (2013)
Résiliences sociales et politiques publiques participatives
Paris: L'Harmattan. 182p.

BookDakouo, Ambroise and Kéita, Modibo (eds.) (2013)
Gouvernance participative et pratiques démocratiques au Mali
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 173p.

Periodical articleEnglebert, Pierre and Tull, Denis (eds.) (2013)
See this documentRépublique démocratique du Congo: terrains disputés
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #129. p. 5-133.

BookHassan, Abdoulkader (2013)
La décentralisation en République de Djibouti: cadre juridique et institutionnel
Paris: Karthala. 226p.

Periodical articleKapa, Motlamelle Anthony (2013)
See this documentChiefs, democracy, and popular participation: the case of Lesotho
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 72 #1. p. 121-137.

BookKenya. Commission on Administrative Justice (2013)
See this documentCounty visits report on awareness creation 2012-2013
Westlands, Nairobi: The Commission on Administrative Justice. 54p.

BookKenya. Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA), Nairobi (2013)
See this documentKenya county fact sheets
Nairobi: Commission on Revenue Allocation. 47p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Nandi County development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 113p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Nairobi county development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 146p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Kericho County development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 133p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Murang'a County development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 119p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Baringo County development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 141p.

BookKenya. Ministry of Devolution and Planning (2013)
Kisumu County development profile
Nairobi: Government Printer. 146p.

Periodical articleKhan, Fazel and Khan, Sultan and Govender, Jayanathan (2013)
The rhetoric of participation: a study of the planning and development of low-income human settlements in the province of KwaZulu-Natal
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 43 #1. p. 126-143.

Periodical articleKhunou, Samuelson Freddie (2013)
Traditional leadership: law and politics of local-central government structures in Botswana
Recht in Afrika = Law in Africa = Droit en Afrique. Volume 16 #2. p. 167-181.

Periodical articleLawrence, Faith (2013)
The role of local economic development agencies in the South African local economic development landscape
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 24 #4. p. 523-541.

BookLeonardi, Cherry (2013)
Dealing with government in South Sudan: histories of chiefship, community and state
Woodbridge: James Currey. 253p.

Periodical articleLogan, Carolyn (2013)
See this documentThe roots of resilience: exploring popular support for African traditional authorities
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 112 #448. p. 353-376.

Periodical articleMbazira, Christopher (2013)
Service delivery protests, struggle for rights and the failure of local democracy in South Africa and Uganda: parallels and divergences
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 29 #2. p. 251-275.

Periodical articleMbuyisa, Sifiso (2013)
See this documentPublic participation as participatory conflict resolution: shortcomings and best practices at the local level in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 13 #3. p. 115-140.

Periodical articleMoloi, Tshepo (2013)
The emergence and radicalization of black political formations in Kroonstad, 1925 to 1957
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #67. p. 167-186.

Periodical articleMurisa, Tendai (2013)
See this documentDemocratisation and control: fast track and local government reforms in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 32 #1. p. 79-99.

BookMuyomba-Tamale, Lillian (ed.) (2013)
See this documentUganda local government councils scorecard 2012/13: the big service delivery divide
Kampala: Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment. #60. 123p.

Periodical articleNyambara, Pius S. (2013)
See this documentState power, land-use planning, and local responses in northwestern Zimbabwe, 1980s-1990s
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Quarterly. Volume 14 #4. p. 37-60.

BookOdikpo, Emeka Anthony (2013)
Fashola: the historic reconstruction of Lagos
Lagos: Flory Ann's Investments Limited. 224p.

BookOdili, Peter (2013)
Conscience and history
Nigeria: Peter Otunuya Odili?. 511p.

BookOlivier de Sardan, Jean-Pierre (2013)
See this documentLes transferts monétaires au Niger: la manne et les soupçons: synthèse des recherches menées par le LASDEL
Niamey: LASDEL. #108. 70p.

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