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Periodical articleFernández Moreno, Nuria (2020)
See this publicationBetween Tradition and Evangelisation: Marriage Ritualisation on Colonial and Contemporary Bioko Island
Culture & History Digital Journal. Volume 9 #2.

BookKururu-Ndimurukundo, Barbara (ed.) (2016)
Anthologie des épithalames burundais: ouvrage bilingue kirundi-français
Paris: L'Harmattan. 208p.

BookDiouri, Mohamed (2015)
Tribulations matrimoniales
Paris: L'Harmattan. 139p.

BookYekoka, Jean Félix; Kidiba, Samuel; Lembikissa, Augus (eds.) (2015)
Le mariage coutumier chez les Suundi du Congo-Brazzaville
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Etudes africaines, Série Ethnologie. 165p.

Dissertation / thesisSchlee, Günther (2014)
Das Glaubens- und Sozialsystem der Rendille: Kamelnomaden Nord-Kenias
Halle/Saale: Department 'Integration and Conflict', Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Field notes and research projects. 466p.

Dissertation / thesisSchlee, Günther (2014)
The social and belief system of the Rendille: camel nomads of Northern Kenya
Halle/Saale: Department 'Integration and Conflict', Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Field notes and research projects. 310p.

Periodical articleBlanchy, Sophie (2013)
See this publicationBeyond 'Great Marriage': collective involvement, personal achievement and social change in Ngazidja (Comoros)
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 7 #4. p. 569-587.

Periodical articleOjo, Olatunji (2013)
See this publicationShaving of a woman's head: 'isinmo' and the Igbo women's war on forced marriages in southern Nigeria 1900-1936
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 47 #3. p. 519-536.

Book chapterBeek, Walter E.A. van (2012)
The iron bride: blacksmith, iron, and femininity among the Kapsiki/Higi
In: Metals in Mandara mountains society and culture. p. 285-301.

BookBrüderlin, Tina (2012)
See this publicationThe incorporation of children into the society: pre- and postnatal rituals among the Hamar of southern Ethiopia
Mainz: Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. Arbeitspapiere #135. 123p.

Book chapterDijk, Rijk van (2012)
The social cocktail: weddings and the innovative mixing of competences in Botswana
In: Transforming innovations in Africa: explorative studies on appropriation in African societies. p. 191-207.

Book chapterDijk, Rijk van (2012)
A ritual connection: urban youth marrying in the village in Botswana
In: The social life of connectivity in Africa. p. 141-159.

Dissertation / thesisSmit, Willem Jacobus (2012)
See this publicationThe violent revival of 'Ukuthwala': understanding the re-emergence and transformation of a marriage practice in post-1996 South Africa

Periodical articleThubauville, Sophia (2012)
See this publicationBrides behind bars: Maale women as captives between tradition and development
Paideuma. Volume 58. p. 213-228.

Periodical articleAlembong, Nol (2011)
Femininity in Cameroonian birth and nuptial songs
Kaliao: revue pluridisciplinaire de l'École Normale Supérieure de Maroua (Cameroun), Série lettres et sciences humaines. Volume 3 #5. p. 113-125.

Periodical issuePerumal, Devina Nadarajan (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationMarriage: a risky business or safe place?
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #87. 120p.

Periodical articleThompson, Katrina Daly (2011)
See this publicationHow to be a good Muslim wife: women's performance of Islamic authority during Swahili weddings
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 41 #4. p. 427-448.

DVD / videoChidzonga, Munya; Chiwerewa, Dalma; Njagu, Joe (eds.) (2010)
See this publicationLobola the movie
Abstract presentHarare: The Decent Arthouse.

Book chapterDijk, Rijk van (2010)
Marriage, commodification and the romantic ethic in Botswana
Abstract presentIn: Markets of well-being: navigating health and healing in Africa. p. 282-305.

Periodical articleEllece, Sibonile Edith (2010)
Asking for a 'Water Calabash': metaphor and gender in 'Patlo' marriage ceremonies in Botswana
Marang: Journal of Language and Literature. #20. p. 63-77.

Periodical articleGuèye, Marame (2010)
See this publication'Woyyi céet': Senegalese women's oral discourses on marriage and womanhood
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 41 #4. p. 65-86.

Periodical articleOnayemi, Folake (2010)
Anthropological reflections in Sapphic Epithalamia and Yoruba Ekun Iyawo
Drumspeak: international journal of research in the humanities. Volume 3. p. 158-182.

BookAbungu, George; Abungu, Lorna (2009)
Lamu: Kenya's enchanted island
New York: Rizzoli. 280p.

Periodical articleHenrix, Marcel (2009)
Le mariage et la naissance chez les Ngbaka minagende (RDC)
Abstract presentAnnales aequatoria. Volume 30. p. 653-699.

DVD / videoMagori, Sani Elhadj (ed.) (2008)
See this publicationPour le meilleur et pour l'oignon! = For the best & for the onion
Abstract presentLussas: Doc Net.

Periodical articleUrban-Mead, Wendy (2008)
See this publicationNegotiating 'plainness' and gender: dancing and apparel at Christian weddings in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, 1913-1944
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 38 #2. p. 209-246.

Dissertation / thesisWestende, Natasja van 't (2008)
Female wedding singers in Great Khartoum (Sudan): negotiating discourses on gender, music, and islam
Leiden: Leiden University. 190p.

Periodical articleDauphin-Tinturier, Anne-Marie (2007)
Quel bonheur d'avoir un gendre!: le mariage dans la zone bemba en Zambie
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 77 #2. p. 83-105.

Periodical issueOhta, Itaru (2007)
See this publicationBridewealth negotiations among the Turkana in northwestern Kenya
African Study Monographs: Supplementary Issue. #37. 152p.

Periodical articlePardo, Véronique (2006)
Le palanquin nuptial à Douiret (sud-est tunisien): de la société à son image
Journal des africanistes. Volume 76 #1. p. 43-58.

BookCultural Research Centre, Jinja (2004)
Celebrating the sanctity of human life among the Basoga
Kisubi: Marianum Publishing Company Ltd. 190p.

BookDiallo, Bios (2004)
De la naissance au mariage chez les Peuls de Mauritanie
Paris: Karthala. Collection Tropiques. 125p.

BookMuurling, Nienke (2003)
Relaties smeden: de rol van een 'jelimuso' (griotte) in Mali
Amsterdam: Aksant. 178p.

Dissertation / thesisBecker, Cynthia Jeanne (2002)
Arts, gender and changing constructions of Amazigh (Berber) identity: the Ait Khabbash of southeastern Morocco, 1930-1999
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI. 434p.

Periodical articleWalker, Iain (2002)
Les aspects économiques du grand mariage de Ngazidja (Comores)
Abstract presentAutrepart. #23. p. 157-171.

BookDike, Eugene Ebere (2001)
Christian marriage and family in Igboland: a study of the conflict between Igbo culture and Christianity
Münster: Verlagshaus Monsenstein und Vannerdat. 244p.

BookTauzin, Aline (2001)
Figures du féminin dans la société maure (Mauritanie ): désir nomade
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 212p.

Periodical articlePeyron, Michael (1999)
Le mariage chez les Ayt Yafelman de l'Atlas marocain
Études et documents berbères. #17. p. 165-173.

Periodical articleHoven, Ed van (1996)
See this publicationLocal Tradition or Islamic Precept? The Notion of Zakat in Wuli (Eastern Senegal)
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 36 #144. p. 703-722.

Periodical articleMacmillan, Hugh (1995)
See this publicationAdministrators, Anthropologists and 'Traditionalists' in Colonial Swaziland: The Case of 'amaBhaca' Fines
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 65 #4. p. 545-564.

Periodical articlePandolfi, Paul (1994)
Histoires d'aiguilles chez les Kel-Ahaggar: à propos d'un épisode méconnu du rituel du mariage
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 64 #1. p. 81-90.

Periodical articleAbrous, Dahbia (1992)
Les joutes poétiques du henné: compétition d'honneur et rapt symbolique
Abstract presentÉtudes et documents berbères. #9. p. 147-164.

Periodical articleRivière, Thérèse; Faublée, J. (1991)
Dans le sud de l'Aurès en 1935: circoncisions, mariages et 'hiji' chez les Ouled Abderrahman
Abstract presentÉtudes et documents berbères. #8. p. 63-77.

Periodical articleOnibere, S.G. Azuwou (1989)
Udiaye ceremony among the Emevo-Isoko of southwestern Nigeria: determinant or prelude to marriage identity?
Abstract presentAfricana Marburgensia: Sonderheft. Volume 13. p. 45-69.

Periodical articleSumbo, Francisco S. (1988)
Intersubjectivité conjugale à travers les 'couvercles sculptés' dans la culture cabindaise
Abstract presentCahiers des religions africaines. Volume 22 #43-44. p. 17-38.

Periodical articleElaroussi, Khalid (1986)
Pratiques du mariage au Maroc: le cas d'El Jadida
Abstract presentLe mois en Afrique: revue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 22 #251-252. p. 121-136.

Periodical articleJoseph, Roger (1986)
The Wedding Ritual in Morocco: Its Expressive Significance
Abstract presentMaghreb Review. Volume 11 #5-6. September-December. p. 97-101.

Periodical articleYuma Lombe, Kawaya (1986)
Un mariage ostentatoire: le harusi des populations islamisées du Maniema
Abstract presentLe mois en Afrique: revue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 22 #247-248. p. 106-115.

Periodical articleFinlayson, Rosalie (1984)
See this publicationThe changing nature of Isihlonipho Sabafazi
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 43 #2. p. 137-146.

Book chapterBernus, E.; Bernus, S. (1981)
Les Kel Illagatan: une pratique carnavalesque dans le mariage touareg (Iullemmeden Kel Dinnik)
Abstract presentIn: Itinérances... en pays peul et ailleurs. p. 343-353.

Periodical articleWada. Shohei (1980)
Two Iraqw Marriage Rituals
Abstract presentSenri Ethnological Studies. #6. March. p. 79-91.

Periodical articleSurgy, A. de (1979)
Les ceremonies de purification des mauvais projets prénataux chez les Mwaba-Gurma du Nord-Togo
Abstract presentSystèmes de pensée en Afrique noire. #4. p. 9-75.

Periodical articleBurume, Louis (1968)
Le ceremonial du mariage, acte socio-religieux chez les Bashi
Abstract presentCahiers des religions africaines. Volume 2 #4. p. 301-313.

Periodical articleMpongo, Laurent (1968)
La celebration du mariage coutumier par les Ntomb'e Njale du lac Leopold Deux
Abstract presentCahiers des religions africaines. Volume 2 #4. p. 289-300.

DVD / videoOlivier de Sardan, Jean-Pierre (ed.) (1967)
La bouche deliée: mariage Wogo
Abstract present

Periodical articleWiele, I. van den (1963)
Les systèmes familiaux et matrimoniaux aux sein des sociétés negro-africaines
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique d'Outre-Mer: communauté, assistance, technique, coopération. Volume 17 #3. p. 429-507.

Search: su=marriage rites
Found: 56 Record 1-56

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