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Periodical articleMorris, Christopher (2019)
See this publicationA 'Homeland's' Harvest: Biotraffic and Biotrade in the Contemporary Ciskei Region of South Africa
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 597-616.

BookChinsembu, Kazhila C. (ed.) (2015)
Indigenous knowledge of Namibia
Abstract presentWindhoek: University of Nambia Press. 406p.

BookLaplante, Julie (2015)
Healing roots: anthropology in life and medicine
New York: Berghahn Books. Epistemologies of healing #15. 289p.

Dissertation / thesisTowns, Alexandra Maria (2014)
See this publicationFertility and fontanels: women's knowledge of medicinal plants for reproductive health and childcare in western Africa
Netherlands. 145p.

BookLefèvre, Gabriel (2013)
Médecine traditionnelle à Madagascar: les mots-plantes
Paris: L'Harmattan. 297p.

BookLenart, Severin (2013)
The complexity of the moment: picturing an ethnographic project in South Africa and Swaziland: vol. I: photo essays and fieldwork reports, 2007-11
Halle/Saale: Department 'Integration and Conflict', Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Field notes and research projects. 69p.

BookBoetsch, Gilles (ed.) (2012)
Les plantes du Sahel: usages et enjeux sociaux
Abstract presentParis: CNRS éditions. Collection 'Environnements africains. 424p.

BookDold, Tony; Cocks, Michelle (2012)
Voices from the forest: celebrating nature and culture in Xhosaland
Auckland Park: Jacana Media. 229p.

Periodical articleDu Preez, Iwanette; Mumbengegwi, Davis (2012)
Phytochemical investigation on Namibian plants for anti-malaria compounds
Abstract presentJournal for Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences. Volume 1 #1. p. 147-158.

Periodical articleMchangama, Maoulida; Salaün, Pascale (2012)
Recueil d'une pharmacopée à Mayotte: le savoir sur les plantes médicinales de Maoulida Mchangama
Abstract presentÉtudes océan Indien. #48. p. 229-292.

BookAké Assi, Laurent (2011)
Abrégé de médecine et de pharmacopée africaines: quelques plantes employées traditionnellement dans la couverture des soins de santé primaire
Abidjan: Nei-Ceda. 157p.

Periodical articleMthethwa, Ntombeziningi Shirley; De Wet, Helen (2011)
See this publicationMedicinal plants for healing sores and wounds among the communities surrounding Ungoye forest, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Abstract presentIndilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Volume 10 #2. p. 228-234.

BookPavanello, Mariano; Schirripa, Pino (eds.) (2011)
Research materials on traditional medicine in the Nzema area (Ghana)
Legon: Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. Perspectives on research: materials and studies. 255p.

Periodical articleSalami, Kabiru K. (2011)
Perception of resource depletion and replacement among indigenous healers in rural community of Idere, southwestern Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of environment and culture. Volume 8 #1. p. 34-43.

Periodical articleSeignobos, Christian (2011)
Les gaw du Cameroun, de chasseurs à tradipraticiens
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 81 #1. p. 35-59.

Periodical articleAdukpo, G.E.; Dayie, N.T.K.; Adotey, J.P.K.; Fuachie-Sobreh, G.; Quaynor, J.T.; Agyirifo, D.S. (2010)
See this publicationAnti-typhoid properties of phyllanthus amarus extracts
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 12 #2. December. p. 105-109.

Periodical articleAsiedu-Darko, E. (2010)
See this publicationA survey of indigenous knowledge about food and medicinal properties of solanum torvum in East Akim District of Eastern region of Ghana
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 43. p. 61-64.

BookFeller, Christian; Sandron, Frédéric (eds.) (2010)
Parcours de recherche à Madagascar: l'IRD-Orstom et ses partenaires
Abstract presentMarseille: IRD. 423p.

Periodical articleGibson, Diana (2010)
See this publicationNegotiating the search for diagnosis and healing tuberculosis in Namibia: a case study of a Ju/'hoansi speaking man
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 14 #2. p. 47-61.

Periodical articleJaziri, Mondher El (2010)
Conservation et valorisation de la biodiversité: flore médicinale de Madagascar
Bulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 56 #3. p. 279-291.

Periodical articleMagadula, J.J.; Suleimani, H.O. (2010)
See this publicationCytotoxic and anti-HIV activities of some Tanzanian garcinia species
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. Volume 12 #2. April. p. 144-149.

Periodical articleMeier zu Biesen, Caroline (2010)
See this publicationThe rise to prominence of Artemisia annua L.: the transformation of a Chinese plant to a global pharmaceutical
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 14 #2. p. 24-46.

Periodical articleMoshi, M.J.; Innocent, E.; Otieno, J.N.; Magadula, J.J.; Nondo, R.S.O.; Otieno, D.F.; Wensheit, A.; Mbabazi, P. (2010)
See this publicationAntimicrobial and brine shrimp activity of acanthus pubescens root extracts
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. Volume 12 #2. April. p. 155-158.

Periodical articleMoshi, M.J.; Innocent, E.; Magadula, J.J.; Otieno, D.F.; Weisheit, A.; Mbabazi, P.; Nondo, R.S.O. (2010)
See this publicationBrine shrimp toxicity of some plants used as traditional medicines in Kagera Region, North Western Tanzania
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. Volume 12 #1. January. p. 63-67.

Periodical articleOloyede, Olajide (2010)
See this publicationEpistemological issues in the making of an African medicine: Sutherlandia (Lessertia frutescens)
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 14 #2. p. 74-88.

Periodical articleTekalign D.; Yalemtsehay M.; Abebe A. (2010)
See this publicationIn vivo anti-malarial activities of Clerodendrum myricoides, Dodonea angustifolia and Aloe debrana against plasmodium berghei
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 24 #1. p. 25-29.

Periodical articleChisembu, K.C.; Hedimbi, M. (2009)
See this publicationA survey of plants with anti-HIV active compounds and their modes of action
Medical Journal of Zambia. Volume 36 #4. October-December. p. 178-186.

Periodical articleGurib-Fakim, A. (2009)
Traditional medicine and its impact on livelihoods
Agricultural Innovations for Sustainable Development. Volume 2 #1. p. 115-122.

Periodical articleMalebo, H.M.; Tanja, W.; Cal, M.; Swaleh, S.A.M.; Omolo, M.O.; Hassanali, A.; Séquin, U.; Hamburger, M.; Brun, R.; Ndiege, I.O. (2009)
See this publicationAntiplasmodial, anti-trypanosomal, anti-leishmanial and cytotoxicity activity of selected Tanzanian medicinal plants
Tanzania Journal of Health Research. Volume 11 #4. October. p. 226-234.

Periodical articleNeimark, Benjamin D.; Schroeder, Richard A. (2009)
See this publicationHotspot discourse in Africa: making space for bioprospecting in Madagascar
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 28. p. 43-69.

BookShumba, Enos M. (ed.) (2009)
See this publicationTraditional medicinal plant practice in Southern Africa: a situational analysis in Zambia and Zimbabwe
Harare: WWF-World Wide Fund for Nature. 19p.

Conference paperFuma, Sudel; Chan Low, Jocelyn (eds.) (2008)
Épidémies et pharmacopée traditionnelle dans l'histoire des îles de l'océan Indien: actes du colloque international organisé du 05 au 07 décembre 2007 par l'Université de Maurice; et la Chaire Unesco de l'Université de la Réunion
Abstract presentSaint-Denis: Université de la Réunion. 335p.

Periodical articleIjeoma, O.F.; Achale, D.N. (2008)
See this publicationEvaluation of some tropical ethnomedicinal plants for biopesticidal potentials for the protection of yam biodeterioration
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 20 #3-4. December. p. 218-222.

Periodical articleNdege, S.; Amos, A.; Ejobi, F.; Resto, M. (2008)
Antibacterial activity of extracts from plants growing in the Lake Victoria Basin
African Journal of Environmental Studies and Development. Volume 1 #1. December. p. 63-69.

Periodical articleShangali, C.F.; Zilihona, I.J.E.; Mwang'ingo, P.L.P.; Nummelin, M. (2008)
See this publicationUse of medicinal plants in the Eastern Arc Mountains with special reference to the Hehe ethnic group in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania
Journal of East African Natural History. Volume 97 #2. p. 225-254.

Periodical articleAugusto, Geri (2007)
See this publicationKnowledge free and 'unfree': epistemic tensions in plant knowledge at the Cape in the 17th and 18th centuries
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies. Volume 2 #2. p. 136-182.

Periodical articleFullas, Fekadu (2007)
The status of African medicinal plants and their future
African Renaissance. Volume 4 #3-4. p. 102-112.

Periodical articleFullas, Fekadu (2007)
The role of indigenous medicinal plants in Ethiopian healthcare
African Renaissance. Volume 4 #1. p. 76-80.

Periodical articleNshimo, C. (2007)
Quality control of Tanzanian curcuma longa L. rhizome: an anti-inflammatory drug
Tanzania Medical Journal. Volume 22 #1. June. p. 20-27.

Periodical articleOrwa, J.A.; Mwitari, P.G.; Matu, E.N.; Rukunga, G.M. (2007)
See this publicationTraditional healers and the management of malaria in Kisumu District, Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 84 #2. February. p. 51-55.

Dissertation / thesisOsseo-Asare, Abena Dove Agyepoma (2007)
Bitter roots: African science and the search for healing plants in Ghana, 1885-2005
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 302p.

Periodical articleOtieno, J.N.; Lyaruu, H.V.M.; Hosea, K.M.M. (2007)
See this publicationEffect of domestication on bioactivity of medicinal herbs: case of Tarime District Tanzania
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 19 #special ed. 1-2. February. p. 85-91.

Periodical articleWeintritt, Julia (2007)
The use of plants in traditional medicine in Nigeria
Africana Bulletin. #55. p. 119-131.

Periodical articleBelay T.; Andargachew M.; Afework K.; Gizachew Y. (2006)
An invitro assessment of the antibacterial effect of garlic (Allium sativum) on bacterial isolates from wound infections
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 44 #4. October. p. 385-389.

Periodical articleBerhan, Abiyot; Asfaw, Zemede; Kelbessa, Ensermu (2006)
See this publicationEthnobotany of plants used as insecticides, repellents and anti-malarial agents in Jabitehnan District, West Gojjam
Sinet. Volume 29 #1. June. p. 87-92.

Periodical articleKaleab A.; Mazumder, A.; Bucar, F. (2006)
Antibacterial and antifungal activities of extracts of combretum molle
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 44 #3. July. p. 269-277.

Periodical articleKazembe, T.; Munyarari, E. (2006)
Effect of Aristolochia petersiana on the efficacy of fansidar
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 52 #1-2. January-February. p. 11-16.

Periodical articleMuhizi, T.; Green, I.R.; Amabeoku, G.J.; Bienvenu, E. (2006)
The extraction, fractionation and evaluation of compounds from the leaves of Leonotis leonorus for anticonvulsant activity
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 12. September. p. 15-30.

Periodical articleMwandemele, Osmund D.; Mshigeni, K.E.; Kosina, P.; Kamburona, C. (2006)
See this publicationChallenges of domesticating wild plants: the case of the Devil's Claw ('Harpagophytum' spp.) in the Kalahari desert ecosystem
Abstract presentDiscovery and Innovation. Volume 18 #3. September. p. 175-181.

Periodical articleNabucencwa, A. (2006)
Les plantes medicinales collectées par le Centre de civilisation Burundaise (C.C.B.) de 1978 à 1982. Pt. 2
Culture et société. Volume 16. juin. p. 111-122.

Periodical articleNgemenya, M.N.; Akam, T.M.; Yong, J.N.; Tane, P.; Fanso-Free, S.N.Y.; Berzins, K.; Titanji, V.P.K. (2006)
See this publicationAntiplasmodial activities of some products from turreanthus africanus (meliaceae)
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 13 #1-2. January-June. p. 33-39.

Periodical articleNtonifor, N.N.; Ngufor, C.A.; Kimbi, H.K.; Oben, B.O. (2006)
See this publicationTraditional use of indigenous mosquito-repellents to protect humans against mosquitoes and other insect bites in a rural community of Cameroon
East African Medical Journal. Volume 83 #10. October. p. 553-558.

Periodical articleSenyanzobe, J.M.V.; Akpagana, K.; Batawila, K.; Gbogbo, A.; Wala, K.; Kamagaju, L. (2006)
Etudes ethnobotanique, écologique et propriétés antifongiques de mondia whitei (Hook.f.) Skeels (asclepidiaceae)
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 12. September. p. 31-43.

Periodical articleWambebe, C. (2006)
See this publicationFrom plants to medicine for management of sickle cell disorder
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 1-4.

Periodical articleWoode, E.; Obiri, D.D.; Ansah, C.; Duwiejua, M.; Kuffuor, G.A. (2006)
Total alkaloidal extract of picralima nitida (fam. apocynaceae) seeds has anti-inflammatory actions
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 8 #1. p. 70-78.

Periodical articleGowela, J.P.; Kwapata, M.B.; Masangano, C.; Chikuni, A.C.; Akinifesi, F.K. (2005)
The status of medicinal trees used in child healthcare in ten villages surrounding Dzalanyama Forest Reserve in Malawi:
Bunda Journal of Agriculture, Environmental Science and Technology. Volume 3 #1. October. p. 39-48.

Periodical articleIbe, A.E.; Nwufo, Martin I. (2005)
See this publicationIdentification, Collection and Domestication of Medicinal Plants in Southeastern Nigeria
Africa Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 30 #3. p. 66-77.

Periodical articleKaleab A.; Bucar, F. (2005)
Anti-HIV activity against immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) and type II (HIV- II) of compounds isolated from the stem bark of combtetum molle
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 43 #1. January. p. 15-20.

Periodical articleKhalumba, M.L.; Mbugua, P.K.; Kung'u, J.P. (2005)
Uses and conservation of some highland species of the genus Sansevieria Thunb in Kenya
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 7 #pt. 2 of 3. 5-9 Dec.. p. 527-532.

Periodical articleMhame, P.P.; Nyigo, V.A.; Mbogo, G.P.; Wiketye, V.E.; Kimaro, G.; Mdemu, A.; Ogondieki, J.W.; Imeda, C.P.; Katani, S.; Sunguruma, R.; Kitufe, N.A. (2005)
The determination of safety of muhanse M4®, a traditional herbal preparation used to treat HIV/AIDS-related conditions and diseases in Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 7 #3. September. p. 168-173.

Periodical articleMoshi, M.J. (2005)
Current and future prospects of integrating traditional and alternative medicine in the management of diseases in Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 7 #3. September. p. 159-167.

Periodical articleNabucencwa, A. (2005)
Les plantes medicinales collectées par le Centre de civilisation Burundaise (C.C.B.) de 1978 à 1982. Pt. 1
Culture et société. Volume 15. juin. p. 111-134.

Periodical articleSidube, M.; Williams, J.T. (2005)
The African baobab, Adansonia digitata L
Nyala. Volume 23. p. 15-25.

Periodical articleYimtubezinash W.; Getahun A.; Chryssanthou, E. (2005)
In vitro activity of phytolacca dodecandra (Endod) against dermatophytes
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 43 #1. January. p. 31-34.

Periodical articleAmusan, O.O.G.; Dlamini, P.S.; Makhubu, L.P.; Shongwe, M.S. (2004)
Herbal medicines from Mafutseni area of Swaziland
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 7 #1. June. p. 70-76.

Periodical articleBetti, Jean L. (2004)
See this publicationAn Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants among the Baka Pygmies in the Dja Biosphere Reserve, Cameroon
African Study Monographs. Volume 25 #1. p. 1-27.

Periodical articleKatumba, B.M.; Boffa, J.M.; Abigaba, G.; Okorio, J. (2004)
Domestication of medicinal tree species in the Victoria lakeshore region
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 1. September. p. 84-88.

Periodical articleKayitare, E. (2004)
Formulation and evaluation of tablets manufactured from dodonaea angustifolia plant material
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 8. déc.. p. 68-85.

Periodical articleKiprono, C.P.; Midiwo, J.O.; Kipkemboi, P.K.; Ladogana, S. (2004)
See this publicationLavicidal benzoquinone from Embelia Schimperi
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 18 #1. June. p. 45-49.

Periodical articleManguro, L.O.A.; Ugi, I.; Lemen, P. (2004)
See this publicationFurther flavonol glycoside of embelia schimperi leaves
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 18 #1. June. p. 51-57.

Periodical articleMounzeo, H. (2004)
Transmission du savoir traditionnel sur les plantes médicinales
Revue gabonaise des sciences de l'homme. #5. juin. p. 11-15.

Periodical articleNamatovu, R. (2004)
The role of herbal gardens in alleviating HIV/AIDS in communities
THETA News. Volume 9 #1. January-June. p. 4-5.

Periodical articleOparaocha, E.T. (2004)
See this publicationEvaluating the anti-plasmodium, anti-pyretic and analgesic efficacy of some locally used anti-malaria herbs
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 16 #3-4. December. p. 126-132.

Periodical articlePatterson, G. (2004)
See this publicationKnysna elephants and medicinal mushrooms: a case of self-medication that has contributed to the survival of a relic elephant population?
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 16 #1-2. June. p. 1-4.

Periodical articleTshibangu, K.C.; Worku, Z.B.; De Jongh, M.A.; Van Wyk, A.E.; Mokwena, S.O.; Peranovic, V. (2004)
See this publicationAssessment of effectiveness of traditional herbal medicine in managing HIV/AIDS patients in South Africa
East African Medical Journal. Volume 81 #10. October. p. 499-504.

Periodical articleAdelowo, O.O.; Agbonlahor, R.O. (2003)
Challenges of developing a taxonomic information system (TAXIS) on the indigenous medicinal plants of south-western Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science. Volume 13 #1. p. 65-78.

Periodical articleDambisya, Y.M.; Tindimwebwa, G. (2003)
See this publicationTraditional remedies in children around Eastern Cape, South Africa
East African Medical Journal. Volume 80 #8. August. p. 402-405.

Periodical articleLubuva, F. (2003)
Moringa oleifera: cures many human diseases
Kakakuona. #30. July-September. p. 44-45.

Periodical articleMirutse G.; Gobena A. (2003)
See this publicationAn ethnobotanical survey on plants of veterinary importance in two woredas of southern Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
Sinet. Volume 26 #2. December. p. 123-136.

Periodical articleMulugeta L.; Demel T. (2003)
See this publicationFrankincense and myrrh resources of Ethiopia: Pt. 2. Medicinal and industrial uses
Sinet. Volume 26 #2. December. p. 161-172.

Periodical articleOryem-Origa, H.; Katende, A.B.; Kakudidi, E.K.Z. (2003)
Some medicinal plants in Mukono District
Abstract presentUganda Journal. Volume 49. December. p. 56-65.

Periodical articleAbbink, Jon (2002)
Plant use among the Suri people of southern Ethiopia: a system of knowledge in danger?
Abstract presentAfrikanistische Arbeitspapiere: Schriftenreihe des Kölner Instituts für Afrikanistik. #70. p. 199-206.

Periodical articleAsiedu-Gyekye, I.J.; Antwi, D.A.; Tete-Donkor (2002)
See this publicationSome effects of the medicinal plant kalanchoe pinnata
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 14 #1-2. June. p. 102-106.

Periodical articleDawit D.; Pharm B.; Hirut L.; Kelbessa U.; Asfaw D.; Getachew A.; Ashenif T.; Kidist Y. (2002)
Investigation on the antibacterial properties of garlic (Allium sativum) on pneumonia causing bacteria
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 40 #3. July. p. 241-249.

Periodical articleFowler, D.G. (2002)
Traditional Ila plant remedies from Zambia
Kirkia. Volume 18 #pt. 01. p. 35-48.

Periodical articleGetachew A.; Dawit A.; Timotewos G.; Kelbessa U. (2002)
See this publicationPerceptions and practices of modern and traditional health practitioners about traditional medicine in Shirka District, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 16 #1. April. p. 19-29.

Periodical articleGovinden-Soulange, J.; Gurib-Fakim, A.; Magan, N.; Kodja, H. (2002)
Effect of light and cytokinins on secondary metabolism in cell suspensions of Psiadia arguta (Pers.) Voight
University of Mauritius Research Journal. Science and Technology. Volume 9. p. 17-26.

Dissertation / thesisHamill, Frank Alexander (2002)
Studies of the medical ethnobotany of the Buganda kingdom
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 366p.

Periodical articleHirut L.; Asfaw D.; Getachew A.; Olaf K.; Aberra G.; Ferehiwot T.; Kidist Y. (2002)
See this publicationAnti-bacterial activity of Plumbago zeylanica L. roots on some pneumonia causing pathogens
Sinet. Volume 25 #2. December. p. 285-294.

Periodical articleLartigau-Roussin, Céline (2002)
Une approche de la taxonomie botanique populaire à Mayotte
Abstract presentÉtudes océan Indien. #33-34. p. 141-163.

Dissertation / thesisLebbie, Aiah Randolph (2002)
Distribution, exploitation and valuation of non-timber forest products from a forest reserve in Sierra Leone
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 240p.

Periodical articleNoumi, E.; Ngoa, D.R. (2002)
Plant remedies against lumbago in Messamena Subdivision, Eastern Province of Cameroon
Journal of Applied Social Sciences (Buea, Cameroon). Volume 2 #1-2. p. 140-155.

Periodical articleNwabuisi, C. (2002)
See this publicationProphylactic effect of multi-herbal extract 'Agbo-Iba' on malaria induced in mice
East African Medical Journal. Volume 79 #7. July. p. 343-346.

Periodical articleRukunga, G.M.; Kofi-Tsekpo, M.W.; Kurokawa, M.; Kageyama, S.; Mungai, G.M.; Muli, J.M.; Tolo, F.M.; Kibaya, R.M.; Muthaura, C.N.; Kanyara, J.N.; Tukei, P.M.; Shiraki, K. (2002)
See this publicationEvaluation of the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitory properties of extracts from some medicinal plants in Kenya
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 9 #1-2. January-June. p. 81-90.

Dissertation / thesisStewart, Kristine Marie (2002)
The commercial bark harvest of the African cherry (Prunus africana) on Mount Oku, Cameroon: effects on traditional uses and population dynamics
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 108p.

Periodical articleTane, P.; Tene, M.; Sterner, O. (2002)
See this publicationPicranitine, a new indole alkaloid from Picralima nitida (Apocynaceae)
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 16 #2. December. p. 165-168.

Periodical articleTeferi G.; Heinz-Jürgen, H. (2002)
See this publicationHerbalists in Addis Ababa and Butajira, Central Ethiopia: mode of service delivery and traditional pharmaceutical practice
Ethiopian Journal of Health Development. Volume 16 #2. August. p. 191-197.

Periodical articleTurkson, P.K.; Naandam, J. (2002)
See this publicationTraditional veterinary knowledge and practices in Northern Region of Ghana
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 35. p. 121-128.

Periodical articleYidana, J.A.; Bayorbor, T.B. (2002)
The multi-purpose value of medicinal plants and the potential for their cultivation
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 4 #2. p. 146-158.

Periodical articlePol, J.-L.V. (2001-2002)
Forest is not only wood: the importance of non-wood forest products for the food security of rural households in Ethiopia
Walia. #22. p. 11-27.

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