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Periodical articlePlancke, Carine (2017)
See this documentDance performances in post-genocide Rwanda: remaking identity, reconnecting present and past
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 11 #2. p. 329-346.

Periodical articlePoggiali, Lisa (2017)
See this documentDigital futures and analogue pasts? Citizenship and ethnicity in techno-utopian Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 87 #2. p. 253-277.

Periodical articleChaldeos, Antonios (2016)
See this documentThe French colonial policy in Tunisia between 1920 and 1930 and its influence on the Greek community
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 21 #3. p. 379-391.

Periodical articleChetty, Rajendra (2016)
See this documentTransactional memory in Ronnie Govender's 'At the Edge and other Cato Manor Stories'
Abstract presentThe English Academy Review. Volume 33 #1. p. 57-71.

Periodical articleHenkes, Barbara (2016)
See this documentShifting identifications in Dutch-South African migration policies (1910-1961)
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 68 #4. p. 641-669.

BookHutchison, Yvette (2016)
South African performance and archives of memory
Manchester: Manchester University Press. 238p.

BookIheanacho, Ngozi (2016)
Intercultural communication and public policy
Abstract presentPort Harcourt: M and J Grand Orbit Communications. 365p.

Periodical articleMpofu, Shepherd (2016)
See this documentToxification of national holidays and national identity in Zimbabwe's post-2000 nationalism
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 28 #1. p. 28-43.

Periodical articleNyawasha, Tawanda Sydesky (2016)
See this documentThe nation and its politics: discussing political modernity in the 'other' South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 229-242.

Periodical articlePrinsloo, Barend Louwrens (2016)
See this documentThe security dilemma evident in South Africa's foreign policy towards Africa
Africa Review: Journal of African Studies Association of India. Volume 8 #2. p. 81-95.

BookAkuupa, Michael (2015)
National culture in Post-Apartheid Namibia
Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien (Namibia Resource Centre). #15. 222p.

BookBeek, Wouter E.A. van (2015)
Zwarte Piet in Afrika: rite en ruzie
Tilburg: Tilburg University. 124p.

BookDjigo, Adama (2015)
Histoire des politiques du patrimoine culturel au Sénégal: 1816-2000
Paris: L'Harmattan. 514p.

Periodical articleFourchard, Laurent and Segatti, Aurelia (eds.) (2015)
See this documentIntroduction of xenophobia and citizenship: the everyday politics of exclusion and inclusion in Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #1. p. 2-153.

Periodical articleFreund, Bill (2015)
Nationalisms inclusive and exclusive: a comparison of the Indian Congress Movement and the African National Congress of South Africa
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #86. p. 5-29.

Conference paperGomez, Pierre and Coly, Sylvie (eds.) (2015)
La Gambie: actes du colloque international organisé par la Faculté des lettres et sciences de l'Université de Gambie du 7 au 9 novembre 2012
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. 206p.

Periodical articleIsaacs-Martin, Wendy (2015)
See this documentIssues of race, ethnicity, socio-economic position and spatial acknowlegement in South Africa: how spatial access and expression still perpetuate notions of difference, separation and uncertainty amongst the South African coloured population
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Renaissance Studies. Volume 10 #1. p. 120-140.

Periodical articleJacobs, J.U. (2015)
See this documentPerforming the precolonial: Zakes Mda's 'The Sculptors of Mapungubwe'
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 27 #1. p. 13-25.

Periodical articleKramer, Robert S. (2015)
See this documentThe death of Bassiouni: a case of complex identity in the Sudan
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 49 #1. p. 95-107.

BookNad, Veronika (2015)
See this documentFather of the Nation: Tanzania's independence jubilee and the Nyerere myth
Mainz: Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. #164. 46p.

BookNizigama, Isaac (2015)
Murundi, qui es-tu? Génèse et évolution de l'identité citoyenne déchirée au Burundi, des origines à nos jours
Paris: L'Harmattan. 316p.

Periodical articleOgbazghi, Petros B. (2015)
See this documentEritrea's politics and governance crisis as political culture epiphenomena
Abstract presentJournal of contemporary African studies. Volume 33 #4. p. 467-493.

Periodical articleOkyerefo, Michael Perry Kweku (2015)
'I am Austro-Ghanaian': citizenship and belonging of Ghanaians in Austria
Abstract presentGhana Studies. Volume 18 #1. p. 48-67.

Periodical articlePlancke, Carine (2015)
Donner corps au 'Nouveau Rwanda': danse et reconstruction post-génocidaire
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 55 #220. p. 711-738.

Periodical articleSabar, Galia and Rotbard, Adam (2015)
See this documentEritrean asylum seekers' lament ceremonies in Israel as contested sites of identity formation
Abstract presentAfrican Diaspora: a Journal of Transnational Africa in a Global World. Volume 8 #2. p. 147-173.

Periodical articleAtanga, Luc Armand (2014)
Les partis politiques ethno-tribaux sont-ils solubles dans l'unité nationale au Cameroun?
Abstract presentRevue africaine d'études politiques et stratégiques = African Journal of Political and Strategic Studies. p. 177-203.

BookBreed, Ananda (2014)
Performing the nation: genocide, justice, reconciliation
London: Seagull Books. 221p.

BookCoombes, Annie E. and Hughes, Lotte and Karega-Munene (2014)
Managing heritage, making peace: history, identity and memory in contemporary Kenya
London: I.B. Tauris. 258p.

Periodical articleEl-Khawas, Mohamed A. and Ndumbe Anyu, Julius (2014)
See this documentCôte d'Ivoire: ethnic turmoil and foreign intervention
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 61 #2. p. 41-55.

Periodical articleGibbs, James (2014)
See this documentUhuru na Kenyatta: White Settlers and the Symbolism of Kenya's Independence Day Events
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 42 #3. p. 503-529.

Conference paperGraiouid, Said and Belghazi, Taieb (eds.) (2014)
Migration, human rights and the politics of identity in a globalized world
Abstract presentRabat: Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines, Université Mohammed V. #183. 257p.

Periodical articleJayawardane, M. Neelika (2014)
See this document'Forget maps': documenting global apartheid and creating novel cartographies in Ishtiyaq Shukri's The Silent Minaret
Abstract presentResearch in African literatures. Volume 45 #1. p. 1-23.

BookJohnston, Alexander (2014)
South Africa: inventing the nation
New York: Bloomsbury Academic. 354p.

BookKipré, Pierre (2014)
Cultures et identités nationales en Afrique de l'Ouest: le Daà dans la société béninoise d'hier à demain
Paris: L'Harmattan. 219p.

Periodical articleLarmer, Miles and Kennes, Erik (2014)
See this documentRethinking the Katangese Secession
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 42 #4. p. 741-761.

BookMacLeod, Erin C. (2014)
Visions of Zion: Ethiopians and Rastafari in the search for the promised land
New York: New York University Press. 297p.

BookMavouba-Sokate, Georges (2014)
La construction d'une conscience nationale au Congo par les musiciens
Paris: L'Harmattan. 129p.

Periodical articleMoudoudou, Placide (2014)
L'État africain: entre constitutionnalisme libéral et constitutionnalisme identitaire
Revue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 68 #3. p. 291-320.

BookNkouta, Daniel (2014)
Autour de l'État-nation en Afrique: le cas du Congo-Brazzaville
Paris: L'Harmattan. 89p.

BookNtububa Bisimwa, Maurice (2014)
Les pouvoirs politiques traditionnels dans la gouvernance démocratique en RDC
Louvain-la-Neuve: Academia L'Harmattan. #12. 393p.

Periodical articlePaleker, Gairoonisa (2014)
See this documentThe State, citizens and control: film and African audiences in South Africa, 1910-1948
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 40 #2. p. 309-323.

BookTcheuyap, Alexie (2014)
Autoritarisme, presse et violence au Cameroun
Paris: Karthala. 310p.

Periodical articleAixelà, Yolanda (2013)
See this documentOf colonists, migrants and national identity: the historic difficulties of the socio-political construction of Equatorial Guinea
Abstract presentNordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 22 #1-2. p. 49-71.

Dissertation / thesisAnttalainen, Kati (2013)
See this documentDecolonising the mind? National identity and historical consciousness in Cameroonian history textbooks

BookBamba, Sékou (2013)
Identité & nationalité ivoiriennes: essai
Abidjan: Les Éditions Balafons. 81p.

Periodical articleBoudet, Catherine Nadia (2013)
See this documentNationalisme, décolonisation et consociation à l'île Maurice: l'émergence d'un Mauricianisme stratégique (1945-1967)
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 47 #3. p. 385-403.

BookChateau, Thierry (2013)
Citoyens du monde: les Mauriciens sont des gens comme les autres
Mauritius: Osman Publishing. 61p.

Periodical articleCourt, Anthony (2013)
The Banyamulenge of South Kivu: the 'Nationality Question'
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 72 #3. p. 416-439.

BookDomo, Joseph (2013)
Les relations entre frontaliers: Cameroun-Tchad
Paris: L'Harmattan. 204p.

BookKasule, Samuel (2013)
Resistance and politics in contemporary East African theatre: trends in Ugandan theatre since 1960
London: Adonis & Abbey Publishers Ltd. 242p.

BookMartin, Denis-Constant (2013)
See this documentSounding the Cape: music, identity and politics in South Africa
Cape Town: African Minds. 444p.

BookMcGovern, Mike (2013)
Unmasking the state: making Guinea modern
Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press. 293p.

Periodical articleMlambo, Alois S. (2013)
See this documentBecoming Zimbabwe or becoming Zimbabwean: identity, nationalism and State-building
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 48 #1. p. 49-70.

BookN'Da, Jean-David (2013)
Médias, colons et mondialisation: le cas de la Côte d'Ivoire
Paris: l'Harmattan. 147p.

BookNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J. and Ndhlovu, Finex (eds.) (2013)
Nationalism and national projects in Southern Africa: new critical reflections
Abstract presentPretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. 361p.

BookOjukutu-Macauley, Sylvia and Rashid, Ismail (eds.) (2013)
Paradoxes of history and memory in post-colonial Sierra Leone
Abstract presentLanham, MD: Lexington Books. 323p.

BookThomas, Dominic (2013)
Africa and France: postcolonial cultures, migration, and racism
Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press. 329p.

BookBing, Natascha (2012)
See this documentSprache und Nation in Afrika: Monolinguales Ideal in multilingualen Gesellschaften
Mainz: Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. #137. 94p.

Periodical articleFouéré, Marie-Aude (2012)
See this documentReinterpreting revolutionary Zanzibar in the media today: the case of 'Dira' newspaper
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #4. p. 672-689.

Periodical articleFrahm, Ole (2012)
See this documentDefining the nation: national identity in South Sudanese media discourse
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 47 #1. p. 21-49.

Periodical articleIsaacs-Martin, Wendy (2012)
National identity and distinctiveness: developing a common identity in a nation state (with references to South Africa)
Africa Insight. Volume 42 #2. p. 169-183.

Periodical articleMarr, Stephen David (2012)
See this document'If you are with ten, only two will be Batswana': nation-making and the public discourse of paranoia in Botswana
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 46 #1. p. 65-86.

Periodical articleMitchell, Matthew I. (2012)
See this documentMigration, citizenship and autochthony: strategies and challenges for State-building in Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 30 #2. p. 267-287.

Periodical articleNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J. (2012)
See this documentThe death of the Subject with a capital 'S' and the perils of belonging: a study of the construction of ethnocracy in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 26 #4. p. 525-546.

Periodical articleNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J. (2012)
Racialised ethnicities and ethnicised races: reflections on the making of South Africanism
African Identities. Volume 10 #4. p. 407-422.

BookOgot, Bethwell A. (2012)
Kenyans, who are we: reflections on the meaning of national identity and nationalism
Kisumu: Anyange Press Ltd. 168p.

Periodical articleOsemeka, Irene N. (2012)
Casamancais versus Sénégalaise: migration and the indigene-settler conflict in post-independence Senegal
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 12. p. 103-120.

Periodical articlePlacide Tama, Jean-Nazaire (2012)
La notion de crime contre l'humanité et les événements politiques en Côte d'Ivoire: regard critique sur des cas d'homicide de masse
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 66 #1. p. 72-94.

BookSpecken, Hendrik (2012)
See this document'This is not our homeland': die alltägliche (Re-)Produktion von Nation in einem saharauischen Flüchtlingslager
Mainz: Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität. #139. 74p.

BookSá, Ana Lúcia (2012)
A ruralidade na narrativa Angolana do século XX: elemento de construção da nação
Luanda: Kilombelombe. #7. 698p.

Dissertation / thesisWelschen, Saskia Irene (2012)
See this documentThe country we are supposed to be: 'born free' South Africans talk about their nation
VU University Amsterdam. Ph.D. dissertation (2012). 292p.

Periodical articleWhiteman, Kaye (2012)
Nigéria: une nouvelle crise identitaire
Géopolitique africaine. #42. p. 95-106.

Periodical articleWright, Laurence (2012)
See this document'Being present where you are': Guy Butler's South Africanism (with notes on Kirkwood and Coetzee): 'Guy Butler: reassessing a South African literary life'
Abstract presentCurrent Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. p. 2-15.

Periodical articleAdika, Prince K. (2011)
See this documentMarking transgressive spaces and bodies: a review of contemporary Ghanaian poetry
Abstract presentLegon Journal of the Humanities. Volume 22. p. 1-25.

Periodical articleAfan, Roger Mawuto (2011)
Démocratie, intégration et identités nationales en Afrique
Éthique & société. Volume 7 #1. p. 77-91.

Periodical articleAkanji, Olajide O. (2011)
'The problem of belonging': the identity question and the dilemma of nation-building in Nigeria
African Identities. Volume 9 #2. p. 117-132.

BookAkindès, Francis (ed.) (2011)
See this documentCôte d'Ivoire: la réinvention de soi dans la violence
Abstract presentDakar: CODESRIA. 256p.

Periodical articleAmara, Mahfoud (2011)
See this documentFootball, the new battlefield of business in Algeria: Djezzy and Nedjma ... RANA MAK YA AL-KHDRA
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 16 #3. p. 343-360.

Periodical articleAmuka, Peter S.O. (2011)
The word and nation-formation: towards a utilitarian reading of literature in Kenya
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 10. p. 1-17.

BookCheck, Nicasius Achu (2011)
Forces nouvelles and the search for ivorité: interrogating the Côte d'Ivoire national question. Climate change and water degradation: challenges for sustaining human security in the Lake Chad Basin. France and the Linas-Marcoussis Agreement for Côte d'Ivoire: implications for Africa continental integration. ECOWAS conflict-resolution initiatives in the Ivorian crisis: challenges and prospects. Water degradation trends in the Lake Chad Basin ecosystem: implications for peace and security in the sub-region
Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. #7-2011. 98p.

Periodical articleDisele, Potlako L.P. and Tyler, David J. and Power, E.J. (2011)
Conserving and sustaining culture through traditional dress
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 26 #1. p. 15-45.

BookElowson, Camilla (2011)
See this documentMinor conflict, major consequences? Facing an unresolved identity crisis in Côte d'Ivoire
Stockholm: Division of Defence Analysis, Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI). 72p.

DVD / videoElsanhouri, Taghred (ed.) (2011)
See this documentOur beloved Sudan: documentary feature
Abstract presentTaghred Elsanhouri.

Periodical articleKidula, Jean Ngoya (2011)
Gospel music videos in the counter-memory of post-nation identity in Kenya
African Music Journal. Volume 9 #1. p. 116-135.

Periodical articleMehretu, Assefa (2011)
Delegitimizing multicultural collective identify in Ethiopia: a critical reflection on ethnic federalism
Horn of Africa. Volume 29. p. 64-82.

Periodical issueMeleiro, Alessandra (ed.) (2011)
Luso-African cinema: nation and cinema
Abstract presentJournal of African Cinemas. Volume 3 #2. p. 133-249.

Periodical articleOyeniyi, Bukola Adeyemi (2011)
Dress in Nigeria's nationalist discourse
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 12 #1. p. 1-24.

Periodical articlePineteh, Ernest Angu (2011)
Spaces of inclusion and exclusion: the dynamics of Cameroonian associations in Johannesburg, South Africa
African Identities. Volume 9 #4. p. 401-416.

BookPouessel, Stéphanie (2011)
Les identités amazighes au Maroc
Paris: Non Lieu. 204p.

Periodical articleAdeogun, E.Ola (2010)
Jeremiah 31:31-34 and its theological implications for rebranding
African Journal of Biblical Studies. Volume 28 #1. p. 1-28.

Periodical articleAdeyanju, James O. (2010)
Christian spirituality, depicted in Galatians 5:16-18, as a tool for rebranding in Nigeria
African Journal of Biblical Studies. Volume 28 #1. p. 84-101.

Periodical articleAustin, Guy (2010)
Against amnesia: representations of memory in Algerian cinema
Journal of African Cinemas. Volume 2 #1. p. 27-35.

Periodical articleBeucher, Benoît (2010)
La naissance de la communauté nationale burkinabè ou comment le Voltaïque devint un 'Homme intègre'
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #118. p. 165-186.

Periodical articleBlanc, Guillaume (2010)
Constructions nationale et patrimoniale dans l'Érythrée indépendante (1991-2006)
Annales d'Éthiopie. Volume 25. p. 209-228.

Periodical issueBonte, Pierre and Boulay, Sébastien (eds.) (2010)
Special issue on Mauritania part 1
Abstract presentMaghreb Review. Volume 35 #1-2. 252p.

Periodical articleBridonneau, Marie (2010)
Patrimonialiser le centre colonial d'Asmara: des politiques culturelles et urbaines aux enjeux identitaires
Pount: cahiers d'études: Corne de l'Afrique - Arabie du Sud. #4. p. 27-51.

Periodical articleCamara, Amadou M. (2010)
La construction de l'identité territoriale dans les programmes d'histoire et de géographie: étude comparative entre les programmes dits de 'Tananarive' et ceux en vigueur au Sénégal depuis 2004
Annales de la Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines. #40. p. 95-107.

Periodical articleCutolo, Armando (2010)
See this documentModernity, autochthony and the Ivorian nation: the end of a century in Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 80 #4. p. 527-552.

BookDeng, Francis Mading (2010)
Sudan at the brink: self-determination and national unity
New York: Institute for International Humanitarian Affairs. 55p.

Periodical articleEdwards, Paul N. and Hecht, Gabrielle (2010)
See this documentHistory and the technopolitics of identity: the case of apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 36 #3. p. 619-639.

Search: su=national identity
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