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Periodical articleHove, Mediel and Chenzi, Vincent (2020)
See this documentA drive to regime change through nonviolent economic warfare: The post-Mugabe era, 2017–2019
African Security Review. Volume 29 #1. p. 82-102.

BookRussell, Aidan (2019)
Politics and Violence in Burundi: The Language of Truth in an Emerging State
Abstract presentCambridge: Cambridge University Press. African studies series. 330p.

BookRussell, Aidan (ed.) (2018)
Truth, Silence and Violence in Emerging States: Histories of the Unspoken
Abstract presentNew York, NY: Routledge. Routledge studies in human rights. 222p.

Periodical articleVogel, Christoph and Stearns, Jason K. (2018)
See this documentKivu's intractable security conundrum, revisited
African Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 117 #469. p. 695-707.

Periodical articleBekoe, Dorina A. (2017)
See this documentThe contradictions of pre-election violence: the effects of violence on voter turnout in Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 60 #2. p. 73-92.

Periodical articleGibbs, Timothy (2017)
See this documentInkatha's young militants: reconsidering political violence in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 87 #2. p. 362-386.

Periodical articleKlaus, Kathleen (2017)
See this documentContentious land narratives and the nonescalation of election violence: evidence from Kenya's coast region
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 60 #2. p. 51-72.

Periodical articleKrause, Jana (2017)
See this documentNon-violence and civilian agency in communal war: evidence from Jos, Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 116 #463. p. 261-283.

BookThépaut, Charles (2017)
Le monde arabe en morceaux: des printemps arabes à Daech
Malakoff: Armand Colin. Collection U. 287p.

Periodical articleViti, Fabio (2017)
Les massacres de Diapé et de Makoundié (Côte-d'Ivoire, juin 1910): entre répression coloniale et violences interafricaines
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 57 #225. p. 59-88.

Periodical articleWessels, Michael (2017)
See this documentRepresentations of Revolutionary Violence in Recent Indian and South African Fiction
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 43 #5. p. 1031-1047.

Periodical articleYoung, Graeme (2017)
See this documentFrom protection to repression: the politics of street vending in Kampala
Journal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 11 #4. p. 714-733.

Periodical articleAbatan, Ella and Spies, Yolanda (2016)
See this documentAfrican solutions to African problems? The AU, R2P and Côte d'Ivoire
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 23 #1. p. 21-38.

Periodical articleAdebayo, Joseph Olusegun (2016)
See this documentFostering nonviolent elections in Africa through conflict-sensitive reportage of elections
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #3. p. 303-315.

BookAmnesty International, London (2016)
See this documentNigeria: 'bullets were raining everywhere': deadly repression of pro-Biafra activists
London: Amnesty International. 58p.

BookBertelsen, Bjørn Enge (2016)
Violent becomings: state formation, sociality, and power in Mozambique
New York: Berghahn Books. Ethnography, theory, experiment. 332p.

Periodical articleBratton, Michael (2016)
See this documentViolence, displacement and democracy in post-conflict societies: evidence from Mali
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 34 #4. p. 437-458.

Periodical articleBrosché, Johan and Höglund, Kristine (2016)
See this documentCrisis of governance in South Sudan: electoral politics and violence in the world's newest nation
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 54 #1. p. 67-90.

Periodical articleChiweshe, Manase Kudzai (2016)
Efficacy of top-down approaches to post-conflict social coexistence and community building: experiences from Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 16 #2. p. 11-34.

BookCockett, Richard (2016)
Sudan: the failure and division of an African State
New Haven: Yale University Press. 332p.

Periodical articleCook, Christopher R. (2016)
See this documentDiamonds are forever? Press coverage of African conflicts and the Westphalian filter of resource wars
Abstract presentJournal of African Media Studies. Volume 8 #2. p. 109-126.

BookDebos, Marielle (2016)
Living by the gun in Chad: combatants, impunity and State formation
London: Zed Books. 239p.

Periodical articleEndoh, Fabrice Tambe and Mbao, M.L. Melvin (2016)
See this documentPolitical dynamics in Kenya's post-electoral violence: justice without peace or political compromise?
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #3. p. 275-287.

Periodical articleGithigaro, John Mwangi (2016)
See this documentWhat went wrong in South Sudan in December 2013
Abstract presentAfrican Conflict and Peacebuilding Review. Volume 6 #2. p. 112-122.

Periodical articleGohourou, Florent (2016)
De la crise politico-militaire ivoirienne à la crise franco-ivoirienne: déconstruction et récomposition des territoires français de Côte d'Ivoire
Territoires d'Afrique. #8. p. 89-98.

Periodical articleHilali, Benazir (2016)
Vers une sortie de crise du Mali, la restructuration d'un territoire en déshérence
Territoires d'Afrique. #8. p. 99-108.

Conference paperKabamba Mbikay, André (ed.) (2016)
Prospective pour une paix durable en RDC: horizon 2050: actes du Congrès international ACRok inc., Brisbane 2015
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 314p.

Periodical articleMagara, Ibrahim (2016)
Transitional justice and democratisation nexus: challenges of confronting legacies of past injustices and promoting reconciliation within weak institutions in Kenya
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 16 #1. p. 9-34.

Periodical articleMaringira, Godfrey (2016)
See this documentCrime in rank and file: Azania People's Liberation Army combatants in South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #4. p. 431-438.

BookMarinovich, Greg (2016)
Murder at small koppie: the real story of the Marikana massacre
Cape Town: Penguin Books. 267p.

Periodical articleMashingaidze, Terence M. (2016)
See this documentUnmasking silence and impunity: the Zimbabwe Peace Project's e-activism in a polarised political dispensation
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #4. p. 378-392.

Periodical articleMathilde, Joncheray (2016)
Des territoires à l'épreuve des guerres: conflits et recompositions territoriales au Sud du Congo
Territoires d'Afrique. #8. p. 27-38.

Periodical articleMiossec, Jean-Marie (2016)
Crises et recompositions post-révolutionnaires dans le monde arabo-musulman
Territoires d'Afrique. #8. p. 123-143.

Periodical articleOjo, Emmanuel O (2016)
'Bunker' democracy and the challenges of sustaining democratic values in Nigeria: an appraisal of the 2011 general elections
Abstract presentJournal of African Elections. Volume 15 #1. p. 93-112.

BookOmotoso, Femi and Kehinde, Michael (eds.) (2016)
Democratic governance and political participation in Nigeria 1999 - 2014
Abstract presentDenver: Spears Media. 540p.

Periodical articlePiccolino, Giulia (2016)
See this documentThe legacy of armed conflicts: Southern African and comparative perspectives
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 51 #3. p. 123-134.

Periodical articlePierre, Jean-Philippe and Desse, Michel (2016)
Les territoires oubliés en crise violente en Afrique
Territoires d'Afrique. #8. p. 109-122.

BookPérouse de Montclos, Marc-Antoine (ed.) (2016)
See this documentViolence in Nigeria: 'a qualitative and quantitative analysis'
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. West African politics and society (WAPOSO) series #3. 216p.

Periodical articleRbii, Hamid (2016)
Les pays du Maghreb face au défi du terrorisme et de l'extrémisme violent
REMALD: revue marocaine d'administration locale et de développement. #131. p. 45-76.

Periodical articleApuuli, Kasaija Phillip (2015)
See this documentIGAD's mediation in the current South Sudan conflict: prospects and challenges
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 8 #2. p. 120-145.

Periodical articleBarumwete, Siméon (2015)
L'accord d'Arusha et la violence politique au Burundi
Éthique & société. Volume 11. p. 147-177.

Periodical articleBernault, Florence and Deutsch, Jan Georg (2015)
See this documentIntroduction control and excess: histories of violence in Africa
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #3. p. 385-394.

Periodical articleChacha, Babere Kerata (2015)
Scars of memory and scales of justice: rethinking political assassinations in post-colonial Africa
CODESRIA Bulletin. #3-4. p. 94-98.

BookComolli, Virginia (2015)
Boko Haram: Nigeria's islamist insurgency
London: Hurst & Company. 239p.

BookDe Waal, Alex (2015)
The real politics of the Horn of Africa: money, war and the business of power
Cambridge: Polity Press. 267p.

Periodical articleDeacon, Gregory (2015)
See this documentDriving the devil out: Kenya's born-again election
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 45 #2. p. 200-220.

BookDoui-Wawaye, Augustin Jérémie (2015)
L'insécurité en République centrafricaine: quel rôle pour le droit international
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série politique. 126p.

Periodical articleDowd, Caitriona (2015)
See this documentGrievances, governance and Islamist violence in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #4. p. 505-531.

DVD / videoEmptaz, Charles and Creisson, Pierre (eds.) (2015)
Burundi: the death of democracy?
Abstract presentBoulogne-Billancourt: Java Films.

Periodical articleEnria, Luisa (2015)
See this documentLove and betrayal: the political economy of youth violence in post-war Sierra Leone
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 53 #4. p. 637-660.

BookGango-Oyiba, Franck (2015)
Violences politiques et guerres civiles au Congo Brazzaville: les comportements des acteurs politiques
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série politique. 271p.

Periodical articleGil-Alana, Luis and Singh, Prakarsh (2015)
See this documentThe impact of ethnic violence in Kenya on wheat and maize markets
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 24 #4. p. 502-529.

Periodical articleHadland, Adrian (2015)
See this documentRisk and journalism in the digital age
Abstract presentAfrican journalism studies. Volume 36 #1. p. 129-134.

BookHashil, Hashil Seif and Faris, Ahmed (2015)
Living un der the shadow of terror: Zanzibar caught off guard
Abstract present368p.

BookKassaï, Didier (2015)
Tempête sur Bangui
Paris: La boîte à bulles. Hors champ. 147p.

Periodical articleKatubadi-Bakenge, Jean-Marie (2015)
L'accord d'Arusha et la loi fondamentale à l'épreuve du debat sur la sécurité au Burundi
Éthique & société. Volume 11. p. 179-217.

BookKenyans for peace with truth and justice (KPTJ) (2015)
See this documentDomestic prosecution of international crimes: lessons for Kenya
Nairobi: Africa Centre for Open Governance. 29p.

Periodical articleKillander, Magnus and Nyathi, Mkhululi (2015)
See this documentAccountability for the Gukurahundi atrocities in Zimbabwe thirty years on: prospects and challenges
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 48 #3. p. 463-487.

Periodical articleMchunu, Mxolisi R. (2015)
See this document'We have finished them': ritual killing and war-doctoring in Kwazulu-Natal during the 1980s and 1990s
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 47 #2. p. 58-84.

BookMoney, Elie Z. (2015)
Par la force, Alassane Ouattara président de la Côte d'Ivoire: la démocratie à l'épreuve
Paris: L'Harmattan. 274p.

Periodical articleMurambadoro, Ruth (2015)
See this document'We cannot reconcile until the past has been acknowledged': perspectives on 'Gukurahundi' from Matabeleland, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 15 #1. p. 33-57.

BookMutamba Makombo, Jean-Marie (2015)
L'U.D.P.S. dans l'oeil du cyclone: la violence politique au Zaïre sous Mobutu: octobre 1985
Paris: L'Harmattan. 97p.

BookNasong'o, Shadrack Wanjala (ed.) (2015)
The roots of ethnic conflict in Africa: from grievance to violence
Abstract presentNew York City: Palgrave Macmillan. 208p.

BookNdombet, Wilson-André (ed.) (2015)
Processus électoraux et immobilisme politique au Gabon: 1990-2009
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Études africaines, Série politique. 248p.

Periodical articleNgwenya, Dumisani and Harris, Geoff (2015)
The consequences of not healing: evidence from the Gukurahundi violence in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 15 #2. p. 35-55.

Periodical issueOwona Nguini, Mathias Eric (ed.) (2015)
Dossier: L'Afrique centrale à l'épreuve des violences collectives: une lecture entre repères étatiques, repères sociaux et repères internationaux
Abstract presentEnjeux: bulletin d'analyses géopolitiques pour l'Afrique centrale. #51. p. 7-60.

BookReboas, Aristide Briand (2015)
Pour une politique de paix en Centrafrique
Paris: L'Harmattan. Diplomatie et stratégie. 47p.

Periodical issueRolandsen, Øystein H. and Anderson, David M. (eds.) (2015)
Special issue: Violence in the contemporary political history of Eastern Africa
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 48 #1. p. 1-116.

Periodical articleRueedi, Franziska (2015)
See this document'Siyayinyova!': patterns of violence in the African townships of the Vaal Triangle, South Africa, 1980-86
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #3. p. 395-416.

Periodical articleRussell, Aidan (2015)
See this documentObedience and selective genocide in Burundi
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 85 #3. p. 437-456.

Periodical articleVandeginste, Stef (2015)
See this documentBurundi's electoral crisis: back to power-sharing politics as usual?
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 114 #457. p. 624-636.

Periodical articleVerweijen, Judith (2015)
See this documentFrom autochthony to violence? Discursive and coercive social practices of the Mai-Mai in Fizi, eastern DR Congo
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 58 #2. p. 157-180.

Periodical articleWhittaker, Hannah (2015)
See this documentLegacies of Empire: State Violence and Collective Punishment in Kenya's North Eastern Province, c. 1963-Present
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 43 #4. p. 641-657.

Periodical articleAnderson, David M. (2014)
See this documentRemembering Wagalla: State violence in northern Kenya, 1962-1991
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 658-676.

Periodical articleAnderson, David M. and Rolandsen, Øystein H. (2014)
See this documentViolence as politics in eastern Africa, 1940-1990: legacy, agency, contingency
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 539-557.

BookAnonymous (2014)
M23: chronique d'une révolution citoyenne
Dakar: Les Éditions de la Brousse. 270p.

Periodical articleBranch, Daniel (2014)
See this documentViolence, decolonisation and the Cold War in Kenya's north-eastern province, 1963-1978
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 642-657.

Periodical articleChacha, Mwita and Horne, Cale (2014)
See this documentLeadership change and the power of domestic audiences: a game theoretic account of escalation and de-escalation in civil conflicts
Abstract presentAfrican security. Volume 7 #2. p. 110-134.

BookDlamini, Jacob (2014)
Askari: a story of collaboration and betrayal in the anti-apartheid struggle
Auckland Park: Jacana Media. 307p.

Periodical articleDombo, Sylvester (2014)
Refusing to be co-opted? Organizations and reconciliation in Zimbabwe with special reference to the Christian Alliance of Zimbabwe 2005-2013
Abstract presentJournal for the Study of Religion. Volume 27 #2. p. 137-171.

BookEsambu Matenda, Jean-Bosco Germain (2014)
Conflits identitaires et enjeux économiques internationaux dans la région des Grands Lacs
Paris: L'Harmattan. Points de vue. 136p.

BookFouéré, M-A. (ed.) (2014)
Kenya's past and prologue: voters, violence and the 2013 general election
Abstract presentNairobi: Twaweza Publications. 264p.

BookGuichard, Martine (ed.) (2014)
Friendship, descent, and alliance in Africa: anthropological perspectives
Abstract presentNew York: Berghahn. Integration and conflict studies. 211p.

Periodical articleHagmann, Tobias (2014)
See this documentPunishing the periphery: legacies of State repression in the Ethiopian Ogaden
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 725-739.

Periodical articleHunt, Nancy Rose (2014)
Espace, temporalité et rêverie: écrire l'histoire des futurs au Congo belge
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #135. p. 115-136.

Periodical articleKakai, Hygin (2014)
La contestation électorale au Bénin
Revue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 68 #4. p. 432-458.

Periodical articleKuol, Luka B. Deng (2014)
See this documentPolitical violence and the emergence of the dispute over Abyei, Sudan, 1950-1983
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 573-589.

BookMachel, Graca and Mkapa, Benjamin (2014)
See this documentBack from the brink: The 2008 mediation process and reforms in Kenya
Geneva: African Union Commission. 332p.

BookMateus, Dalila Cabrita (2014)
Purga em Angola o 27 de maio de 1977
Alfragide: Texto Editores. 236p.

Periodical articleMenkhaus, Ken (2014)
See this documentCalm between the storms? Patterns of political violence in Somalia, 1950-1980
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 558-572.

BookMurunga, Godwin R. and Okello, Duncan and Sjögren, Anders (eds.) (2014)
See this documentKenya: the struggle for a new constitutional order
Abstract presentLondon: Zed Books, in association with the Nordic Africa Institute. Africa now. 192p.

BookNdeikwila, Samson (2014)
The agony of truth: autobiography of Samson Ndeikwila
Windhoek: Kuiseb Verlag. 219p.

BookNfor, Nfor N. (2014)
In chains for my country: crusading for the British Southern Cameroons
Bamenda: Langaa Research & Publishing CIG. 161p.

Periodical articleOrji, Nkwachukwu (2014)
See this documentNigeria's 2015 election in perspective
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 49 #3. p. 121-133.

BookPersson, Henrik (2014)
See this documentNigeria: an overview of challenges to peace and security
Stockholm: FOI. FOI report. 66p.

BookRaeymaekers, Timothy (2014)
Violent capitalism and hybrid identity in the Eastern Congo: power to the margins
New York: Cambridge University Press. 191p.

Periodical articleRenne, Elisha P. (2014)
See this documentParallel dilemmas: polio transmission and political violence in Northern Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 84 #3. p. 466-486.

DVD / videoRickards, Meg and Haitsma, Bert and Egan, Paul and Kani, John (eds.) (2014)
See this document1994: the bloody miracle
Abstract presentBoondogle Films.

Periodical articleRolandsen, Øystein H. and Leonardi, Cherry (2014)
See this documentDiscourses of violence in the transition from colonialism to independence in southern Sudan, 1955-1960
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 8 #4. p. 609-625.

BookSiméant, Johanna (2014)
Contester au Mali: formes de la mobilisation et de la critique à Bamako
Paris: Karthala. Les Afriques. 257p.

Search: su=political violence
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