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BookAzizi, Jamal and Giraud, Pierre-Noël and Ollivier, Timothée (eds.) (2016)
Richesses de la nature et pauvreté des nations: essai sur la malédiction de la rente minière et pétrolière en Afrique
Paris: Mines. 250p.

Periodical articleVan Gyampo, Ransford Edward (2016)
See this documentTransparency and accountability in the management of oil revenues in Ghana
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 51 #2. p. 79-91.

BookKakala Bahongela, Rudy Jordache (2015)
La collecte des recettes urbaines de Kinshasa: restructuration de la fiscalité de la DGRK
Paris: L'Harmattan. 257p.

BookMbilizi, Billy Kakelengwa and Ngonga, Alphonse Maindo Monga (2015)
See this documentDéficit de redevabilité dans la gestion de la rente forestière communautaire: le cas de Yasekwe en Province orientale (République démocratique du Congo)
Dakar: CODESRIA. #18. 30p.

BookPascal, Lionel (2015)
République CentrAfricaine: douanes et corruption, causes de la déliquescence du pays?
Paris: L'Harmattan. 484p.

Periodical articleCaldeira, Emilie and Rota-Graziosi, Grégoire (2014)
See this documentThe crowding-in effect of simple unconditional central grants on local own-source revenue: the case of Benin
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 23 #3. p. 361-387.

Periodical articleMcGaffin, Robert and Napier, Mark and Gavera, Lucille (2014)
See this documentValue capture in South Africa: conditions for their successful use in the current legal context
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 25 #3. p. 375-387.

Periodical articleBatty, Fodei (2013)
Enacting the Mines and Minerals Act (2009) of Sierra Leone: actors, interests and outcomes
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 72 #3. p. 353-374.

BookMagrin, Géraud (2013)
Voyage en Afrique rentière: une lecture géographique des trajectoires du développement
Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne. #2. 424p.

Periodical articleBotlhole, Thuto and Asafu-Adjaye, John and Carmignani, Fabrizio (2012)
See this documentNatural resource abundance, institutions and tax revenue mobilisation in Sub-Sahara Africa
South African Journal of Economics. Volume 80 #2. p. 135-156.

Periodical articleDagher, Jihad and Gottschalk, Jan and Portillo, Rafael (2012)
See this documentThe short-run impact of oil windfalls in low-income countries: a DSGE approach
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 21 #3. p. 343-372.

Periodical articleEbeke, Christian and Ehrhart, Helene (2012)
See this documentTax revenue instability in sub-Saharan Africa: consequences and remedies
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 21 #1. p. 1-27.

Periodical articlePissang Keller, Fernand (2012)
Les mécanismes de gestion et de transparence des redevances pétrolières au Cameroun et au Gabon
Abstract presentAfrican Administrative Studies. #79. p. 87-118.

Periodical articleOgunyemi, Adetunji Ojo (2011)
See this documentFinancing Nigeria's colonial administration: a comparative study of its revenue and expenditure profiles, 1940-1960
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 11. p. 37-58.

Periodical articleAdewuyi, Adeolu O. (2010)
Effects of trade and exchange rate policies on imports and trade tax revenue in Nigeria
Abstract presentIbadan journal of the social sciences. Volume 8 #1. p. 11-30.

Periodical articleBreisinger, Clemens (2010)
See this documentManaging future oil revenues in Ghana: an assessment of alternative allocation options
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 22 #2. p. 303-315.

Periodical articleIdemudia, Uwafiokun (2009)
See this documentThe quest for the effective use of natural resource revenue in Africa: beyond transparency and the need for compatible cultural democracy in Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 56 #2. p. 3-24.

BookAghali, Abdoulkader (2008)
See this documentLa commune d'In Gall (3): observatoire de la décentralisation au Niger (enquête de suivi 2008)
Niamey: LASDEL. #73. 26p.

Periodical articleArndt, Channing and Tarp, Finn (2008)
See this documentTrade Policy Reform and the Missing Revenue
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 17 #1. January. p. 131-160.

Periodical articleOlarinmoye, Omobolaji Ololade (2008)
Politics does matter: the Nigerian State and oil (resource) curse
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 33 #3. p. 21-34.

BookOmeje, Kenneth C. (ed.) (2008)
Extractive economies and conflicts in the global South: multi-regional perspectives on rentier politics
Abstract presentAldershot: Ashgate. 251p.

Periodical articleWolde-Rufael, Yemane (2008)
See this documentThe Revenue-Expenditure Nexus: the experience of 13 African countries
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 20 #2. p. 273-283.

Periodical articleLusinyan, Lusine and Thornton, John (2007)
See this documentThe revenue-expenditure nexus: historical evidence for South Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 75 #3. p. 496-507.

Periodical articleSwanepoel, Jan A. (2007)
See this documentAdjusting South Africa's fiscal balance for terms-of-trade effects
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 75 #4. p. 719-727.

Periodical articleAndersson, Petra and Crone, Sara and Stage, Jesper and Stage, Jorn (2005)
See this documentPotential Monopoly Rents From International Wildlife Tourism: An Example from Uganda's Gorilla Tourism
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 21 #1. January. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleChevalier, Jean-Marie (2005)
L'Afrique et le pétrole: entre malédiction des importations et des exportations
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #216. p. 57-64.

Periodical articleCollier, Paul and Hoeffler, Anke (2005)
Démocraties pétrolières
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #216. p. 107-123.

Periodical articleHeap, Simon (2005)
See this document'A Bottle of Gin is Dangled Before the Nose of the Natives': The Economic Uses of Imported Liquor in Southern Nigeria, 1860-1920
Abstract presentAfrican Economic History. #33. p. 69-85.

Periodical articleMassuyeau, Benoît and Dorbeau-Falchier, Delphine (2005)
Gouvernance pétrolière au Tchad: la loi de gestion des revenus pétroliers
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #216. p. 139-156.

Periodical articleRosellini, Christine (2005)
La répartition de la rente pétrolière en Afrique centrale: enjeux et perspectives
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #216. p. 125-138.

Periodical articleSébille-Lopez, Philippe (2005)
Les hydrocarbures au Nigeria et la redistribution de la rente pétrolière
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #216. p. 157-181.

Periodical articleMatlanyane, Adelaide and Harmse, C. (2002)
See this documentRevenue implications of trade liberalization in South Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economics. Volume 70 #2. p. 334-346.

Periodical articleUwatt, Uwatt Bassey (1999)
Revenue performance and productivity in the Nigerian federal system
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies. Volume 41 #2. p. 175-205.

Periodical articleBleaney, Michael and Gemmell, Norman and Greenaway, David (1995)
See this documentTax Revenue Instability, With Particular Reference to Sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Development Studies. Volume 31 #6. August. p. 883-902.

Periodical articleStruthers, John J. (1990)
See this documentNigerian Oil and Exchange Rates: Indicators of 'Dutch Disease'
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 21 #2. April. p. 309-341.

Periodical articleSayed el-Behwashy, Abdel-Moety el- (1988)
Determinants of government revenue share in G.N.P. in the A.R. of Egypt: 'a quantitative analysis' 1952/3 to 1984/85
Abstract presentL'Égypte contemporaine. Volume 79 #411-412. p. 85-121.

Search: su=public revenue
Found: 36 Record 1-36

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