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Periodical articleArndt, Jochen S. (2018)
See this documentWhat's in a Word? Historicising the Term 'Caffre' in European Discourses about Southern Africa between 1500 and 1800
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 59-75.

Periodical articleBrownell, Josiah (2017)
See this documentOut of Time: Global Settlerism, Nostalgia, and the Selling of the Rhodesian Rebellion Overseas
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 43 #4. p. 805-824.

Periodical articleAnciano, Fiona (2016)
See this documentA dying ideal: non-racialism and political parties in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 195-214.

Periodical articleBhana, Deevia (2016)
See this documentStudents encountering race and negotiating friendships, sexuality and language on campus
Africa Education Review. Volume 13 #2. p. 17-30.

Periodical articleConradie, Marthinus (2016)
See this documentNew South Africa Speak: race talk in an undergraduate debate on racialisation in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 34 #4. p. 479-497.

Periodical articleConradie, Marthinus and Brooks, Mariza (2016)
See this documentJournaling engagements with literature on racism: a critical race theoretic approach
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 14 #3. p. 222-241.

Periodical articleConradie, Marthinus S. and Brokensha, Susan I. (2016)
See this documentReconfiguring race in the online interactions of South African undergraduates
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 30 #4. p. 538-556.

Periodical articleDaniels, Glenda (2016)
See this documentParadoxical splits: race and journalists' identity in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 75 #3. p. 436-448.

Periodical articleLamola, M. John (2016)
See this documentBiko, Hegel and the end of Black Consciousness: a historico-philosophical discourse on South African racism
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 183-194.

Periodical articleLindner, Ulrike (2016)
See this documentTranscending Gender Roles, Crossing Racial and Political Boundaries: Agnes Hill's Fight for her Inheritance in German Southwest Africa
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 44 #5. p. 777-797.

Periodical articleMilazzo, Marzia (2016)
See this documentReconciling racial revelations in post-apartheid South African literature
Abstract presentResearch in African Literatures. Volume 47 #1. p. 128-148.

BookRoth, Mia (2016)
The rhetorical origins of Apartheid: how the debates of the Natives Representative Council, 1937-1950, shaped South African racial policy
Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers. 210p.

Periodical articleAfrica, Cherrel (2015)
Reproducing toxic election campaigns: negative campaigning and race-based politics in the Western Cape
Abstract presentJournal of African Elections. Volume 14 #1. p. 124-148.

BookBarrett, A. Igoni (2015)
Blackass: a novel
Minneapolis, MN: Graywolf Press. 262p.

BookBrettschneider, Marla (2015)
The Jewish phenomenon in Sub-Saharan Africa: the politics of contradictionary discourses
Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press. 251p.

Periodical articleMacdonald, Geoffrey (2015)
See this documentRacial politics and campaign strategy in South Africa's 2009 election
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 155-176.

BookMangeon, Anthony (ed.) (2015)
Penser avec l'Afrique
Abstract presentSaint-Julien-Molin-Molette: Huguet. De(s)générations #22. 96p.

BookManoge, Mungoni (2015)
When both worlds meet
Polokwane: PJ Ntsoane. 158p.

Periodical articleSoske, Jon (2015)
See this documentThe impossible concept: settler liberalism, pan-Africanism, and the language of non-racialism
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 47 #2. p. 1-36.

Periodical articleTsikata, Prosper Yao (2015)
See this documentThe subaltern speaks back into the image factory: Justine Sacco's AIDS tweet cross-pollinates social and mass media
Abstract presentCommunicatio: South African journal for communication theory and research. Volume 41 #1. p. 90-107.

Periodical articleWebb, Denver A. (2015)
See this documentWar, racism, and the taking of heads: revisiting military conflict in the Cape Colony and western Xhosaland in the nineteenth century
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 56 #1. p. 37-55.

Periodical articleAnciano, Fiona (2014)
See this documentNon-racialism and the African National Congress: views from the branch
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 32 #1. p. 35-55.

Periodical articleConradie, Marthinus Stander and Brokensha, Susan Iris (2014)
See this document'I was amazed that there are still people like this': first-year students' refelctions on experiences of racial discrimination at the University of the Free State
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #84. p. 81-105.

Periodical articleHendriks, Thomas (2014)
See this documentQueer complicity in the Belgian Congo: autobiography and racial fetishism in Jef Geeraerts's (post)colonial novels
Abstract presentResearch in African literatures. Volume 45 #1. p. 63-84.

Periodical articleHodes, Rebecca (2014)
'Free Fight on Grand Parade': resistance to the Greyshirts in 1930s South Africa
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 47 #2. p. 185-208.

BookHoráková, Hana and Rudwick, Stephanie (eds.) (2014)
Global challenges and local reactions: Czech Republic and South Africa
Abstract presentBerlin: Lit Verlag. 243p.

BookLee, Christopher J. (2014)
Unreasonable histories: nativism, multiracial lives, and the genealogical imagination in British Africa
Durham: Duke University Press. Radical perspectives. 346p.

Periodical articleLipton, Merle (2014)
See this documentIs South Africa's constitutional democracy being consolidated or eroded?
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 21 #1. p. 1-26.

BookNaramé, Zita (2014)
Ferme ta bouche !
Montmoreau: Les deux encres. Collection encres nomades. 599p.

Periodical articleOsborne, Myles (2014)
See this documentControlling Development: 'Martial Race' and Empire in Kenya, 1945-59
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 42 #3. p. 464-485.

BookOuld Ciré, Mohamed Yahya (2014)
La Mauritanie: entre l'esclavage et le racisme
Paris: L'Harmattan. Quête du sens. 191p.

Periodical articlePillay, Jace (2014)
See this documentHas democracy led to the demise of racism in South Africa? A search for the answer in Gauteng schools
Abstract presentAfrica Education Review. Volume 11 #2. p. 146-163.

Periodical articleVincent, Louise and Howell, Simon (2014)
See this documentEmbracing racial reasoning: the DASO poster controversy and 'race' politics in contemporary South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 40 #1. p. 75-90.

Periodical articleWinch, Jonty (2014)
J.H. Hofmeyer and the Afrikaner Bond: a challenge to William Milton's 'Englishness' and the advance of the 'coloured' cricketer
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 59 #1. p. 18-37.

Periodical articleBanton, Michael (2013)
See this documentSouth Africa as a Party to the ICERD: a briefing paper
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #83. p. 86-93.

Periodical articleBonthuys, Elsje (2013)
See this documentGender and the Chief Justice: principle or pretext?
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 39 #1. p. 59-76.

BookChrétien, Jean-Pierre and Kabanda, Marcel (2013)
Rwanda: racisme et génocide: l'idéologie hamitique
Paris: Belin. 379p.

BookJansen, Jonathan D. (2013)
We need to talk
Northcliff: Bookstorm. 270p.

Periodical articleLicen, Simon (2013)
'Black as Kenenisa Bekele in a tunnel': representation of African athletes in Slovenian Olympic broadcasting
Abstract presentEcquid Novi: African Journalism Studies. Volume 34 #2. p. 93-108.

BookMbembe, Achille (2013)
Critique de la raison nègre
Paris: La Découverte. Cahiers libres. 267p.

Periodical articleDurrheim, Kevin and Cole, Charlene and Richards, Joanne (2012)
See this documentThe incidence of racial discrimination in post-apartheid South Africa: an audit of KwaZulu-Natal South Coast holiday accommodation establishments
Abstract presentTransformation: Critical Perspectives on Southern Africa. #78. p. 27-46.

Periodical issueEveratt, David (ed.) (2012)
See this documentSpecial issue: Non-racialism in South Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 39 #1. 169p.

Periodical articleFalkof, Nicky (2012)
See this document'Satan has come to Rietfontein': race in South Africa's satanic panic
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 38 #4. p. 753-767.

BookFerraz de Matos, Patrícia (2012)
The colours of the empire: racialized representations during Portuguese colonialism
New York: Berghahn Books. European anthropology in translation. 288p.

Periodical articleKollehlon, Konia T. (2012)
On race, citizenship, and property in Liberia: a sociologist's point of view
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 37 #1. p. 33-58.

Periodical articleMatthews, Sally (2012)
See this documentWhite anti-racism in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 39 #2. p. 171-188.

Periodical articleModiri, Joel M. (2012)
The colour of law, power and knowledge: introducing critical race theory in (post-) apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal on Human Rights. Volume 28 #3. p. 405-436.

Periodical articleRibeiro, Gabriel Mithá (2012)
See this document'É pena seres mulato!': ensaio sobre relações raciais
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. #23. p. 21-51.

BookSoudien, Crain (2012)
Realising the dream: unlearning the logic of race in the South African school
Cape Town: HSRC Press. 270p.

Periodical articleVerwey, Cornel and Quayle, Michael (2012)
Whiteness, racism, and Afrikaner identity in post-apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 111 #445. p. 551-575.

Periodical articleBryant, Kelly Duke (2011)
See this document'The color of the pupils': schooling and race in Senegal's cities, 1900-10
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 52 #3. p. 299-319.

BookEdimo, Christophe N'galle (2011)
Thembi et Jetje: tisseuses de l'arc en ciel
Paris: L'Harmattan. Harmattan BD. 128p.

Periodical articleElbourne, Elizabeth (2011)
See this documentSara Baartman and Andries Stoffels: violence, law and the politics of spectacle in London and the Eastern Cape, 1809-1836
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 524-564.

Periodical articleFurniss, Graham (2011)
See this documentOn Engendering Liberal Values in the Nigerian Colonial State: The Idea behind the Gaskiya Corporation
Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History. Volume 39 #1. p. 95-119.

Periodical articleHall, Bruce S. (2011)
Bellah histories of decolonization, Iklan paths to freedom: the meanings of race and slavery in the late-colonial Niger Bend (Mali), 1944-1960
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 61-87.

BookHall, Bruce S. (2011)
A history of race in Muslim West Africa, 1600-1960
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. African studies series #115. 335p.

BookMatsinhe, David M. (2011)
Apartheid vertigo: the rise in discrimination against Africans in South Africa
Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Limited etc. Interdisciplinary research series in ethnic, gender and class relations. 212p.

Periodical articleNugent, Paul (2011)
See this documentThe temperance movement and wine farmers at the Cape: collective action, racial discourse, and legislative reform, c. 1890-1965
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 52 #3. p. 341-363.

Periodical articleTafira, Kenneth (2011)
Is xenophobia racism?
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 34 #3-4. p. 114-121.

Periodical issueBecker, Heike and Dubbeld, Bernard (eds.) (2010)
Special edition: Engaging difference: perspectives on belonging and exclusion in contemporary Southern and East Africa
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 33 #3-4. p. 75-132.

Periodical articleHarris, Karen L. (2010)
En route to 'Dignity Day': the South African Chinese and historical commemorations
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 55 #2. p. 147-162.

Periodical articleHoldridge, Christopher (2010)
See this documentLaughing with Sam Sly: the cultural politics of satire and colonial British identity in the Cape Colony, c. 1840-1850
Abstract presentKronos: Journal of Cape History. #36. p. 28-53.

Periodical articleMarais, I.E. (2010)
Individual versus structurally racist schools: ethnographic findings at two previously Afrikaans primary schools in Johannesburg
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 40 #2. p. 64-74.

Periodical articleMekoa, Itumeleng (2010)
Discourses and politics of racism in higher education in South Africa
Africa Insight. Volume 40 #4. p. 104-120.

Periodical articleMuller, Cornelis Hermanus (2010)
Dealing with a hot potato: the commemoration of the 1959 'Potato Boycott'
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 55 #2. p. 76-98.

Periodical articleStapleton, Tim (2010)
See this document'A naughty child with a pen': Gahadzikwa Albert Chaza as an African policeman and author in colonial Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 1936-1963
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 37. p. 159-187.

Periodical articleThaver, Lionel and Thaver, Beverley (2010)
See this documentStructural orientation and social agency in South Africa: State, race, higher education and transformation
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 14 #1. p. 48-66.

Periodical articleColin, Katell (2009)
Henri Lopes: une 'parole métisse' entre assomption et névrose
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #82. p. 71-97.

Periodical articleConway, Daniel (2009)
See this documentQueering apartheid: the National Party's 1987 'gay rights' election campaign in Hillbrow
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 35 #4. p. 849-863.

Periodical articleDomingos, Nuno (2009)
See this documentAs políticas desportivas do estado colonial em Moçambique
Abstract presentLusotopie. Volume 16 #2. p. 83-104.

BookHorne, Gerald (2009)
Mau Mau in Harlem? The U.S. and the liberation of Kenya
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Contemporary black history. 323p.

Periodical articleLindner, Ulrike (2009)
Contested concepts of 'white'/'native' and mixed marriages in German South-West Africa and the Cape Colony 1900-1914: a histoire croisée
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. Volume 6. p. 57-79.

Periodical articleMoyo, Admark (2009)
Defending human rights and the rule of law by the SADC Tribunal: Campbell and beyond
Abstract presentAfrican Human Rights Law Journal. Volume 9 #2. p. 590-614.

Periodical articleArmbruster, Heidi (2008)
See this document'With hard work and determination you can make it here': narratives of identity among German immigrants in post-colonial Namibia
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 34 #3. p. 611-628.

Periodical articleBardeen, Regan (2008)
A colored contrast: the commercialization of Africa in the search for French national identity
Ufahamu. Volume 34 #3. p. 66-97.

BookCilliers, Charles (2008)
For whites only
Johannesburg: X-Concepts Publications. 256p.

Conference paperGnammankou, Dieudonné and Modzinou, Yao (eds.) (2008)
Les Africains et leurs descendants en Europe avant le XXe siècle: actes du colloque international, 8-10 décembre 2005, Salle D 31, Maison de la Recherche, Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail
Abstract presentToulouse: MAT Éditions. Collection essais historiques. Série histoire des Africains en Europe #1. 419p.

Periodical articleHyslop, Jonathan (2008)
See this documentA symposium on social justice
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 34 #2. p. 101-139.

Periodical articleKenny, Bridget (2008)
See this documentServicing modernity: white women shop workers on the Rand and changing gendered respectabilities, 1940s-1970s
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 67 #3. p. 365-396.

Periodical articleKinata, Côme (2008)
See this documentBarthélémy Boganda et l'Église catholique en Oubangui-Chari
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 48 #191. p. 549-565.

Periodical articleMafe, Diana (2008)
See this documentSelf-made women in a (racist) man's world: the 'tragic' lives of Nella Larsen and Bessie Head
Abstract presentThe English Academy Review. Volume 25 #1. p. 66-76.

Periodical articleMusila, Grace (2008)
See this documentInscribing memories on dead bodies: sex, gender, and State power in the Julie Ward death in Kenya
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 2 #3. p. 439-455.

Periodical articleSpiegel, Andrew (2008)
Racism as epithet in the context of post-apartheid's demographic parity goals
Abstract presentAnthropology Southern Africa. Volume 31 #3-4. p. 103-113.

Dissertation / thesisTshoaedi, Cynthia Malehoko (2008)
See this documentRoots of women's union activism: South Africa 1973-2003

Periodical articleWhite, Tim (2008)
The expulsion of Mary Calata: the disturbance at St. Matthews Missionary Institution, March 1945
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 53 #1. p. 82-101.

Periodical articleAitken, Robbie (2007)
See this documentLooking for Die Besten Boeren: The Normalisation of Afrikaner Settlement in German South West Africa, 1884-1914
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #2. June. p. 343-360.

Periodical articleBrooks, P.E. (2007)
Ethics, racism and research
Mosenodi. Volume 15 #1-2. p. 82-103.

Periodical articleGarson, Noel (2007)
See this documentSmuts and the idea of race
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #57. p. 153-178.

Periodical articleHart, Gillian (2007)
See this documentChanging Concepts of Articulation: Political Stakes in South Africa Today
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 34 #111. March. p. 85-101.

Periodical articleHofmeyr, Isabel (2007)
See this documentSouth Africa/India: re-imagining the disciplines
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #57. p. 1-152.

Periodical articleJalata, Asafa (2007)
Ethiopia on the fire of competing nationalisms: the Omoro people's movement, the State and the West
Horn of Africa. Volume 25. p. 90-134.

Periodical articleLauer, H. (2007)
The womb as target: linking procreative sex with premature death and epidemics in modern day Ghana
Studies in Gender and Development in Africa. Volume 1 #1. September. p. 1-20.

Periodical articleLe Houérou, Fabienne (2007)
Voisins ou ennemis à Arba Wa Nus? La mise en scène du quotidien des migrants forcés égyptiens et réfugiés sud soudanais dans un quartier populaire du Caire
Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée. #119-120. p. 59-80.

Periodical articleMuzondidya, James (2007)
See this documentJambanja: Ideological Ambiguities in the Politics of Land and Resource Ownership in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #2. June. p. 325-341.

Periodical articleOsuji, Ozodi Thomas (2007)
A critique of Marcus Garvey's brand of Pan Africanism
African Renaissance. Volume 4 #3-4. p. 114-119.

Periodical articlePabari, D. (2007)
The era of the brown underdog...
Awaaz (Nairobi, Kenya). #2007, issue 2. October-December. p. 21-23.

Periodical articleSaifidine, Ben Habou (2007)
Les racines historiques du racisme comorien contemporain (1736-1782), avec une référence spécifique à l'île d'Anjouan
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 8 #1-2. p. 79-100.

Periodical articleSeekings, Jeremy (2007)
See this document'Not a Single White Person Should Be Allowed to Go Under': Swartgevaar and the Origins of South Africa's Welfare State, 1924-1929
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 48 #3. November. p. 375-394.

Periodical issueAnonymous (2006)
Cinquantenaire du 1er Congrès international des écrivains et artistes noirs = 50th anniversary of the 1st international congress of black writers and artists: 19-22 septembre 2006
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #174.

BookBenjamin, Jesse (ed.) (2006)
See this documentRace in Africa: past and present
Abstract presentEast Lansing: Association of Concerned Africa Scholars. Bulletin #72. 40p.

Search: su=racism
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