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Periodical articleHuigen, Brandaan (2020)
See this publicationTerritorialising homes: Prolonged and return burglaries in South Africa
African Security Review. Volume 29 #3. p. 225-241.

Periodical articleSewordor, E. Sasu Kwame (2020)
See this publication'We Sympathise with the Mines for Pilfery That Goes on but …': African Interests in Gold Coast Mines, Protecting Gold, and the Politics of Legislation, 1907-1948
African Economic History. Volume 48 #2. p. 138-168.

Periodical articleKing, Rachel (2017)
See this publicationCattle, raiding and disorder in Southern African history
Africa: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 87 #3. p. 607-630.

Periodical articleVerweijen, Judith; Brabant, Justine (2017)
See this publicationCows and guns: cattle-related conflict and armed violence in Fizi and Itombwe, eastern DR Congo
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 55 #1. p. 1-27.

Periodical articleGovender, Doraval (2016)
See this publicationImproving physical protection systems to prevent residential burglaries
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 25 #4. p. 356-367.

Periodical articleOlaniyan, Azeez; Yahaya, Aliyu (2016)
See this publicationCows, bandits, and violent conflicts: understanding cattle rustling in Northern Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrica Spectrum. Volume 51 #3. p. 93-105.

Periodical articleAkpomera, Eddy (2015)
See this publicationInternational crude oil theft: elite predatory tendencies in Nigeria
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 42 #143. p. 156-165.

BookHinimbio Taïda, Pierre (2014)
Une facilité illusoire: nouvelles
Paris: L'Harmattan. Voix et sources. 172p.

BookIgbinovia, Patrick Edobor (2014)
Oil thefts and pipeline vandalization in Nigeria
Ibadan: Safari Books. 244p.

BookTarabey, Bilal (2014)
Madagascar, dahalo: enquête sur les bandits du Grand Sud
Antananarivo: No comment éditions. 220p.

Periodical articleTriche, Ryan (2014)
See this publicationPastoral conflict in Kenya: transforming mimetic violence to mimetic blessings between Turkana and Pokot communities
Abstract presentAfrican Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 14 #2. p. 81-101.

BookAbdoulkader, Aghali; Adamou, Chaidou (2013)
See this publicationLe 'bien' sécurité dans trois communes (Guidan Roumdji, Balleyara et Say): des logiques de l'État aux logiques locales, ou la diversité d'acteurs
Niamey: LASDEL. Études et travaux #105. 75p.

Periodical articleGreiner, Clemens (2013)
See this publicationGuns, land, and votes: cattle rustling and the politics of boundary (re)making in Northern Kenya
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 112 #447. p. 216-237.

BookKatsouris, Christina; Sayne, Aaron (2013)
Nigeria's criminal crude: international options to combat the export of stolen oil
London: Chatham House. 67p.

Periodical articleCallebert, Ralph (2012)
See this publicationCleaning the wharves: pilferage, bribery, and social connections on the Durban docks in the 1950s
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 46 #1. p. 23-38.

Dissertation / thesisVreugdenhil, Janneke (2012)
See this publicationHunger for cattle is killing: Case study of conflicts along migration routes in Jonglei state South Sudan

Conference paperWitsenburg, Karen; Zaal, Fred (eds.) (2012)
See this publicationSpaces of insecurity: human agency in violent conflicts in Kenya
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. African Studies Collection #45. 237p.

BookKenya Human Rights Commission, Nairobi (2010)
See this publicationMoran no more: the changing face of cattle-rustling in Kenya
Nairobi: Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC). 62p.

BookKessy, Flora Lucas; Mayumana, Iddy; Msongwe, Yoswe (2010)
See this publicationWidowhood and vulnerability to HIV and AIDS-related shocks: exploring resilience avenues
Dar es Salaam: Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA). REPOA research report #10-5. 44p.

Periodical issueKrätli, Saverio (ed.) (2010)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Disarmament as development for Karamoja: a new chapter in dismantling pastoral production in Uganda
Nomadic Peoples. Volume 14 #2. 153p.

Periodical articleMaki, Momoka (2010)
See this publicationThe 'gaz' raids and reconstruction of the Ethiopian empire: the final 'gaz' in Tigray and Northern Wollo, 1941-1942
Nilo-Ethiopian Studies. #14. p. 39-50.

Periodical articleEaton, Dave (2008)
See this publicationThe Business of Peace: Raiding and Peace Work along the Kenya-Uganda Border (Part I)
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 107 #426. January. p. 89-110.

Periodical articleMkutu, Kennedy Agade (2008)
See this publicationUganda: pastoral conflict & gender relations
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 35 #116. p. 237-254.

Periodical articleOnuoha, Freedom C. (2008)
See this publicationOil pipeline sabotage in Nigeria: dimensions, actors and implications for national security
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 17 #3. p. 99-115.

BookMburu, Nene (2007)
Ilemi triangle: unfixed bandit frontier claimed by Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia
Dagenham: Vita house. 203p.

Periodical articleMolosiwa, P.P. (2007)
Capitalist transformation, thievery and cross-border cattle rustling on the Kgatleng/Transvaal frontier, 1920-1960
Abstract presentPula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 21 #2. p. 200-218.

Periodical articleTouquet, Cédric (2006)
Les règles du jeu: discours et représentations autour du détournement et du vol (Bandiagara, Mali)
Abstract presentAutrepart. #39. p. 59-73.

Periodical articleVan Zyl, Basjan; Pretorius, Ronelle (2006)
'n Geïntegreerde benadering om huisbraak in 'n mikro-omgewing in Pretoria te ontleed: die kwesbaarheid van wonings
Abstract presentTydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 46 #1. p. 101-111.

Periodical articleSimelane, Hamilton Sipho (2005)
See this publicationCross-Border Cattle Rustling and its Socio-Economic Impact on Rural Southern Swaziland, 1990-2004
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 23 #2. May. p. 215-231.

Periodical articleFauroux, Emmanuel (2004)
Voleurs de boeufs, État et paysans dans l'ouest et le sud-ouest malgaches
Studia Africana. #15. p. 16-45.

Periodical articleFrimpong, K. (2004)
Theft and its implications for Vision 2016
Pula: Botswana Journal of African Studies. Volume 18 #2. p. 111-121.

Periodical articleInyega, E. (2003)
Electricity theft as experienced by Kenya Power & Lighting Co Ltd
Kenya Engineer. Volume 24 #1. January-February. p. 23-24.

Periodical articleFleisher, Michael L. (2002)
See this publication'War is Good for Thieving!: The Symbiosis of Crime and Warfare among the Kuria of Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 72 #1. p. 131-149.

Periodical articleIssa, Saïbou; Adama, Hamadou (2002)
See this publicationVol et relations entre Peuls et Guiziga dans la plaine du Diamaré (Nord-Cameroun)
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 42 #166. p. 359-372.

Periodical articleKynoch, Gary; Ulicki, Theresa (2000)
See this publication'It is Like the Time of Lifaqane': The Impact of Stock Theft and Violence in Southern Lesotho
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 18 #2. July. p. 179-206.

Book chapterTraoré, Samba (2000)
Le voleur, le pilon, le marabout et le Commandant de Cercle: la cohabitation de logiques contraires dans la recherche de preuves
Abstract presentIn: Un passeur entre les mondes. p. 175-182.

Periodical articleFleisher, Michael L. (1999)
See this publicationCattle Raiding and Household Demography among the Kuria of Tanzania
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 69 #2. p. 238-255.

Periodical articleNsereko, Daniel D. Ntanda (1997)
When crime crosses borders: a southern African perspective
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 41 #2. p. 192-200.

Periodical articleFalola, Toyin (1995)
See this publicationTheft in colonial southwestern Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 50 #1. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleRasamoelina, Henri (1993)
Le vol de boeufs en pays betsileo
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #52. p. 22-30.

Periodical articleJournet, Odile (1992)
Viande de biche et vin de palme: un procès felup (Guinée-Bissau)
Abstract presentDroit et cultures. #24. p. 44-75.

Periodical articleLabuschagne, J.M.T.; Van Den Heever, J.A. (1991)
Theft in rudimentary legal systems: do universal characteristics exist?
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 24 #3. p. 352-364.

Book chapterChristiansson, Carl; Tobisson, Eva (1989)
Environmental degradation as a consequence of socio-political conflict in Eastern Mara Region, Tanzania
Abstract presentIn: Ecology and politics: environmental stress and security in Africa. p. 51-66.

Periodical articleAfejuku, D.H. (1988)
Theft under a motor insurance policy in Nigeria
Abstract presentZambia Law Journal. Volume 20. p. 20-31.

Periodical articleKint, Robert (1988)
Le vol sans soustraction matérielle en droit pénal rwandais
Abstract presentRevue juridique du Rwanda. Volume 12 #2. p. 107-112.

Periodical articleNg'ong'ola, C. (1988)
Controlling theft in the public service: penal law and judicial responses in Malawi
Abstract presentJournal of African Law. Volume 32 #1. p. 72-94.

Periodical articleChristelow, Allan (1987)
See this publicationProperty and Theft in Kano at the Dawn of the Groundnut Boom, 1912-1914
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 20 #2. p. 225-243.

Periodical articleAnderson, David (1986)
See this publicationStock Theft and Moral Economy in Colonial Kenya
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 56 #4. p. 399-416.

Periodical articleMemela, F.B. (1985)
Theft among the South Nguni
Abstract presentThe Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa. Volume 18 #2. p. 253-264.

Periodical articleRandrianahinoro, S. (1984)
La jurisprudence de la cour suprème de Madagascar en matière de vol de boeufs
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 94 #783. p. 5-15.

Periodical articleCutshall, Charles R. (1982)
See this publicationCulprits, Culpability, and Crime: Stock Theft and Cattle Maneuvers among the Ila of Zambia
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 25 #1. March. p. 1-26.

Periodical articleHoerner, J.M. (1982)
Les vols de boeufs dans le sud Malgache
Abstract presentMadagascar: revue de géographie. #41. p. 81-105.

Periodical articleStigger, P. (1980)
The land commission of 1894 and cattle
Abstract presentZimbabwean History. Volume 11. p. 20-43.

Periodical articleDurand, C. (1975)
Le vol dans les anciennes coutumes penales du Tchad
Abstract presentPenant: revue de droit des pays d'Afrique. Volume 84 #750. p. 450-459.

Periodical articleTanner, R.E.S. (1966)
Cattle theft in Musoma 1958-59
Abstract presentTanzania Notes and Records. Volume 65. p. 31-42.

Search: su=theft
Found: 55 Record 1-55

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