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Periodical articleDooling, Wayne (2018)
See this publication'Cape Town Knows, but She Forgets': Segregation and the Making of a Housing Crisis during the First Half of the 20th Century
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #6. p. 1057-1076.

BookCostet-Tardieu, Francine (2016)
Les minorités chrétiennes dans la construction de l'Egypte moderne: 1922-1952
Paris: Karthala. Histoire des mondes chretiens. 184p.

BookJaffer, Zubeida (2016)
Beauty of the heart: the life and times of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke
Bloemfontein: Sun Press. 180p.

BookM'bayo, Tamba (2016)
Muslim interpreters in colonial Senegal, 1850-1920: mediations of knowledge and power in the lower and middle Senegal River Valley
Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 205p.

Periodical articleOutram-Leman, Sven D. (2016)
See this publicationAlexander Scott: constructing a legitimate geography of the Sahara from a captivity narrative, 1821
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 43. p. 63-94.

Periodical articleTischler, Julia (2016)
See this publicationEducation and the agrarian question in South Africa, c. 1900-40
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 57 #2. p. 251-270.

BookDieng, Mamadou Moustapha (2015)
Famines, disettes et épidémies dans la basse et la moyenne vallée du fleuve Sénégal: 1854-1945
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 247p.

BookFeinberg, Harvey M. (2015)
Our land, our life, our future: black South African challenges to territorial segregation, 1913-1948
Pretoria: Unisa Press. Hidden histories series. 258p.

BookNolan, Francis (2015)
Les Pères Blancs entre les deux guerres mondiales: histoire des Missionnaires d'Afrique (1919-1939)
Paris: Karthala. Mémoire d'églises. 421p.

Periodical articlePetrocelli, Rachel M. (2015)
Transactions and informality: financial needs and relationships in colonial Dakar, 1914-1944
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 55 #218. p. 255-277.

Periodical articleTchumtchoua, Emmanuel (2015)
Réglementation de la culture du café et résistance paysanne sur les hautes terres de l'Ouest-Cameroun dans l'entre-deux-guerres
Abá: revue internationale de lettres et de sciences sociales. #3. p. 212-245.

BookVaughan, Chris (2015)
Darfur: colonial violence, sultanic legacies and local politics 1916-1956
Woodbridge: James Currey. Eastern Africa series. 231p.

BookAnignikin, Sylvain Coovi (2014)
Les origines du mouvement national en Afrique noire: le cas du Bénin, 1900-1939
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 387p.

BookBang, Anne K. (2014)
Islamic Sufi Networks in the Western Indian Ocean (c. 1880-1940): Ripples of Reform
Leiden: Brill. Islam in Africa #16. 227p.

Periodical articleCasentini, Giulia (2014)
Different ideas of borders and border construction in Northern Ghana: historical and anthropological perspectives
Abstract presentGhana Studies. Volume 17. p. 177-202.

Periodical articleDhupelia-Mesthrie, Uma (2014)
See this publicationSplit-households: Indian wives, Cape Town husbands and immigration laws, 1900s to 1940s
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 66 #4. p. 635-655.

Periodical articleFrankema, Ewout; Waijenburg, Marlous van (2014)
See this publicationMetropolitan blueprints of colonial taxation? Lessons from fiscal capacity building in British and French Africa, c. 1880-1940
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 55 #3. p. 371-400.

BookMohammed, Ahmed Rufai (2014)
History of the spread of Islam in the Niger-Benue confluence area: Igalaland, Ebiraland and Lokoja c.1900-1960
Ibadan: Ibadan University Press. 377p.

BookNtewusu, Samuel Aniegye (2014)
See this publicationThe road to development: the construction and use of 'the Great North Road' in Gold Coast Ghana
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #114. 27p.

Periodical articlePaleker, Gairoonisa (2014)
See this publicationThe State, citizens and control: film and African audiences in South Africa, 1910-1948
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 40 #2. p. 309-323.

BookTakla 'Iyasus (2014)
The Goggam chronicle
Oxford: Published for The British Academy by Oxford University Press. Fontes historiae africanae, New series #12. 408p.

BookBarnes, Juliet (2013)
The ghosts of Happy Valley: searching for the lost world of Africa's infamous aristocrats
London: Aurum Press. 318p.

Periodical articleBening, Raymond Bagulo (2013)
Introduction of direct taxation in Northern Ghana, 1898-1939
Abstract presentLegon Journal of Sociology. Volume 5 #1. p. 84-114.

Periodical articleBoadi-Siaw, S.Y. (2013)
Black diaspora expatriates in Ghana before independence
Abstract presentTransactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #15. p. 115-135.

BookCampbell-Fatoki, Nike (2013)
Thread of gold beads
Lagos: Origami Books, an imprint of Parrésia Publishers Ltd. 280p.

BookGarb, Tamar; Amkpa, Awam (eds.) (2013)
Distance and desire: encounters with the African archive
Abstract presentGöttingen: Steidl. The Walther collection. 352p.

Periodical articleHiribarren, Vincent (2013)
See this publicationA European and African joint-venture: writing a seamless history of Borno (1902-1960)
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 40. p. 77-98.

Periodical articleJohnson, Charles Denton (2013)
See this publicationRe-thinking the emergence of the struggle for South African liberation in the United States: Max Yergan and the Council on African Affairs, 1922-1946
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 39 #1. p. 171-192.

BookMbogoni, Lawrence E.Y. (2013)
Aspects of colonial Tanzania history
Dar es Salaam: Mkuki Na Nyota Publishers. 211p.

Periodical articleMohr, Adam (2013)
See this publicationFaith Tabernacle congregation and the emergence of Pentecostalism in colonial Nigeria, 1910s-1941
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 43 #2. p. 196-221.

Periodical articleMoloi, Tshepo (2013)
The emergence and radicalization of black political formations in Kroonstad, 1925 to 1957
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #67. p. 167-186.

Periodical articleSnyders, Hendrik (2013)
'Patriotic pigeons': pigeon politics and military service in war-time South Africa, c. 1899-1945
Abstract presentAfrican Research and Documentation. #122. p. 3-21.

Periodical articleVaughan, Christopher (2013)
See this publicationViolence and regulation in the Darfur-Chad borderland c. 1909-56: policing a colonial boundary
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 54 #2. p. 177-198.

Periodical articleVisser, Wessel (2013)
White settlement and irrigation schemes: CF Rigg and the founding of Bonnievale in the Breede River Valley, 1900-c.1953
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #68. p. 1-28.

Periodical articleAderinto, Saheed (2012)
See this publication'The problem of Nigeria is slavery, not white slave traffic': globalization and the politicization of prostitution in Southern Nigeria, 1921-1955
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 46 #1. p. 1-22.

BookBat, Jean-Pierre; Courtin, Nicolas (eds.) (2012)
Maintenir l'ordre colonial: Afrique et Madagascar XIXe-XXe siècles
Abstract presentRennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes. Collection 'Histoire'. 220p.

Periodical articleBreitwieser, Lukas (2012)
'We are going to put South West Africa on the map this time': the homogenisation and differentiation of Namibian tourist spaces
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #11. p. 7-27.

Periodical articleConnor, Teresa K. (2012)
See this publicationThe frontier revisited: displacement, land and identity among farm labourers in the Sundays River Valley
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 30 #2. p. 289-311.

Periodical articleFisch, Maria (2012)
Burentrecks durch den Norden Namibias nach Angola 1876 bis 1921 und Rückwanderungen 1928 und 1958
Abstract presentJournal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 60. p. 45-115.

Periodical articleJansen van Rensburg, Fanie (2012)
Protest by Potchefstroom native location's residents against dominance, 1904 to 1950
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 57 #1. p. 22-41.

Periodical articleMakgala, Christian John (2012)
See this publicationProvision of local services by tribal administrations in Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1900-1966
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 64 #4. p. 787-806.

Periodical articleRatzimbazafy, Ernest (2012)
'Repli et contre-attaque des Malgaches devant les immigrants occidentaux'
Revue historique de l'océan Indien. #9. p. 101-109.

BookRizzo, Lorena (2012)
Gender and colonialism: a history of Kaoko in north-western Namibia 1870s-1950s
Basel: Basler Afrika Bibliographien. Basel Namibia studies series #14. 331p.

BookVasconcelos, João (2012)
Histórias do racionalismo cristão em São Vicente, de 1911 a 1940
São Vicente: Comissão Organizadora da Comemoração 1º centenário do racionalismo cristão em Cabo Verde. 231p.

Periodical articleChristopher, A.J. (2011)
The Union of South Africa censuses 1911-1960: an incomplete record
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 56 #2. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleHanson, Holly E. (2011)
A historical perspective on land transfer: 'showing the land', survey, and registration in (B)Uganda from 1900-1950
Abstract presentEast African Journal of Peace and Human Rights. Volume 17 #1. p. 250-263.

Periodical articleMcCullers, Molly (2011)
See this publication'We do it so that we will be men': masculinity politics in colonial Namibia, 1915-49
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 52 #1. p. 43-62.

Periodical articleNauriya, Anil (2011)
Soundings in kindred struggles: the Egyptian voice in Gandhi
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 12 #2. p. 43-66.

Periodical articleNevin, Timothy D. (2011)
The uncontrollable force: a brief history of the Liberian Frontier Force, 1908-1944
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 44 #2. p. 275-297.

Periodical articlePerrot, Claude-Hélène (2011)
Témoignage de Marcel Koidio: fils d'un prince anyi-ndenye et petit-fils d'esclaves par sa mère
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 81 #1. p. 139-146.

Periodical articlePirie, Gordon H. (2011)
See this publicationElite exoticism: sea-rail cruise tourism to South Africa, 1926-1939
Abstract presentAfrican Historical Review. Volume 43 #1. p. 73-99.

Periodical articlePrudhomme, Claude (2011)
Compétition franco-britannique, rivalité culturelle et mobilisation missionnaire dans l'océan Indien (1815-1939)
Revue historique de l'océan Indien. #8. p. 35-56.

BookSpicer, Paul (2011)
The temptress: the scandalous life of Alice, Countess de Janzé
London: Pocket. 308p.

Periodical articleVerhoef, Grietjie (2011)
The State and the profession: initiatives and responses to the organisation of the accounting profession in South Africa, 1904-1951
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 56 #2. p. 19-42.

Periodical articleDavies, Lanre (2010)
Distributive network in Egbaland, 1880-1950
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 10. p. 68-81.

Periodical articleEkundayo, A.T. (2010)
Progressive unions and development in O'kunland, 1900-1950
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 10. p. 101-119.

Periodical articleFradj, Chokri Ben (2010)
See this publicationUne page de l'action laïque en Afrique du Nord: l'exemple des colonies de vacances et des auberges de la jeunesse en Tunisie (1908-1955)
Outre-mers: revue d'histoire. Volume 98 #366-367. p. 219-238.

Periodical articleMesfin Haile, Getahun (2010)
See this publicationMSS 306 or Ras Täfäri's Fetha Nägäst
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 43. p. 75-92.

Periodical articleNkwi, Walter Gam (2010)
Telephone operators' resistance to British colonial administration in the Cameroons Province, 1917-1931
Abstract presentLagos Historical Review. Volume 10. p. 50-67.

BookOshitelu, G.A. (2010)
Christianity in West Africa up to 1914
Ibadan: Hope Pubications. 116p.

Periodical articleStassen, Nicol (2010)
Die Dorslandtrekke na Angola en die redes daarvoor (1874-1928)
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 55 #1. p. 32-54.

Periodical articleAllen, William E. (2009)
Making history in the bedroom: Americo-Liberians and indigenous Liberians sexual unions, 1880s-c. 1950s
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 34 #2. p. 16-34.

BookDiagne, Ibrahima (2009)
L'Afrique dans l'opinion publique allemande: transferts culturels et formes de perception de l'Afrique dans l'Allemagne de l'entre-deux-guerres et de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (1918-1945)
Berlin: LIT Verlag. Frankophone Literaturen und Kulturen ausserhalb Europas #1. 279p.

Periodical issueJeannerat, Caroline; Kirkaldy, Alan; Ross, Robert (eds.) (2009)
See this publicationFeature: Christian missions in Southern Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 61 #2. p. 213-456.

Periodical articleJones, Stuart (2009)
See this publicationThe role of banking development: South African economic development during the period of functional stability, 1850s-1970s
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economic History. Volume 24 #1. p. 94-117.

Periodical articlePrijac, Lukian (2009)
Aperçus sur la franc-maçonnerie française en Éthiopie de 1909 à 1924
Pount: cahiers d'études: Corne de l'Afrique - Arabie du Sud. #3. p. 34-65.

BookRodet, Marie (2009)
Les migrantes ignorées du Haut-Sénégal 1900-1946
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 338p.

Periodical articleSane, Sokhna (2009)
Le parti socialiste et les confréries religieuses au Sénégal de 1914 à 2000
Annales de la Faculté des lettres et sciences humaines. #39. p. 68-84.

Periodical articleSoulé, Aramis Houmed; Piguet, François (2009)
La région Afar dans la première moitié du XXe siècle de l'autonomie au démembrement
Annales d'Éthiopie. Volume 24. p. 251-280.

Periodical articleCole, Ray (2008)
Botswana: my early years
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 40. p. 113-123.

Periodical articleDe Wet, Jacques P. (2008)
Passive resistance to Western capitalism in rural South Africa: from 'Abantu Babomvu' to 'AmaZiyoni'
Abstract presentJournal for the Study of Religion. Volume 21 #2. p. 33-62.

Periodical articleDobler, Gregor (2008)
Boundary drawing and the notion of territoriality in pre-colonial and early colonial Ovamboland
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #3. p. 7-30.

BookGoudie, Andrew (2008)
Wheels across the desert: exploration of the Libyan desert by motorcar 1916-1942
London: Silphium. 205p.

Periodical articleHughes, Lotte (2008)
See this publicationMining the Maasai Reserve: the story of Magadi
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 2 #1. p. 134-164.

Periodical articleJean-Baptiste, Rachel (2008)
See this publication'These laws should be made by us': customary marriage law, codification and political authority in twentieth-century Gabon
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 49 #2. p. 217-240.

Periodical articleLissir, Fethi (2008)
De l'intérêt des sources archivistiques tunisiennes et françaises pour l'étude de l'histoire libyenne contemporaine
Revue d'histoire maghrébine. Volume 35 #129. p. 43-55.

Periodical articleMakgala, Christian John (2008)
Bakgalagadi opposition to subservience and exploitation in Tsetseng, c. 1918-1953
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 40. p. 60-73.

Periodical articleMcCracken, John (2008)
See this publicationFamily fortunes: aspects of the history of the Italian community in Malawi
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 61 #1. p. 5-25.

Periodical articleMolefi, Rodgers K.K. (2008)
The impact of tsetse fly in Ngamiland, 1916-1955
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 40. p. 35-45.

Periodical articleSwart, Sandra; Van Der Watt, Lize-Marié (2008)
'Taaltriomf of taalverdriet?' An aspect of the roles of Eugène Marais and Gustav Preller in the Second Language Movement, circa 1905-1927
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 53 #2. p. 126-150.

Periodical articleUrban-Mead, Wendy (2008)
See this publicationNegotiating 'plainness' and gender: dancing and apparel at Christian weddings in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, 1913-1944
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 38 #2. p. 209-246.

BookAl Feqi, Moustapha (2007)
Les Coptes en politique égyptienne: le rôle de Makram Ebeid dans le mouvement national
Paris: L'Harmattan. Comprendre le Moyen-Orient. 184p.

Periodical articleCarruthers, Jane (2007)
See this publicationInfluences on wildlife management and conservation biology in South Africa c. 1900 to c. 1940
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #58. p. 65-90.

Periodical articleDieste, Josep L. Mateo (2007)
Reformism and Muslim brotherhoods in Spanish colonial Morocco: review of an ambiguous dichotomy
Maghreb Review. Volume 32 #4. p. 272-287.

Periodical articleEhlers, Anton (2007)
See this publicationTrust companies and boards of executors versus banks: aspects of the battle for corporate trusteeship and trust business in South Africa up to 1940
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economic History. Volume 22 #1. p. 22-50.

Periodical articleGarretson, Peter P. (2007)
See this publicationIntelligence sources in the Sudan on Ethiopia, 1898-1935
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 40 #1-2. p. 251-260.

Periodical articleGershoni, Israel (2007)
Monumental sculpture and national culture: the construction of the commemorative statue of Mustafa Kamil, 1914-40
Maghreb Review. Volume 32 #4. p. 288-322.

Periodical articleGuannu, Joseph Saye (2007)
Recurring patterns in Liberian politics during the First Republic
Abstract presentLiberian Studies Journal. Volume 32 #1. p. 103-120.

Periodical articleLydon, Ghislaine (2007)
See this publicationDroit islamique et droits de la femme d'après les registres du Tribunal Musulman de Ndar (Saint-Louis du Sénégal)
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 41 #2. p. 289-307.

BookMitterrand, Frédéric (2007)
Maroc 1900-1960: un certain regard
Arles: Actes sud. 175p.

Periodical articleNdlovu-Gatsheni, Sabelo J. (2007)
See this publicationRe-Thinking the Colonial Encounter in Zimbabwe in the Early Twentieth Century
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #1. March. p. 173-191.

Periodical articleNoble, Vanessa (2007)
'Health is much too important a subject to be left to doctors': African assistant health workers in Natal during the early twentieth century
Abstract presentJournal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 24-25. p. 95-134.

Periodical articleRyzova, Lucie (2007)
'My notepad is my friend': efendis and the act of writing in modern Egypt
Maghreb Review. Volume 32 #4. p. 323-348.

Periodical articleShutt, Allison K. (2007)
See this publication'The Natives are Getting Out of Hand': Legislating Manners, Insolence and Contemptuous Behaviour in Southern Rhodesia, c.1910-1963
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #3. September. p. 653-672.

Periodical articleAli, Baba Gana Kachalla (2006)
A re-appraisal of district administration in colonial Borno: a case study of Mobbar district of Borno emirate, 1902-1960
Abstract presentAnnals of Borno. Volume 23-24. p. 41-50.

Periodical articleBaker, Colin (2006)
See this publicationThe administration of public works in colonial Nyasaland
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 59 #1. p. 1-14.

BookCusters, M.H. (2006)
Ib¯ad¯i publishing activities in the East and in the West, c. 1880-1960s: an attempt to an inventory, with references to related recent publications
Maastricht: Custers. 114p.

Periodical articleFlint, Karen (2006)
See this publicationIndian-African Encounters: Polyculturalism and African Therapeutics in Natal, South Africa, 1886-1950s
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 32 #2. June. p. 367-385.

Periodical articleHorwitz, Simonne (2006)
See this publicationLeprosy in South Africa: a case study of Westfort Leper Institution, 1898-1948
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 65 #2. p. 271-295.

Dissertation / thesisLützelschwab, Claude (2006)
La Compagnie genevoise des Colonies suisses de Sétif (1853-1956): un cas de colonisation privée en Algérie
Bern: Peter Lang. 412p.

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