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Periodical articleBoadu, Gideon (2019)
See this publicationChange and continuity in Ghana's intellectual history: From late 19th century to the eras of decolonisation and independence
African Studies. Volume 78 #4. p. 457-476.

Periodical articleAjl, Max (2018)
See this publicationDelinking, food sovereignty, and populist agronomy: notes on an intellectual history of the peasant path in the global South
Review of African Political Economy. Volume 45 #155. p. 64-84.

Periodical articleDick, Archie L. (2018)
See this publicationReading Authors of the Enlightenment at the Cape of Good Hope from the late 1780s to the mid 1830s
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #3. p. 383-400.

BookAli Mohamed, Toibibou (2016)
Culture intellectuelle et colonisation aux Comores: 1895-1974: Ahmad Qamar al-Dîn et sa génération
Paris: L'Harmattan. Océan indien, Études. 420p.

BookSamb, Djibril (2016)
Figures du politique et de l'intellectuel au Sénégal: L. S. Senghor, M. Dia, A. Ly, Ch. A. Diop, A. Diouf & F. Mitterrand, J. R. de Benoist, A. Seck, Th. Fall, A. M. Samb, A. M. Samb Jr, Th. Monod, H. Bocoum, G. R. Thilmans
Paris: L'Harmattan. 263p.

Periodical articleTomaselli, Keyan G. (2016)
See this publicationIdeological contestation and disciplinary associations: an autoethnographic analysis
Abstract presentCommunicatio: South African journal for communication theory and research. Volume 42 #2. p. 276-292.

Periodical issueel-Malik, Shiera S.; Jones, Branwen Gruffydd (eds.) (2015)
See this publicationSpecial Issue: African political thought of the twentieth century: a reengagement
Abstract presentAfrican Identities. Volume 13 #1. 94p.

BookBèye, Alioune Badara; Senghor, Abdoulaye Racine; Sankharé, Oumar (eds.) (2014)
Regards sur la francophonie: essai
Dakar-Ponty: Les Éditions Maguilen. 205p.

Periodical articleRönnbäck, Klas (2014)
See this publicationThe idle and the industrious: European ideas about the African work ethic in precolonoal West Africa
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 41. p. 117-145.

BookVale, Peter; Hamilton, Lawrence; Prinsloo, Estelle H. (eds.) (2014)
Intellectual traditions in South Africa: ideas, individuals and institutions
Pietermaritzburg: University of KwaZulu-Natal Press. 364p.

Periodical articleSonderegger, Arno (2013)
See this publicationAntirassismus und Antikolonialismus unter afrikanischen Intellektuellen, 1850 bis 1970: ideengeschichtliche Anmerkungen
Abstract presentStichproben - Vienna Journal of African Studies. Volume 13 #25. p. 53-74.

Periodical issueBinsbergen, Wim M.J. van (ed.) (2012)
Before the Presocratics: cyclicity, transformation, and element cosmology: the case of transcontinental pre- or protohistoric cosmological substrates linking Africa, Eurasia and North America
Abstract presentQuest: An International African Journal of Philosophy. Volume 23-24 #1-2. 398p.

Periodical articleHunter, Emma (2012)
'The history and affairs of TANU': intellectual history, nationalism, and the postcolonial state in Tanzania
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 365-383.

BookMartin, Guy (2012)
African political thought
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 215p.

BookNgaïdé, Abderrahmane (ed.) (2012)
See this publicationEntretien avec Amady Aly Dieng: lecture critique d'un demi-siècle de paradoxes
Dakar: CODESRIA. 148p.

BookOgude, James; Musila, Grace A.; Ligaga, Dina (eds.) (2012)
Rethinking Eastern African literary and intellectual landscapes
Abstract presentTrenton, NJ: Africa World Press. 424p.

Periodical articleBargueño, David (2011)
Humanitarianism in the age of empire: Deutsch-Südwestafrika & l'État Indépendant du Congo
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #9. p. 17-60.

Periodical articleBrizuela-Garcia, Esperanza (2011)
See this publicationLiteracy and the decolonization of Africa's intellectual history
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 38. p. 35-46.

BookDiop, Cheikh Anta (2011)
Philosophie, science, religion: le combat de Cheikh Anta Diop
Paris: Alfabarre. Les fourmis rouges dans nos sommeils. 150p.

BookDjebbar, Ahmed (2011)
Les sciences arabes en Afrique: mathématiques et astronomie, IXe-XIXe siècles. Suivi de la 'Nubdha fi 'ilm al-hisab' d'Ahmad Babir al-Arawani
Brinon-sur-Sauldre: Grandvaux. Manuscrits du désert. 190p.

BookHall, Bruce S. (2011)
A history of race in Muslim West Africa, 1600-1960
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. African studies series #115. 335p.

BookKrätli, Graziano; Lydon, Ghislaine (eds.) (2011)
The trans-Saharan book trade: manuscript culture, Arabic literacy and intellectual history in Muslim Africa
Abstract presentLeiden: Brill. Library of the written word 8. 422p.

Book chapterMack, Beverly (2011)
Muslim women's knowledge production in the greater Maghreb: the example of Nana Asma'u of Northern Nigeria
In: Gender and Islam in Africa: rights, sexuality, and law. p. 17-40.

BookNkogo Ondó, Eugenio (2010)
Le génie des Ishango: synthèse systématique de la philosophie africaine
Wimereux: Sagittaire. 424p.

Conference paperPeterson, Derek R.; Macola, Giacomo (eds.) (2009)
Recasting the past: history writing and political work in modern Africa
Abstract presentAthens: Ohio University Press. New African histories series. 276p.

Book chapterDiagne, Souleymane Bachir (2008)
Toward an intellectual history of West Africa: the meaning of Timbuktu
In: The meanings of Timbuktu. p. 19-28.

Book chapterMack, Beverly (2008)
Muslim women scholars in the nineteenth and twentieth centures: Morocco to Nigeria
In: The meanings of Timbuktu. p. 164-179.

Book chapterMoraes Farias, Paulo F. (2008)
Intellectual innovation and reinvention of the Sahel: the seventeenth-century Timbuktu chronicles
In: The meanings of Timbuktu. p. 95-107.

BookQuick, Abdullah Hakim (2007)
In the heart of a West African Islamic revival: Shaykh Uthman Dan Fodio (1774-1804)
Cairo: Al-Falah. 228p.

Dissertation / thesisBoele van Hensbroek, Pieter (2005)
See this publicationAfrican political philosophy, 1860-1995: an inquiry into three families of discourse

Periodical (2004)
Essence: interdisciplinary, international journal of philosophy
Satellite Town, Lagos: Essence Library.

Book chapterLydon, Ghislaine (2004)
Inkwells of the Sahara: reflections on the production of Islamic knowledge in Bilad Shinqit
In: The Transmission of Learning in Islamic Africa. #2. p. 39-71.

Search: su=intellectual history
Found: 32 Record 1-32

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