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Periodical articleBaloch, Asma Hyder and Behrman, Jere R. (2016)
Climatic Shocks and Child Human Capital: Evidence from Ethiopia
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #5. p. 594-618.

Periodical articleMaley, Jean and Vernet, Robert (2013)
See this publicationPeuples et évolution climatique en Afrique nord-tropicale, de la fin du Néolithique à l'aube de l'époque moderne
Afriques. Volume 4.

Periodical articleRubin, Oliver (2009)
The Niger Famine A Collapse of Entitlements and Democratic Responsiveness
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 44 #3. p. 279-298.

Periodical articleBassett, Thomas and Turner, Matthew (2007)
Sudden Shift or Migratory Drift? FulBe Herd Movements to the Sudano-Guinean Region of West Africa
Human Ecology. Volume 35 #1. February. p. 33-49.

Periodical articleBogale, Ayalneh and Korf, Benedikt (2007)
To Share or Not to Share? (Non-)Violence, Scarcity and Resource Access in Somali Region, Ethiopia
Journal of Development Studies. Volume 43 #4. May. p. 743-765.

Periodical articleBrown, Oli and Hammill, Anne and McLeman, Robert (2007)
See this publicationClimate Change as the 'New' Security Threat: Implications for Africa
International Affairs (London). Volume 83 #6. November. p. 1141-1154.

Periodical articleGiannecchini, Monica and Twine, Wayne and Vogel, Coleen (2007)
See this publicationLand-Cover Change and Human-Environment Interactions in a Rural Cultural Landscape in South Africa
The Geographical Journal. Volume 173 #1. March. p. 26-42.

Periodical articleHobbs, Joseph J. and Tsunemi, Fujiyo (2007)
Soft Sedentarization: Bedouin Tourist Stations as a Response to Drought in Egypt's Eastern Desert
Human Ecology. Volume 35 #2. April. p. 209-222.

Periodical articleRichardson, Craig J. (2007)
See this publicationHow Much Did Droughts Matter? Linking Rainfall and GDP Growth in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 106 #424. July. p. 463-478.

Periodical articleRosholm, Michael and Nielsen, Helena Skyt and Dabalen, Andrew (2007)
See this publicationEvaluation of Training in African Enterprises
Journal of Development Economics. Volume 84 #1. September. p. 310-329.

Periodical articleStringer, Lindsay C. and Thomas, David S.G. and Twyman, Chasca (2007)
See this publicationFrom Global Politics to Local Land Users: Applying the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Swaziland
The Geographical Journal. Volume 173 #2. June. p. 129-142.

Periodical articleStrydom, Hennie (2007)
From Mandates to Economic Partnership: The Return to Proper Statehood in Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Human Rights Law Journal. Volume 7 #1. p. 68-102.

Periodical articleBates, Robert H. (2006)
See this publicationInstitutions and Development
Journal of African Economies. Volume 15 Supplement #1. April. p. 10-61.

Periodical articleDe Waal, A. and Taffesse, A. and Carruth, L. (2006)
Child Survival during the 2002-2003 Drought in Ethiopia
Global Public Health. Volume 1 #2. June. p. 125-132.

Periodical articleEzeoha, Abel E. (2006)
See this publicationCan NGOs Aid Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa? Some Theoretical Insights
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 8 #3. Fall. p. 128-147.

Periodical articleKazianga, Harounan and Udry, Christopher (2006)
See this publicationConsumption Smoothing? Livestock, Insurance and Drought in Rural Burkina Faso
Journal of Development Economics. Volume 79 #2. April. p. 413-446.

Periodical articleKdebonang, Zein and Mosweu, Sesupo (2006)
See this publicationNEPAD and the Challenges of Attracting Foreign Direct Investment in Africa
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 8 #2. Summer. p. 183-203.

Periodical articleLittle, Peter D. and Stone, M. Priscilla and Mogues, Tewodaj and Castro, A. Peter and Negatu, Workneh (2006)
'Moving in Place': Drought and Poverty Dynamics in South Wollo, Ethiopia
Journal of Development Studies. Volume 42 #2. February. p. 200-225.

Periodical articleMatthews, Lisa (2006)
See this publicationThe Battle for Cattle
Cultural Survival Quarterly. Volume 30 #2. Summer.

Periodical articleMusemwa, Muchaparara (2006)
See this publicationDisciplining a 'Dissident' City: Hydropolitics in the City of Bulawayo, Matabeleland, Zimbabwe, 1980-1994
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 32 #2. June. p. 239-254.

Periodical articleRequier-Desjardins, Melanie (2006)
See this publicationThe Economic Costs of Desertification: A First Survey of Some Cases in Africa
International Journal of Sustainable Development. Volume 9 #2. p. 199-209.

Periodical articleTester, Frank J. (2006)
See this publicationArt and Disarmament: Turning Arms into Ploughshares in Mozambique
Development in Practice. Volume 16 #2. April. p. 169-178.

Periodical articleAddis, Getachew and Urga, Kelbessa and Dikasso, Dawit (2005)
Ethnobotanical Study of Edible Wild Plants in Some Selected Districts of Ethiopia
Human Ecology. Volume 33 #1. February. p. 83-118.

Periodical articleAzzam, Azzeddine and Sekkat, Khalid (2005)
See this publicationMeasuring Total-Factor Agricultural Productivity under Drought Conditions: The Case of Morocco
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 10 #1. March. p. 19-31.

Periodical articleBernal, Victoria (2005)
See this publicationEritrea On-Line: Diaspora, Cyberspace, and the Public Sphere
American Ethnologist. Volume 32 #4. November. p. 660-675.

Periodical articleDavis, Diana K. (2005)
See this publicationIndigenous Knowledge and the Desertification Debate: Problematising Expert Knowledge in North Africa
Geoforum. Volume 36 #4. July. p. 509-524.

Periodical articleHermes, Niels and Lensink, Robert and Mehrteab, Habteab T. (2005)
See this publicationPeer Monitoring, Social Ties and Moral Hazard in Group Lending Programs: Evidence from Eritrea
World Development. Volume 33 #1. January. p. 149-169.

Periodical articleIkelegbe, Augustine (2005)
See this publicationEngendering Civil Society: Oil, Women Groups and Resource Conflicts in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 43 #2. June. p. 241-270.

Periodical articleJahed, Mohammed (2005)
NEPAD: The Socio-Economic Framework Initiatives, Progress and Challenges
African Finance Journal. Volume 7 #2.

Periodical articleOsinubi, T.S. and Amghionyeodiwe, L.A. (2005)
Women in Development: The Case of Bodija Market in Ibadan, South Western Nigeria
Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies. Volume 24 #1-2. p. 72-102.

Periodical articleRobbins, Glen (2005)
eThekwini Municipality's Economic Development Related Capital Programmes: Improving the Prospects of the Urban Poor?
Africa Insight. Volume 35 #4.

Periodical articleRwamatwara, Egide (2005)
See this publicationForced Migration in Africa: A Challenge to Development
Stichproben - Vienna Journal of African Studies. Volume 5 #8.

Periodical articleTusubira, Francis F. (2005)
See this publicationSupporting University ICT Developments: The Makerere University Experience
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 30 #1-2. p. 86-97.

Periodical articleWesterman, Olaf and Ashby, Jacqueline and Pretty, Jules (2005)
See this publicationGender and Social Capital: The Importance of Gender Differences for the Maturity and Effectiveness of Natural Resource Management Groups
World Development. Volume 33 #11. November. p. 1783-1799.

Periodical articleWilliams, Gavin (2005)
See this publicationBlack Economic Empowerment in the South African Wine Industry
Journal of Agrarian Change. Volume 5 #4. October. p. 476-504.

Periodical articleTounkara, Jean (2004-2005)
The Need for a New Economic Policy
African Geopolitics. #17. Winter.

Periodical articleAberra, Yohannes (2004)
See this publicationProblems of the Solution: Intervention into Small-Scale Irrigation for Drought Proofing in the Mekele Plateau of Northern Ethiopia
The Geographical Journal. Volume 170 #3. September. p. 226-237.

Periodical articleBelay, Kassa (2004)
Management of Droughts and Famines in Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 19 #1. January. p. 93-127.

Periodical articleBongmba, Elias K. (2004)
See this publicationReflections on Thabo Mbeki's African Renaissance
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 30 #2. June. p. 291-316.

Periodical articleConchiglia, Augusta (2004)
Mozambique: Ten Years of Stability
African Geopolitics. #14. Spring.

Periodical articleDesta, Solomon and Coppock, D. Layne (2004)
Pastoralism under Pressure: Tracking System Change in Southern Ethiopia
Human Ecology. Volume 32 #4. August. p. 465-486.

Periodical articleDorward, Andrew and Kydd, Jonathan and Morrison, Jamie and Urey, Ian (2004)
See this publicationA Policy Agenda for Pro-Poor Agricultural Growth
World Development. Volume 32 #1. January. p. 73-89.

Periodical articleEl-Tigani Mahmoud, Mahgoub (2004)
See this publicationInside Darfur: Ethnic Genocide by a Governance Crisis
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Volume 24 #2. p. 3-17.

Periodical articleFiki, O.C. and Lee, Bill (2004)
Conflict Generation, Conflict Management and Self-Organizing Capabilities in Drought-Prone Rural Communities in North-Eastern Nigeria: A Case Study
Journal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 19 #2. p. 25-48.

Periodical articleFonjong, Lotsmart (2004)
See this publicationChallenges and Coping Strategies of Women Food Crops Entrepreneurs in Fako Division, Cameroon
Journal of International Women's Studies. Volume 5 #5. June. 17p.

Periodical articleGinwala, F. (2004)
See this publicationNEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development): Shifting Perceptions
South African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. p. 107-112.

Periodical articleHall, R. (2004)
See this publicationLand Restitution in South Africa: Rights, Development, and the Restrained State
Canadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 38 #3. p. 654-671.

Periodical articleHolden, Stein and Shiferaw, Bekele (2004)
Land Degradation, Drought and Food Security in a Less-Favoured Area in the Ethiopian Highlands: A Bio-Economic Model with Market Imperfections
Agricultural Economics. Volume 30 #1. January. p. 31-49.

Periodical articleHoughton, Irungu (2004)
See this publicationChallenges of the Pan-African Parliament
South African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. Summer/Autumn. p. 71-78.

Periodical articleHumphrey, Steven and Verschoor, Arjan (2004)
See this publicationDecision-Making under Risk among Small Farmers in East Uganda
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 13 #1. March. p. 44-101.

Periodical articleKararach, George (2004)
See this publicationWhen do Communities Know Best? UNICEF's Search for Relevant Social Indicators in Zimbabwe
Development in Practice. Volume 14 #4. June. p. 569-573.

Periodical articleLeon, Tony (2004)
See this publicationOpposition Politics in Africa: Making NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa's Development) Dynamic
South African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. Summer/Autumn. p. 65-70.

Periodical articleNelson, John and Tchoumba, Belmond (2004)
See this publicationPipelines, Parks, and People: Bagyeli Document Land Use Near Campo Ma'an National Park
Cultural Survival Quarterly. Volume 28 #1. Spring.

Periodical articlePoulton, Colin and Gibbon, Peter and Hanyani-Mlambo, Benjamine and Kydd, Jonathan and Maro, Wilbald and David Tschirley and Nylandsted Larsen, Marianne and Osorio, Afonso and Zulu, Ballard (2004)
See this publicationCompetition and Coordination in Liberalized African Cotton Market Systems
World Development. Volume 32 #3. March. p. 519-536.

Periodical articleRamsamy, Prega (2004)
See this publicationNEPAD's (New Partnership for Africa's Development) Path to Progress
South African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. Summer/Autumn. p. 39-50.

Periodical articleRenkow, Mitch and Hallstrom, Daniel G. and Karanja, Daniel D. (2004)
See this publicationRural Infrastructure, Transactions Costs and Market Participation in Kenya
Journal of Development Economics. Volume 73 #1. February. p. 349-367.

Periodical articleSamoff, Joel and Carrol, Bidemi (2004)
See this publicationThe Promise of Partnership and Continuities of Dependence: External Support to Higher Education in Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 47 #1. April. p. 67-199.

Periodical articleSawyerr, Akilagpa (2004)
See this publicationChallenges Facing African Universities: Selected Issues
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 47 #1. April. p. 1-59.

Periodical articleSihlongonyane, Mfaniseni F. (2004)
The Rhetoric of Africanism in Johannesburg as a World African City
Africa Insight. Volume 34 #4.

Periodical articleSogo-Temi, J.S. and Olubiyo, S.O. (2004)
See this publicationThe Role of Agricultural Credit in the Development of Agricultural Sector: The Nigerian Case
African Review of Money, Finance and Banking - Supplement to 'Savings and Development'. p. 101-116.

Periodical articleSsewamala, Fred M. (2004)
See this publicationExpanding Women's Opportunities: The Potential of Heifer Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa
Development in Practice. Volume 14 #4. June. p. 550-559.

Periodical articleVaahtoranta, Tapani and Vogt, Henri (2004)
See this publicationNEPAD's (New Partnership for Africa's Development) Reception in Nordic Countries
South African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. Summer/Autumn. p. 79-88.

Periodical articleAmusan, T.A. (2003)
Politics and Education: Panacea for National Development
African Symposium: An On-Line African Educational Research Journal. Volume 3 #3. September.

Periodical articleBirdsall, Nancy and Claessens, Stijn and Diwan, Ishac (2003)
Policy Selectivity Forgone: Debt and Donor Behavior in Africa
World Bank Economic Review. Volume 17 #3. p. 409-435.

Periodical articleDevarajan, Shantayanan and Easterly, William R. and Pack, Howard (2003)
See this publicationLow Investment is Not the Constraint on African Development
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Volume 51 #3. April. p. 547-572.

Periodical articleDrimie, Scott (2003)
HIV/AIDS and Land: Case Studies from Kenya, Lesotho and South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 20 #5. December. p. 647-658.

Periodical articleHussein, Mustafa (2003)
The Role of Malawian Local Government in Community Development
Development Southern Africa. Volume 20 #2. June. p. 271-282.

Periodical articleJegede, P.O. and Adelodun, O.A. (2003)
The Status of Computer Education in Nigeria Secondary Schools
African Symposium: An On-Line African Educational Research Journal. Volume 3 #3. September.

Periodical articleJua, Nantang B. (2003)
See this publicationDifferential Responses to Disappearing Transitional Pathways: Redefining Possibility among Cameroonian Youths
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 46 #2. September. p. 13-36.

Periodical articleLaulan, Yves-Marie (2003)
The Woman, a Key of Sustainable Development
African Geopolitics. #10. Spring.

Periodical articleMunro, Lauchlan T. (2003)
See this publicationZimbabwe's Agricultural Recovery Programme in the 1990s: An Evaluation Using Household Survey Data
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 28 #5-6. October-December. p. 437-458.

Periodical articleOwens, Trudy and Hoddinott, John and Kinsey, Bill (2003)
See this publicationEx-Ante Actions and Ex-Post Public Responses to Drought Shocks: Evidence and Simulations from Zimbabwe
World Development. Volume 31 #7. July. p. 1239-1255.

Periodical articlePiguet, Francois (2003)
See this publicationFood Crisis in Ethiopia: Drought or Poor Economic Policies?
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #97. p. 485-489.

Periodical articleRanga, Dick (2003)
See this publicationSub-Region Differentials in Migration and Remittances in Zimbabwe between 1988-90 and 1996-98
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 19 #2. June. p. 55-73.

Periodical articleSachilonye, Lloyd M. (2003)
See this publicationFrom 'Growth with Equity' to 'Fast-Track' Reform: Zimbabwe's Land Question
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 30 #96. June. p. 227-240.

Periodical articleTsuruta, Tadasu (2003)
See this publicationPopular Music, Sports, and Politics: A Development of Urban Cultural Movements in Dar es Salaam, 1930s-1960s
African Study Monographs. Volume 24 #3. July. p. 195-222.

Periodical articleYeboah, Ian E.A. (2003)
See this publicationDemographic and Housing Aspects of Structural Adjustment and Emerging Urban Form in Accra, Ghana
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 50 #1. Spring/Summer. p. 107-119.

Periodical articleEndfield, Georgina H. and Nash, David J. (2002)
See this publicationDrought, Desiccation and Discourse: Missionary Correspondence and Nineteenth-Century Climate Change in Central Southern Africa
The Geographical Journal. Volume 168 #1. March. p. 33-47.

Periodical articleGlenzer, Kent (2002)
See this publicationLa Secheresse: The Social and Institutional Construction of a Development Problem in the Malian (Soudanese) Sahel, 1900-82
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 36 #1. p. 1-34.

Periodical articleMuhammad, Baqie B. (2002)
Famine, Women Creative Acts, and Gender Dynamics in Manawashai, Darfur, Western Sudan
Jenda: A Journal of Culture and African Women Studies. Volume 2 #1.

Periodical articleNaty, Alexander (2002)
See this publicationEnvironment, Society and the State in Western Eritrea
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 72 #4. p. 569-597.

Periodical articlePurkitt, Helen E. and Burgess, Stephen (2002)
See this publicationSouth Africa's Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme: A Historical and International Perspective
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 28 #2. June. p. 229-253.

Periodical articleThangata, Paul H. and Hildebrand, Peter E. and Gladwin, Christina H. (2002)
See this publicationModeling Agroforestry Adoption and Household Decision Making in Malawi
African Studies Quarterly. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 271-293.

Periodical articleTurner, Matthew D. and Williams, Timothy O. (2002)
See this publicationLivestock Market Dynamics and Local Vulnerabilities in the Sahel
World Development. Volume 30 #4. April. p. 683-705.

Periodical articleAraki, Minako (2001)
See this publicationOutside Development Interventions: People's Daily Actions among the Plateau Tonga of Zambia
Abstract presentAfrican Study Monographs. Volume 22 #4. December. p. 195-208.

Periodical articleDorfling, Tamzyn (2001)
Developing Industry as an LED (Local Economic Development) Option in Port Elizabeth-Uitenhage
Abstract presentAfrica Insight. Volume 31 #1. March. p. 35-42.

Periodical articleEl-Affendi, Abdelwahab (2001)
See this publicationThe Impasse in the IGAD Peace Process for Sudan: The Limits of Regional Peacemaking?
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 100 #401. October. p. 581-599.

Periodical articleFalk, Sally (2001)
The International Production of Authoritative Knowledge: The Case of Drought-Stricken West Africa
Ethnography. Volume 2 #2. June. p. 161.

Periodical articleHoddinott, J. and Kinsey, Bill (2001)
Child Growth in the Time of Drought
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. Volume 63 #4. September. p. 409-436.

Periodical articleOba, Gufu (2001)
See this publicationThe Importance of Pastoralists' Indigenous Coping Strategies for Planning Drought Management in the Arid Zone of Kenya
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 5 #1. p. 89-119.

Periodical articleRoberts, Simon (2001)
See this publicationGlobalization, Industrial Development and the Plastics Industry in South Africa
Journal of International Development. Volume 13 #6. p. 797-810.

Periodical articleUgorji, Ebenezer C. (2001)
See this publicationRethinking Government Economic Activism in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Contending Issues of the Privatization Strategy
Journal of Third World Studies. Volume 18 #1. Spring. p. 189-212.

Periodical articleAdar, Korwa G. (2000)
See this publicationConflict Resolution in a Turbulent Region: The Case of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development in Sudan
African Journal on Conflict Resolution. Volume 1 #1.

Periodical articleCentre for Democracy and Development (2000)
Cote d'Ivoire: The General's New Clothes: CDD's Briefing on a Fact-finding Trip to la Cote d'Ivoire April, 2000
Democracy and Development: Journal of West African Affairs. Volume 2 #4. September-December. p. 31-34.

Periodical articleGoldsmith, Paul (2000)
See this publicationThe Land of Jilali: Travels through Kenya's Drought-Stricken North
African Studies Quarterly. Volume 4 #3. Fall.

Periodical articleOba, Gufu (2000)
'Where the Bulls Fight, it is the Grass That Suffers': Impact of Border Administration on Drought Coping Strategies of the Obbu Boaaran during the 20th Century
Journal of Oromo Studies. Volume 7 #1-2. July. p. 87.

Periodical articleTurner, Matthew D. (2000)
See this publicationDrought, Domestic Budgeting and Wealth Distribution in Sahelian Households
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 31 #5. November. p. 1009-1035.

Periodical articleAdebayo, Yinka (1999)
An Analysis of Environmental Emergencies, the African Crises and Aspects of Energy Issues
African Journal of International Affairs and Development. Volume 4 #2. p. 116-143.

Periodical articleAnyamele, Okechukwu D. (1999)
The Effect of Trade and Development Policies on Agricultural Output in Nigeria
Scandinavian Journal of Development Alternatives and Area Studies. Volume 18 #4. December. p. 149-161.

Periodical articleCampbell, David J. (1999)
Response to Drought among Farmers and Herders in Southern Kajiado District, Kenya: A Comparison of 1972-1976 and 1994-1995
Human Ecology. Volume 27 #3. September. p. 493.

Search: su=Drought and Desertification
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