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Periodical articleFernández Soriano, Victor (2018)
See this document'Travail et progrès': Obligatory 'Educational' Labour in the Belgian Congo, 1933-60
Journal of Contemporary History. Volume 11 #2. p. 292-314.

Periodical articleVigh, Henrik (2018)
See this documentDisplaced utopia: on marginalisation, migration and emplacement in Bissau
Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power. Volume 25 #2. p. 192-209.

Periodical articleAladrén, Gabriel (2017)
See this documentUma bicoca na costa da África a política espanhola para o tráfico de escravos, o Reglamento de Comercio Libre e as fronteiras ibéricas na América do Sul (1776-1778)
Revista de Indias. Volume 77 #270. p. 585-615.

Periodical articleKeese, Alexander (2017)
See this documentEquilíbrios no Terror: Trabalho forçado, fuga e Continuidades clandestinas no Congo-Brazzaville, 1918-1968
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. Volume 33. p. 183-206.

Periodical articleNeto, Maria da Conceição (2017)
See this documentDe Escravos a 'Serviçais', de 'Serviçais' a 'Contratados': Omissões, perceções e equívocos na história do trabalho africano na Angola colonial
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. Volume 33. p. 107-129.

Periodical articleVos, Jelmer (2017)
See this documentImpério, Patronato e uma Revolta no Reino do Kongo
Cadernos de Estudos Africanos. Volume 33. p. 157-182.

Periodical articleCarvalho, Marcus J.M. de (2016)
See this documentTrabalho, cotidiano, administração e negociação numa feitoria do tráfico no rio Benim em 1837
Afro-Ásia. Volume 53. p. 227-273.

Periodical articleDougnon, Isaie (2016)
Reinterpreting Labor Migration as Initiation Rite: 'Ghana Boys' and European Clothing in Dogon Country (Mali), 1920-1960
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 73-90.

Periodical articleGuerra Hernández, Hector (2016)
Migration and Forced Labor in the Social Imaginary of Southern Mozambique, 1920-1964
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 91-129.

Periodical articleHart, Jennifer (2016)
'Nifa Nifa': Technopolitics, Mobile Workers, and the Ambivalence of Decline in Acheampong's Ghana
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 181-201.

Periodical articleHayem, Judith (2016)
Marikana: Analysing Miners' Subjectivity and the Crisis of Representation
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #2. p. 171-185.

Periodical articleKeese, Alexander (2016)
Hunting 'Wrongdoers' and 'Vagrants': The Long-Term Perspective of Flight, Evasion, and Persecution in Colonial and Postcolonial Congo-Brazzaville, 1920-1980
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 152-180.

Periodical articleMartino, Enrique (2016)
Panya: Economies of Deception and the Discontinuities of Indentured Labour Recruitment and the Slave Trade, Nigeria and Fernando Pó, 1890s-1940s
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 91-129.

Periodical articleMudeka, Ireen (2016)
Gendered Exclusion and Contestation: Malawian Women's Migration and Work in Colonial Harare, Zimbabwe, 1930s to 1963
African Economic History. Volume 44. p. 18-43.

Periodical articleNaicker, Camalita (2016)
Worker Struggles as Community Struggles: The Politics of Protest in Nkaneng, Marikana
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #2. p. 157-170.

Periodical articleSilva, M.F. and Santos, Maciel (2016)
Moçambique entre greves ferroviárias e 'Modus Vivendi' (1920-1926)
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. Volume 27. p. 127-148.

Periodical articleStewart, Paul (2016)
The Material Basis of Worker Subjectivity: Rock Drill Operators on the South African Platinum Mines in Historical Perspective
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 51 #2. p. 143-156.

Periodical articleAlpers, Edward A. (2015)
See this documentSlavery, antislavery, political rivalry and regional networks in East African waters, 1877-1883
Afriques. Volume 6.

Periodical articleBarroso Junior, Reinaldo dos Santos (2015)
'Dos progressos que fazem a agricultura': produção de arroz e trabalhadores da África ocidental para o norte da América portuguesa (1770-1800)
Revista Internacional em Língua Portuguesa. Volume 28-29. p. 239-258.

Periodical articleFonseca, Jorge (2015)
Dom frei Lourenço Garro, bispo de Santiago, o verdadeiro autor de um texto antiesclavagista do século XVII
Lusitania Sacra. Volume 32. p. 181-198.

Periodical articleGomes, Lourenço (2015)
Rota da escravatura e cabo-verdianidade
Revista Internacional em Língua Portuguesa. Volume 28-29. p. 205-220.

Periodical articleHanserd, Robert (2015)
See this documentOkomfo Anokye formed a tree to hide from the Akwamu: priestly power, freedom, and enslavement in the Afro-Atlantic
Atlantic Studies: Global Currents. Volume 12 #4. p. 522-544.

Periodical articleJawando, Jubril Olayiwola and Adenugba, Adebimpe Adetutu (2015)
Assessing the Patterns of Temporary Employment in the Food Processing Industry in Lagos, Nigeria
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 50 #6. p. 732-749.

Periodical articleMonnier, Jehanne-Emmanuelle (2015)
Litiges entre le Mozambique et La Réunion au sujet du recrutement de travailleurs, seconde moitié du XIXème siècle
Tsingy. Volume 18. p. 63-74.

Periodical articleOuaknine-Yekutieli, Orit (2015)
See this documentNarrating a Pending Calamity: Artisanal Crisis in the Medina of Fes, Morocco
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 47 #1. p. 109-129.

Periodical articleStanziani, Alessandro (2015)
See this documentL'immigration indentured à l'île Maurice, 1840-1870: conditions, abus et résistance
Afriques. Volume 6.

Periodical articleStolz, Daniel A. (2015)
See this documentPositioning the Watch-Hand: 'Ulama' and the Practice of Mechanical Timekeeping in Cairo, 1737-1874
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 47 #3. p. 489-510.

Periodical articleAmoako, Samuel (2014)
Teacher Unions in Political Transitions: The South African Democratic Teachers' Union (SADTU) and the Dying Days of Apartheid, 1990-1993
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 49 #2. p. 148-163.

Periodical articleCurli, Barbara (2014)
See this documentDames employées at the Suez Canal Company: The Egyptianization of female office workers, 1941-56
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 46 #3. p. 553-576.

Periodical articleFriedman, Steven (2014)
From Classroom to Class Struggle: Radical Academics and the Rebirth of Trade Unionism in the 1970s
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 49 #5. p. 526-543.

Periodical articleDjistera, Andrianasy A. (2013)
Evaluation du capital humain de l'île Maurice
Tsingy. Volume 16. p. 97-106.

Periodical articleAyesu, Ebenezer (2012)
Billboards, Youth, Unemployment and Superstition in Mamfe-Akuapem, Ghana
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 47 #6. p. 634-651.

Periodical articleHayem, Judith (2012)
The 'Voucher Strike': Workers' Political Subjectivities in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 47 #5. p. 516-529.

Periodical articleMoreno Maestro, Susana (2011)
See this documentCofradías sufíes senegalesas en contextos migratorios. Espacios religiosos transnacionales para la regulación de identidades
Studia Africana. Volume 22. p. 77-90.

Periodical articleRódenas Cerezo, Beatriz (2011)
See this documentExperiencia de género en el proceso migratorio. El caso de las mujeres senegalesas de Valencia
Studia Africana. Volume 22. p. 91-102.

Periodical articleVázquez Silva, Íria (2011)
See this documentLa influencia de la estructura familiar extensa en el proceso migratorio y viceversa. Un estudio de caso a partir de la migración senegalesa en España
Studia Africana. Volume 22. p. 51-76.

Periodical articleTang, Xiaoyang (2010)
Bulldozer or Locomotive? The Impact of Chinese Enterprises on the Local Employment in Angola and the DRC
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 45 #3. p. 350-368.

Periodical articleBonner, Phil (2009)
Labour, Migrancy and Urbanization in South Africa and India, 1900-60
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 44 #1. p. 69-95.

Periodical articleBrawley, Mark R. and Segal, Michelle (2009)
Unemployment, Trade Liberalization and Adjustment in Post-Transition South Africa
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 44 #6. p. 698-718.

BookChamlou, Nadereh and Klapper, Leora and Muzi, Silvia (2008)
See this documentThe Environment for Women's Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa
Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

Periodical articleCox, Kevin R. and Hemson, David (2008)
Mamdani and the Politics of Migrant Labor in South Africa: Durban Dockworkers and the Difference That Geography Makes
Political Geography. Volume 27 #2. February. p. 194-212.

Periodical articleKonings, Piet (2008)
See this documentPrivatisation and Labour Militancy: The Case of Cameroon's Tea Estates
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 26 #1. January. p. 51-70.

Periodical articleLatreille, Martin (2008)
See this documentHonor, the Gender Division of Labor, and the Status of Women in Rural Tunisia: A Social Organizational Reading
International Journal of Middle East Studies. Volume 40 #4. November. p. 599-621.

Periodical articleMohamed, Grace and Roberts, Simon (2008)
See this documentWeak Links in the BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) Chain? Procurement, Skills and Employment Equity in the Metals and Engineering Industries
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 26 #1. January. p. 27-50.

Periodical articleRolfe, Ben and Leshabari, Sebalda and Rutta, Fredrik and Murray, Susan F. (2008)
See this documentThe Crisis in Human Resources for Health Care and the Potential for a 'Retired' Workforce: Case Study of the Independent Midwifery Sector in Tanzania
Health Policy and Planning. Volume 23 #2. March. p. 137-149.

Periodical articleTaylor, Myra and Kvalsvig, Jane D. (2008)
See this documentScaling Up Support for Children in HIV-Affected Families by Involving Early Childhood Development Workers: Community Views from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 25 #1. March. p. 61-73.

Periodical articleAbdelrahman, Maha (2007)
See this documentNGOs and the Dynamics of the Egyptian Labour Market
Development in Practice. Volume 17 #1. February. p. 78-84.

Periodical articleAbdul-Korah, Gariba B. (2007)
See this document'Where is Not Home?': Dagaaba Migrants in the Brong Ahafo Region, 1980 to the Present
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 106 #422. January. p. 71-94.

Periodical articleAbdullahi, Ali A. and Saka, L. (2007)
See this documentEthno-Religious and Political Conflicts: Threat to Nigeria Nascent Democracy
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 9 #3. Fall. p. 21-36.

Periodical articleAdu-Oppong, Ahmed and Grimes, Richard M. and Ross, Michael W. and Risser, Jan and Kessie, Gladstone (2007)
Social and Behavioral Determinants of Consistent Condom Use Among Female Commercial Sex Workers in Ghana
AIDS Education and Prevention. Volume 19 #2. p. 160-172.

Periodical articleAgozino, Biko and Anyanike, Ike (2007)
IMY AHIA: Traditional Igbo Business School and Global Commerce Culture
Dialectical Anthropology. Volume 31 #1-3. November. p. 233-252.

Periodical articleAlexander, Peter (2007)
Women and Coal Mining in India and South Africa, c.1900-1940
African Studies. Volume 66 #2-3. August. p. 201-222.

BookAlpert, Rachel (2007)
Women in Morocco: Participation in the Workforce as an Avenue of Social Mobility
Ramat Aviv, Israel: Tel Aviv University, The Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. 112p.

BookAmnesty International (2007)
Zimbabwe - Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk
London: Amnesty International. July. 41p.

Periodical articleAsiedu, Kofi and Folmer, Henk (2007)
See this documentDoes Privatization Improve Job Satisfaction? The Case of Ghana
World Development. Volume 35 #10. October. p. 1779-1795.

BookAssaad, Ragui and Barsoum, Ghada F. (2007)
Youth Exclusion in Egypt: In Search of 'Second Chances'
Washington, D.C.: Wolfensohn Center for Development at the Brookings Institution. Middle East Youth Initiative Working Paper #2. 43p.

Periodical articleAwortwi, Nicholas and Vondee, Joana (2007)
Drifting Towards Convergence? Motivation and Performance Management in State and Private Companies in the Provision of Telecom Services in Ghana
Public Administration and Development. Volume 27 #4. November. p. 261-272.

Periodical articleAzam, Jean-Paul and Rospabe, Sandrine (2007)
Trade Unions Versus Statistical Discrimination: Theory and Application to Post-Apartheid South Africa
Journal of Development Economics. Volume 84 #1. September. p. 417-444.

Periodical articleBabikir, Osman M. and Babiker, Babiker I. (2007)
See this documentThe Determinants of Labour Supply and Demand in Irrigated Agriculture: A Case Study of the Gezira Scheme in Sudan
Abstract presentAfrican Development Review. Volume 19 #2. September. p. 335-349.

Periodical articleBakari, Salihu and Leach, Fiona (2007)
See this documentHijacking Equal Opportunity Policies in a Nigerian College of Education: The Micropolitics of Gender
Women's Studies International Forum. Volume 30 #2. March-April. p. 85-96.

Periodical articleBanati, Prerna (2007)
Risk Amplification: HIV in Migrant Communities
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 205-223.

Periodical articleBarchiesi, Franco (2007)
Wage labor and Social Citizenship in the Making of Post-Apartheid South Africa
Journal of Asian and African Studies. Volume 42 #1. February. p. 39-72.

Periodical articleBarchiesi, Franco (2007)
See this documentSouth African Debates on the Basic Income Grant: Wage Labour and the Post-Apartheid Social Policy
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #3. September. p. 561-575.

Book chapterBenghabrit-Remaoun, Nouria (2007)
Knowledge and Equity: Unequal Access to Education, Academic Success and Employment Opportunities: The Gender Balance in Algeria
In: Sorlin, Sverker and Vessuri, Hebe M.C. (eds.). Knowledge Society vs. Knowledge Economy: Knowledge, Power, and Politics. New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Issues in Higher Education.

Periodical articleBerhanu, Wassie and Colman, David and Fayissa, Bichaka (2007)
Diversification and Livelihood Sustainability in a Semi-Arid Environment: A Case Study From Southern Ethiopia
Journal of Development Studies. Volume 43 #5. July. p. 871-889.

Periodical articleBezuidenhout, Andries and Khunou, Grace and Mosoetsa, Sarah and Sutherland, Kirsten and Thoburn, John (2007)
Globalisation and Poverty: Impacts on Households of Employment and Restructuring in the Textiles Industry of South Africa
Journal of International Development. Volume 19 #5. July. p. 545-565.

Conference paperBiancani, Francesca (2007)
'Let Down the Curtin Around Us': The Hierarchy of Modern Prostitution in Colonial Cairo, 1882-1952
Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA), November 17-20, 2007, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Tucson.

Periodical articleBonner, Philip and Hyslop, Jonathan and Van der Walt, Lucien (2007)
Rethinking Worlds of Labour: Southern African Labour History in International Context
African Studies. Volume 66 #2-3. August. p. 137-167.

Book chapterBritwum, Akua O. (2007)
The Gender of Trade Union Democratic Participation in Ghana
In: Kester, Gerard and Britwum, Akua O. (eds.). Trade Unions and Workplace Democracy in Africa. Aldershot, Great Britain/Burlington, Vermont: Ashgate.

Book chapterCairoli, M. Laetitia (2007)
Girl But Not Woman: Garment Factory Workers in Fez, Morocco
In: Moghadam, Valentine M. (ed.). From Patriarchy to Empowerment: Women's Participation, Movements, and Rights in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press.

Book chapterCasely-Hayford, Leslie (2007)
Gendered Experiences of Teaching in Poor Rural Areas of Ghana
In: Fennell, Shailaja and Arnot, Madeleine (eds.). Gender Education and Equality in a Global Context: Conceptual Frameworks and Policy Perspectives. Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, Great Britain/New York: Routledge.

Periodical articleChikanda, Abel (2007)
Medical Migration From Zimbabwe: Magnitude, Causes and Impact on the Poor
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 47-60.

Periodical articleChovwen, Catherine (2007)
Barriers to Acceptance, Satisfaction and Career Growth: Implications for Career Development and Retention of Women in Selected Male Occupations in Nigeria
Women in Management Review. Volume 22 #1. p. 68-78.

Periodical articleChukuezi, Comfort O. (2007)
See this documentStreet Enterprises, Urban Livelihoods and Poverty in Owerri, Nigeria
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 9 #3. Fall. p. 119-133.

Periodical articleCockburn, John and Dostie, Benoit (2007)
See this documentChild Work and Schooling: The Role of Household Asset Profiles and Poverty in Rural Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 16 #4. August. p. 519-563.

Periodical articleCodjoe, S.N. (2007)
Varying Effect of Fertility Determinants Among Migrant and Indigenous Females in the Transition Agro-Ecological Zone of Ghana
Human Geography. Volume 89 #1. March. p. 23-37.

Periodical articleDavie, Grace (2007)
See this documentStrength in Numbers: The Durban Student Wages Commission, Dockworkers and the Poverty Datum Line, 1971-1973
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #2. June. p. 401-420.

Periodical articleDavies, Rebecca (2007)
Reconceptualising the Migration-Development Nexus: Diasporas, Globalisation and the Politics of Exclusion
Third World Quarterly. Volume 28 #1. p. 59-76.

Periodical articleDe Vletter, Fion (2007)
Migration and Development in Mozambique: Poverty, Inequality and Survival
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 137-153.

Periodical articleDerbile, E.K. (2007)
See this documentTraditional Birth Attendants and Health Service Delivery in Northwest Ghana: Operational Dynamics and New Frontiers
Ghana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 4 #1. May. p. 73-86.

Periodical articleDeRose, Laurie F. (2007)
See this documentWomen's Work and Breastfeeding Simultaneously Rise in Ghana
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Volume 55 #3. April. p. 583-612.

Periodical articleDinat, Natalya and Peberdy, Sally (2007)
Restless Worlds of Work, Health and Migration: Domestic Workers in Johannesburg
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 186-203.

Book chapterDodson, Belinda (2007)
Gender, Migration and Livelihoods: Migrant Women in Southern Africa
In: Piper, Nicola (ed.). New Perspectives on Gender and Migration: Livelihood, Rights and Entitlements. New York: Routledge.

Periodical articleDuran, Lucy (2007)
Ngaraya: Women and Musical Mastery in Mali
Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies. Volume 70 #3. October. p. 569-602.

Periodical articleEarle, Nicci and Paterson, Andrew N. (2007)
The Shape of Demand for High-Level Agricultural Skills in the South African Labour Market
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #4. October. p. 575-593.

BookEckman, Karlyn (2007)
Gender Mainstreaming in Forestry in Africa. Zambia
Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). 36p.

Periodical articleFayankinnu, E.A. and Alo, O.A. (2007)
See this documentGlobalisation and Work: An Insight From the Ghanaian and Nigerian Women Experience
Gender and Behaviour. Volume 5 #1. June. p. 1129-1161.

Periodical articleFerguson, A.G. and Morris, C.N. (2007)
Mapping Transactional Sex on the Northern Corridor Highway in Kenya
Health and Place. Volume 13 #2. June. p. 504-519.

Periodical articleFisher, Eleanor (2007)
See this documentOccupying the Margins: Labour Integration and Social Exclusion in Artisanal Mining in Tanzania
Development and Change. Volume 38 #4. July. p. 735-760.

Periodical articleFonjong, Lotsmart and Athanasia, Fongkimeh (2007)
See this documentThe Fortunes and Misfortunes of Women Rice Producers in Ndop, Cameroon and the Implications for Gender Roles
Journal of International Women's Studies. Volume 8 #4. May. p. 133-147.

Periodical articleForrest, Kally (2007)
Out of Time: The National Union of Metalworker's Pursuit of Power: 1989-1995
African Studies. Volume 66 #2-3. August. p. 365-382.

Periodical articleFrayne, Bruce (2007)
Migration and the Changing Social Economy of Windhoek, Namibia
Development Southern Africa. Volume 24 #1. March. p. 91-108.

Periodical articleGallo, Maria F. and Behets, Freida M. and Steiner, Markus J. and Thomsen, S.C. and Ombidi, W. and Luchters, S. and Toroitich-Ruto, Cathy J. and Hobbs, M.M. (2007)
Validity of Self-Reported 'Safe Sex' Among Female Sex Workers in Mombasa, Kenya-PSA Analysis
International Journal of STD and AIDS. Volume 18 #1. January. p. 33-38.

Periodical articleGeldenhuys, Johanna and De Lange, Naydene (2007)
Career Identities of First-Year Female Coloured Students
South African Journal of Education. Volume 27 #1. February. p. 117-137.

Periodical articleGisselquist, David (2007)
How Much Do Blood Exposures Contribute to HIV Prevalence in Female Sex Workers in Sub-Saharan Africa, Thailand, and India?
International Journal of STD and AIDS. Volume 18 #9. September. p. 581-588.

Periodical articleGoldner, Janet (2007)
The Women of Kalabougou (Mali)
African Arts. Volume 40 #1. Spring. p. 74-79.

Periodical articleGona, George M. (2007)
Towards a Concrete East African Trade Union Federation: History, Prospects and Constraints
African Studies. Volume 66 #2-3. August. p. 273-294.

Book chapterGuelke, Leonard (2007)
Conversion of Native and Slave Women in Dutch Colonial South Africa: From Assimilation to Apartheid
In: Morin, Karen M. and Guelke, Jeanne K. (eds.). Women, Religion, and Space: Global Perspectives on Gender and Faith. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press.

BookGunn, Shirley and Visser, Rachel (eds.) (2007)
Labour Pains for the Nation: Eight Women Workers Share Their Stories
Cape Town: Human Rights Media Centre. 254p.

Periodical articleGuseh, James S. and Oritsejafor, Emmanuel (2007)
Government Size, Political Freedom and Economic Growth in Nigeria, 1960-2000
Journal of Third World Studies. Volume 24 #1. Spring. p. 139-168.

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