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Periodical articleMacgoye, M.O. (2009)
Ancient, modern and post-modern
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 8. p. 16-30.

Periodical articleMaina, O.M. (2008)
Mirroring the subtext: postmodernism in Ngugi wa Thiongo's Wizard of the Crow
Journal of Language, Technology & Entrepreneurship in Africa. Volume 1 #1. p. 67-74.

Periodical articleRobert, B. (2007)
When clouds form
Kutlwano. Volume 48 #1. January. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleChimombo, S. (2006)
The hyena wears darkness
WASI: [bulletin]. Volume 16 #2. April. p. 18-25.

Periodical articleSackey, E. (2006)
The truth of fiction: the representation of Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana in Ayi Kwei Armah's the Beautiful ones are not yet born
Legon Journal of the Humanities. Volume 17. p. 1-23.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2005)
AIDS for salvation: a review of Wim Boswinkel's Erina
WASI: [bulletin]. Volume 15 #2. April. p. 27-29, 31.

Periodical articleAsaah, A.H. (2005)
Stylistic manifestations of traditional culture in postcolonial Francophone African women's fiction
Legon Journal of the Humanities. Volume 16. p. 83-101.

Periodical articleGromov, M.D. (2004)
Postmodernistic elements in recent Swahili novels
Nairobi Journal of Literature. #2. March. p. 28-36.

Periodical articleVan Rooyen, Petrus Hendrik (2001)
Politieke stereotipering in voor-onafhanklikheidse Namibiese literatuur: die werk van Doc Immelman
Abstract presentJournal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 49. p. 21-39.

Periodical articleChiumia, T. (2000)
Aubrey Kalitera: where are you?
WASI: [bulletin]. Volume 11 #2. April. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleMtunda, P. (2000)
Effective use of fiction in a school library
Zimbabwe Librarian. Volume 32 #2. December. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleAtangana Nama, C. (1999)
Class struggle and form in Linus Asong's A legend of the dead
Sosongo. Volume 1 #2. June. p. 105-127.

Periodical articleChimombo, Steve (1998)
Stories on Sapitwa: an overview of Lipenga's fiction
Abstract presentJournal of Humanities. #12. p. 77-85.

Periodical articleMareva, R. (1997)
The wretched of the earth
Moto. #170-171. March-April. p. 18.

Periodical articleMusadireve, C. (1997)
Shimmer Chinodya: the new kid on the block who made good
Moto. #169. February. p. 19-20.

Periodical articleNyamhondoro, S. (1997)
The debt
Moto. #169. February. p. 18.

Periodical articleSithole, J.B. (1997)
If only I had a wife
Moto. #177. October. p. 15.

Periodical articleMensah, A.N. (1996-1997)
Ama Ata Aidoo's 'Changes': A Man's Reading of a Women's Liberationist Novel
Marang: Journal of Language and Literature. #12-13. p. 33-42.

Periodical articleSibanda, G.M. (1996)
It's a goal!
Moto. #167-168. December-Jan. 1997. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleMcLoughlin, T. (1995)
Ways of seeing the rural landscape in Zimbabwean fiction and painting
Gallery (Harare, Zimbabwe). #5. September. p. 12-14.

Periodical articleStotesbury, J.A. (1994)
Language and mindstyle in anglophone popular romantic fiction under apartheid
Logos. Volume 14. p. 18-32.

Periodical articleChege, S. (1993)
Author in her own write
Echo (Nairobi, Kenya). May. p. 15-17.

Periodical articleMwikisa, P. (1993)
Fiction and reality: moments of disjuncture in the modern novel: the case of Samuel Beckett's trilogy
Marang: Journal of Language and Literature. #10. October. p. 67-84.

Periodical articleBaccega, M.A. (1990)
O movimento entre a ficçao e a história: o caso 'Mayombe'
Mensagem. #5. p. 63-71.

Periodical articleRodin, S.H. (1990)
Chien de soleil
Recherches et cultures. #5. p. 55-63.

Search: su=Fiction
Found: 25 Record 1-25

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