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Periodical articleKwabena Nketia, J.H. (2008)
Referential modes of meaning as strategies of communication in oral tradition
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 11 #1. June. p. 3-17.

Periodical articleMushonga, M. (2008)
A thematic and historical synthesis of Embu oral traditions
Tsebo. Volume 2 #2. p. 69-84.

Periodical articleAkoh, A.D. (2006)
Oral performance and the Ibaji-Igala society in transition: the songs of Oyaka contextualized
Legon Journal of the Humanities. Volume 17. p. 159-172.

Periodical articleAtakpo, U. (2006)
Orature and the Nigerian home video films: a study of Igodoland of the living dead
Tsebo. Volume 1 #1. p. 103-108.

Periodical articleKwabena Nketia, J.H. (2006)
Oral tradition in a new mode: the shaping of indigenous scholarship and literary style
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 9 #2. December. p. 3-15.

Periodical articleNtakirutimana, Jean (2006)
De la valeur éducative du genre narratif dans les sociétés africaines traditionnelles
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #77. p. 173-192.

Periodical articleOgunleye, F. (2006)
Transcending the 'dust': African-American filmmakers preserving the 'glimpse of the eternal'
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 20. December. p. 84-97.

Periodical articleSenghor, L.S. (2006)
Discours d'ouverture du colloque sur les traditions orales du Gabou
Éthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #spécial. 1er semestre. p. 285-289.

Periodical articleAdjei, E. (2005)
Preserving indigenous knowledge: a case study of the Audiovisual Archives of the International Centre for African Music and Dance (ICAMD)
Ghana Library Journal. Volume 17. p. 43-53.

Periodical articleClarke, C. (2005)
Towards a post-missionary oral Christology among African Indigenous Churches in Ghana
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 8 #1. June. p. 3-10.

Periodical articleThiesen, M. (2005)
A methodology for oral history
Religion in Malawi. #12. November. p. 25-35.

Periodical articleWasamba, P. (2005)
Preservation of African oral heritage through research
Nairobi Journal of Literature. #3. March. p. 1-6.

Periodical articleYankah, K. (2005)
Libraries and the sustenance of indigenous knowledge in the creative arts
Ghana Library Journal. Volume 17. p. 17-25.

Periodical articleMizinga, F.M. (2003)
Learn from the dying generation: a critical analysis of oral traditions in the reconstruction of history
Zambia Museums Journal. Volume 8. p. 30-35.

Periodical articleNegash, Ghirmai (2003)
Tradition of Tigrinya Oral Poetry in Eritrea
Abstract presentJournal of Eritrean Studies (Asmara). Volume 2 #1-2. May-December. p. 9-38.

Periodical articleMuller, J.C. (2001)
Histoire de l'établissement des Dìì et de leurs chefferies en Adamaoua (Nord-Cameroun)
Ngaoundere-anthropos. Volume 6. p. 11-42.

Periodical articleAbodunrin, Femi (2000)
See this documentAyi Kwei Armah and the origins of the African diaspora
Abstract presentJournal of Humanities. #14. p. 63-98.

Periodical articleHall, S. (2000)
Music as an aid to literacy
Research Review. #14. June. p. 139-143.

Periodical articleHatang, S. (2000)
Converting orality to material custody: is it a noble act of liberation or is it an act of incarceration?
ESARBICA Journal. Volume 19. p. 22-30.

Periodical articleKatuu, S. (2000)
The value of oral and artifactual 'documents'. Pt. 1. The case of the Taita of Kenya
ESARBICA Journal. Volume 19. p. 31-37.

Periodical articleLaryea, K.A. (2000)
Rewriting African Christian history in a new key
Journal of African Christian Thought. Volume 3 #1. June. p. 45-49.

Periodical articleTakora, B.Y. (2000)
Traditional dances in Gonja land
Research Review. #14. June. p. 163-167.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
How the blacksmith, Walukaga, taught the Kabaka wisdom
Wajibu. Volume 14 #1. p. 5-6.

Periodical articleEybel, J. (1999)
Proverbs for transformation working with caregivers
Wajibu. Volume 14 #1. p. 20-23.

Periodical articleHealey, J.G. (1999)
You faked me out: sayings of East African urban youth
Wajibu. Volume 14 #1. p. 2-4.

Periodical articleKiiru, M. (1999)
You Cannot Catch Old Birds with Chaff: The Woman's Multiple Images in Proverbs
Wajibu. Volume 14 #1. p. 7-9.

Periodical articleKudadjie, J.N. (1999)
Using Ga and Dangme proverbs for preaching and teaching
Wajibu. Volume 14 #1. p. 12-18.

Periodical articleMazarire, G.C. (1999)
'Of spelling errors and historical distortions: historians museums and the way forward': oral traditions concerning the identity of Maziriri, the Svikiro of the Chivi people
Zimbabwea. #6. December. p. 4-9.

Periodical articleNdana, Ndana (1999)
See this documentTo 'Insult' or to 'Teach'? A Reading of a Subiya Nuptial Song
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 31. p. 129-134.

Periodical articlePikirayi, Innocent (1999)
See this documentDavid Beach, Shona History and the Archaeology of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 26 #2. p. 135-144.

Periodical articleAhmed, H. (1998)
Islamic literature in Ethiopia: a short overview
Journal of Ethiopian Languages and Literature. #8. p. 25-37.

Periodical articleAnyidoho, A.L. (1998)
Cross-cultural influences on Akan folklore genres
Legon Journal of the Humanities. Volume 11. p. 49-66.

Periodical articleBrempong, O. (1998)
Oral tradition in Ghana: the history of Bonokyempim and Techiman politics
Research Review. #13. p. 1-73.

Periodical articleChiwome, Emmanuel (1998)
More exploration with less didacticism: a challenge for the contemporary Shona novelist
Abstract presentZimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 10 #2. July. p. 115-126.

Periodical articleFonkou, Gabriel Kuitche (1998)
Les évocations de l'espace dans les chants narratifs et les devinettes ngembà
Abstract presentÉthiopiques: revue socialiste de culture négro-africaine. #60. p. 49-55.

Periodical articleMtenje, Al and Soko, Boston (1998)
Oral traditions among the northern Malawi Ngoni
Abstract presentJournal of Humanities. #12. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleMvanamirihyo S.M. (1998)
'Olucumo': la richesse d'un genre paremiologique du peuple Bashi
Revue africaine de communication sociale. Volume 3 #1. janvier-juin. p. 255-273.

Periodical articleSutherland-Addy, Esi (1998)
See this documentDiscourse and Asafo: The Place of Oral Literature
Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #2. p. 87-100.

Periodical articleAndrianavosoa, C. (1997)
Le 'kabary' au k... otidien
Revue de l'océan Indien Madagascar. #168. juin. p. 35-37.

Periodical articleIfefey B. (1997)
Bolengu ls'Etona,un griot mongo de Basankusu
Annales aequatoria. Volume 18. p. 509-519.

Periodical articleMweze C.N. (1997)
Problèmes de methodes en paremiologie
Revue africaine de communication sociale. Volume 2 #1. janvier-juin. p. 89-128.

Periodical articleYambu K.B. (1997)
Ecriture, écrits et scribalité dans le monde contemporain
Revue africaine de communication sociale. Volume 2 #1. janvier-juin. p. 65-87.

Periodical articleSumner, C. (1996-1997)
The notion of the human being in Ethiopian written philosophy and in Oromo wisdom literature
Ethiopian Review of Cultures. Volume 6-7. p. 191-199.

Periodical articleBarry, Boubacar (1996)
Réflexion sur les discours historiques des traditions orales en Sénégambie
Abstract presentAfrika Zamani: revue annuelle d'histoire africaine = Annual Journal of African History. #4. p. 101-127.

Periodical articleKambayi B. (1996)
Fêtes et danses traditionnelles chez les Baluba du Kasaï
Bosquet. Volume 4 #18. 1. trimestre. p. 37-40.

Periodical articleKasereka Kavwahirehi M. (1996)
L'Afrique centrale: entre oralité et écriture
Zaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 36 #305. mai. p. 221-228.

Periodical articleMazongelo L.N. (1996)
Oralité symbolique en Afrique
Revue philosophique de Kinshasa. Volume 10 #17-18. janvier-décembre. p. 29-37.

Periodical articleMphande, David K. (1996)
The Use of Malawian Proverbs in Moral Instruction
Religion in Malawi. #6. p. 9-14.

Periodical articleMweze C.N. (1996)
Le champ discursif de la communication verbale des Bashi du Kivu (Zaïre)
Revue africaine de communication sociale. Volume 1 #1. janvier-juin. p. 117-137.

Periodical articleNkombe O. (1996)
Ethique et communication dans la littérature orale Tetela
Revue africaine de communication sociale. Volume 1 #2. juin-déc.. p. 129-136.

Periodical articleOyegoke, L. (1996)
New trends in folklore in Africa: a short introduction
UNISWA Research Journal. Volume 10. December. p. 80-93.

Periodical articlePhiri, K.M. (1996)
Those who sang before us: indigenous historical literature in Malawi during the colonial period
Tizame. #5. November. p. 13-18.

Periodical articleAlemna, A.A. (1995)
The management of oral records by libraries, archives, and other related institutions in Ghana
African Journal of Library, Archives and Information Science. Volume 5 #2. October. p. 127-136.

Periodical articleCahen, M. (1995)
O contexto político-documental da investigaçao em história contemporânea e imediata da Africa lusófona
Arquivo: Boletim do Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique. #17. abril. p. 125-157.

Periodical articleHealey, J.G. and Sybertz, D.F. (1995)
To be called is to be sent: toward an African narrative missiology based on proverbs, sayings, and stories
African Christian Studies. Volume 11 #3. September. p. 23-44.

Periodical articleKasongo-Nyembo, H. (1995)
L'idéologie des trois fonctions dans Soundjata ou l'épopée mandingue
Zaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 35 #300. décembre. p. 611-623.

Periodical articleMotlotle, Ntikwe (1995)
See this documentArchaeological Research at Modipe Hill, Kgatleng District: Oral Traditions
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 27. p. 57-60.

Periodical articleBâ, A.H. (1994)
La tradition vivante
Bosquet. Volume 1 #9, 10 et 11. août-sept.-oct.. p. 14-18.

Periodical articleBâ, A.H. (1994)
Les traditionalistes africains
Bosquet. Volume 1 #7-8. juin-juillet. p. 4-7.

Periodical articleCampbell, Alec C. and Robbins, Lawrence H. and Murphy, M. Lynne (1994)
See this documentOral Traditions and Archaeology of the Tsodilo Hills Male Hill Cave
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 26. p. 37-54.

Periodical articleCross, J. (1994)
Using traditional stories in the secondary ESL classroom
English Teaching Journal. #7. July. p. 5-11.

Periodical articleCross, N. and Barker, R. (1994)
Sahel Oral History Project
Kalabash. December. p. 58-61.

Periodical articleCross, N. (1994)
Namibia Orature Project
Kalabash. December. p. 6-7.

Periodical articleHulstaert, Gustaaf (1994)
Encore des formules de salutation solennelle Mongo
Abstract presentAnnales aequatoria. Volume 15. p. 383-397.

Periodical articleIlumbe Y.L. (1994)
Eloge funèbre du père G. Hulstaert
Annales aequatoria. Volume 15. p. 283-291.

Periodical articleKimpiobi, B. and Ngira-Batware Kimpiobi, F. (1994)
Sur les traces des Teke
Bosquet. Volume 1 #3. févr.. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleNazombe, Anthony J.M. (1994)
The Tchopa Dance as it is Performed in Traditional Authority (T.A.) Chitera in Chiradzulu District
Religion in Malawi. #4. February. p. 15-18.

Periodical articleUledi-Kamanga, B.J. (1994)
Society and the individual parables of morality and justice in selected Malawian folk-tales
Tizame. #4. June. p. 49-54.

Periodical articleJunge, H. (1993)
Orature/auriture hypotheses
Kalabash. #2. June. p. 36-37.

Periodical articleMuli, K. (1993)
How to open your mouth without putting your foot in it!
Drum. February. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleNtabona, A. (1993)
Ibanga, une foi dans les immenses potentialités de l'interiorité humaine
Au coeur de l'Afrique. #1. p. 10-60.

Periodical articleSérgio, P. (1993)
Nambu: teatro e folk moderno?
Tempo. #1171. 2 de maio. p. 17-25.

Periodical articleWanjohi, G.J. (1993)
The teaching of non-violence in Gikuyu proverbs
Abstract presentJournal of African Religion and Philosophy. Volume 2 #2. p. 3-9.

Periodical articleButera, J. (1992)
Les fonctions du conte russe dans le récit de Rwanyonga
Uburezi, Ubuhanga n'Umuco. #26. p. 53-74.

Periodical articleEjizu, C.I. (1992)
The challenge of oral sources in the study of African indigenous religion
Africa Theological Journal. Volume 21 #1. p. 21-36.

Periodical articleMukengebantu, P. (1992)
Histoire et philosophie chez Paul Ricoeur
Revue philosophique de Kinshasa. Volume 6 #9. janvier-juin. p. 51-75.

Periodical articleHulstaert, G. and Bakasa Bosekonsombo (1991)
Noms des Bondombe dans le langage tambourine
Abstract presentAnnales aequatoria. Volume 12. p. 407-424.

Periodical articleMiruka, O. (1991)
Of censors, oral tradition, and movies
New Age (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 4 #7. p. 7.

Periodical articleSebastiao, N.M. (1991)
Música Angolana de tradiçao oral
Mensagem. #6. p. 24-33.

Periodical articleAllaoui, M.C. (1990)
Brève réflexion sur les genres en littérature Comorienne. Pt.1
Ya Mkobe. #4. p. 38, 40-49.

Periodical articleBahenduzi, M. and Chrétien, J.P. (1990)
Ntare Rushatsi est-il passé à Magamba en mars 1680 ou en août l701?
Culture et société. #11. p. 38-55.

Periodical articleOliveira, T.M.S. (1990)
O rei mahuntse makwakwa: relatos de tradiçao oral
Arquivo: Boletim do Arquivo Histórico de Moçambique. #8. out.. p. 143-150.

Periodical articleLwesya, K.L.A. (1989)
The oral traditions collection programme of the National Archives of Malawi
ESARBICA Journal. Volume 11. October. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleNtabona, A. (1989)
De la parole-patrimoine à l'image télévisuelle au Burundi
Au coeur de l'Afrique. Volume 54 #2. mars-avril. p. 104-121.

Periodical articleMbonimana, G. (1987)
Le sage bwenge dans le conte rwandais
Uburezi, Ubuhanga n'Umuco. #15. janv.-mars. p. 227-248.

Periodical articleNkulikiyimfura, J.N. (1987)
Les récits historiques Rwandais: histoire achevée ou source d'une histoire précoloniale?
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 1 #4. juil.-sept.. p. 457-461.

Periodical articleGueunier, N.J. (1986)
La tradition du conte de langue malgache à Mayotte
Recherches pour le développement. Série sciences de l'homme et de la société. #2. p. 221-227.

Periodical articleKakule M. (1986)
Du jeu au symbolisme: étude de textes de la littérature orale Nande par l'approche éthnolinguistique
Linguistique et sciences humaines. Volume 27 #1. p. 187-197.

Search: su=Oral tradition
Found: 88 Record 1-88

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