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Periodical articleGetaneh W. (2005)
Diseases of endod (phytolacca dodecandra) at Gemadro locality, Illubabor zone, Ethiopia
Pest Management Journal of Ethiopia. Volume 9. p. 87-91.

Periodical articleYimtubezinash W. and Getahun A. and Chryssanthou, E. (2005)
In vitro activity of phytolacca dodecandra (Endod) against dermatophytes
Ethiopian Medical Journal. Volume 43 #1. January. p. 31-34.

Periodical articleErko B. and Abebe F. and Berhe N. and Medhin G. and Gebre-Michael T. and Gemetchu T. and Gundersen, S.G. (2002)
See this documentControl of Schistosoma mansoni by the soapberry endod (Phytolacca dodecandra) in Wollo, Northeastern Ethiopia: post-intervention prevalence
East African Medical Journal. Volume 79 #4. April. p. 198-201.

Periodical articleGwatirisa, P.R. and Ndamba, J. and Nyazema, N.Z. (1999)
See this documentThe impact of health education on the knowledge, attitudes and practices of a rural community with regard to schistosomiasis control using plant molluscicide, phytolacca dodecandra
Central African Journal of Medicine. Volume 45 #4. April. p. 94-97.

Periodical articleLegesse W.-Y. and Esser, K.B. and Kassa S. (1999)
Controlling bilharzia might be as easy as growing a plant
Agroforestry Today. Volume 11 #3-4. July-December. p. 7-9.

Periodical articleBirrie, H. and Balcha, F. and Erko, B. and Bezuneh, A. and Gemeda N. (1998)
Investigation into the cercariacidal and miracidiacidal properties of endod (phytolacca dodecandra) berries (type 44)
East African Medical Journal. Volume 75 #5. May. p. 311-314.

Periodical articleZinabu G.M. (1994)
Effects of phytolacca dodecandra l'Herit (Endod) on community respiration and phytoplankton biomass
Sinet. Volume 17 #2. December. p. 107-123.

Periodical articleRaghavan, C. (1993)
Who benefits from patent product of Ethiopian plant?
EcoNews Africa. Volume 2 #8. 13 May. p. 1-2.

Periodical articleNdamba, J. and Chandiwana, S.K. and Kayanda, C. (1991)
Factors influencing the natural distribution of Phytolacca dodecandra (L, Herit) plants in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Science News. Volume 25 #7-9. July-September. p. 59-61.

Periodical articleLemma, A. (1990)
Science from the third world: the story of Endod
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 2 #3. September. p. 10-15.

Periodical articleLegesse W.-Y. and Kloos, H. (1989)
Agronomic and molluscicidal characteristics of three types of endod (Phytolacca dodecandra)
Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 11 #1. June. p. 25-33.

Periodical articleNdamba, J. and Chandiwana, S.K. and Kanyanda, C.W. (1987)
Factors influencing the natural distribution of phytolaca dodecandra (L'Herit) in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Agricultural Journal. Volume 84 #2. March-April. p. 63-65.

Search: su=Phytolacca dodecandra
Found: 12 Record 1-12

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