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Periodical articleKibue, G.W. and Karachi, M.K. and Maara, N.T. and Cheboi, E.K. (2011)
See this documentPerpetuated human-wildlife wars: a case study of the marauding elephants in Mbuvori small scale farms, Embu, Kenya
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 27 #1. January. p. 33-48.

Periodical articleCumm, R. (2010)
Working with the Maasai to stem lion killing and save wildlife
Swara. Volume 33 #2. April-June. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleFyumagwa, R.D. and Nyahongo, J.W. (2010)
See this documentBlack rhino conservation in Tanzania: translocation efforts and further challenges
Pachyderm. #47. January-June. p. 59-65.

Periodical articleLe Bel, S. and Taylor, R. and Lagrange, M. and Ndoro, O. and Barra, M. and Madzikanda, H. (2010)
See this documentAn easy-to-use capsicum delivery system for crop-raiding elephants in Zimbabwe: preliminary results of a field test in Hwange National Park
Pachyderm. #47. January-June. p. 80-89.

Periodical articleOgada, M. (2010)
Carnivore-livestock conflicts: does compensation work?
Swara. Volume 33 #2. April-June. p. 30-33.

Periodical articleOuattara, F.A. and Soulemane, O. and Nandjui, A. and Tondoh, E.J. (2010)
See this documentÉtat des maraudes et des dégâts de cultures liés aux éléphants à l'ouest du secteur de Djouroutou dans le sud-ouest du Parc National de Taï (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pachyderm. #47. January-June. p. 36-44.

Periodical articlePatton, F.J. and Mulama, M.S. and Mutisya, S. and Campbell, P.E. (2010)
See this documentThe colonization of a new area in the first six months following same-day free release translocation of black rhino in Kenya
Pachyderm. #47. January-June. p. 66-79.

Periodical articlePatton, F.J. and Mulama, M.S. and Mutisya, S. and Campbell, P.E. (2010)
See this documentThe effect of removing a dividing fence between two populations of black rhinos
Pachyderm. #47. January-June. p. 55-58.

Periodical articleKahumbu, P. (2009)
Maasai Mara threatened with disaster--report
Swara. Volume 32 #2. p. 38-39.

Periodical articleMwenja, I. (2009)
Bushmeat: sustainable use versus protectionism
Swara. Volume 32 #2. p. 40-41.

Periodical articleNelson, F. (2009)
Conservation can work: Southern Africa shows its neighbours how
Swara. Volume 32 #2. p. 36-37.

Periodical articleNowak, K. and Jones, T. and Lee, P.C. (2009)
See this documentUsing dung bolus diameter for age estimation in an unstudied elephant population in Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania
Pachyderm. #46. July-December. p. 47-52.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2008)
Mara PLC (Public Limited Company): the way forward for sub-division in the greater Mara area?
Swara. Volume 31 #3. July-September. p. 38-43.

Periodical articleKumordzi, B.B. and Oduro, W. and Oppong, S.K. and Danquah, E. and Lister, A. and Sam, M.K. (2008)
See this documentAn elephant survey in Digya National park, Ghana and implications for conservation and management
Pachyderm. #44. January-June. p. 27-34.

Periodical articleKwarfo-Apegyah, K. and Ofori-Danson, P.K. and Nunoo, F.K.E. (2008)
See this documentExploitation rates and management implications for the fisheries of Bontanga Reservoir in the Northern Region of Ghana
West African Journal of Applied Ecology. Volume 14. p. 97-105.

Periodical articleMmopelwa, G. and Mpolokeng, T. (2008)
See this documentAttitudes and perceptions of livestock farmers on the adequacy of government compensation scheme: human carnivore conflict in Ngamiland
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 40. p. 147-158.

Periodical articleMorokotso, B. (2008)
Human/wildlife conflict: co-existence, the road to survival
Kutlwano. Volume 46 #5-6. May-June. p. 10-11.

Periodical articleNgene, S.M. and Omondi, P.O.M. (2008)
See this documentThe costs of living with elephants in the areas adjacent to Marsabit National Park and reserve
Pachyderm. #45. July-June 2009. p. 77-87.

Periodical articleObanda, V. and Ndeereh, D. and Mijele, D. and Lekolool, I. and Gakuya, F. and Chege, S. and Omondi, P. (2008)
See this documentInjuries of free ranging African elephants (Loxodonta africana africana) in various ranges in Kenya
Pachyderm. #44. January-June. p. 54-58.

Periodical articleOfori-Danson, P.K. and Kwarfo-Apegyah, K. (2008)
An assessment of the cichlid fishery of Bontanga Reservoir, Northern Ghana
West African Journal of Applied Ecology. Volume 14. p. 107-129.

Periodical articleOkita-Ouma, B. and Mijele, D. and Amin, R. and Gakuya, F. and Ndeereh, D. and Lekolool, I. and Omondi, P. and Woodley, D. and Litoroh, M. and Bakari, J. and Kock, R. (2008)
See this documentMinimizing competition by removing elephants from a degraded Nguila rhino sanctuary, Kenya
Pachyderm. #44. January-June. p. 80-87.

Periodical articleOppong, S.K. and Danquah, E. and Sam, M.K. (2008)
See this documentAn update of crop-raiding by elephants at Bia Conservation area, Ghana from 2004 to 2006
Pachyderm. #44. January-June. p. 59-64.

Periodical articlePatton, F. and Campbell, P. and Parfet, E. (2008)
See this documentBiological management of the high density black rhino population in Silo Game Reserve, Central Kenya
Pachyderm. #44. January-June. p. 72-79.

Periodical articlePrettejohn, M. (2008)
On the trail of the mountain bongo
Swara. Volume 31 #1. January-March. p. 38-45.

Periodical articleWarren, Y. (2008)
See this documentCrop-raiding baboons (Papio anubis) and defensive farmers: a West African perspective
West African Journal of Applied Ecology. Volume 14. p. 33-46.

Periodical articleBouché, P. (2007)
See this documentNorthern Ghana elephant survey
Pachyderm. #42. January-June. p. 58-69.

Periodical articleBouché, P. (2007)
See this documentDry-season status, trend and distribution of Konkombouri elephants and implications for their management, Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #42. January-June. p. 33-42.

Periodical articleBreuer, T. and Hockemba, M.N. (2007)
See this documentForest elephant dung decay in Ndoki Forest, Northern Congo
Pachyderm. #43. July-December. p. 43-51.

Periodical articleDe Merode, E. and Inogwabini, B.I. and Telo, J. and Panziama, G. (2007)
See this documentStatus of elephant populations in Garamba National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo, late 2005
Pachyderm. #42. January-June. p. 52-57.

Periodical articleFoguekem, D. and Tchamba, M.N. and Macallister, M. and Ngassam, P. and Loomis, M. (2007)
See this documentApplication of ArcView Animal Movement Analysis Extension as a tool for monitoring elephant movement: preliminary results from Northern Cameroon
Pachyderm. #43. July-December. p. 29-35.

Periodical articleHien, B.M. and Jenks, J.A. and Klaver, R.W. and Wicks, Z.W. (2007)
See this documentDeterminants of elephant distribution at Nazinga Game Ranch, Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #42. January-June. p. 70-80.

Periodical articleIpavec, A. and Maillard, D. and Chardonnet, P. and Danes, C. and Wally, M. and Lompo, M. and Dulieu, D. (2007)
See this documentElephant movement in W regional Park, Western Africa
Pachyderm. #43. July-December. p. 36-42.

Periodical articleLagrot, I. and Lagrot, J.-F. and Bour, P. (2007)
See this documentProbable extinction of the western black rhino, Diceros bicornis longipes: 2006 survey in Northern Cameroon
Pachyderm. #43. July-December. p. 19-28.

Periodical articleLeakey, R. (2007)
The way forward--as I see it
Swara. Volume 30 #1. January-March. p. 66-69.

Periodical articleNakandé, A. and Belem, A.M.G. and Nianogo, A.J. and Jost, C. (2007)
See this documentConflits hommes-éléphants dans la reserve partielle de Pama, Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #42. January-June. p. 81-91.

Periodical articleWeinbaum, K. and Nzooh, Z. and Usongo, L. and Laituri, M. (2007)
See this documentPreliminary survey of forest elephant crossings in Sangha Trinational Park, Central Africa
Pachyderm. #43. July-December. p. 52-62.

Periodical articleAmwata, D.A. and Omondi, P. and Botok, E. (2006)
See this documentHuman-wildlife conflict in Mochongoi Forest, Baringo, Kenya: a case study of elephants
Pachyderm. #41. July-December. p. 30-36.

Periodical articleBarnes, R.F.W. and Majam, J.N. and Asamoah-Boateng, B. and Agyei-Ohemeng, J. (2006)
See this documentThe survival of elephant dung piles in relation to forest canopy and slope in Southern Ghana
Pachyderm. #41. July-December. p. 37-43.

Periodical articleIyenguet, F.C.. and Malanda, G.F. and Madzoke, B. and Rainey, H.J. and Schloeder, C.A. and Jacobs, M.J. (2006)
See this documentRecensement d'éléphants dans la réserve communautaire du Lac Télé, République du Congo
Pachyderm. #41. July-December. p. 20-29.

Periodical articleKioko, J. and Kiringe, J. and Omondi, P. (2006)
See this documentHuman-elephant conflict outlook in the Tsavo-Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya
Pachyderm. #41. July-December. p. 53-60.

Periodical articleLoefler, I. (2006)
Cause for concern
Swara. Volume 29 #4. October-December. p. 34-41.

Periodical articlePuit, M. and Ghiurghi, A. (2006)
See this documentPremière estimation de la densité d'éléphants dans le Parc national de Monte Alen, Guinée Equatoriale
Pachyderm. #41. July-December. p. 44-52.

Periodical articleBokhout, B. and Nabuurs, M. and De Jong, M. (2005)
See this documentVasectomy of older bulls to manage elephant overpopulation in Africa: a proposal
Pachyderm. #39. July-December. p. 97-103.

Periodical articleDu Toit, R. (2005)
See this documentImplementation of a rhino endowment model for community participation in rhino conservation, Save Valley Conservancy, Zimbabwe
Pachyderm. #39. July-December. p. 114-116.

Periodical articleMung'ong'o, C.G. (2005)
Man and beast at crossroads: an analysis of human-wildlife conflicts in Western Serengeti, Tanzania
Utafiti. Volume 6 #1. June. p. 69-84.

Periodical articleBreed, N. (2004)
An alternative game plan
Swara. Volume 27 #1. January-March. p. 62-68.

Periodical articleLoefler, I. (2004)
Ring the changes!
Swara. Volume 27 #1. January-March. p. 68-69.

Periodical articleMubalama, L. and Mushenzi, N. (2004)
See this documentMonitoring law enforcement and illegal activities in the northern sector of the Parc National des Virunga, Democratic Republic of Congo
Pachyderm. #36. January-June. p. 16-29.

Periodical articleNkhonjera, P. and Munthali, S.M. (2004)
Communities' demands and roles in the collaborative management of protected wildlife areas in the Lower Shire Valley, Malawi
Nyala. Volume 22. p. 35-43.

Periodical articleParker, I. (2004)
In the front line
Swara. Volume 27 #4. October-December. p. 66-69.

Periodical articlePrettejohn, M. (2004)
Encounters with the Bongo
Swara. Volume 27 #1. January-March. p. 28-30.

Periodical articleReilly, T. and Reilly, M. and Emslie, R.H. (2004)
See this documentTransfer of Swaziland's southern white rhino from CITES Appendix I to Appendix II
Pachyderm. #37. July-December. p. 99-105.

Periodical articleTorchio, P. and Manconi, M. (2004)
Rugged pursuit
Swara. Volume 27 #3. July-September. p. 70-73.

Periodical articleAyesu, S. and Tetteh-Kumah, F. and Gyesi, H. and Baning-Darko, R. (2003)
See this documentTraining as a critical component of elephant research and management in Ghana
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 137-139.

Periodical articleCastley, J.G. and Hall-Martin, A.J. (2003)
See this documentThe status of the southern white rhinoceros (ceratotherium simum simun) on private land in South Africa in 2001
Pachyderm. #34. January-June. p. 33-44.

Periodical articleLitoroh, M. (2003)
See this documentAn elephant dung survey of the Shimba Hills ecosystem, Kenya, and implications for management
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 71-76.

Periodical articleParker, I. (2003)
The shaping of a game plan
Swara. Volume 26 #1. January-March. p. 40-42.

Periodical articleSam, Moses Kofi and Ayesu, Samuel and Agbenu, Victor and Kumordzi, Bright Boye and Wilson, Sandra (2003)
See this documentReconnaissance survey of human-elephant conflict in the Dadieso area, Western Ghana
Pachyderm. #35. July-December. p. 132-136.

Periodical articleBouché, P. and Lungern, C.G. and Ouedraogo, L.K. (2002)
See this documentStatut et tendances des effectifs d'éléphants dans les aires protégées de l'Est du Burkina Faso
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 49-54.

Periodical articleHunter, N. (2002)
Never say die
Swara. Volume 25 #3. September-December. p. 52-53.

Periodical articleKaunda, S.K. and Mapolelo, M.M. and Matlhahku, K. and Mokgosi, J. (2002)
See this documentHabitat utilisation and sexual segregation of impala in the Gaborone Game Reserve
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 34. p. 79-90.

Periodical articleOmondi, P. (2002)
See this documentRecent translocation of elephant family units from Sweetwaters Rhino Sanctuary to Meru National Park, Kenya
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 39-48.

Periodical articleOuattara, S. (2002)
See this documentConflits homme-éléphant autour de la forêt classée du Haut-Sassandra (Côte d'Ivoire)
Pachyderm. #32. January-June. p. 12-21.

Periodical articleTom, Patrick (2002)
See this documentThe Debate Over Elephant Culling: Is it Ever Morally Justified to Cull Elephants?
Zambezia. Volume 29 #1. p. 76-81.

Periodical articleMhlanga, Lindah (2001)
See this documentConflict between Wildlife and People in Kariba Town, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #1. p. 39-51.

Periodical articleMorgan-Davies, M. (2001)
See this documentSurvey and conservation status of five black rhino (Diceros bicornis minor) populations in the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania, 1997-1999
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 21-35.

Periodical articleMubalama, L. and Mapilanga, J.J. (2001)
See this documentLess elephant slaughter in the Okapi Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo, with Operation Tango
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 36-41.

Periodical articleSlotow, R. and Balfour, D. and Howison, O. (2001)
See this documentKilling of black and white rhinoceroses by African elephants in Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park, South Africa
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 14-20.

Periodical articleWambwa, E. and Manyibe, T. and Litoroh, M. and Gakuya, F. and Kanyingi, J. (2001)
See this documentResolving human-elephant conflict in Luwero District, Uganda, through elephant translocation
Pachyderm. #31. July-December. p. 58-62.

Periodical articleEgbe, E.S. (2000)
The legal perspectives of local community participation in wildlife management in Cameroon
Revue africaine des sciences juridiques. Volume 1 #2. p. 177-191.

Periodical articleGabadirwe, M. and Nermark, U. (2000)
A future world heritage site in Botswana?
Zebra's Voice. Volume 27 #1. p. 26-29.

Periodical articleHearn, M.E. and Loutit, B.D. and Uri-Khob, S. (2000)
The black rhinoceros of north-western Namibia (diceros bicornis bicornis): the role of density-dependence and its management implications
Journal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 48. p. 11-39.

Periodical articleHoare, R. (2000)
See this documentProjects of the human-elephant conflict taskforce (HETF): results and recommendations
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 73-77.

Periodical articleKantai, P. (2000)
Elephants & ivory: the debate continues
Swara. Volume 22 #4. April. p. 22-31.

Periodical articleMarker, L. (2000)
Aspects of the ecology of the cheetah (acinonyx jubatus) on north central Namibian farmlands
Journal - Namibia Scientific Society. Volume 48. p. 40-48.

Periodical articleMashinini, V. (2000)
Managing Lesotho's wildlife resources: the case of the Sehlabathebe National Park
Lesotho Social Sciences Review. Volume 6 #2. November. p. 113-126.

Periodical articleVigne, L. and Martin, E. (2000)
Back to basics
Swara. Volume 23 #2. July-December. p. 10-13.

Periodical articleWalpole, M. (2000)
See this documentGIS as a tool for rhino conservation
Pachyderm. #28. January-June. p. 65-72.

Periodical articleBen-Shahar, R. (1999)
See this documentElephants and their woodland habitats in Northern Botswana
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 101-104.

Periodical articleCooke, M. (1999)
See this documentAirlifting immobilized rhinos
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 55-58.

Periodical articleDe Iongh, H. and Tchamba, M. and Tamis, W. and Van't Zelfde, M. and Prins, H. and De Haes, H.U. and Bauer, H. and Tiawoun, S. (1999)
See this documentResults of four years' satellite tracking of elephants in Northern Cameroon
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 62-65.

Periodical articleHasler, Richard (1999)
See this documentThe Okavango Delta and the 'end of progress': global transformation and community based wildlife management
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 31. p. 93-100.

Periodical articleJohnstone, R. (1999)
Living with lions
Swara. Volume 22 #1. January-March. p. 24-29.

Periodical articleLiebenberg, L. and Steventon, L. and Benadie, K. and Minye, J. (1999)
See this documentRhino tracking with the CyberTracker field computer
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 59-61.

Periodical articlePolet, G. and Mui, T.V. and Dang, N.X. and Manh, B.H. and Baltzer, M. (1999)
See this documentThe Javan rhinos, rhinoceros sondaicus annamiticus, of Cat Tien National Park, Vietnam: current status and management implications
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 34-48.

Periodical articleSongorwa, A.N. (1999)
Is community-based wildlife management gender sensitive? experiences from Selous Conservation Programme in Tanzania
Uongozi. Volume 11 #2. December. p. 145-166.

Periodical articleVanleeuwe, H. and Lambrechts, C. (1999)
See this documentHuman activities on Mount Kenya from an elephant's perspective
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 69-73.

Periodical articleVoorspuy, T. (1999)
In safe hands?
Swara. Volume 22 #1. January-March. p. 5-6, 8-9.

Periodical articleWaithaka, J. (1999)
See this documentMonitoring human-elephant conflict through remotely located stations
Pachyderm. #27. January-December. p. 66-68.

Periodical articleGeorgiadis, N. and Heath, B. (1998)
The hunt to save the game
Swara. Volume 20-21 #6-1. p. 26-27.

Periodical articleJohnstone, R. (1998)
Eternal questions
Swara. Volume 20-21 #6-1. p. 13-19.

Periodical articleLeakey, R.E. (1998)
Food for thought
Swara. Volume 21 #3. October-December. p. 4-10.

Periodical articleOverton, G. (1998)
The good, the bad and the ugly
Swara. Volume 20-21 #6-1. p. 23-24.

Periodical articleBerihun G.M. (1997)
Walia ibex (Capra ibex walie) population status and distribution in Simen Mountains, Ethiopia
Walia. #18. p. 28-34.

Periodical articleMadzudzo, Elias (1997)
See this documentCommunal Tenure, Motivational Dynamics and Sustainable Wildlife Management in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 24 #2. p. 147-158.

Periodical articleMoss, C. (1997)
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 25-26, 28.

Periodical articleRotich, N.K. and Njoka, T. (1997)
No hunting in Kenya
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 32-33.

Periodical articleShoshani, J. (1997)
Little players and big players
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 22-24.

Periodical articleStanley Price, M.R. (1997)
Valuing elephants: the voice for conservation
Swara. Volume 20 #3. May-June. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleTesfaye H. (1997)
Major causes for the loss of wildlife resource in Ethiopia
Walia. #18. p. 3-6.

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