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Periodical articleChivandi, E.; Fushai, F.; Masaka, J. (2010)
Land ownership and range resources management in Zimbabwe: a historical review
Midlands State University Journal of Science, Agriculture, and Technology. Volume 2 #1. p. 13-24.

Periodical articleChongo, C. (2010)
Reaction of Zambians and government's response to Rhodesia's UDI: a comparative analysis of the views of students, opposition parliamentarians and the business community, 1965-1979
The Journal of Humanities (Lusaka). Volume 10. p. 9-31.

Periodical articleClements, D. (2010)
Mr. O.P. Wheeler OBE (Joe Wheeler): a pioneer of entertainment, social thinker and entrepreneur 1902-1955
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 93-103.

Periodical articleEdkins, F. (2010)
Life through government gazette
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 87-92.

Periodical articleLogan, E.A. (2010)
The Filmer story
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 104-111.

Periodical articleMashiri, P.; Chabata, E. (2010)
A country of four names: Zimbabwe's name changes and their significance
Zambezia. #Special issue. October. p. 16-28.

Periodical articleMilne, J.; Burrett, R. (2010)
The history of Bulawayo Waterworks Company, 1895-1924
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 55-60.

Periodical articleMuwati, I.; Gambahaya, Z.; Mheta, G. (2010)
Contesting 'patriotic history: Zimbabwe's liberation war history and the democratisation agenda
Journal of Strategic Studies (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 1 #1. p. 117-130.

Periodical articleNesbitt, Jack (2010)
Early days
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 64-86.

Periodical articleRoberts, R.S. (2010)
Alban Njube Lobengula, Iqanda le Ngwenya: a chronicle of a royal heir's exile and despair
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 1-32.

Periodical articleTaylor, R.D. (2010)
Railway catering
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 112-126.

Periodical articleBerry, M.P.S.; Burrett, R.S. (2009)
In the footsteps of Thomas Baines: the search for 'the great tree'
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 105-114.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S.; Ritchie, Adele Hamilton (2009)
Yellow Jacket Ruin, Chinamora
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 66-74.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S.; Quick, Geoff (2009)
The Fort Tuli cemetery reconsidered
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 40-56.

Periodical articleEdkins, Fraser (2009)
Some early laws following the Royal Charter
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 20-32.

Periodical articleKimberley, Michael J. (2009)
Early days in the History Society of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleMarowa, Ivan (2009)
Construction of the 'sellout' identity during Zimbabwe's war of liberation: a case study of the Dandawa community of Hurungwe district, c1975-1980
Identity, Culture and Politics: an Afro-Asian Dialogue. Volume 10 #1. p. 121-131.

Periodical articleMilburn, C. (2009)
Reminiscences of a Price Edward School Boarder, 1910-1911
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 115-121.

Periodical articleRoberts, R.S. (2009)
An essay into the history of the professions in Zimbabwe: the founding of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 81-104.

Periodical articleSeward, R. (2009)
A brief résumé of forestry and wildlife research in the indigenous forests of Matabeleland
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #28. p. 75-80.

Periodical articleShoko, T. (2009)
Politics of the bones: exhumation and reburial of fallen heroes in Zimbabwe?
Chiedza (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 12 #1. May. p. 20-30.

Periodical articleBurrett, R.S. (2008)
The grave of John Upington, Avondale, Harare
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 1-3.

Periodical articleBurrett, Rob S. (2008)
Karl Gottlieb Mauch (1837-1875)
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 74-88.

Periodical articleChalliss, R.J. (2008)
Zimbabwean Second World War VC connections
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 116-130.

Periodical articleDuly, Bryan (2008)
Fifty years with Ford
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 4-15.

Periodical articleHurrell, Angela (2008)
Working on railway lines
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 152-168.

Periodical articleKritzinger, A. (2008)
Gold not grain: precolonial harvest in the terraced hills of Zimbabwe's Eastern highlands
Cookeia. #13. October. p. 1-42.

Periodical articleMachiridza, L. (2008)
Developing the Rozvi archaeological identity in Southwestern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #28. November. p. 21-31.

Periodical articleMakuvaza, S. (2008)
Revisiting Bumbusi, a Khami site located in Hwange National park, North-Western Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #28. November. p. 32-40.

Periodical articleMataga, J.; Chabata, F.M. (2008)
Preservation of spiritual heritage in Zimbabwe: the case of Gomba/Mazowe landscape
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #28. November. p. 50-58.

Periodical articleMcCarthy, J.D. (2008)
Major Patrick Forbes (1861 to 1922)
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 38-60.

Periodical articleShoko, T. (2008)
Marginal community: farm workers and the fast track land reform in Zimbabwe
Chiedza (Harare, Zimbabwe). Volume 11 #1. May. p. 47-56.

Periodical articleSinamai, A. (2008)
The Harare tradition and its relationship with other late farming community traditions in Northern Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #28. November. p. 41-49.

Periodical articleSoper, R. (2008)
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #28. November. p. 3-7.

Periodical articleTaylor, R.D. (2008)
Cement industry in Matabeleland
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 33-37.

Periodical articleBayley, T.E. (2007)
Shamva railway
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #26. p. 31-36.

Periodical articleBurrett, R.S. (2007)
Beyond the pots and bones: subtle changes in the archaeological record of Bambata cave, Matobo Hills
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #27. November. p. 31-39.

Periodical articleHaynes, G.; Klimowicz, J. (2007)
Two early stone age sites in Northwestern Zimbabwe, and thoughts on the nature of mid-Pleistocene hominindispersal into the region
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #27. November. p. 3-17.

Periodical articleLapham, Wendy T. (2007)
Notes on the Urungwe, Lomagundi District, with particular reference to Miami and Karoi, and a few early notable settlers
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #26. p. 9-19.

Periodical articleLarsson, L. (2007)
The middle stone age of Northern Zimbabwe: excavations at Zombampata and Ruchera caves
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #27. November. p. 18-30.

Periodical articleLogan, E.A. (2007)
A forgotten establishment: the Kopje Institute
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #26. p. 37-41.

Periodical articleMazarire, Gerald Chikozho (2007)
The Dutch Reformed Church in the Victoria circle: Chibi circuit, Mashonaland, 1874-1956
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #26. p. 20-30.

Periodical articleParry, E. (2007)
Arrow poisons
Zimbabwean Prehistory. #27. November. p. 52-58.

Periodical articleMullin, Lyn (2006)
A brief history of forestry in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #25. p. 147-152.

Periodical articleMuwati, I.; Gambahaya, Z.; Mangena, F. (2006)
See this publicationEchoing silences as a paradigm for restorative justice in post-conflict Zimbabwe: a philosophical discourse
Zambezia. Volume 33 #1-2. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleMguni-Gambahaya, Zifikile; Magosvongwe, Ruby (2005)
See this publicationZimbabwean women's voices and the struggle for liberation: an analysis of selected texts
Zambezia. Volume 32 #1-2. p. 1-18.

Search: su=Zimbabwe--History
Found: 46 Record 1-46

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