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BookMendes de Paula, Simoni; de Souza Correa, Sílvio Marcus (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationNossa África: ensino e pesquisa
São Leopoldo: Oikos. 228p.

Periodical articleVan Eeden, Elize S. (2016)
Thoughts about the historiography of veracity or 'truthfulness' in understanding and teaching history in South Africa
Yesterday & today. #15. p. 37-65.

Dissertation / thesisAnttalainen, Kati (2013)
See this publicationDecolonising the mind? National identity and historical consciousness in Cameroonian history textbooks

Periodical articleTwaddle, Michael (2011)
See this publicationSome implications of literacy in Uganda
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 38. p. 227-255.

Periodical issueGroenewald, Gerald; Mitchell, Laura (eds.) (2010)
See this publicationThe pre-industrial Cape in the twenty-first century
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 62 #3. p. 435-605.

Periodical articleLissoni, Arianna; Nieftagodien, Noor (2010)
See this publicationLife after thirty: the history workshop
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 69 #1. p. 1-139.

Dissertation / thesisBotoyiyê, Geoffroy A. Dominique (2009)
See this publicationLe passage à l'écriture: mutation culturelle et devenir des savoirs dans une société de l'oralité
Rennes: PUR, Presses universitaires de Rennes. Le sens social. 386p.

Periodical articleElphick, Richard (2008)
See this publicationHermann Giliomee and 'The shaping of South African society': memories of a collaboration
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 60 #4. p. 553-561.

Periodical articleVan Der Merwe, D.M. (2008)
''Taal op Tuks'': a reappraisal of the change in language policy at the University of Pretoria, 1932
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 53 #2. p. 151-181.

Periodical articleBarnes, Teresa (2007)
See this publication'History Has to Play its Role': Constructions of Race and Reconciliation in Secondary School Historiography in Zimbabwe, 1980-2002
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #3. September. p. 633-651.

Periodical articleSeck, Ibrahima (2007)
Esclavage et traite des esclaves dans les manuels de l'enseignement secondaire du Sénégal
Abstract presentAfrika Zamani: revue annuelle d'histoire africaine = Annual Journal of African History. #15-16. p. 99-124.

Periodical (2006)
Yesterday & today
Potchefstroom: School of Human and Social Sciences for Education, Faculty of Education Sciences, North-West University.

Periodical articleNasibi, M.W. (2006)
Historical facts erroneously presented by textbook historiographers the case of Kenya Institute of Education secondary school textbooks
African Journal of Education Studies. Volume 1 #2. February. p. 105-115.

Periodical articleRemaoun, Hassan (2006)
See this publicationSciences sociales, pratiques historiographiques et politiques dans le monde arabe contemporain: le cas de l'Algérie
Insaniyat: revue algérienne d'anthropologie et de sciences sociales. Volume 10 #32-33. p. 231-246.

Periodical articleMokoena, Hlonipha (2005)
Christian Converts and the Production of 'Kholwa' Histories in Nineteenth-Century Colonial Natal: The Case of Magema Magwaza Fuze and His Writings
Abstract presentJournal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 23. p. 1-37.

Periodical articleOchefu, Yakubu A.; Ogbogbo, Chris B.N. (2005)
The role of historical societies in Nigeria's development
Abstract presentAfrika Zamani: revue annuelle d'histoire africaine = Annual Journal of African History. #13-14. p. 87-99.

Periodical articleShokpeda, S.A. (2005)
See this publicationMyth in the Context of African Traditional Histories: Can it be Called 'Applied History'?
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 32. p. 485-491.

Periodical articleMouton, F.A. (2004)
See this publicationF.J. du Toit Spies, Afrikaner Nationalism and 'Volksgeskiedenis' at the University of Pretoria
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #51. p. 87-107.

Periodical articlePhillips, Howard (2004)
The South African College and the emergence of history as a university discipline in South Africa
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 49 #1. p. 1-11.

Periodical articleRanger, Terence O. (2004)
See this publicationNationalist Historiography, Patriotic History and the History of the Nation: The Struggle over the Past in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 30 #2. June. p. 215-234.

Periodical articleMcEwan, Cheryl (2003)
See this publicationBuilding a Postcolonial Archive? Gender, Collective Memory and Citizenship in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #3. September. p. 739-757.

Periodical articleThompson, Guy (2003)
Complicating the Past: Oral History and Agrarian Change in Colonial Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 30 #2. p. 154-177.

Periodical articleLindgren, Bjorn (2002)
See this publicationPower, Education, and Identity in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe: The Fate of King Lobengula of Matabeleland
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 6 #1. p. 46-67.

Periodical articleBickford-Smith, Vivian; Field, Sean; Glaser, Clive (2001)
See this publicationThe Western Cape Oral History Project: the 1990s
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 60 #1. July. p. 5-23.

Periodical articleAllen, G.R. (2000)
See this publicationIs There a Baby in This Bathwater? Disquieting Thoughts on the Value of Content in History
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #42. May. p. 290-306.

Periodical articleCooper, Frederick (2000)
See this publicationAfrica's Pasts and Africa's Historians
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 34 #2. p. 298-336.

Periodical articleDe Wet, Corene (2000)
Die invloed van die tydsgees op die geskiedskrywing van onderwysvoorsiening aan swartes in Suid-Afrika
Abstract presentTydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 40 #4. p. 330-340.

Periodical articleLeibowitz, Brenda; Witz, Leslie (1995)
See this publicationBecoming a Writer of History; The Expressive Tradition and Academic Discourse at the University of the Western Cape
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #33. November. p. 101-118.

Periodical articleObdeijn, H.L.M. (1993)
Kleio heeft nog geen Afrikaanse kleren: het geschiedenisonderwijs in Afrika
Abstract presentGroniek: onafhankelijk Gronings historisch studentenblad. Volume 27 #122. p. 21-32.

Periodical articleDe Kock, Leon (1992)
See this publication'History', 'literature', and 'English': reading the Lovedale missionary record within South Africa's colonial history
Abstract presentThe English Academy Review. Volume 9. p. 1-21.

Periodical articleVansina, Jan (1992)
Some Perceptions on the Writing of African History, 1948-1992
Abstract presentItinerario: European Journal of Overseas History. Volume 16 #1. p. 77-91.

Periodical articleZeleza, Tiyambe (1990)
See this publicationThe Production of Historical Knowledge for Schools
Abstract presentTransafrican Journal of History. Volume 19. p. 1-23.

Periodical articleCampbell, H. (1986)
The impact of Walter Rodney and progressive scholars on the Dar es Salaam school
Abstract presentUtafiti. Volume 8 #2. p. 59-77.

Periodical articleTonkin, Elizabeth (1986)
See this publicationInvestigating Oral Tradition
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 27 #2. p. 203-213.

Periodical articleFyle, C. Magbaily (1985)
See this publicationOral Tradition and Sierra Leone History
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 12. p. 65-72.

Periodical articleHaight, Bruce M.; Pfeiffer, William R. (1985)
See this publicationComputerized Handling of Oral and Written Information for Prosopography of Gonja
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 12. p. 89-99.

Periodical articleIbrahim, Abdullahi A. (1985)
See this publicationSudanese Historiography and Oral Tradition
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 12. p. 117-130.

Periodical articleZeleza, Tiyambe (1983)
African History: The Rise and Decline of Academic Tourism
Abstract presentUfahamu. Volume 13 #1. p. 9-42.

Periodical articleUzoigwe, Godfrey N. (1980)
See this publicationOral Literature and African History
Abstract presentTransafrican Journal of History. Volume 9 #1. p. 18-41.

Periodical articleOgot, Bethwell A. (1978)
Three decades of historical studies in East Africa, 1949-1977
Abstract presentKenya Historical Review. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleMacGaffey, Wyatt (1974)
See this publicationOral Tradition in Central Africa
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 7 #3. p. 417-426.

Periodical articleBraukamper, Ulrich (1973)
See this publicationThe Correlation of Oral Traditions and Historical Records in Southern Ethiopia: The Case Study of the Hadiya-Sidamo Past
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 11 #2. July. p. 29-50.

Search: su=historiography
Found: 42 Record 1-42

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