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BookPapier, Joy and Sheppard, Charles and Needham, Seamus and Cloete, Nico (eds.) (2016)
See this publicationProvision, differentiation and pathways: a study of post-schooling in the Western Cape
Wynberg: Centre for Higher Education Trust. 72p.

Periodical articleMurapa, Rukudzo (2015)
Private universities in Zimbabwe: the case of Africa University
Abstract presentZimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 27 #2. p. 240-254.

Periodical articleNherera, Charles Muchemwa (2015)
The rising demand for higher education: the case of women's university in Africa
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 27 #2. p. 221-239.

BookSy, Harouna (2015)
Classes moyennes et marché de l'enseignement supérieur: aspirations et stratégies en contextes d'incertitudes
Paris: L'Harmattan. 235p.

Periodical articleVokes, Richard and Mills, David (2015)
See this publication'Time for school'? School fees, savings clubs and social reciprocity in Uganda
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 9 #2. p. 326-342.

Periodical articleWokadala, J. and Barungi, M. (2015)
See this publicationBenefit incidence analysis of government spending on public-private partnership schooling under universal secondary education policy in Uganda
Abstract presentAfrica Education Review. Volume 12 #3. p. 381-397.

Periodical articleMbanze, C.V. and Coetzee, S.A. (2014)
See this publicationThe legal framework for establishing private universities in Swaziland
Abstract presentAfrica Education Review. Volume 11 #3. p. 475-490.

Periodical articleAhunanya, S. and Chineze, U. and Nnennaya, I. (2013)
See this publicationMassification of university education in Nigeria: private participation and cost challenges
Africa Education Review. Volume 10 #1. p. 65-79.

Periodical articleCouper, Scott Everett (2013)
'... it is clear something is wrong here!': Inanda Seminary's continued survival during the 1980s
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 58 #1. p. 74-105.

BookKoulakoumouna, Etienne (2013)
Réglementation et performance: l'enseignement supérieur privé au Congo
Paris: L'Harmattan. Mouvements économiques et sociaux. 177p.

BookNgoda, Erick Livumbazi (2013)
A name for himself
Nairobi: Phoenix Publishers Ltd. 160p.

Periodical articleObasi, Isaac N. and Akuchie, Rosemary C. and Obasi, Susan N. (2013)
Public policy and the quest for expansion of access through private universities in Nigeria (1999-2012)
Abstract presentAfrican Administrative Studies. #80. p. 205-222.

Periodical articleSetswe, G. (2013)
See this publicationPrivate higher education in Africa: the case of Monash South Africa
Africa Education Review. Volume 10 #1. p. 97-110.

Periodical articleSolomon Tsehaye, Rachel (2013)
Choix d'écoles à Djibouti: une liberté sous contraintes?
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 53 #212. p. 813-838.

BookWodon, Quentin (2013)
See this publicationEducation in Sub-Saharan Africa: comparing faith-inspired, private secular, and public schools
Washington, DC: The World Bank. 139p.

Conference paperAja, Godwin N.D. and Nwaomah, Sampson M. (eds.) (2012)
Private university education in Africa: issues and challenges
Abstract presentIlishan-Remo, Ogun State: Babcock University Press. 477p.

Periodical articleBouba, Bachir (2012)
Évaluation de l'efficacité des établissements secondaires d'enseignement privé islamique au Cameroun
Revue gabonaise de recherche en éducation. #2. p. 45-72.

Periodical articleMugabi, H. (2012)
See this publicationThe role of private universities in the provision of higher education in Uganda: growth and challenges
Africa Education Review. Volume 9 #2. p. 213-229.

Periodical articleTichagwa, K. (2012)
An evaluation of the mushrooming of new 'independent colleges' in Zimbabwe with special emphasis on the education of the urban child, 2000-2009
Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. Volume 24 #1. p. 36-46.

BookWossenu Yimam (2012)
Current issues in Ethiopian private higher education institutions: opportunities and challenges
Addis Ababa: Forum for Social Studies (FSS). FSS research report #9. 73p.

Periodical articleIshengoma, Johnson M. (2011)
The socio-economic background of students enrolled in private higher education institutions in Tanzania: implications for equity
Papers in Education and Development. #30. p. 53-103.

Periodical articleLewandowski, Sophie (2011)
Politiques de lutte contre la pauvreté et inégalités scolaires à Dakar: vers un éclatement des normes éducatives?
Abstract presentAutrepart. #59. p. 37-56.

DVD / videoCleese, John and Garland, Ross and Logan, Brad and Marsh, Donovan (eds.) (2010)
See this publicationSpud
Universal Pictures UK.

Dissertation / thesisBarry, Abdourahmane (2008)
An exploratory examination of the factors that may contribute to the differences in academic performance between students in public and private schools in the Republic of Guinea: an examination of private and public schools in the District of Ratoma in Conakry
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 192p.

Periodical articleErinosho, Olayiwola A. and Aina, Diji and Okhomina, Stephen and Temilola, Segun (2008)
See this publicationThe quality of Nigeria's private universities
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 6 #1. p. 41-69.

Periodical articleNgwe, Luc and Pokam, Hilaire de Prince and Folefack, Ernest and Mandjack, Albert (2008)
See this publicationL'émergence et les perspectives de l'enseignement supérieur privé au Cameroun
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 6 #1. p. 95-125.

Periodical articleNwuke, Kasirim (2008)
See this publicationThe private provision of higher education in Ethiopia: growth, challenges, and prospects
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 6 #1. p. 71-94.

Periodical articleThaver, Beverley (2008)
See this publicationThe private higher education sector in Africa: current trends and themes in six country studies
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 6 #1. p. 127-142.

Periodical issueMabizela, Mahlubi and Levy, Daniel and Otieno, Wycliffe (eds.) (2007)
See this publicationSpecial issue: Private surge amid public dominance: dynamics in the private provision of higher education in Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 5 #2-3. 220p.

BookVan de Ruit, John (2007)
New York: Razorbill. 317p.

Periodical articleTsafack Nanfosso, Roger (2006)
See this publicationLa dynamique de l'enseignement supérieur privé au Cameroun
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 4 #2. p. 99-122.

Periodical articleOanda, Ibrahim Ogachi (2005)
See this publicationNew Frontiers of Exclusion: Private Higher Education and Women's Opportunities in Kenya
Abstract presentJournal of Higher Education in Africa. Volume 3 #3. p. 87-105.

Periodical articleKashorda, M. (2004)
Engineering a private university: the case of United States International University
Kenya Engineer. Volume 25 #2. March-April. p. 18-22.

Periodical articleMurunga, Godwin Rapando (2001)
Private universities in the Kenyan higher education experience
CODESRIA Bulletin. #1-2. p. 11-15.

Periodical articleSambo, W.A.L. (2001)
The role of private tuition in secondary education in Tanzania
Papers in Education and Development. #21. p. 96-110.

Periodical articleKajubi, W.S. (1999)
Management and leadership of a private university
Nkumba Business Journal. Volume 1 #1. January. p. 7-19.

Periodical articleMasudi, A. (1999)
The predicament of private education in Tanzania: quantity versus quality
Papers in Education and Development. #20. p. 18-36.

Periodical articleDemeke, Mulat (1998)
Constraints to School Enrolment and Demand for Fee-Charging Schools in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 20 #1. April. p. 41-72.

Periodical articleEpstein, Debbie (1998)
See this publicationMarked men: whiteness and masculinity
Abstract presentAgenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #37. p. 49-59.

Periodical articleMaugenest, Denis (1994)
L'enseignement supérieur privé
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #172. p. 174-185.

Periodical articleNgoma-Binda, P. (1994)
Faut-il privatiser les universités officielles du Zaïre?
Abstract presentZaïre-Afrique: économie, culture, vie sociale. Volume 34 #288. octobre. p. 495-505.

Periodical articleGithiora, B. (1993)
Private schools
Executive (Nairobi, Kenya). March. p. 17-21.

Periodical articleBila, L.V. and Nov, V.B. (1991)
Reforma escolar em Moçambique: a privatização do ensino
Tempo. #1063. 24 de fev.. p. 12-15.

Periodical articleHartshorne, K. (1988)
Conflicting perceptions of the education of black south africans, with particular reference to 'alternative education'
Abstract presentAfrica Insight. Volume 18 #1. p. 14-19.

Periodical articleRandall, P. (1985)
See this publicationThe politics of multi-racialism: the private schools of Southern Africa
Abstract presentThe English Academy Review. Volume 3. p. 177-186.

Periodical articleAdebola, A.S. (1983)
The London Connections: A Factor in the Survival of the Kikuyu Independent Schools' Movement, 1929-1939
Abstract presentJournal of African Studies (UCLA). Volume 10 #1. Spring. p. 14-23.

Periodical articleEwing, A.M. (1983)
Cedric College
Abstract presentHeritage. #3. p. 47-53.

Periodical articleClignet, Remi and Haupt, Norman (1979)
The universality of the distinction between public and private educational sectors: the case of Cameroun
Abstract presentThe Conch: A Biafran Journal of Literary and Cultural Analysis. Volume 11 #1-2. p. 247-279.

Periodical articleAbreu, Elsa (1976)
The challenge in Kenya's colonial history: the role of voluntary organisations in education with special reference to African and Asian communities
Abstract presentKenya Historical Review. Volume 4 #2. p. 207-222.

Book chapterSanderson, L.M. (1975)
Conflict, education and new awareness in the Southern Sudan (1898-1956)
Abstract presentIn: Conflict and harmony in education in Tropical Africa / ed. by G.N. Brown and M. Hiskett. p. 104-115.

BookKetelaars, Ad F.E.M. (1974)
Le fonctionnement de l'éducation officielle à Mellassine, un quartier pauvre de Tunis
Amsterdam: Groupe d'Éudes Tunis, Université Libre.

Periodical articleFagbulu, Amiel M. (1967)
See this publicationPrivate Proprietorship of Schools in Western Nigeria: 1950-1965
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 14 #2. p. 25-27.

Periodical articleKinsey, David C. (1967)
See this publicationEducation in the Shadow of the State: Private Elementary Schools in Tunisia
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 14 #2. April. p. 22-24.

Search: su=private education
Found: 53 Record 1-53

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