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BookLejju, Julius B. (2012)
The influence of climate change and human-induced environmental degradation on Lake Victoria
Addis Ababa: OSSREA. 104p.

Periodical articleBatega, D.W. (2011)
Beyond water governance: settlement pattern and access to safe water in Kampala city
Mawazo. Volume 10 #1. February. p. 81-94.

Periodical articleKinezero, Mathias (2011)
Politiques régionales pour la protection de l'environnement: le cas du bassin du Nil
Éthique & société. Volume 7 #2-3. p. 219-238.

Periodical articleNdegwa, G.M.; Kiiru, I. (2010)
Investigating on soil and water quality as affected by irrigation in Turkana District, Kenya
Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology. Volume 12 #1. p. 11-31.

BookAkech, Migai (2009)
Privatization & democracy in East Africa: the promise of administrative law
Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers. 198p.

Periodical articleKivuva, V.M.; Oteng'i, S.B.B.; Miima, J.B. (2009)
Application of linear based models in Nzoia River basin-Kenya
International Journal of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 27-37.

Periodical articleOmuterema, S.O.; Imbuga, B.M. (2009)
Assessment of climate change threats to freshwater resources in Kenya and management options
International Journal of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 21-26.

Periodical articleWaswa, G.W.; China, S.S.; Miima, J.B.; Eshiunua, J.; Makhanu, S.K. (2009)
The potential of rainwater harvesting for food security in the River Nzoia basin: adaptation strategy to climate change
International Journal of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 71-79.

Periodical articleYohannes, Okbazghi (2009)
See this publicationHydro-politics in the Nile basin: in search of theory beyond realism and neo-liberalism
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 3 #1. p. 74-93.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2008)
Making a difference: the Zingira Nyanza Group turns waste into a resource
Wajibu. Volume 23 #3. p. 31-32.

Periodical articleDavies, Matthew (2008)
See this publicationThe irrigation system of the Pokot, northwest Kenya
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 43. p. 50-76.

Periodical articleHuho, J.M.; Ang'awa, F.P. (2008)
Effects of floods on crop farming: a case study of Budalangi Division, Kenya
International Journal of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Volume 1 #2. June. p. 95-103.

BookNg'wandu, Pius Yasebasi (2008)
Challenges and prospects for a new Nile water agreement: the Nile River Basin Commission
Nairobi: African Centre for Technology Studies. 102p.

Periodical articleNyangena, Kenneth O. (2008)
See this publicationPrivatization of water and sanitation services in Kenya: challenges and prospects
Africa Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 33 #4. p. 117-131.

Periodical articleOluoch-Oduor, D. (2008)
Women, water and peace
Hakimani. #8-issue no. 1. January-March. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleAdar, K.G. (2007)
See this publicationKenya's foreign policy and geopolitical interests: the case of the Nile River Basin
African Sociological Review. Volume 11 #1. p. 63-80.

Periodical issueAdar, Korwa G. (ed.) (2007)
See this publicationThe riparian States of the Nile River, their national interests and regional stability
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 11 #1. 106p.

Periodical articleDushimumuremyi, J.P.; Pilesjo, P. (2007)
Water resources and GIS: a contribution to the development of a decision support systems for water resources management in Bugesera, Rwanda
Etudes rwandaises. Volume 14. août. p. 37-49.

Periodical articleKagwanja, Peter (2007)
See this publicationCalming the waters: the East African Community and conflict over the Nile resources
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 1 #3. p. 321-337.

Periodical articleLyimo, Consolatha W.; Shayo, Rose; Lyimo, Thomas J. (2007)
See this publicationCommunity Awareness on Microbial Water Pollution and Its Effects on Health Development in Urban Tanzania: A Case Study of Tabata and Kiwalani Wards in Ilala District in Dar es Salaam Region
Tanzania Journal of Development Studies. Volume 7 #2. September. p. 103-114.

Periodical articleMakhanu, S.K.; Waswa, G.W. (2007)
The aftermath of prosopis juliflora in Marigat Division of Baringo District, Kenya
International Journal of Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. Volume 1 #1. June. p. 12-17.

Periodical articleNdetei, C.J.; Opere, A.O.; Mutua, F.M. (2007)
Flood frequency analysis in Lake Victoria Basin based on tail behaviour of distribution
Journal of the Kenya Meteorological Society. Volume 1 #1. September. p. 44-54.

Periodical articleOkoth, P.G. (2007)
See this publicationThe Nile River question and the riparian state: contextualising Uganda's foreign policy interests
African Sociological Review. Volume 11 #1. p. 81-94.

Periodical articleShayo, N.B.; Chove, B.E.; Gidamis, A.B.; Ngoma, O.B. (2007)
The quality of water in small community supplies of Kingolwira village, Morogoro, Tanzania
Tanzania Health Research Bulletin. Volume 9 #1. January. p. 56-60.

Periodical articleThomas, M.K. (2007)
Conflict over water: a peacebuilding strategy
Wajibu. Volume 22 #1. April-May. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleKatuku, M. (2006)
Water is life
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). June-July. p. 24-25.

Periodical articleLokina, R.B.; Kulindwa, K.; Hepelwa, A. (2006)
See this publicationEstimating the willingness to pay for improved water service in Tanzania
Utafiti. Volume 7 #1. June. p. 1-21.

Periodical articleMato, R.R.A.M. (2006)
Modeling and mapping groundwater protection priorities using GIS: the case of Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania
Journal of Building & Land Development. Volume 13 #1. April. p. 22-31.

Periodical articleMung'ong'o, C.G.; Yanda, P.Z. (2006)
Risks, livelihoods and vulnerability to flooding in Kyela District, South-Western Tanzania
Tanzanian Economic Trends. Volume 19 #1. June. p. 92-106.

Periodical articleNdegwa, G.M.; Kamoche, P.G.; Mugedi, T.N. (2006)
Effects of irrigation on soil physical properties in an upland smallholder sprinkler irrigation scheme in Kenya
Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology. Volume 8 #2. p. 25-46.

BookOdada, E.O. (ed.) (2006)
East African Rift Valley lakes
Kalmar: University of Kalmar on behalf of United Nations Environment Programme. GIWA regional assessment #47. 141p.

Periodical articleOpere, A.O.; Awuor, V.O.; Kooke, S.O.; Omoto, W.O. (2006)
See this publicationRainfall characteristics as an indicator of drought in semi-arid Kitui District of Kenya
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 18 #3. September. p. 235-245.

Periodical articleShaghude, Y.W. (2006)
See this publicationReview of water resource exploitation and landuse pressure in the Pangani River Basin
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 5 #2. July-December. p. 195-207.

Periodical articleStump, Daryl (2006)
See this publicationThe Development and Expansion of the Field and Irrigation Systems at Engaruka, Tanzania
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 41. p. 69-94.

Periodical articleTorchio, P.; Manconi, M. (2006)
How now, brown cow
Swara. Volume 29 #1. January-March. p. 18-21.

Periodical articleCharlery de la Masselière, Bernard (2005)
L'Afrique de l'Est et la question du Nil
L'Afrique orientale. p. 239-269.

Periodical articleKulindwa, K. (2005)
See this publicationPoverty and water nexus: understanding poverty production through water availability and access
Utafiti. Volume 6 #2. December. p. 1-24.

Periodical articleMutahi, W.T.; Thiong'o, F.W. (2005)
See this publicationPrevalence and intensity of schistosomiasis mansoni in irrigation and non-irrigation areas of Central Kenya
East African Medical Journal. Volume 82 #11. November. p. 586-591.

Periodical articleMwangi, L.W. (2005)
Functions of Nairobi Water Services Board
Kenya Engineer. Volume 26 #2. March-April. p. 22-24.

Periodical articleRaymer, D. (2005)
Waste not, want not: a more sensible use of water through constructed wetlands
Wajibu. Volume 20 #2. May-July. p. 7-9.

Periodical articleSokile, C.S.; Mongula, B.; Van Koppen, B.; Merrey, D.; Mahoo, H. (2005)
Gender, poverty and participation: the case of smallholder irrigation in the Rufiji basin, Tanzania
Tanzanian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 6 #1. March. p. 87-100.

Periodical articleSokile, C.S.; Mongula, B.; Van Koppen, B. (2005)
Water governance and local participation: from policy to practice with experiences from Tanzania and South Africa
Tanzanian Journal of Development Studies. Volume 6 #1. March. p. 77-86.

Conference paperTempelhoff, Johann (ed.) (2005)
African water histories: transdisciplinary discourses
Abstract presentGauteng: North-West University. 368p.

Periodical articleAtambo, D.O. (2004)
Irrigation water management in community based smallholder scheme
Kenya Engineer. Volume 25 #5. September-October. p. 16-17.

Periodical articleGatabaki, P. (2004)
After the crisis, what next?
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). September. p. 6-8.

BookKariuki, Joseph; François, Alain; Fréon, Mathieu (2004)
Montagnes et ressources
Abstract presentNairobi: Institut français de recherche en Afrique. Les cahiers de l'IFRA #26. 86p.

Periodical articleKariuki, M.S. (2004)
Role of rainwater harvesting in sustainable development
Kenya Engineer. Volume 25 #6. November-December. p. 28-31.

Periodical articleKimei, B.M.; Chhabra, S.C.; Nyagah, G. (2004)
See this publicationDissolved organic carbon (DOC) and coliform bacteria in underground waters in areas around Nairobi
African Journal of Health Sciences. Volume 11 #1-2. January-June. p. 61-66.

Periodical articleKyewalyanga, M.S.; Mwandya, A.W.; Valdenberg, A. (2004)
See this publicationPreliminary study on hatching of rotifers (Brachionus plicatilis) and copepods (Cyclopoida): response to flooding and organic fertilisation
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 3 #1. January-June. p. 79-86.

Periodical articleMasanza, M.; Gold, C.S.; Van Huis, A.; Ragama, P.E. (2004)
Use of crop sanitation for the management of the banana weevil in Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 2. September. p. 636-644.

Periodical articleMulaku, W.O.; Nyanchaga, E.N. (2004)
Dissolved air flotation process for algae removal in surface water treatment in Kenya
Journal of Civil Engineering Research and Practice. Volume 1 #2. October. p. 27-38.

Periodical articleMutua, A.K.; Mavuti, K.M.; Daro, N.; Tackx, M. (2004)
See this publicationSpatial distribution of suspended particulate matter in Mtwapa Creek and Funzi Bay, Kenya
Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. Volume 3 #1. January-June. p. 29-36.

Periodical articleOkech, S.H.; Van Asten, P.; Gold, C.S.; Ssali, H. (2004)
Effects of potassium deficiency, drought and weevils on banana yield and economic performance in Mbarara, Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 9 #1, pt. 2. September. p. 511-519.

Periodical articleOkono, A.N. (2004)
Why the Nyando floods
Ecoforum. October-December. p. 26-29.

BookOkoth-Owiro, Arthur (2004)
The Nile treaty: State succession and international treaty commitments: a case study of the Nile water treaties
Nairobi: Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Occasional paper series, East Africa #9. 104p.

Periodical articleOreyo, O. (2004)
Omieri - the 'rain-bringer'
Swara. Volume 27 #2. April-June. p. 28-30.

BookTvedt, Terje (2004)
The River Nile in the age of the British: political ecology and the quest for economic power
London: IB Tauris. 456p.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2003)
Record inflows at hydro reservoirs
Kenya Engineer. Volume 24 #4. July-August. p. 7.

Periodical articleBayonga, D.G. (2003)
Solutions to Ruaha National Park water shortage
Kakakuona. #30. July-September. p. 5-8.

Periodical articleGunga, M.O.; Mburu, M.W.K.; Nyabundi, J.O.; Jama, B. (2003)
See this publicationInfluence of line planted trees and phosphorus application on water use of maize in sub-humid Western Kenya
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 69 #1-2. July-October. p. 173-182.

Periodical articleKamoni, P.T.; Mburu, M.W.K.; Gachene, C.K.K. (2003)
See this publicationInfluence of irrigation and nitrogen fertilisers on maize growth, nitrogen uptake and yield in a semi-arid Kenyan environment
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 69 #1-2. July-October. p. 99-108.

Periodical articleKamwai, J.M. (2003)
Restoring Nairobi's water supplies
Kenya Engineer. Volume 24 #3. May-June. p. 18-19.

Periodical articleKashaigili, J.J.; Mashauri, D.A.; Abdo, G. (2003)
See this publicationGroundwater management by using mathematical modeling: case of the Makutupora groundwater basin in Dodoma Tanzania
Botswana Journal of Technology. Volume 12 #1. April. p. 19-24.

Periodical articleKeraka, Margaret Nyanchoka; Wamicha, Wellington Nguya (2003)
See this publicationChild Morbidity and Mortality in Slum Environments along Nairobi River
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 19 #1. January. p. 41-57.

Periodical articleLoefler, Imre (2003)
The Disappearing Waters of Kenya
Kenya Past and Present. #34. p. 64-66.

Periodical articleMati, B. (2003)
Flood mitigation and preparedness: simple solutions
Kenya Engineer. Volume 24 #4. July-August. p. 17-18.

Periodical articleMkandla, M. (2003)
Pro-poor strategies to meet basic needs: the case of women and rainwater harvesting in Kajiado District, Kenya
African Water Journal. December. p. 82-94.

BookMohamoda, Dahilon Yassin (2003)
See this publicationNile basin cooperation: a review of the literature
Uppsala: Nordiska Afrikainstitutet. Current African issues #26. 41p.

Periodical articleMulumba Wasswa, J. (2003)
Factors affecting diversity of Dioscorea species in Uganda
Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume 8 #1. January. p. 299-302.

Dissertation / thesisPaulson, Sara Jean (2003)
A spatial decision support system design for flood risk monitoring in East Africa
Ann Arbor, MI: UMI Dissertation Services. 368p.

Periodical articleTwesigye, Charles K. (2003)
A multidisciplinary approach for the management of Lake Victoria Basin wetlands within the framework of cultural and natural heritage
Abstract presentUganda Journal. Volume 49. December. p. 66-78.

Periodical articleAduda, K.O. (2002)
Water pump technology transfer
Kenya Engineer. Volume 23 #3. May-June. p. 25-27.

BookCollins, Robert O. (2002)
The Nile
New Haven: Yale University Press. 260p.

Periodical articleKariaga, B.M. (2002)
See this publicationRainfall erosivity factor for Uasin Gishu Plateau, Kenya
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 14 #1-2. June. p. 57-62.

Periodical articleMoller, L.C. (2002)
Infant mortality in Uganda 1995-2000: why the non-improvement?
Uganda Health Bulletin (Kampala, Uganda: 1995). Volume 8 #3-4. July-December. p. 211-214.

Periodical articleNagawa, P. (2002)
The dangers of urban slums
6th of February. Volume 15 #1. January. p. 27-29.

Periodical articleNgware, Neema (2002)
See this publicationRegulatory framework for access to legal shelter: life in the Jangwani flood-prone valley
African Journal of Finance and Management. Volume 11 #1. July. p. 99-109.

Periodical articleOchieng, M.O. (2002)
Private sector participation in the water sector
Kenya Engineer. Volume 23 #3. May-June. p. 30-33.

Periodical articleTwesigye, C.K. (2002)
See this publicationGenetic relationships of the Nile tilapia oreochromis niloticus, in three East African lakes
Uganda Journal. Volume 48. November. p. 81-86.

Periodical articleWambua, S.M. (2002)
How prepared are we to address water, hygiene and sanitation in disaster and emergency situations
Kenya Engineer. Volume 23 #5. September-December. p. 14-15.

BookWaterbury, John (2002)
The Nile Basin: national determinants of collective action
New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 211p.

Periodical articleAbwao, P. (2001)
Water quality: danger looms large
EcoNews Africa. April. p. 12-13.

Periodical articleAmpofo, E.A.; Muni, R.K.; Bonsu, M. (2001)
See this publicationAn assessment of sediment loading into an agricultural reservoir in a semi-arid region of Kenya
West African Journal of Applied Ecology. Volume 2. p. 37-47.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2001)
Rainwater Exposition-2001 held in Nairobi
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #6. November-December. p. 5-6.

Periodical articleAnonymous (2001)
RUWASA: eight Ugandan districts and eleven towns to benefit from Eastern Centres project
Construction Review (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 12 #4. April. p. 14-15.

Periodical articleBonhof, M.J.; Overholt, W.A. (2001)
See this publicationImpact of solar radiation, rainfall and cannibalism on disappearance of maize stemborers in Kenya
Insect Science and its Application. Volume 21 #4. October-December. p. 403-407.

Periodical articleBore, J.K.; Ng'etich, W.K. (2001)
Effects of ergostim on tea plant recovery from drought
Tea. Volume 22 #2. December. p. 74-78.

Periodical articleIsaacman, Allen F. (2001)
See this publicationDomesticating a White Elephant: Sustainability and Struggles over Water, the Case of Cahora Bassa Dam
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #2. p. 199-228.

Periodical articleMzuga, J.M.; Tole, M.P.; Ucakuwun, E.K. (2001)
See this publicationContamination of groundwater resources by pit latrines in Kwale District, Kenya
Discovery and Innovation. Volume 13 #3-4. December. p. 203-212.

Periodical articleNdirangu, J.W. (2001)
Constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in the tropics
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #5. September-October. p. 26-30.

Periodical articleRaymer, D. (2001)
Establishing a wetland ecology
Ecoforum. Long Rains. p. 22-23.

Periodical articleRaymer, D. (2001)
Water, water, everywhere
Ecoforum. Long Rains. p. 15-21.

Periodical articleShechambo, F. (2001)
Forest valuation and economic policies: learning from Mount Meru Forest Reserve, Tanzania
Innovation (Nairobi, Kenya). Volume 8 #2. July. p. 13-16.

BookTafesse, Tesfaye (2001)
The Nile question: hydropolitics, legal wrangling, modus vivendi and perspectives
Münster: Lit. Geographie #11. 145p.

Periodical articleThomas, M.K. (2001)
Community participation in river water resource management: a case for river water user associations (RWUAs)
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #2. March-April. p. 25-28.

Periodical articleThomas, M.K.; Njurumba, P.K. (2001)
Capacity building of water staff in Transmara
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #1. January-February. p. 21-23.

BookThompson, John (ed.) (2001)
Drawers of water II: 30 years of change in domestic water use & environmental health in East Africa: summary
London: IIED. 116p.

Periodical articleWambua, S. (2001)
Private sector participation in rural water supply and sanitation projects
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #2. March-April. p. 29-30.

Periodical articleWambua, S.M. (2001)
Innovative ways of financing community based water supply and sanitation projects
Kenya Engineer. Volume 22 #1. January-February. p. 31-32.

Periodical articleAbwao, P. (2000)
Overcoming the water crisis
EcoNews Africa. July. p. 3-5.

Search: ge=East Africa
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