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Periodical articleAlary, Véronique (ed.) (2012)
Adaptation des sociétés bédouines de la côte nord-ouest de l'Égypte au changement global
Autrepart. #62. p. 183-200.

Periodical articleSy, Oumar (2010)
Mobilité pastorale dans la Basse vallée du Ferlo dans le contexte de la remise en eau
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 63 #249. p. 31-46.

Periodical articleJullien, François (2006)
Nomadisme et transhumance, chronique d'une mort annoncée ou voie d'un développement porteur? Enjeux, défis et enseignements tirés de l'expérience des projets d'hydraulique pastorale au Tchad
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #217. p. 55-75.

Periodical articleBaroin, Catherine (2003)
L'hydraulique pastorale, un bienfait pour les éleveurs du Sahel?
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #205. p. 205-224.

BookBruins, Hendrik J. and Ros-Tonen, Mirjam A.F. (eds.) (2003)
Drought planning and rainwater harvesting for arid-zone pastoralists: the Turkana and Maasai (Kenya) and the Negev Bedouin (Israel)
Amsterdam: KIT Publishers. #17. 68p.

BookDekelver, Guy (2003)
Irrigation in Turkana: an assessment of natural resource use related conflicts and opportunities in and around 3 irrigation schemes in pastoralist areas, Turkana District, Kenya (conducted February to July 2001)
Nairobi: SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Kenya. 82p.

Periodical articleOba, Gufu (2001)
See this documentThe Importance of Pastoralists' Indigenous Coping Strategies for Planning Drought Management in the Arid Zone of Kenya
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 5 #1. p. 89-119.

Book chapterKhroda, George O. (2000)
The conjunctive use of ground and surface water resources in tsetse infested areas
Abstract presentIn: Issues in resource management and development in Kenya: essays in memory of prof. Simeon H. Ominde. p. 62-77.

BookTeyssier, André (2000)
Establishing and managing waterpoints for village livestock: a guide for rural extension workers in the sudano-sahelian zone
Wageningen: Agromisa. #27. 75p.

BookBlench, Roger and Marriage, Zoe (1999)
See this documentDrought and livestock in semi-arid Africa and southwest Asia
London: Overseas Development Institute. #117. 137p.

BookFratkin, Elliot (1998)
Ariaal pastoralists of Kenya: surviving drought and development in Africa's arid lands
Boston: Allyn and Bacon. 139p.

BookPratt, David John and Le Gall, François and Haan, Cornelis de (1997)
Investing in pastoralism: sustainable natural resource use in arid Africa and the Middle East
Washington, DC: World Bank. #365. 159p.

BookPallier, Ginette (1996)
L'hydraulique pastorale au Mali: à partir de l'exemple du Seno Mango
Abstract presentLimoges: Presses de l'Université de Limoges. 85p.

BookTurton, David (1995)
Pastoral livelihoods in danger: cattle disease, drought, and wildlife conservation in Mursiland, south-western Ethiopia
Oxford: Oxfam. #12. 50p.

Book chapterMorris (Jr), Robert P. and Jones, Phyllis and Lackman, Cheryl (1994)
Dust to diamonds: the relationships among water, population, and livestock in Botswana
Abstract presentIn: Population growth and environmental degradation in southern Africa / ed. by Ezekiel Kalipeni. - Boulder, Col. [etc]: Lynne Rienner. p. 85-118.

Conference paperHudson, Norman and Cheatle, Rodney (eds.) (1993)
Working with farmers for better land husbandry
Abstract presentLondon: Intermediate Technology Publications in association with World Association of Soil and Water Conservation. 272p.

Periodical articleFinkel, Moshe and Darkoh, M.B.K. (1991)
Sustaining the arid and semi-arid (ASAL) environment in Kenya through improved pastoralism and agriculture
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 21. p. 1-20.

Book chapterGillard-Byers, T.E. (1991)
Marketing activities of the Baggara transhumants: some effects of drought on market behavior
Abstract presentIn: Pastoral economies in Africa and long-term responses to drought: proceedings of a colloquium at the University of Aberdeen, April 1990 / ed. by Jeffrey C. Stone. - Aberdeen: Aberdeen University African Studies Group. p. 170-184.

Book chapterKeya, G.A. (1991)
Alternative policies and models for arid and semi-arid lands in Kenya
Abstract presentIn: When the grass is gone: development intervention in African arid lands / ed. by P.T.W. Baxter. - Uppsala: Scandinavian Institute of African Studies. p. 73-89.

Book chapterPerkins, J.S. (1991)
Drought, cattle-keeping, and range degradation in the Kalahari, Botswana
Abstract presentIn: Pastoral economies in Africa and long-term responses to drought: proceedings of a colloquium at the University of Aberdeen, April 1990 / ed. by Jeffrey C. Stone. - Aberdeen: Aberdeen University African Studies Group. p. 185-196.

Periodical articleRamazzotti, M. (1991)
Il problema dell'acqua nel sud dell'Angola
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 46 #3. p. 375-402.

Periodical articleBoer, F. de and Rijks, J. and Tchamra, Daiza Gna (1990)
L'utilisation et la capacité de charge d'un puits pastoral
Abstract presentRevue scientifique du Tchad. Volume 1 #2. p. 101-108.

Periodical articlePlit, F. (1990)
L'élevage sahélien pendant les sécheresses
Abstract presentAfricana Bulletin. #36. p. 109-134.

Periodical articleThebaud, B. (1990)
Politiques d'hydraulique pastorale et gestion de l'espace au Sahel
Abstract presentCahiers des sciences humaines. Volume 26 #1-2. p. 13-31.

Periodical articleMoris, Jon (1988)
Failing to Cope With Drought: The Plight of African Ex-Pastoralists
Abstract presentDevelopment Policy Review. Volume 6 #3. September. p. 269-294.

BookThébaud, Brigitte (1988)
Elevage et développement au Niger: quel avenir pour les éleveurs du Sahel? Réflexions sur les causes de la crise pastorale à partir de la situation de l'élevage dans l'Est du Niger
Abstract presentGenève: BIT. 147p.

Periodical articleStarr, Martha A. (1987)
See this documentRisk, Environmental Variability and Drought-Induced Impoverishment: The Pastoral Economy of Central Niger
Abstract presentAfrica: Journal of the International African Institute. Volume 57 #1. p. 29-50.

Periodical articleUgherughe, P.O. and Ekedolum, P.A. (1986)
Pasture and rangeland potentials of Borno state
Abstract presentAnnals of Borno. Volume 3. p. 179-192.

Book chapterWilson, R. Trevor and Diallo, Abdarahamane and Wagenaar, Klaas (1985)
Mixed herding and the demographic parameters of domestic animals in arid and semi-arid zones of Tropical Africa
Abstract presentIn: Population, health and nutrition in the Sahel: issues in the welfare of selected West African communities / ed. by Allan G. Hill. p. 116-138.

BookBenoit, Michel (1984)
Le Séno-Mango ne doit pas mourir: pastoralisme, vie sauvage et protection au Sahel
Abstract presentParis: Office de la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Outre-Mer. #103. 143p.

BookKing, John M. (1983)
Livestock water needs in pastoral Africa in relation to climate and forage
Abstract presentAddis Ababa, Ethiopia: International live-stock center for Africa. #7. 95p.

BookSantoir, Christian (1983)
Raison pastorale et politique de développement: les Peuls sénégalais face aux aménagements
Abstract presentParis: O.R.S.T.O.M.. #166. 185p.

Periodical articleDyson-Hudson, Neville and Dyson-Hudson, Rada (1982)
See this documentThe Structure of East African Herds and the Future of East African Herders
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 13 #2. April. p. 213-238.

Periodical articleHelland, Johan (1982)
See this documentSocial Organization and Water Control Among the Borana
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 13 #2. April. p. 239-258.

Conference paperCampbell, David and Migot-Adholla, S.E. (eds.) (1981)
The development of Kenya's semi-arid lands
Abstract presentNairobi: Institute for Development Studies, University of Nairobi. #36. 244p.

BookBus, Godefridus Petrus and Barry, Mody Bakar (1980)
Une prevaluation du programme d'hydraulique pastorale
Abstract presentKorhogo, Côte d'Ivoire: SODEPRA, Opération encadrement nord. 27p.

Periodical articleSall, Alioune (1980)
Destruction et reamenagement du Sahel
Abstract presentVierteljahresberichte Probleme der Entwicklungsländer. #79. p. 77-81.

Periodical articleKategile, J.A. (1978)
Animal Husbandry Production Without Pollution
Abstract presentTanzania Notes and Records. Volume 83-86. p. 127-130.

BookSingleton, Carey B. (1978)
Basic human needs and requirements: the challenge of the Sahel: presented at the twenty-first annual meeting of the African Studies Association, Baltimore, Maryland, November, 1-4, 1978
Abstract presentBaltimore, Mass.: African Studies Association. 14p.

Periodical articleTubiana, Marie-José (1978)
Stratégies traditionnelles et modernes pour une utilisation rationnelle des ressources en eau et en paturages au Nord Dar-Fur
Abstract presentRevue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 14 #159. p. 74-84.

Periodical articleBarral, Henri (1974)
Mobilité et cloisonnement chez les éleveurs du nord de la Haute-Volta: les zones dites 'd'endodromie pastorale'
Abstract presentCahiers ORSTOM: Sciences humaines. Volume 11 #2. p. 127-135.

Periodical articleBernus, Edmond (1974)
L'evolution recente des relations entre eleveurs et agriculteurs en Afrique tropicale: l'exemple du Sahel Nigérien
Abstract presentCahiers ORSTOM: Sciences humaines. Volume 11 #2. p. 137-143.

Periodical articleGirard, G. (1957)
Le secteur d'amélioration rurale (S.A.R.) du Haut Mzi et le centre actif de Tadjemout
Abstract presentTravaux de l'Institut de Recherches Sahariennes. Volume 15. p. 163-175.

Search: su=animal husbandry
Found: 43 Record 1-43

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