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Periodical articleRobins, Steven (2019)
See this document'Day Zero', Hydraulic Citizenship and the Defence of the Commons in Cape Town: A Case Study of the Politics of Water and its Infrastructures (2017-2018)
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 45 #1. p. 5-29.

BookSadoff, Claudia (ed.) (2017)
See this documentBeyond scarcity: water security in the Middle East and North Africa: conference edition
Washington, DC: World Bank. MENA development report.

Periodical articleSchneider, Adam W. (2017)
See this documentThe Medieval Climate Anomaly as a factor in the history of Sijilmasa, southeastern Morocco
Abstract presentThe Journal of North African Studies. Volume 22 #1. p. 132-152.

Periodical articleBisung, Elijah (ed.) (2016)
See this documentOne community's journey to lobby for water in an environment of privatized water: is Usoma too poor for the pro-poor program?
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 35 #1. p. 70-82.

BookBoureima, Moussa (2016)
Gestion intégrée de l'eau et politiques de développement en Afrique de l'Ouest
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 104p.

Periodical articleMahlanza, Londeka and Ziervogel, Gina and Scott, Dianne (2016)
See this documentWater, rights and poverty: an environmental justice approach to analysing water management devices in Cape Town
Abstract presentUrban Forum. Volume 27 #4. p. 363-382.

Periodical articleMarcantonio, Richard A. (2016)
See this documentThe Okavango River Basin agreement: an analysis
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 35 #3. p. 227-246.

Periodical articleSambu, Daniel (2016)
See this documentImpact of global initiatives on drinking water access in Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 35 #2. p. 151-167.

Periodical articleTempelhoff, Johann (2016)
Exploring panarchy and social-ecological resilience: towards understanding water history in precolonial southern Africa
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 61 #1. p. 92-112.

BookTrefon, Theodore (2016)
Congo's environmental paradox: potential and predation in a land of plenty
London: Zed Books Ltd. African arguments. 194p.

BookBeyene, Atakilte (ed.) (2015)
See this documentAgricultural water institutions in East Africa
Uppsala: The Nordic Africa Institute. Current African issues #63. 100p.

Periodical articleBourblanc, Magalie (2015)
See this documentThe South African 'Ecological Reserve', a travelling concept
Abstract presentPolitikon: South African Journal of Political Studies. Volume 42 #2. p. 275-292.

BookCasciarri, Barbara and Assal, Munzoul A.M. and Ireton, François (eds.) (2015)
Multidimensional change in the Republic of Sudan (1989-2011): reshaping livelihoods, conflicts, and identities
Abstract presentNew York: Berghahn Books. 374p.

BookEbogo, Frank (2015)
La géopolitique de l'eau au Cameroun
Paris: L'Harmattan. Émergences africaines. 459p.

BookFontein, Joost (2015)
Remaking Mutirikwi: landscape, water and belonging in Southern Zimbabwe
Woodbridge: James Currey Ltd. Eastern Africa series. 340p.

Periodical articleKalpakian, Jack (2015)
See this documentEthiopia and the Blue Nile: development plans and their implications downstream
ASPJ: Africa and Francophonie. Volume 6 #2. p. 40-57.

BookMukuna, Truphena E. and Shisanya, Christopher A. (eds.) (2015)
Milestones in green transition and climate compatible development in Eastern and Southern Africa
Abstract presentAddis Ababa: Organisation for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA). 283p.

BookWater Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Nairobi (2015)
See this documentA report to the public from the Water Resources Management Authority for the periods 2012/13 and 2013/14
Nairobi: Water Resources Management Authority. WRMA performance report #4. 66p.

BookAnonymous (2014)
Innovative water resource use and management for poverty reduction in Sub-Saharan Africa: an anthology
Abstract presentAddis Ababa: OSSREA. 262p.

BookBesbes, Mustapha and Chahed, Jamel and Hamdane, Abdelkader (2014)
Sécurité hydrique de la Tunisie: gérer l'eau en conditions de pénuries
Paris: L'Harmattan. Histoire et perspectives méditerranéennes. 354p.

Periodical articleNgaidé, Moustapha (2014)
La contribution de l'Afrique à la gestion des ressources en eau transfrontalières: l'exemple la Charte de l'eau du Bassin du Niger
Annales africaines: revue de la Faculté des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques (UCAD). p. 208-248.

BookPittock, Jamie and Grafton, R. Quentin and White, Chris (eds.) (2014)
Water, food and agricultural sustainability in southern Africa
Abstract presentPrahran, VIC: Tilde University Press. 204p.

BookZognou, Théophile (2014)
Protection de l'environnement marin et côtier dans la région du golfe de Guinée
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 450p.

BookAarts, Joost and Rutten, Marcel (2013)
See this documentHow well are water resource user associations in the Upper Ewaso Ng'iro River Basin (Kenya) functioning?
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC infosheet #17. 4p.

Periodical issueAubriot, Olivia and Riaux, Jeanne (eds.) (2013)
Savoirs sur l'eau: techniques, pouvoirs
Abstract presentAutrepart. #65. 199p.

BookBoinet, Edouard (2013)
Hydropolitique du fleuve Sénégal: limites et perspectives d'un modèle de coopération
Paris: L'Harmattan. Inter-National. 105p.

BookEast African Sustainability Watch (2013)
See this documentProgress and level of implementation of the East African Community Climate Change Policy commitments in the Lake Victoria Basin with respect to water and sanitation
Kampala: Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development. Lake Victoria climate change readiness brief #2. 45p.

Periodical articleEguavoen, Irit (2013)
See this documentFar from basic rules: social dynamics, legal regulations and access to household water in Northern Ghana, 1965-2012
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 47 #3. p. 483-500.

Dissertation / thesisHogeboom, H.J. (2013)
See this documentOn the influence of groundwater abstractions on Lake Naivasha's water level
Enschede: University of Twente. 48p.

Periodical articleNaidoo, K.D. and Thamaga-Chitja, J.M. and Shimelis, H.A. (2013)
See this documentTowards sustainable livelihoods through indigenous knowledge and water use security: insights from small scale irrigation schemes in Limpopo Province
Abstract presentIndilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Volume 12 #2. p. 301-324.

BookAmbassade des Pays-Bas (2012)
See this documentProgramme pluriannuel d'appui au secteur de l'eau et de l'assainissement phase II 2013 - 2016 (PPEA-II): document de programme
Cotonou: Ambassade des Pays-Bas. 170p.

BookBertoncin, Marina (2012)
Autour du lac Tchad: enjeux et conflits pour le contrôle de l'eau
Paris: l'Harmattan. Études africaines. 354p.

Periodical articleBouaré, Kadidia N. (2012)
L'irrigation des périmètres villageois face à la réduction des réserves hydro-pluviométriques dans la commune de Konna (Delta intérieur du fleuve Niger, Mali)
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 65 #260. p. 519-536.

BookBouquet, Christian and Blanchon, David (eds.) (2012)
L'eau en Afrique: source de conflits?
Pessac: LGPA-éditions. Dynamiques environnementales #29. 199p.

Periodical articleHillbom, Ellen (2012)
See this documentWhen water is from God: formation of property rights governing communal irrigation furrows in Meru, Tanzania, c. 1890-2011
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #3. p. 423-443.

Periodical issueManzungu, Emmanuel (ed.) (2012)
Social development and sustainable development in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 27 #1. 197p.

BookMcMullen, Catherine (ed.) (2012)
See this documentStatus report on the application of integrated approaches to water resources management in Africa 2012
Abstract presentAbuja: African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW). 89p.

Periodical articleMensah, Kenneth and FitzGibbon, John (2012)
See this documentTasty water of the good samaritan: collaborative governance and rural capacity enhancement for adapting water sources to climate change
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 31 #2. p. 163-182.

BookMinistry of Environment and Mineral Resources, Nairobi (2012)
See this documentMaster plan for the conservation and sustainable management of water catchment areas in Kenya
Nairobi: Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources. 164p.

BookMovik, Synne (2012)
See this documentFluid rights: water allocation reform in South Africa
Cape Town: HSRC Press. 191p.

Periodical articleNgaide, Moustapha (2012)
La contribution de l'Afrique à la gestion des ressources en eau transfrontalières: l'exemple La Charte de l'eau du Bassin du Niger
Abstract presentRevue juridique et politique des états francophones. Volume 66 #3. p. 263-316.

Periodical articleOumar, Saidou Baba and Tewari, Devi Datt (2012)
The development of water management institutions and the provision for water delivery in Cameroon: history and futures
Abstract presentGhana Journal of Development Studies. Volume 9 #2. p. 80-102.

BookOwuor, Samuel O. and Foeken, Dick W.J. (2012)
See this documentThe Wandiege Community Water Supply Project (Kisumu, Kenya): from self-help group to water company
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC infosheet #14. 4p.

BookRepublic of Ghana. Water Resources Commission, Accra (2012)
See this documentNational integrated water resources management (IWRM) plan
Accra: Water Resources Commission of Ghana. 83p.

BookRépublique du Mali. Ministère de l'énergie, des mines et de l'eau, Direction nationale de l'hydraulique, Bamako (2012)
See this documentBilan 2012 et perspectives
Bamako: Ministère de l'énergie, des mines et de l'eau, Direction nationale de l'hydraulique.

Periodical articleSy, Oumar and Sane, Tidiane and Dieye, El Hadji Balla (2012)
La vulnerabilité de la ville de Ziguinchor face aux inondations
Territoires d'Afrique. #3. p. 48-58.

Periodical articleWalsh, Martin (2012)
See this documentThe not-so-Great Ruaha and hidden histories of an environmental panic in Tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Studies. Volume 6 #2. p. 303-335.

BookBensaad, Ali (ed.) (2011)
L'eau et ses enjeux au Sahara
Abstract presentParis: Kartala. Hommes et sociétés. 242p.

Dissertation / thesisBerhe, Araya Alemie (2011)
See this documentCoping with drought for food security in Tigray, Ethiopia
Wageningen: Wageningen University and Research Centre. Tropical resource management papers #100. 173p.

Periodical articleBouquet, Christian (2011)
Conflits et risques de conflits liés à l'eau en Afrique
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 64 #255. p. 341-362.

BookCheck, Nicasius Achu (2011)
Forces nouvelles and the search for ivorité: interrogating the Côte d'Ivoire national question. Climate change and water degradation: challenges for sustaining human security in the Lake Chad Basin. France and the Linas-Marcoussis Agreement for Côte d'Ivoire: implications for Africa continental integration. ECOWAS conflict-resolution initiatives in the Ivorian crisis: challenges and prospects. Water degradation trends in the Lake Chad Basin ecosystem: implications for peace and security in the sub-region
Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. Occasional papers #7-2011. 98p.

DVD / videoCouraud, Cécile (ed.) (2011)
See this documentÔ Roots!: a documentary film
Abstract presentParis: Wendigo Films.

BookDubus, Nathalie (2011)
La sécheresse au Sahel: vers une gestion concertée
Paris: Hermès science publications. Territoires. 318p.

Periodical articleHounkannou, H.C. (ed.) (2011)
See this documentStratégies endogènes de maîtrise de l'eau développées par les producteurs face au changement et la variabilité climatique dans la commune de Lalo (Sud Bénin)
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 15 #2. p. 59-76.

Dissertation / thesisKamwendo, Humphrey Thomas (2011)
See this documentOperational modernization of Bwanje Valley irrigation scheme in Malawi for optimal service delivery for dry season irrigation
master of Science thesis. Delft: UNESCO-IHE. 86p.

BookKimani, Angela and Advani, Rajesh and Sy, Jemima (2011)
See this documentFinancing urban water services in Kenya: utility shadow credit ratings
Nairobi: Water Services Regulatory Board. 60p.

BookKomakech, Hans C. and Zaag, Pieter van der (2011)
See this documentUnderstanding the emergence and functioning of river committees in a catchment of the Pangani Basin, Tanzania

Periodical articleMakwara, Enock C. (2011)
Water: an economic or social good?
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 26 #2. p. 141-163.

Dissertation / thesisMathot, Koen Antonius (2011)
See this documentRummaging through reform: strategies of Gezira irrigation scheme actors to cope with irrigation management reforms in the face of strict State control, Sudan
MSc Thesis. Wageningen University. 129p.

Periodical articleMaupin, Agathe (2011)
Le bassin transfrontalier du fleuve Zambèze en Afrique australe: des eaux conflictuelles?
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 64 #255. p. 377-398.

BookMtisi, Sobona (2011)
See this documentWater reforms during the crisis and beyond: understanding policy and political challenges of reforming the water sector in Zimbabwe
London: Overseas Development Institute (ODI). ODI working paper #333. 27p.

Periodical articleNyandoro, Mark (2011)
Innovation opportunities in irrigation technology for using virtual water in 21st century South Africa: reflections from the past to the present
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #61. p. 201-226.

Periodical articlePriso, Dickens D. (2011)
L'assainissement urbain dans une métropole tropicale: le cas de Yaoundé
Abstract presentAnnales de la Faculté des Arts, Lettres et Sciences Humaines. Volume 1 #12. p. 293-310.

BookSouthern African Development Community (2011)
See this documentRegional strategic action plan on integrated water resources development and management (2011-2015): RSAP III
Gaborone: Southern African Development Community. 56p.

BookSouthern African Development Community (2011)
See this documentClimate change adaptation in SADC: a strategy for the water sector
Gaborone: Southern African Development Community. 35p.

BookWater Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Nairobi (2011)
See this documentA report to the public
Nairobi: Water Resources Management Authority. WRMA performance report #2. 40p.

BookWokadala, James (ed.) (2011)
See this documentPublic spending in the water sub-sector in Uganda, evidence form program budget analysis
Abstract presentKampala: Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC). Research series #82. 24p.

Periodical articleZiebe, R. (ed.) (2011)
Management of water points by farmers and their acceptance of pastoralist settlement in the sub-district of Boboyo, Far North Cameroon
Kaliao: revue pluridisciplinaire de l'École Normale Supérieure de Maroua (Cameroun), Série lettres et sciences humaines. Volume 3 #6. p. 93-104.

Periodical articleAcey, Charisma (2010)
See this documentGender and community mobilisation for urban water infrastructure investment in southern Nigeria
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 11-26.

Periodical articleBerthelot, Pierre (2010)
La question de l'eau en Afrique
Géopolitique africaine. #36. p. 147-161.

Periodical articleBraun, Yvonne A. (2010)
See this documentGender, large-scale development, and food insecurity in Lesotho: an analysis of the impact of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #3. November. p. 453-464.

Periodical articleBrown, Rebecca (2010)
See this documentUnequal burden: water privatisation and women's human rights in Tanzania
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 59-68.

Periodical articleGangneron, Fabrice and Becerra, Sylvia and Dia, Amadou Hamath (2010)
Des pompes et des hommes: état des lieux des pompes à motricité humaine d'une commune du Gourma malien
Abstract presentAutrepart. #55. p. 39-56.

BookGbadegesin, Adeniyi S. and Boko, Michel and Diallo, Bano Nadhèl (eds.) (2010)
Ressources naturelles et environnement en Afrique
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Collection Maîtrise de l'espace et développement #2. 268p.

Dissertation / thesisKwezi, Lukas (2010)
See this documentThe dynamics of struggle for water in post-apartheid South Africa: analysis of negotiations over water at catchment level
Master Thesis of Science. Delft: UNESCO-IHE. 127p.

BookMafuta, Clever (ed.) (2010)
See this documentGreen hills, blue cities: an ecosystems approach to water resources management for African cities: a rapid response assessment
Nairobi: UNEP. 72p.

Periodical articleMaphosa, Beatrice (2010)
The challenges facing women in the water sector profession
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 40 #2. p. 40-52.

BookMwebaza, Rose (2010)
See this documentSustaining good governance in water and sanitation in Uganda
Pretoria: Institute Security Studies. ISS monograph series #168. 63p.

BookProgramme d'eau potable et d'assainissement du millénaire (PEPAM) (2010)
See this documentRevue annuelle conjointe 2010: rapport de synthèse des travaux
Dakar: Ministère de l'urbanisme, de l'habitat, de la construction et de l'hydraulique. 54p.

Periodical articleSy, Oumar (2010)
Mobilité pastorale dans la Basse vallée du Ferlo dans le contexte de la remise en eau
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 63 #249. p. 31-46.

Dissertation / thesisBlanchon, David (2009)
L'espace hydraulique sud-africain: le partage des eaux
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 294p.

Periodical articleFunke, Nikki and Roux, Dirk (2009)
Evaluating environmental policy integration and policy coherence across service sectors: the case of South Africa's inland water biodiversity
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 39 #2. p. 18-30.

BookGuèye, Ndèye Fatou Diop and Wone, Salimata Seck and Sy, Moussa (2009)
Agriculteurs dans les villes ouest-africaines: enjeux fonciers et accès à l'eau
Paris: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 191p.

BookMinistry of Water and Irrigation, Nairobi (2009)
See this documentMinisterial strategic plan 2009-2012: water for all
Nairobi: Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources. 81p.

BookMova Sakanyi, Henri and Tambwe, Eddie (eds.) (2009)
La géopolitique de l'eau
Abstract presentParis: L'Harmattan. Dounia #1. 177p.

Dissertation / thesisOchola, Samuel Ogada (2009)
Integrated flood hazard, vulnerability and risk assessment in Nyando river catchment, Kenya: options for land-use planning
Göttingen: Sierke. 257p.

BookOwuor, Samuel O. and Foeken, Dick W.J. (2009)
See this documentWater reforms and interventions in urban Kenya: institutional set-up, emerging impact and challenges
Abstract presentLeiden: African Studies Centre. ASC working paper #83. 80p.

BookRaison, Jean-Pierre and Magrin, Géraud (eds.) (2009)
Des fleuves entre conflits et compromis: essais d'hydropolitique africaine
Abstract presentParis: Karthala. Hommes et sociétés. 299p.

BookRutten, Marcel and Mwangi, Moses (2009)
See this documentIgnoring another inconvenient truth? Challenges in managing Africa's water crisis
Leiden: African Studies Centre. ASC infosheet #5. 4p.

Periodical articleSuárez Bosa, Miguel and Morales, Alejandro González (2009)
Farming structures, water and institutions in the Canary Islands
Africana studia: revista internacional de estudos africanos. #13. p. 11-25.

Conference paperUniversity of Buea. Faculty of Social and Management Sciences (2009)
Conflict prevention, management, and resolution: proceedings of the postgraduate seminar
Abstract presentBuea: Faculty of Social and Management Sciences, University of Buea. 184p.

BookAdelana, Segun and MacDonald, Alan M. (eds.) (2008)
Applied groundwater studies in Africa
Abstract presentLondon: Taylor & Francis. Selected papers on hydrogeology #13. 507p.

Periodical articleBaiphethi, Mompati N. and Viljoen, Magiel and Kundhlande, Godfrey (2008)
See this documentRural women and rainwater harvesting and conservation practices: anecdotal evidence from the Free State and Eastern Cape provinces
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #78. p. 163-171.

Periodical articleChikozho, Claudious (2008)
See this documentStakeholder participatory processes and dialogue platforms in the Mazowe River catchment, Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Quarterly. Volume 10 #2-3. p. 27-44.

Periodical articleDa, Constant Évariste Dapola (2008)
Impact des techniques de conservation des eaux et des sols sur le rendement du sorgho au centre-nord du Burkina Faso
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 61 #241-241. p. 99-110.

Dissertation / thesisDeribe, Rahel (2008)
Institutional analysis of water management on communal irrigation systems: the case of Atsbi Wemberta district in Tigray region and Ada'a district in Oromiya region, Ethiopia
Addis Ababa: Addis Ababa University. 209p.

Conference paperDiakhate, Mouhamadou Mawloud (2008)
Ressources territoriales et décentralisation au Sénégal
Abstract presentSaint-Louis: Girardel. Les cahiers de Girardel #5. 379p.

BookDiop, Djibril (2008)
L'engagement associatif à travers les associations villageoises de développement: une alternative pour le développement local, l'exemple du 'projet Eau' de Bokidiawé
Paris: L'Harmattan. Études africaines. 160p.

Periodical issueFontein, Joost and Marsland, Rebecca and McGregor, JoAnn (eds.) (2008)
See this documentSpecial issue: The power of water: landscape, water and the state in Southern and Eastern Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 34 #4. p. 737-988.

Conference paperGershoni, Israel and Hatina, Meir (eds.) (2008)
Narrating the Nile: politics, cultures, identities
Abstract presentBoulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers. 275p.

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