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Periodical articled'Eeckenbrugge, Geo Coppens and Schiavo, Michele and Caron, Elisa and Ongwen, Dismas and Kamau, Joseph Ireri and Rono, Bernard and Leclerc, Christian (2019)
See this documentWorldwide interconnections of Africa using crops as historical and cultural markers
Les Cahiers d'Afrique de l'Est / The East African Review. Volume 52. p. 7-41.

Periodical articleMuhale, Izidro Justino and Ferreira, Leila da Costa and Zullo Júnior, Jurandir (2019)
See this documentReconstrução dos eventos e documentos da institucionalização ambiental em Moçambique: uma contribuição para a História Ambiental
Em Tempo de Histórias. Volume 35. p. 22-44.

Periodical articleCarvalho, Rik Apolo de (2018)
See this documentCorrida ao mar? O desafio da segurança marítima nos pequenos Estados insulares: o Caso de Cabo Verde
CesContexto: Debates. Volume 20. p. 149-178.

Periodical articleOkeke, Remi (2018)
See this documentThe Oduche Complex and the Public Policy Environment in Africa: A Nigerian Case Study
Ufahamu. Volume 40 #1. p. 131-154.

Periodical articleBlouin, Katherine (2017)
Beyond the Nile: Orientalism, environmental history, and ancient Egypt's Mareotide (northwestern Nile Delta)
History Compass. Volume 15 #10.

Periodical articleFrey, Marc (2017)
See this documentDoctrines and Practices of Agrarian Development: The Case of the Office du Niger in Mali
Comparativ: Zeitschrift für Globalgeschichte und Vergleichende Gesellschaftsforschung. Volume 27 #2. p. 15-34.

Periodical articleHaug, Brendan (2017)
Water and power: Reintegrating the state into the study of Egyptian irrigation
History Compass. Volume 15 #10.

Periodical articleCapel, Chloé (2016)
Une grande hydraulique saharienne à l'époque médiévale L'oued Ziz et Sijilmassa (Maroc)
Mélanges de la Casa de Velásquez. Volume 46 #1. p. 139-165.

Periodical articleZaato, Joshua (2015)
'Look before You Leap': Lessons from Urban Water Sector Reforms in Ghana
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 50 #6. p. 683-701.

Periodical articleFernandes, Raúl Mendes (2014)
Paisagens, pescas e pescadores no litoral da Guiné-Bissau
Revista Internacional em Língua Portuguesa. Volume 27. p. 65-82.

Periodical articleLima, Dudene Vaz (2014)
A comunidade marítima de São Tomé e Príncipe e o tratamento domiciliar de água
Revista Internacional em Língua Portuguesa. Volume 27. p. 145-158.

Periodical articleTaithe, Alexandre (2014)
See this documentLe changement climatique dans la région des Grands Lacs
Les Cahiers d'Afrique de l'Est / The East African Review. Volume 48. p. 37-50.

Periodical articleTesfaye, Aaron (2014)
See this documentConflict and Cooperation and the Evolution of the Nascent Nile Basin Regime
Northeast African Studies. Volume 14 #1. p. 123-144.

Periodical articleDiallo, Rozenn (2013)
See this documentConservation, international aid and state power. Case studies from Mozambique
CesContexto: Debates. Volume 1. p. 175-212.

Periodical articleRahman, Majeed A. (2013)
Water Security: Ethiopia-Egypt Transboundary Challenges over the Nile River Basin
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 48 #1. p. 35-46.

Periodical articleWeiss, Lindsay Moira (2013)
See this documentIntellectual property rights and sovereign claims; water, diamonds and rights in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve
Settler Colonial Studies. Volume 3 #2. p. 157-171.

Periodical articleYohannes, Okbazghi and Yohannes, Keren (2013)
Turmoil in the Nile River Basin: Back to the Future?
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 48 #2. p. 195-208.

Periodical articleBauchspies, Wenda K. (2012)
The Community Water Jar: Gender and Technology in Guinea
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 47 #4. p. 392-403.

Periodical articleNarsiah, Sagie and Ahmed, Waquar (2012)
The Neoliberalization of the Water and Energy Sectors in South Africa and India
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 47 #6. p. 679-694.

Periodical articleSilva, Juliane Bernardes da (2012)
See this documentO Pesadelo de Darwin: um olhar reflexivo sobre as relações norte-sul desde o lago Vitória - Tanzânia
Revista Vernáculo. Volume 30. p. 41-65.

Periodical articleBawa, Zainab (2011)
Where is the State? How is the State? Accessing Water and the State in Mumbai and Johannesburg
Journal of Asian and African studies. Volume 46 #5. p. 491-503.

Periodical articleNilsson, David and Nyanchaga, Ezekiel N. (2008)
See this documentPipes and Politics: A Century of Change and Continuity in Kenyan Urban Water Supply
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 46 #1. March. p. 133-158.

Periodical articleYilma, Tsegaye and Berg, Ernst and Berger, Thomas (2008)
See this documentThe Agricultural Technology-Market Linkage Under Liberalisation in Ghana: Evidence from Micro Data
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 17 #1. January. p. 62-84.

Periodical articleBangira, C. and Manyevere, A. and Mubvumba, P. (2007)
See this documentThe Spatical and Temporal Variation of pH and Lead in Rain Water in Harare City, Zimbabwe
Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. Volume 9 #1. Spring. p. 1-19.

Periodical articleDoevenspeck, Martin (2007)
Lake Kivu's Methane Gas: Natural Risk, or Source of Energy and Political Security
Abstract presentAfrika Spectrum. Volume 42 #1. p. 95-110.

Periodical articleLevy, Stephanie (2007)
See this documentPublic Investment to Reverse Dutch Disease: The Case of Chad
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 16 #3. p. 439-484.

Periodical articleMwangi, Oscar (2007)
See this documentHydropolitics, Ecocide and Human Security in Lesotho: A Case Study of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 33 #1. March. p. 3-17.

Periodical articleRichardson, Craig J. (2007)
See this documentHow Much Did Droughts Matter? Linking Rainfall and GDP Growth in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentAfrican affairs: the journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 106 #424. July. p. 463-478.

Periodical articleFtaïta, Toufik (2006)
See this documentStructures politiques et irrigation dans le Maroc précolonial et colonial: Le cas des oasis de la tribu arabe des Oulad Jerrar
Socio-anthropologie. Volume 17-18.

Periodical articleMusemwa, Muchaparara (2006)
See this documentA Tale of Two Cities: The Evolution of the City of Bulawayo and Makokoba Township Under Conditions of Water Scarcity, 1894-1953
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #55. p. 186-209.

Periodical articleSam, Nana A.S.P. (2006)
See this documentGender Mainstreaming and Integration of Women in Decision-Making: The Case of Water Management in Samari-Nkwanta, Ghana
Wagadu. #3. Summer.

Periodical articleStump, Daryl (2006)
See this documentThe Development and Expansion of the Field and Irrigation Systems at Engaruka, Tanzania
Abstract presentAzania: Archaeological Research in Africa. Volume 41. p. 69-94.

Periodical articleTurton, Anthony and Patrick, Marian and Julien, Frederic (2006)
Transboundary Water Resources in Southern Africa: Conflict of Cooperation?
Development. Volume 49 #3. September.

Periodical articleUndie, Chi-Chi and John-Langba, Johannes and Kimani, Elizabeth (2006)
See this document'The Place of Cool Waters': Women and Water in the Slums of Nairobi, Kenya
Wagadu. #3. Summer.

Periodical articleWhitfield, Lindsay (2006)
See this documentThe Politics of Urban Water Reform in Ghana
Abstract presentReview of African Political Economy. Volume 33 #109. September. p. 425-448.

Periodical articleYeboah, Ian (2006)
See this documentSubaltern Strategies and Development Practice: Urban Water Privatization in Ghana
The Geographical Journal. Volume 172 #1. March. p. 50-65.

Periodical articleAzzam, Azzeddine and Sekkat, Khalid (2005)
See this documentMeasuring Total-Factor Agricultural Productivity Under Drought Conditions: The Case of Morocco
The Journal of North African Studies. Volume 10 #1. March. p. 19-31.

Periodical articleLemi, Adugna (2005)
See this documentRainfall Probability and Agricultural Yield in Ethiopia
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 21 #1. January. p. 57-96.

Periodical articleLumby, Anthony (2005)
The Management of South Africa's Water Resources with Particular Reference to the Period 1956-1998
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Economic History. Volume 20 #2. September. p. 83-108.

Periodical articleSishuta, Babalwa (2005)
See this documentSmall-Scale Irrigation Development for Sustainable Rural Development: A Case Study of the Tyhefu Irrigation Scheme
Abstract presentAfrican Sociological Review. Volume 9 #2. p. 184-206.

Periodical articleBelay, Kassa (2004)
Management of Droughts and Famines in Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 19 #1. January. p. 93-127.

Periodical articleChirwa, Danwood M. (2004)
Privatisation of Water in Southern Africa: A Human Rights Perspective
Abstract presentAfrican Human Rights Law Journal. Volume 4 #2. p. 218-241.

Periodical articleFiki, O.C. and Lee, Bill (2004)
Conflict Generation, Conflict Management and Self-Organizing Capabilities in Drought-Prone Rural Communities in North-Eastern Nigeria: A Case Study
Journal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 19 #2. p. 25-48.

Periodical articleFonjong, Lotsmart N. and Emmanuuel, Ngwa N. and Fonchingong, Charles C. (2004)
Rethinking the Contribution of Indigenous Management in Small-Scale Water Provision among Selected Rural Communities in Cameroon
Environment, Development and Sustainability. Volume 6 #4. December. p. 429-451.

Periodical articleGlockner, Heike and Mkanga, Meki and Ndezi, Timothy (2004)
See this documentLocal Empowerment through Community Mapping for Water and Sanitation in Dar es Salaam
Environment and Urbanization. Volume 16 #1. April. p. 185-197.

Periodical articleHutchings, Anne and Buijs, Gina (2004)
Problems of Water, AIDS and Home-Based Care: A Case Study from Rural Northern KwaZulu-Natal
Abstract presentAfricanus. Volume 34 #2. p. 77-87.

Periodical articleKujinga, Krasposy and Manzungu, Emmanuel (2004)
See this documentEnduring Contestations: Stakeholder Strategic Action in Water Resource Management in the Save Catchment Area, Eastern Zimbabwe
Abstract presentEastern Africa Social Science Research Review. Volume 20 #1. January. p. 67-91.

Periodical articleBayliss, Kate (2003)
See this documentUtility Privatisation in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Case Study of Water
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 41 #4. December. p. 507-531.

Periodical articleBekele, Lemma (2003)
Community Perceptions and Responses to Awash Floods in the Wonji Environs, Ethiopia
Ethiopian Journal of Development Research. Volume 25 #2. October. p. 1-33.

Periodical articleDube, Opha Pauline (2003)
See this documentImpact of climate change, vulnerability and adaptation options: exploring the case for Botswana through Southern Africa: a review
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 35. p. 147-168.

Periodical articleGalvin, Mary and Habib, Adam (2003)
See this documentThe Politics of Decentralization and Donor Funding in South Africa's Rural Water Sector
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #4. December. p. 865-884.

Periodical articleHill, Jennifer and Woodland, Wendy (2003)
See this documentContrasting Water Management Techniques in Tunisia: Towards Sustainable Agricultural Use
The Geographical Journal. Volume 169 #4. December. p. 342-357.

Periodical articleKeraita, Bernard and Drechsel, Pay and Amoah, Philip (2003)
See this documentInfluence of Urban Wastewater on Stream Quality and Agriculture in and Around Kumasi, Ghana
Environment and Urbanization. Volume 15 #2. October. p. 171-178.

Periodical articleLagat, Job K. and Ithinji, Gicuru K. and Buigut, Steven K. (2003)
Determinants of the Adoption of Water Harvesting Technologies in the Marginal Areas of Nakuru District, Kenya: The Case of Trench and Water Pan Technologies
Abstract presentEastern Africa Journal of Rural Development. Volume 19 #1. p. 24-32.

Periodical articleLoefler, Imre (2003)
The Disappearing Waters of Kenya
Kenya Past and Present. #34. p. 64-66.

Periodical articleMazarire, Gerald Chikozho (2003)
See this document'The Politics of the Womb': Women, Politics and the Environment in Pre-Colonial Chivi, Southern Zimbabwe, c. 1840 to 1900
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 30 #1. p. 35-50.

Periodical articleMcCarthy, Nancy and Kamara, Abdul B. and Kirk, Michael (2003)
See this documentCo-Operation in Risky Environments: Evidence from Southern Ethiopia
Abstract presentJournal of African Economies. Volume 12 #2. June. p. 236-270.

Periodical articleMunro, Lauchlan T. (2003)
See this documentZimbabwe's Agricultural Recovery Programme in the 1990s: An Evaluation Using Household Survey Data
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 28 #5-6. October-December. p. 437-458.

Periodical articleNemarundwe, Nontokozo and Kozanayi, Witness (2003)
See this documentInstitutional Arrangements for Water Resource Use: A Case Study from Southern Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #1. March. p. 193-206.

Periodical articleBriant, Pierre (2002)
See this documentL'État, la terre et l'eau entre Nil et Syr-Darya
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales. Volume 57 #3. p. 517-529.

Periodical articleClarke, George R.G. and Menard, Claude and Zuluaga, Ana M. (2002)
See this documentMeasuring the Welfare Effects of Reform: Urban Water Supply in Guinea
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 30 #9. September. p. 1517-1537.

Periodical articleEndfield, Georgina H. and Nash, David J. (2002)
See this documentDrought, Desiccation and Discourse: Missionary Correspondence and Nineteenth-Century Climate Change in Central Southern Africa
The Geographical Journal. Volume 168 #1. March. p. 33-47.

Periodical articleGlenzer, Kent (2002)
See this documentLa Secheresse: The Social and Institutional Construction of a Development Problem in the Malian (Soudanese) Sahel, 1900-82
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 36 #1. p. 1-34.

Periodical articleHaller, Tobias (2002)
See this documentCommon Property Resource Management, Institutional Change and Conflicts in African Floodplain Wetlands
Abstract presentAfrican Anthropologist. Volume 9 #1. March. p. 25-35.

Periodical articleManning, Joseph G. (2002)
See this documentIrrigation et État en Égypte antique
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales. Volume 57 #3. p. 611-623.

Periodical articleManzungu, Emmanuel and Kujinga, Kraposy (2002)
See this documentThe Theory and Practice of Governance of Water Resources in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 191-212.

Periodical articleShowers, Kate B. (2002)
See this documentWater Scarcity and Urban Africa: An Overview of Urban-Rural Water Linkages
World Development. Volume 30 #4. April. p. 621-648.

Periodical articleSilva, Aristides Ocante (2002)
See this documentDimensão ecológica e socioeconómica das zonas húmidas da Guiné-Bissau
Soronda: Revista de Estudos Guineenses. Volume 3, Série II. p. 51-76.

Periodical articleSwatuk, Larry A. (2002)
See this documentThe New Water Architecture in Southern Africa: Reflections on Current Trends in the Light of 'Rio+10'
International Affairs (London). Volume 78 #3. July. p. 507-530.

Periodical articleYahaya, Mohammed K. (2002)
See this documentDevelopment and Challenges of Bakolori Irrigation Project in Sokoto State, Nigeria
Abstract presentNordic Journal of African Studies. Volume 11 #3. p. 411-430.

Periodical articleYang, Hong and Zehnder, Alexander J.B. (2002)
See this documentWater Scarcity and Food Import: A Case Study for Southern Mediterranean Countries
World Development. Volume 30 #8. p. 1413-1430.

Periodical articleDavis, Jennifer and Kang, Alice and Vincent, Jeffrey and Whittington, Dale (2001)
See this documentHow Important is Improved Water Infrastructure to Microenterprises? Evidence from Uganda
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 29 #10. October. p. 1753-1767.

Periodical articleForrest, Joshua B. (2001)
See this documentWater Policy and Environmental Sustainability: The Case of Post-Colonial Namibia
Abstract presentPublic Administration and Development. Volume 21 #5. December. p. 393-400.

Periodical articleIsaacman, Allen F. (2001)
See this documentDomesticating a White Elephant: Sustainability and Struggles over Water, the Case of Cahora Bassa Dam
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #2. p. 199-228.

Periodical articleKleemeier, Elizabeth (2001)
See this documentThe Role of Government in Maintaining Rural Water Supplies: Caveats from Malawi's Gravity Schemes
Abstract presentPublic Administration and Development. Volume 21 #3. August. p. 245-257.

Periodical articleManzungu, Emmanuel (2001)
See this documentA Lost Opportunity: The Case of the Water Reform Debate in the Fourth Parliament of Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 28 #1. p. 97-120.

Periodical articleOba, Gufu (2001)
See this documentThe Importance of Pastoralists' Indigenous Coping Strategies for Planning Drought Management in the Arid Zone of Kenya
Abstract presentNomadic Peoples. Volume 5 #1. p. 89-119.

Periodical articleTurton, Anthony R. (2001)
See this documentWater Wars: A Hydropolitical Security Complex and its Relevance to the SADC (Southern African Development Community) Region
Conflict Trends. #1.

Periodical articleChurch, Cheyanne (2000)
See this documentWater: A Threat of War or an Opportunity for Peace?
Conflict Trends. #2.

Periodical articleConway, Declan (2000)
See this documentThe Climate and Hydrology of the Upper Blue Nile River
The Geographical Journal. Volume 166 #1. March. p. 49-62.

Periodical articleHasler, Richard (2000)
See this documentThe Hydro-Politics of the Okavango Delta: Property Rights and the Management Implications of Competing Land and Water Use Strategies
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 32. p. 73-83.

Periodical articleHassan, Rashid M. (2000)
See this documentThe Trade-Off between Economic Efficiency and Food Self-Sufficiency in Using Sudan's Irrigated Land Resources
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 25 #1. February. p. 35-54.

Periodical articleHitchcock, Robert K. and Nangati, F.M. (2000)
See this documentPeople of the Two-Way River: Socioeconomic Change and Natural Resource Management in the Nata River Region
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 32. p. 85-105.

Periodical articleHoffman, M. Timm and Todd, Simon (2000)
See this documentA National Review of Land Degradation in South Africa: The Influence of Biophysical and Socio-Economic Factors
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 26 #4. December. p. 743-758.

Periodical articleKleemeier, Elizabeth (2000)
See this documentThe Impact of Participation on Sustainability: An Analysis of the Malawi Rural Piped Scheme Program
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 28 #5. p. 929-944.

Periodical articleMazzucato, Valentina and Niemeijer, David (2000)
See this documentThe Cultural Economy of Soil and Water Conservation: Market Principles and Social Networks in Eastern Burkina Faso
Abstract presentDevelopment and Change. Volume 31 #4. September. p. 831-855.

Periodical articleTurton, Anthony R. (2000)
See this documentThe Wet Summer of 2000
Conflict Trends. #2.

Periodical articleTurton, Anthony R. (2000)
See this documentWater Not a Major Security Issue. Interview: Conversations with Kasrils (Ronnie)
Conflict Trends. #2.

Periodical articleVanderpost, Cornelis (2000)
See this documentPutting the Bushmen on the map of Botswana
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 32. p. 107-115.

Periodical articleHitchcock, Robert K. (1999)
See this documentWater Resource Use and Management in the Okavango System of Southern Africa: The Political Economy of State, Community and Private Resource Control
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 31. p. 83-92.

Periodical articleKendie, Daniel (1999)
See this documentEgypt and the Hydro-Politics of the Blue Nile River
Northeast African Studies. Volume 6 #1-2. p. 141-169.

Periodical articleRingrose, Susan and Lesolle, David and Boshoma, Thabang and Gopolang, Balsisi and Vanderpost, Cornelius and Matheson, Wilma (1999)
See this documentAn Analysis of Vegetation Cover Components in Relation to Climatic Trends Along the Botswana Kalahari Transect
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 31. p. 33-52.

Periodical articleTurton, Anthony (1999)
See this documentWater and Conflict in an African Context
Conflict Trends. #4.

Periodical articleWashington, Richard and Downing, Thomas E. (1999)
See this documentSeasonal Forecasting of African Rainfall: Prediction, Responses and Household Food Security
The Geographical Journal. Volume 165 #3. November. p. 255-274.

Periodical articleGichuki, Francis N. and Liniger, Hanspeter and Schwilch, Gudrun and MacMillan, Lindsay C. and Gikonyo, John K. (1998)
Scarce Water: Exploring Resource Availability, Use and Improved Management
Eastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 8. September. p. 15-27.

Periodical articleGichuki, Francis N. and Liniger, Hanspeter and Schwilch, Gudrun (1998)
Knowledge About Highland-Lowland Interactions: The Role of a Natural Resource Information System
Eastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 8. September. p. 5-14.

Periodical articleHolbrook, Gregory (1998)
See this documentShoring Up Hydraulic Despotism: Class, Race and Ethnicity in Irrigation Politics in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa
Abstract presentJournal of Contemporary African Studies. Volume 16 #1. p. 117-132.

Periodical articleKinsey, Bill H. and Burger, Kees and Gunning, Jan Willem (1998)
See this documentCoping with Drought in Zimbabwe: Survey Evidence on Responses of Rural Households to Risk
Abstract presentWorld Development. Volume 26 #1. January. p. 89-110.

Periodical articleOsei-Hwedie, Kwaku (1998)
See this documentFood Policy: Managing Drought and the Environment in Botswana
Abstract presentAfrica Development: A Quarterly Journal of CODESRIA. Volume 23 #2. p. 61-83.

Periodical articlePotkanski, Tomasz and Adams, William M. (1998)
See this documentWater Scarcity, Property Regimes and Irrigation Management in Sonjo, Tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of Development Studies. Volume 34 #4. April. p. 86-116.

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