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Periodical articleRasch, Astrid (2018)
See this documentThe Family Connection: White Expatriate Memoirs of Zimbabwe
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #5. p. 879-893.

Periodical articleMoodie, T. Dunbar (2013)
See this documentBra Soks: an inside story of the rise of the National Union of Mineworkers at Vaal Reefs Gold Mine
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. Volume 65 #3. p. 383-402.

Periodical articleFugard, Athol (2012)
See this documentMillstones or milestones? The journey of a South African bastard
Abstract presentThe English Academy Review. Volume 29 #1. p. 5-18.

Periodical articleNesbitt, Jack (2010)
Early days
Heritage of Zimbabwe. #29. p. 64-86.

Periodical articleKapteijns, Lidwien and Boqor, Maryan Muuse (2009)
See this documentMemories of a Mogadishu childhood, 1940-1964: Maryan Muuse Boqor and the women who inspired her
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 42 #1. p. 105-116.

Periodical articleCole, Ray (2008)
Botswana: my early years
Abstract presentBotswana Notes and Records. Volume 40. p. 113-123.

Periodical issueGandah, S.W.D.Kum and Lentz, Carola (eds.) (2008)
The silent rebel: the missing years: life in the Tamale Middle School (1940-47)
Abstract presentResearch Review. #18. 81p.

Periodical articleVinck, Honoré and Esuke, Joseph (2007)
Emi la Fafa/Mon père et moi: récit autobiographique de Joseph Esuke, 1938: introduction et commentaire de H. Vinck
Abstract presentAnnales aequatoria. Volume 28. p. 83-167.

Periodical articleRolingher, L. (2004)
See this documentA Metaphor for Freedom: Olaudah Equiano and Slavery in Africa
Abstract presentCanadian Journal of African Studies. Volume 38 #1. p. 88-122.

Periodical articleYacoubi, El Hassan (2004)
'Le passé simple' de Driss Chraïbi: une autofiction?
Le Maghreb littéraire. Volume 8 #15. p. 33-46.

Periodical articleEarley, Samantha M. (2003)
See this documentWriting from the Center or the Margins? Olaudah Equiano's Writing Life Reassessed
Abstract presentAfrican Studies Review. Volume 46 #3. December. p. 1-16.

Periodical articleDaymond, Margaret J. (2002)
See this documentComplementary Oral and Written Narrative Conventions: Sindiwe Magona's Autobiography and Short Story Sequence, 'Women at Work'
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 28 #2. June. p. 331-346.

Periodical articleKasanga, Luanga A. (2002)
See this documentThe 'Local' and the 'Global' in Es'kia Mphahlele's Writing: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Two Autobiographical Novels
Abstract presentJournal of African Cultural Studies. Volume 15 #2. December. p. 183-201.

Periodical articlePankhurst, Richard (1996)
See this documentEmperor Haile Sellassie's Autobiography, and an Unpublished Draft
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 3 #3. p. 69-109.

Periodical articleDaymond, Margaret J. (1995)
See this documentClass in the Discourses of Sindiwe Magona's Autobiography and Fiction
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 21 #4. December. p. 561-572.

Periodical articleMbembe, Achille (1993)
See this document'Écrire l'Afrique à partir d'une faille'
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #51. p. 69-97.

Periodical articleFohtung, Maxwell Gabana and Njie, Peter Kalle and Chilver, E.M. (1992)
See this documentSelf-Portrait of a Cameroonian
Abstract presentPaideuma. Volume 38. p. 219-248.

Periodical articleEdwards, Paul and Shaw, Rosalind (1989)
See this documentThe Invisible Chi in Equiano's Interesting Narrative
Abstract presentJournal of Religion in Africa. Volume 19 #2. June. p. 146-156.

Periodical articleStarfield, Jane (1988)
See this document'Not Quite History': The Autobiographies of H. Selby Msimang and R.V. Selope Thema and the Writing of South African History
Abstract presentSocial Dynamics. Volume 14 #2. December. p. 16-35.

Periodical articleScott, William (1985)
See this documentCentral Africa experiences
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 38 #2. p. 49-64.

Periodical articleBâ, Amadou Hampâté (1984)
De l'enfance à l'âge adulte
Notre librairie: revue du livre pour l'Afrique et l'océan Indien. #75-76. p. 105-108.

Periodical articleMirza, Sarah and Strobel, Margaret (1984)
The life history of Mishi Wa Abdala, a Swahili Kungwi from Mombasa, Kenya
Abstract presentThe African Review: A Journal of African Politics, Development and International Affairs. Volume 11 #1. p. 68-80.

Periodical articleLamy, E. (1982)
Autobiographie africaine de Pierre Leroy, dernier gouverneur de la province Orientale du Congo belge
Abstract presentBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 28 #3. p. 269-285.

Periodical articleDuffield, Ian and Edwards, Paul (1975)
Equiano's Turks and Christians: an eighteenth-century African view of Islam
Abstract presentJournal of African Studies (UCLA). Volume 2 #4. p. 433-444.

Search: su=autobiographies (form)
Found: 24 Record 1-24

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