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Periodical articleOyewole, Samuel (2021)
See this publicationStruck and killed in Nigerian Air Force's campaigns: Assessment of airstrike locations, targets and impacts in internal security operations
African Security Review. Volume 30 #1. p. 24-47.

Periodical articleBolliger, Lennart; Gordon, Will (2020)
See this publication'Forged in Battle': The Transnational Origins and Formation of Apartheid South Africa's 32 'Buffalo' Battalion, 1969-1976
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 46 #5. p. 881-901.

Periodical issueTertrais, Hugues (ed.) (2016)
Dossier: Les empires dans la Grande Guerre
Abstract presentOutre-mers: revue d'histoire. #390-391. 260p.

Periodical articleGordon, David M. (2014)
See this publicationInterpreting documentary sources on the early history of the Congo Free State: the case of Nogongo Luteta's rise and fall
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 41. p. 5-33.

Periodical articleOosthuizen, G.J.J. (2014)
Die SAW/UITA-bondgenootskap in aksie: operasie Moduler (fases 2, 3 en 4), Oktober tot Desember 1987
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 59 #1. p. 141-162.

Periodical articleStapleton, Tim (2014)
Bush tracking and warfare in late twentieth-century east and southern Africa
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 59 #2. p. 229-251.

Periodical articleWyllie, Richard (2014)
'Entrenching nostalgia': the historical significance of battlefields for South African tourism
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 59 #2. p. 210-228.

Periodical articleMatti, Stephanie (2012)
See this publicationIn pursuit of the Lord's Resistance Army: how to deter illegal resource extraction by Ugandan forces
Abstract presentAfrica Today. Volume 59 #1. p. 27-41.

Periodical articleOosthuizen, Gerhard J.J. (2012)
Operasies Chuva en Moduler (fase1): 'n waardering van die SAW-UNITA-bondgenootskap, Mei tot Oktober 1987
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 57 #2. p. 378-415.

Periodical articleTreistman, Jeffrey (2012)
See this publicationThe Colonial War revisited: coding the military outcomes
Abstract presentAfrican Security Review. Volume 21 #3. p. 68-74.

Periodical articleHäussler, Matthias (2011)
From destruction to extermination: genocidal escalation in Germany's war against the Herero, 1904
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #10. p. 55-81.

Periodical articleGrobler, Jackie (2010)
Afrikaner- en Zoeloeperspektiewe op die Slag van Bloedrivier, 16 Desember 1838 = Afrikaner and Zulu perspectives on the Battle of Blood River, 16 December 1838
Tydskrif vir geesteswetenskappe. Volume 50 #3. p. 363-382.

Periodical articleHaacke, Wilfrid (2010)
The hunt for the Damara IHaihab in 1903: contemporary oral testimony
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #8. p. 7-25.

Periodical articleOosthuizen, Gerhard J.J. (2010)
Die Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag en transgrensoperasie Moduler, fase 1: Die FAPLA-offensief teen UNITA, augustus-oktober 1987 [deel 1]. Die Suid-Afrikaanse Weermag en die 'stryd' om Cuito Cuanavale: fases 2, 3 en 4 van Operasie Moduler, oktober-desember 1987 [deel 2]
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #60. p. 43-61.

Periodical articleAmenyah, Jacob Dosoo; Lawler, Nancy; Wilks, Ivor (2009)
See this publicationThe World War One service of Jacob Dosoo Amenyah of Ada
Abstract presentTransactions of the Historical Society of Ghana. #12. p. 1-34.

Periodical issueBarnard, Leo; Römer Heitman, Helmoed (eds.) (2009)
Grensoorlog 1966-1989 = Border war 1966-1989
Journal for Contemporary History. Volume 34 #1. 367p.

Periodical articleFecitt, Harry (2009)
See this publicationBarton's battalion
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 62 #2. p. 19-26.

Periodical articleMakgala, C. John; Fisher, Matshwenego L. (2009)
The impact of Zimbabwean liberation struggle on Botswana: the case of Lesoma ambush, 1978
Abstract presentNew contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #57. p. 1-21.

Periodical articlePickover, Michele (2009)
Missing voices: border war memories, meanings and archival musings
Abstract presentInnovation: Journal of Appropriate Librarianship and Information Work in Southern Africa. #39. p. 73-87.

Periodical articleEtefa, Tsega (2008)
Pan-Oromo confederations in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Abstract presentThe journal of Oromo studies. Volume 1 #1-2. p. 19-40.

Periodical articleFecitt, Harry (2008)
See this publicationThe 'Foreign Service' half of 1 King's African Rifles: Nyasaland Askari in British & German East Africa: part 1, August 1914 to January 1915: part 2, February 1915 to March 1916
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 61 #1. p. 41-51.

Periodical articleHull, Isabel V. (2008)
The military campaign in German Southwest Africa, 1904 - 1907 and the genocide of the Herero and Nama
Abstract presentJournal of Namibian Studies. #4. p. 7-24.

Periodical articleMcCarthy, J.D. (2008)
Major Patrick Forbes (1861 to 1922)
Abstract presentHeritage of Zimbabwe. #27. p. 38-60.

Periodical articleThompson, P.S. (2007)
The many battles of Isandlwana: a transformation in historiography
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 52 #1. p. 172-217.

Periodical articleGuessan, Kouadio (2006)
See this publicationLa crise franco-ivoirienne de novembre 2004
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 61 #1. p. 66-93.

Periodical articleMcClendon, Thomas (2006)
See this publicationYou are What You Eat Up: Deposing Chiefs in Early Colonial Natal, 1847-58
Abstract presentThe Journal of African History. Volume 47 #2. p. 259-279.

Periodical articleMwalilino, Walusako A. (2005)
See this publicationThe Battle of Karonga revisited: Janet Nyaunthali remembers
Abstract presentThe Society of Malawi Journal. Volume 58 #2. p. 13-21.

Periodical articleOosthuizen, G.J.J. (2005)
The South African Defence Force versus SWAPO and its allies: Operation Askari, 1983-1984
Abstract presentNew contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #50. p. 3-14.

Periodical articleAfeadie, Philip A. (2004)
See this publicationThe Semolika Expedition of 1904: A Participant Account
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 31. p. 1-18.

Periodical articleGewald, Jan-Bart (2004)
See this publicationWho Killed Clemens Kapuuo?
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 30 #3. September. p. 559-576.

Periodical articleHoffman, Danny (2004)
See this publicationThe Civilian Target in Sierra Leone and Liberia: Political Power, Military Strategy, and Humanitarian Intervention
Abstract presentAfrican Affairs: The Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 103 #411. April. p. 211-226.

Periodical articleKriel, Lize (2004)
See this publicationSame War, Different Story: A Century's Writing on the Boer-Hananwa War of 1894
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 30 #4. December. p. 789-810.

Periodical articleOosthuizen, Gerhard J.J. (2004)
Regiment Mooirivier and South African transborder operations into Angola during 1975/76 and 1983/84
Abstract presentHistoria: amptelike orgaan. Volume 49 #1. p. 135-153.

Periodical articleDlamini, Sizwa (2003)
La célébration de la bataille de Ncome et les priorités de l'État (1998-1999)
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #90. p. 177-189.

Periodical articleHailu Habtu (2003)
The amulet of Emperor Theodore
Abstract presentAnnales d'Éthiopie. Volume 19. p. 257-263.

Periodical articleHureiki, Jacques (2003)
La version touarègue de la bataille de Taquibawt (Tacoubao) (15 janvier 1894)
Abstract presentJournal des africanistes. Volume 73 #1. p. 127-136.

Periodical articleVilar, María José (2003)
See this publicationUn diario español inédito sobre la expedición de la Real Armada de las dos Sicilias contra Trípoli en 1828
Africa: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 58 #1. p. 67-88.

Periodical articleWells, Julia C. (2003)
See this publicationFrom Grahamstown to Egazini: using art and history to construct post colonial identity and healing in the new South Africa
Abstract presentAfrican Studies. Volume 62 #1. July. p. 79-98.

Periodical articleFendri, Mounir (2002)
Un allemand à Tunis en 1535 le témoignage de B. Sturmer sur l'expédition de Charles Quint
Revue d'histoire maghrébine. Volume 29 #107-108. p. 117-145.

Periodical articleKriel, Lize (2002)
See this publicationColin Rae's Malaboch: The Power of the Book in the (Mis)Representation of Kgalusi Sekete Mmaleboho
Abstract presentSouth African Historical Journal. #46. May. p. 25-41.

Periodical articleRafidinarivo Rakotolahy, Christiane (2002)
See this publicationStratégies territoriales de la crise malgache
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #86. p. 138-151.

Periodical articleRaison, Jean-Pierre (2002)
See this publicationÉconomie politique et géopolitique des barrages routiers (Madagascar, février-mai 2002)
Abstract presentPolitique africaine. #86. p. 120-137.

Periodical articleTafla, Bairu (2002)
See this publicationThe Impact of Dogali on the International Policy of the Central European Powers
Abstract presentAethiopica: International Journal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 5. p. 112-124.

Periodical articleTareke, Gebru (2002)
See this publicationFrom Lash to Red Star: The Pitfalls of Counter-Insurgency in Ethiopia, 1980-82
Abstract presentJournal of Modern African Studies. Volume 40 #3. September. p. 465-498.

Periodical articleTareke, Gebru (2001)
Operation Lash: a successful response to insurgency
Abstract presentHorn of Africa. Volume 19. p. 100-116.

Periodical articleJoubert, Annekie; Van Schalkwyk, J.A. (1999)
See this publicationWar and Remembrance: The Power of Oral Poetry and the Politics of Hananwa Identity
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 25 #1. March. p. 29-47.

Periodical articleLieven, Michael (1998)
Colonel Anthony Durnford: The Imperial Hero and the Contradictions of Liberal Imperialism
Abstract presentJournal of Natal and Zulu History. Volume 18. p. 45-66.

Periodical articleGilkes, Patrick (1995)
See this publicationThe Battle of Af Abet and Eritrean Independence
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 2 #3. p. 39-51.

Periodical articleMosca, Liliana (1994)
Italian Perspectives on the Allied Campaign in Madagascar, May-November, 1942
Abstract presentAfricana Journal. Volume 16. p. 341-364.

Periodical articleBontinck, Frans (1993)
See this publicationLa campagne arabe: notes marginales
Abstract presentCivilisations. Volume 41 #1-2. p. 361-375.

Periodical articleJohnson, Douglas H. (1993)
See this publicationDeng Laka and Mut Roal: Fixing the Date of an Unknown Battle
Abstract presentHistory in Africa. Volume 20. p. 119-128.

Periodical articleAhmad, Abdussamad H. (1991)
See this publicationEmperor Yohannis' Campaign in Gojjam, August, 1888 to February, 1889
Abstract presentNortheast African Studies. Volume 13 #1. p. 1-7.

Periodical articleBosch, J. (1989)
Le mythe afrikaner du pacte (1838): sa signification pour la construction du système de l'apartheid
Abstract presentAnnée africaine - CEAN. p. 13-35.

Periodical articleDe Beer, N.J. (1988)
Ukunzabela-seremonie herleef
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of Ethnology. Volume 11 #1. p. 15-20.

Periodical articleAbdallah, Fadel I. (1986)
The Role of the 'Ulama' in the Resistance against the Moroccan Invasion of the Sudan
Abstract presentCurrent Bibliography on African Affairs. Volume 19 #1. p. 47-60.

Periodical articlePerrot, Claude-Hélène (1984)
Le raid d'Ebiri Moro contre Kumasi, la capitale ashanti
Abstract presentCultures et développement. Volume 16 #3-4. p. 537-552.

Periodical articleHebert, Jean-Claude (1983)
Documents sur les razzias malgaches aux iles comores et sur la Cote orientals africaine (1790-1820)
Abstract presentÉtudes océan Indien. Volume 3. p. 5-60.

Periodical articleAkinsanya, Adeoye A. (1982)
The Entebbe Rescue Mission: A Case of Aggression?
Abstract presentJournal of African Studies (UCLA). Volume 9 #2. Summer. p. 46-57.

Periodical articlePage, Melvin E. (1981)
See this publication'With Janie in the Jungle': European Humor in an East African Campaign, 1914-1918
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 14 #3. p. 466-481.

Periodical articleBono, Salvatore (1977)
Deux écrits italiens sur le bombardement d'Alger de 1816
Abstract presentRevue d'histoire maghrébine. #7-8. p. 49-56.

Periodical articleAdamolekun, Ladipo (1975)
L'agression du 22 novembre 1970: Faits et commentaires
Abstract presentRevue française d'études politiques africaines. Volume 10 #114. p. 79-114.

Periodical articleCaulk, Richard A. (1975)
See this publicationTerritorial Competition and the Battle of Embabo, 1882
Abstract presentJournal of Ethiopian Studies. Volume 13 #1. p. 65-88.

Periodical articleUkpabi, Samson C. (1975)
British Military Expeditions in West Africa Re-Examined
Abstract presentPan-African Journal. Volume 8 #1. Spring. p. 31-43.

Periodical articleNewbury, David (1974)
See this publicationLes campagnes de Rwabugiri: chronologie et bibliographie
Abstract presentCahiers d'études africaines. Volume 14 #53. p. 181-191.

Search: su=military operations
Found: 64 Record 1-64

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