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Periodical articleEdward, Frank (2022)
See this publicationPlanned Vulnerabilities? Street Flooding and Drainage Infrastructure in Colonial Dar es Salaam
Journal of History of Science and Technology. Volume 16 #1. p. 29-47.

Periodical articleSoubira, Thomas (2020)
See this publicationL'eau à Sigilmasa (Maroc): témoins écrits et matériels pour une hydro-histoire du Tafilalt (VIIIe-XVe siècles)
Afriques. Volume 11.

Periodical articleRobins, Steven (2019)
See this publication'Day Zero', Hydraulic Citizenship and the Defence of the Commons in Cape Town: A Case Study of the Politics of Water and its Infrastructures (2017-2018)
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 45 #1. p. 5-29.

Periodical articleMuchadenyika, Davison; Williams, John J. (2018)
See this publicationPolitics, Centralisation and Service Delivery in Urban Zimbabwe
Journal of Southern African Studies. Volume 44 #5. p. 833-853.

Periodical issueD'Alessandro, Cristina; Zulu, Leo C. (eds.) (2017)
See this publicationFrom the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Africa in the post-2015 development agenda: a geographical perspective, part 2
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 36 #2. p. 131-252.

Periodical articleAboyeji, Olatunji S. (2016)
See this publicationHydro-period dynamics of some inland valley agroecosystems in southwest Nigeria
Abstract presentAfrican Geographical Review. Volume 35 #3. p. 294-305.

Periodical articleTempelhoff, Johann (2016)
Exploring panarchy and social-ecological resilience: towards understanding water history in precolonial southern Africa
Historia: amptelike orgaan. Volume 61 #1. p. 92-112.

Periodical issueWessels, André (ed.) (2016)
See this publicationAspects of the history of the (Orange) Free State
New contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #76. p. 1-283.

Periodical articleKaniaru, Wanjiku (2015)
See this publicationFrom scarcity to security: water as a potential factor for conflict and cooperation in Southern Africa
Abstract presentSouth African Journal of International Affairs. Volume 22 #3. p. 381-396.

Periodical issueOwona Nguini, Mathias Eric (ed.) (2015)
Dossier: L'intégration régionale est-elle faisable en Afrique centrale?
Abstract presentEnjeux: bulletin d'analyses géopolitiques pour l'Afrique centrale. #50. p. 7-71.

Periodical articleMakungu Kanange, Joseph; Mutuka Kimpinde, Betty (2014)
See this publicationLa politique d'urbanisation de la RDC (règles d'urbanisation, règlementation des eaux usées, drainage des eaux pluviales)
KAS African Law Study Library. Volume 1 #1. p. 127-144.

Periodical articleMartial, Mumba Kakudji (2014)
See this publicationLa préparation d'un code de l'eau: une solution a l'approvisionnement en eau potable de la RDC: (cas de la ville de Lubumbashi)
KAS African Law Study Library. Volume 1 #1. p. 109-126.

Periodical articleLedant, Martin (2013)
Water in Nairobi: unveiling inequalities and its causes
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 66 #263. p. 335-348.

Periodical articleMüller, Retief; Kruger, Frans (2013)
See this publicationRain and water symbolism in southern African religious systems: continuity and change
Abstract presentExchange: Journal of Contemporary Christianities in Context. Volume 42 #2. p. 143-156.

Periodical articleYoung-Jahangeer, Miranda (2013)
See this publicationWatermarks: intervening in the City of Cape Town
Abstract presentCritical Arts: A Journal of Media Studies. Volume 27 #2. p. 254-262.

Periodical articleDubois, Anaïs (2011)
Spécial océan Indien
Marchés tropicaux et méditerranéens. Volume 66 #3265-66. p. 6-23.

Periodical issueLoots, Lliane (ed.) (2011)
See this publicationThe politics of water
Agenda: Empowering Women for Gender Equity. #88. 132p.

Periodical articleAcey, Charisma (2010)
See this publicationGender and community mobilisation for urban water infrastructure investment in southern Nigeria
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 11-26.

Periodical articleArku, Frank S.; Arku, Cynthia (2010)
See this publicationI cannot drink water on an empty stomach: a gender perspective on living with drought
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 115-124.

Periodical articleBrown, Rebecca (2010)
See this publicationUnequal burden: water privatisation and women's human rights in Tanzania
Gender and Development. Volume 18 #1. March. p. 59-68.

Periodical articleOwusu Sekyere, J.D.; Van Der Puije, G.C. (2009)
See this publicationEffect of three water treatments on growth of rice variety IR36
Journal of the Ghana Science Association. Volume 11 #2. December. p. 1-8.

Periodical articleTempelhoff, Johann W.N. (2009)
Through Livingstone's eyes: perspectives on water in nineteenth-century southern Africa (1849-56)
Abstract presentNew contree: a journal of historical and human sciences for Southern Africa. #57. p. 23-52.

Periodical articleWotogbe-Weneka, Wellington O. (2009)
Water symbolism in African possession cult of the Ikwerre people of north-eastern Niger Delta
Abstract presentOrita: Ibadan Journal of Religious Studies. Volume 41 #2. p. 46-55.

Periodical articleRossatanga-Rignault, Guy (2008)
'Laver le corps': symbolique et thérapeutique de l'eau en Afrique
Abstract presentPalabres actuelles: revue de la Fondation Raponda-Walker pour la Science et la Culture. #2. p. 91-105.

Periodical articleAdler, Rebecca A.; Claassen, Marius; Godfrey, Linda; Turton, Anthony R. (2007)
See this publicationWater, mining, and waste: An historical and economic perspective on conflict management in South Africa
Abstract presentThe Economics of Peace and Security Journal. Volume 2 #2. p. 33-41.

Periodical articleSpronk, Susan J. (2007)
See this publicationThe Politics of Water Privatization in the Third World
Review of Radical Political Economics. Volume 39 #1. Winter. p. 126-131.

Periodical articleKatuku, M. (2006)
Water is life
Finance (Nairobi, Kenya). June-July. p. 24-25.

Periodical articleManzungu, Emmanuel; Machiridza, Rose (2005)
See this publicationAn analysis of water consumption and prospects for implementing water demand management at household level in the City of Harare, Zimbabwe
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. Volume 30 #11-16. p. 925-934.

Periodical articleMasamba, W.R.L.; Muzila, A. (2005)
See this publicationSpatial and seasonal variation of major cation and selected trace metal ion concentrations in the Okavango-Maunachira-Khwai channels of the Okavango Delta
Botswana Notes and Records. Volume 37. p. 218-226.

Periodical articleGandy, Matthew (2004)
See this publicationRethinking Urban Metabolism: Water, Space and the Modern City
City: analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action. Volume 8 #3. p. 363-379.

Periodical articleHosking, Stephen Gerald; Preez, Mariodu (2004)
See this publicationThe Valuation of Water for Conservation Projects in South Africa
Development Southern Africa. Volume 21 #2. June. p. 385-398.

Periodical articleManzungu, Emmanuel; Mabiza, Collin (2004)
See this publicationStatus of Water Governance in Urban Areas in Zimbabwe: some preliminary observations from the city of Harare
Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. Volume 29 #15-18. p. 1167-1172.

Periodical articleGunga, M.O.; Mburu, M.W.K.; Nyabundi, J.O.; Jama, B. (2003)
See this publicationInfluence of line planted trees and phosphorus application on water use of maize in sub-humid Western Kenya
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal. Volume 69 #1-2. July-October. p. 173-182.

Periodical articleNemarundwe, Nontokozo; Kozanayi, Witness (2003)
See this publicationInstitutional Arrangements for Water Resource Use: A Case Study from Southern Zimbabwe
Abstract presentJournal of Southern African Studies. Volume 29 #1. March. p. 193-206.

Periodical articleRoche, Pierre-Alain (2003)
L'eau, enjeu vital pour l'Afrique
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #205. p. 39-75.

Periodical articleTwesigye, Charles K. (2003)
A multidisciplinary approach for the management of Lake Victoria Basin wetlands within the framework of cultural and natural heritage
Abstract presentUganda Journal. Volume 49. December. p. 66-78.

Periodical articleGwebu, Thando D. (2002)
See this publicationUrban Water Scarcity Management: Civic vs. State Response in Bulawayo
Habitat International. Volume 26 #3. September. p. 417-431.

Periodical articleHaller, Tobias (2002)
See this publicationCommon Property Resource Management, Institutional Change and Conflicts in African Floodplain Wetlands
Abstract presentAfrican Anthropologist. Volume 9 #1. March. p. 25-35.

Periodical articleManzungu, Emmanuel; Kujinga, Krasposy (2002)
See this publicationThe Theory and Practice of Governance of Water Resources in Zimbabwe
Abstract presentZambezia. Volume 29 #2. p. 191-212.

Periodical articleOchieng, M.O. (2002)
Private sector participation in the water sector
Kenya Engineer. Volume 23 #3. May-June. p. 30-33.

Periodical articleDunston, Chris; McAfee, David; Kaiser, Reinhard; Rakotoarison, Desire; Rambeloson, Lalah; Hoang, Anh Thu; Quick, Robert E. (2001)
See this publicationCollaboration, Cholera, and Cyclones: A Project to Improve Point-of-Use Water Quality in Madagascar
American Journal of Public Health. Volume 91 #10. October. p. 1574-1576.

Periodical articleGroenewaldt, A. (2001)
Water: cost versus consumption
Namibia Review. Volume 10 #2. June-July. p. 23-27.

Periodical articleFeckoua, Laurent Laoukissam (2000)
Colonisation, coopération et conflits: géopolitique de l'eau en Afrique subsaharienne
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #161-162. p. 75-103.

Periodical articleGrieco, M. (2000)
Living infrastructure: the role of children in refuse disposal and water provision in Ghana
Social Policy (Legon, Ghana). Volume 1 #1. June. p. 55-68.

Periodical articleTalkeu Tounouga, Camille (2000)
La fonction symbolique de l'eau en Afrique noire: une approche culturelle de l'eau
Abstract presentPrésence africaine. #161-162. p. 33-47.

Periodical articleAnonymous (1999)
Zimbabwe Sun: hot on solar
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 64 #1. January. p. 15.

Periodical articleBoukari, Y.; Bawa, L.M.; Djaneye-Boundjou, G. (1999)
See this publicationCharacterization of some Togo surface waters
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 13 #1. June. p. 11-21.

Periodical articleGhanbari, A.; Edje, O.T. (1998)
Effects of post-harvest application of calcium chloride and hot water on the shelf life of mango [Mangifera indica L.] fruit
UNISWA Research Journal of Agriculture, Science and Technology. Volume 2 #1. June. p. 173-176.

Periodical articleHailemichael A.; Hundhammer, B.; Theordos S. (1998)
See this publicationStudies of the double layer at the water/o-nitrotoluene interface
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia. Volume 12 #1. June. p. 69-77.

Periodical articleHuggins, Greg (1998)
Anthropology and its applications within multidisciplinary teams
Abstract presentAfrican Anthropology. Volume 5 #2. September. p. 120-142.

Periodical articleKoboyankwe, I. (1998)
When Boteti river went dry
Kutlwano. Volume 36 #5. May. p. 11-12.

Periodical articleMajaliwa, J.G.M.; Tenywa, M.M. (1998)
Infiltration characteristics of soils of the Kyetume ridge, Kabanyolo, Uganda
MUARIK Bulletin. Volume 1. p. 57-66.

Periodical articleAdjetey, J.A.; Wilson, G.L. (1997)
See this publicationStudies on water deficits on apical development and panicle initiation of grain sorghum (sorghum bicolor L. moench) in controlled temperature glasshouse conditions
Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science. Volume 30 #2. p. 161-169.

Periodical articleBotha, J.; Anderson, J.J.; Hensley, M.; Du Toit, W.H.O. (1997)
Secondary wheat roots in sandy soils
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 3 #pt. 2. October. p. 681-683.

Periodical articleLetsoisa, K.W. (1997)
Water and wind erosion: like thieves in the night
Splash. Volume 13 #1. December. p. 9.

Periodical articleZouzou, M.; Lacape, J.M. (1997)
Réponses racinaire et aérienne de deux variétés de cotonnier à un déficit hydrique
African Crop Science Conference Proceedings. Volume 3 #pt. 2. October. p. 609-617.

Periodical articleGicheru, P.T. (1996)
Water erosion indicators
Desertification Control Bulletin. #29. p. 23-28.

Periodical articleKamau, P.A.; Macharia, D.W.; Musandu, A.A.O. (1996)
Spatial and temporal variability in ponded infiltration under maize and soybean cropping
Egerton Journal of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education. Volume 1 #2. p. 271-283.

Periodical articleNyaboro, F. (1996)
The underlying significance on the water sector
Droplets. #3. p. 13-14, 16.

Periodical articleRichardson, Benjamin J. (1996)
See this publicationScales of Environmental Management: Wetlands Conservation in Kenya and Uganda
Abstract presentAfrican Journal of International and Comparative Law. Volume 8 #4. December. p. 904-931.

Periodical articleTsiavalona, A. (1996)
L'eau: de la tradition orale au temps moderne
Lettre mensuelle de JURECO. Volume 10 #115-116. juil.-août. p. 47.

Periodical articleCherif, Abdallah (1995)
L'aménagement des ressources en eau en Tunisie du Nord: l'émergence d'un système hydraulique régional
Abstract presentRevue tunisienne de géographie. #27. p. 55-81.

Periodical articleMagadza, C.H.D. (1994)
See this publicationClimate Change: Some Likely Multiple Impacts in Southern Africa
Abstract presentFood Policy. Volume 19 #2. April. p. 165-191.

Periodical articleRoche, D.-R. (1994)
Un peu de boue, un bout de ciel. Les valeurs imaginaires de l'eau et de la terre dans la conversion de J.-K. Huysmans
Travaux & documents (Université de la Réunion. Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines). #4. juin. p. 103-132.

Periodical articleBerry, Bruce; Nel, Etienne (1993)
See this publication'Operation Pipeline' - Bulawayo's Search for Water
Geography. Volume 78 #3. July. p. 312-315.

Periodical articleBukechiem, A.A. (1993)
Utilisation of groundwater in Jebel el Akhdar, north-east Libya, as a basis of agricultural improvement with special emphasis on the El Marj Plain
Abstract presentLibyan Studies. Volume 24. p. 121-142.

Periodical articleDavidson, N. (1993)
Benefits of solar water heating
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 58 #2. February. p. 8-11, 13.

Periodical articleLopes, V.L.; Meyer, J. (1993)
Watershed Development Project on Santiago Island, Cape Verde
Abstract presentAfrican Environment: Environmental Studies and Regional Planning Bulletin. Volume 8 #31-32. p. 49-65.

Periodical articleMcDiarmid, D. (1993)
Local manufacturing capabilities
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 58 #2. February. p. 14-16.

Periodical articleNziramasanga, N. (1993)
Suggested solar water heating project for Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Engineer. Volume 58 #2. February. p. 5, 7.

Periodical articleTibeb H.N.; Aboye C.; Gebre P.; Hailegiorgis B. (1993)
Patterns of goitre in Sidama Awraja in Ethiopia and its relationship to piped water supply
East African Medical Journal. Volume 70 #3. March. p. 163-167.

Periodical articleTobayiwa, Chris (1993)
The Effectiveness of Using School Children in Samples and Data Collection
Abstract presentJournal of Social Development in Africa. Volume 8 #1. p. 73-87.

Periodical articleMusuhuke, I. (1992)
La symbolique de l'eau à travers la littérature rwandaise
Uburezi, Ubuhanga n'Umuco. #26. p. 25-42.

Periodical articleSircoulon, J. (1992)
Évolution des climats et des ressources en eau
Abstract presentAfrique contemporaine. #161. p. 57-76.

Periodical articleSzabolcs, I. (1992)
Salinization of soil and water and its relation to desertification
Desertification Control Bulletin. #21. p. 32-37.

Periodical articleRasolofonirina, R.N.; Ravaonindrina, N.L. (1991-1992)
Laboratoire de microbiologie des eaux et des denrées alimentaires
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 59 #2. p. 52-56.

Periodical articleLebigre, J.M. (1991)
Les marais maritimes de Mauritanie: protection et valorisation
Abstract presentLes cahiers d'outre-mer. Volume 44 #176. p. 379-400.

Periodical articleMsangi, J.P. (1991)
Sustainability in exploitation, development and management of hydrological resources of Turkana District
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 21. p. 21-39.

Periodical articleRamazzotti, Marco (1991)
See this publicationIl problema dell'acqua nel sud dell'Angola
Abstract presentAfrica: rivista trimestrale di studi e documentazione. Volume 46 #3. p. 375-402.

Periodical articleBoer, F. de; Rijks, J.; Tchamra, Daiza Gna (1990)
L'utilisation et la capacité de charge d'un puits pastoral
Abstract presentRevue scientifique du Tchad. Volume 1 #2. p. 101-108.

Periodical articleMwaka, Victoria M. (1990)
The Agricultural Utility of Wetlands of the Lake Kyoga Basin
Abstract presentEastern and Southern Africa Geographical Journal. Volume 1 #1. February. p. 10-25.

Periodical articleSchliephake, K. (1990)
Libya: irrigation and food security in an oil-rich desert country
Abstract presentAfrican Development Perspectives Yearbook. Volume 2. p. 502-523.

Periodical articleHamza, M. Aït; Akdim, B. (1988)
Ressources en eau et système d'irrigation au M'goun
Abstract presentRevue de géographie du Maroc. Volume 12 #1. p. 33-41.

Periodical articleKrhoda, George O. (1988)
Water Supply Hydrology and Source Regions of Migrations in Kenya: Towards a Planning Strategy
Abstract presentAfrican Urban Quarterly. Volume 3 #3-4. August-November. p. 265-276.

Periodical articleNicolini, E. (1988)
Le théme de l'eau et les noms de source dans le sud-ouest de Madagascar
Recherches pour le développement. Série sciences de l'homme et de la société. #6. p. 113-132.

Periodical articleAlcock, P.G. (1987)
See this publicationAn Assessment of Household Rainwater Collection Systems in a Periurban/Rural Ward of KwaZulu
Development Southern Africa. Volume 4 #1. February. p. 103-110.

PeriodicalEDWIN Information System, Leiden (1987)
EDWIN newsletter: quarterly of the EDWIN Information System
Leiden: EDWIN Information System.

Periodical articleIrefin, D. (1987)
A framework of an optimal control theory to water resource management in borno state, nigeria
Abstract presentAnnals of Borno. Volume 4. p. 167-172.

Periodical articleMacAuslan, P. (1987)
The Lesotho Highlands Water Projects and environmental law: a case study in the light of 'our common future'
Abstract presentLesotho Law Journal: A Journal of Law and Development. Volume 3 #2. p. 41-65.

Periodical articleMsangi, J.P. (1987)
Water resources conservation in the semi-arid parts of tanzania
Abstract presentJournal of Eastern African Research and Development. Volume 17. p. 63-73.

Periodical articleVicens, R.; Rasolofonirina, N. (1987)
Laboratoire d'analyse microbiologique des eaux et des denrées alimentaires
Archives de l'Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Volume 55 #2. p. 136-145.

Periodical articleHall, E. (1986)
Water and the environment
Abstract presentRSA 2000: gesprek met die toekoms. Volume 8 #1. p. 47-52.

Periodical articleOosterbaan, R.J.; Gunneweg, H.A.; Huizing, A. (1986)
Water control for rice cultivation in small valleys of west africa
Abstract presentAnnual Report - International Institute for Land Reclamation and Improvement (ILRI). p. 30-49.

Periodical articleDancette, C. (1983)
Estimation des besoins en eau des principales cultures pluviales en zone soudano-sahélienne
Abstract presentL'agronomie tropicale. Volume 38 #4. p. 281-294.

Periodical articleDancette, C. (1983)
Besoins en eau do mil au Senegal: adaptation en zone semi-aride tropicale
Abstract presentL'agronomie tropicale. Volume 38 #4. p. 267-280.

Periodical articleKriel, J.P. (1983)
The occurence and potencial beneficial use of water in South Africa
Abstract presentRSA 2000: gesprek met die toekoms. Volume 5 #1. p. 27-39.

Periodical articleSteenstra, B. (1983)
Recherches hydrogéologiques et archéologiques dans la région de Constantine (Algérie)
Abstract presentBulletin des séances = Mededelingen der zittingen. Volume 29 #2. p. 203-226.

Periodical articleFaniran, Adetoye (1982)
The shallow water reserve in basement complex areas in southwestern nigeria
Abstract presentThe Nigerian Geographical Journal. Volume 25 #1-2. p. 205-219.

Periodical articleBooyens, Bun (1980)
Die warmbronwaterkultuur in die Afrikaanse volksgeneeskunde
Abstract presentHumanitas: tydskrif vir navorsing in die geesteswetenskappe. Volume 6 #4. p. 437-442.

Periodical articleKaduma, J.D. (1978)
Water Resources and Mineral Wealth
Abstract presentTanzania Notes and Records. Volume 83-85. p. 41-48.

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