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BookOldham, Martha (American) (2004)
Africa: Lord Hang Onto Me and Don't Let Go
Enumclaw, Washington: Pleasant Word. 195p.

Book chapterAngelou, Maya (American)(1928-2014) (2003)
Return to Keta
In: A Woman's Path: Women's Best Spiritual Travel Writing. p. 49-59.

BookMcCauley, Lucy; Carlson, Amy G.; Leo, Jennifer (eds.) (2003)
A Woman's Path: Women's Best Spiritual Travel Writing
San Francisco: Travelers' Tales. 266p.

BookMetcalf, Charlotte (British) (2003)
Walking Away: A Film-Maker's African Journal
Bridgnorth, Great Britain: TravellersEye. 256p.

BookShaffer, Tanya (American) (2003)
Somebody's Heart is Burning: A Woman Wanderer in Africa
New York: Vintage Books. 324p.

Dissertation / thesisTata, Fabian T. (2002)
Blessed Mothers: African-American Missionary Women in English-Speaking Colonial Africa, 1850-1950. Their History, Their Work and Their Impact
Ph.D. dissertation: Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida. 510p.

BookJones, Ann (American) (2001)
Looking for Lovedu: Days and Nights in Africa
New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 268p.

BookBaxter, Joan (Canadian) (2000)
A Serious Pair of Shoes: An African Journal
East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, Canada: Pottersfield. 287p.

BookBlackwood, Yvonne (Canadian) (2000)
Into Africa: A Personal Journey
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada: Abbeyfield Publishers. 195p.

BookLedger, Fiona Sax (2000)
Mr. Bigstuff and the Goddess of Charm: Parties, Cars, Love and Ambition South of the Sahara
London: Picador. 290p.

BookWatson, Pamela (Australian) (1999)
Esprit de Battuta: Alone Across Africa on a Bicycle
London: Aurum Press. 342p.

BookSteele, Audrey (British) (1998)
Only Half Way: The Diary of an African Journey
Berkshire, Great Britain: Astel Publishing. 309p.

BookStrickrodt, Silke (1998)
'Those Wild Scenes': Africa in the Travel Writings of Sarah Lee (1791-1856)
Leipzig Explorations in Literature and Culture Volume #1. Berlin; Cambridge, Massachusetts: Glienicke; Galda and Wilch Verlag. 121p.

Periodical articleMartin, Tony (1997)
See this publicationDiscovering African Roots: Amy Ashwood Garvey's Pan-Africanist Journey
Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Volume 17 #1. p. 118-126.

BookResnick, Laura (1997)
A Blonde in Africa
Alexander, North Carolina: Alexander Books. 351p.

Dissertation / thesisMcEwan, Cheryl (1995)
How the 'Seraphic' Became 'Geographic': Women Travellers in West Africa, 1840-1915
Ph.D. dissertation: Loughborough University of Technology, Department of Geography, Loughborough, Great Britain.

BookBaxter, Joan (Canadian) (1994)
Graveyard for Dreamers: One Woman's Odyssey in Africa
Porters Lake, Nova Scotia, Canada: Pottersfield Press. 297p.

Book chapterLawrence, Karen R. (1994)
'The African Wanderers': Kingsley and Lee
In: Lawrence, Karen R. Penelope Voyages: Women and Travel in the British Literary Tradition. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press.

BookSweet, Nancy H. (American) (1993)
Oh Africa, My Africa: A Personal Encounter with the Ghanaian People and the Culture of Africa
Malvern, Pennsylvania: Marcus Horton Sweet African-American Culture Center. 92p.

BookAscanio, Jennifer H. (1992)
White Men Don't Have Juju: An American Couple's Adventure through Africa
Chicago: Noble Press. 345p.

BookDibble, L. Grace (British)(1902- ) (1992)
Return Tickets to Africa
Ilfracombe, Great Britain: Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. 312p.

BookMerz, Anna (British)(1931- ) (1992)
Golden Dunes and Desert Mountains
Nanyuki, Kenya: Ex Africa. 270p.

BookSparrow, Fiona M. (1992)
Into Africa with Margaret Laurence
Toronto, Ontario, Canada: ECW Press. 251p.

BookBirkett, Deborah J. (1989)
Spinsters Abroad: Victorian Lady Explorers
London: Basil Blackwell. 300p.

BookFolsom, Marjorie Wall (American) (1989)
Golden Harvest in Ghana: Gospel Beginnings in West Africa
Bountiful, Utah: Horizon. 192p.

Dissertation / thesisSparrow, Fiona M. (1989)
'The Spirit of the Ascent': The African Writings of Margaret Laurence
Ph.D. dissertation: University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 311p.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Elspeth Huxley, 1907-1997
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 133-139.

BookBelcher, Wendy Laura (American) (1988)
Honey from the Lion: An African Journey
New York: Dutton. 188p.

BookAngelou, Maya (American)(1928-2014) (1986)
All God's Children Need Traveling Shoes
New York: Random House. 210p.

BookDalton, Heather (1985)
The Gold Coast: The Wives' Experience: Based on the Personal Accounts of 25 Contributors
Oxford Development Records Project. Report #15. Oxford: Rhodes House Library. 67p.

BookAlexander, Joan (1983)
Voices and Echoes: Tales from Colonial Women
London: Quartet. 223p.

BookGordon, Rene (British) (1980)
Africa: A Continent Revealed
London; Cape Town: Country Life Books; C. Struik. 280p.

BookDavison, Eva (British); Ann Symonds (British) (1979)
They Two Went on
London: Evangel Press. 231p.

BookChavis, Grace L. (American) (1975)
Reflections on Africa
Hicksville, New York: Exposition Press. 70p.

BookHachten, Harva (American) (1970)
Kitchen Safari: A Gourmet's Tour of Africa
New York: Atheneum. 274p.

BookBoyle, Laura (British) (1968)
Diary of a Colonial Officer's Wife
Written in 1915. Oxford: Alden Press. 176p.

BookAnderson, Rosa Claudette (American) (1966)
River, Face Homeward (Suten dan wani hwe fie); An Afro-American in Ghana
New York: Exposition Press. 120p.

BookDean, Elizabeth Rice (1964)
Grandma Goes Gadding: Missionary Evangelism with Carrie Reiter Hunsberger in Spain, Ghana, and Kenya
Also published as: 'Carrie: Ambassador at Large'. New York: Carlton. 224p.

BookHallowell, Dorothy Saylor (American) (1962)
Letters from Africa
Kutztown, Pennsylvania: Kutztown Pub. Co. 123p.

BookKeach, Margaret Sally (American)(1903- ) (1962)
A New African Song
New York: Twayne. 352p.

BookSacre-Coeur, Marie-Andre du (French)(1899- ) (1962)
The House Stands Firm: Family Life in West Africa
Birth Name was Jeanne Dorge. Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Publishing. 242p.

BookMitchison, Naomi Margaret (Haldane)(Scottish)(1897-1964) (1958)
Other People's Worlds
London: Saecker and Warburg. 160p.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1954)
Four Guineas: A Journey through West Africa
London: Chatto and Windus. 303p.

BookThompson, Era Bell (American)(1905-1986) (1954)
Africa, Land of My Fathers
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 281p.

BookPacker, Joy (Petersen)(South African)(1905-1977) (1953)
Apes and Ivory
London: Eyre and Spottiswoode. 400p.

BookRyan, Isobel (British) (1953)
Black Man's Town
London: Jonathan Cape. 249p.

BookHight, Gladys (American) (1951)
African Tempo
New York: Exposition Press. 132p.

BookWrong, Margaret (Canadian)(1887-1948) (1946)
West African Journey: In the Interests of Literacy and Christian Literature, 1944-45
London: Edinburgh House. 79p.

BookWrong, Margaret (Canadian)(1887-1948) (1940)
Across Africa
London; New York: International Committee on Christian Literature for Africa. 104p.

BookSpringer, Eva Alice (American) (1936)
As I Saw Africa: Land of Tragedy and Triumph
Cincinnati: Powell and White. 240p.

BookMott-Smith, May (British)(1879-1952) (1930)
Africa from Port to Port
New York: Van Nostrand. 424p.

BookSinger, Caroline (American)(1888-1963) (1929)
White Africans and Black
By Mrs. Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge. New York: W.E. Rudge or Norton. 120p.

BookWindsor, Marie-Louise Augusta Maria Christiana Helena (1872-1956) (1926)
Letters from the Gold Coast
London: Methuen. 240p.

BookCameron, Charlotte (Wales-Almy) (British)( -1946) (1913)
A Woman's Winter in Africa, a 26,000 Mile Journey
London: Stanley Paul. 403p.

BookGaunt, Mary Eliza Bakewell (Australian)(1872-1942) (1911)
Alone in West Africa
London; New York: T. Werner Laurie; Scribner. 404p.

BookGuggisberg, Decima (Moore) (British)(1871-1964) (1909)
We Two in West Africa
London; New York: Heinemann; Scribner. 368p.

BookHodgson, Mary Alice (Young) (British) (1901)
The Siege of Kumasi
London: C. Arthur Pearson. 365p.

BookKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1899)
West African Studies
London; New York: Macmillan. 639p.

BookKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1897)
Travels in West Africa, Congo Francais, Corisco and the Cameroons
London: Macmillan. 743p.

BookColville, Zelie Isabelle (Richaud De Preville) (French/British)( -1930) (1893)
Round the Black Man's Garden
Edinburgh; London: Blackwood and Sons. 344p.

BookLee, Sarah (Wallis) Bowdich (British)(1791-1856) (1835)
Stories from Strange Lands; and Fragments from the Notes of a Traveller
By Mrs. R. Lee. London: E. Moxon. 366p.

Search: ge=Ghana
Found: 61 Record 1-61

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