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BookCrowther, Dawn-Starr (1989)
Mary L. Jobe Akeley
Tempe, Arizona: Arizona State University, School of Art. 28p.

Conference paperGreenstein, Susan (1989)
In and Out of Africa: Elspeth Huxley's Kenyan Stories and the Re-Mythologizing of the Colonial Era
Paper presented at the 15th Annual Conference of the African Literature Association (ALA), March 20-23, 1989, Dakar, Senegal.

BookHayes, Margaret Ann (Canadian)(1929- ) (1989)
Where the Tarmac Ends: To East Africa, with Love
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, Canada: Rima Books. 224p.

BookMacKinnon, Katie (British); Neilands, Lynda (1989)
Love Breaks through
London: Marshall Pickering. 158p.

BookPage, Robin (British)(1932- ) (1989)
Dust in a Dark Continent
London: Claridge Press. 348p.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
May French Sheldon, 1847-1936
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 255-263.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dame Margery Freda Perham, 1895-1982
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 217-223.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dervla Murphy, 1931--
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 189-195.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Osa Leighty Johnson, 1894-1953
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 141-148.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Elspeth Huxley, 1907-1997
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 133-139.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Delia Denning Akeley, 1875-1970
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. p. 9-15.

BookChurch, Elisabeth (British) (1988)
Kenya under My Skin
Exeter: Paternoster. 112p.

BookHenriksen, Aage (1988)
Isak Dinesen-Karen Blixen: The Work and the Life
New York: St. Martin's Press. 197p.

BookEldon, Kathy (American) (1987)
Safari Diary: Kenya
Nairobi: Kenway Publications, Ltd. 70p.

Periodical articleKennedy, Dane (1987)
Isak Dinesen's African Recovery of a European Past
Clio. Volume 17. Fall. p. 37-50.

BookLovell, Mary S. (1987)
Straight on till Morning: The Biography of Beryl Markham
New York: St. Martin's Press. 408p.

BookMarkham, Beryl Clutterbuck (British/Kenyan)(1902-1986) (1987)
The Splendid Outcast: Beryl Markham's African Stories
San Francisco: North Point Press. 139p.

BookWestenholz, Anders (1987)
The Power of Aries: Myth and Reality in Karen Blixen's Life
Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University Press. 127p.

BookAdamson, George (1986)
My Pride and Joy
London: Collins and Harvill Press. 304p.

BookBaker, Carroll (American)(1931- ) (1986)
To Africa with Love: A True Romantic Adventure
New York: D.I. Fine. 205p.

Periodical articleBirkett, Deborah J. (1986)
The Invalid at Home, the Samson Abroad
Women's Review. #6. April. p. 18-19.

BookCole, Keith; Pethybridge, Dick (1986)
Pethy, Lee and Mary: Three CMS Missionaries in East Africa
Bendigo, Victoria, Australia: Keith Cole Publications. 96p.

BookFountaine, Margaret (British)(1862-1940) (1986)
Butterflies and Late Loves: The Further Travels and Adventures of a Victorian Lady
Edited by W.F. Cater. London: Collins. 141p.

BookHamilton, Genesta Health (British)(1899-1990) (1986)
A Stone's Throw: Travels from Africa in Six Decades
London: Hutchinson. 373p.

Periodical articleHouston, D. (1986)
The Boy and Girl Next Door Made Movies Far Away
Smithsonian. Volume 17. November. p. 144-148.

Periodical articleMoore, Jeanne M. (1986)
Bebe Bwana (May French Sheldon)
American History Illustrated. Volume 21 #6. October. p. 36-42.

BookRussell, Mary (1986)
The Blessings of a Good Thick Skirt: Women Travelers and Their World
London: Collins. 239p.

Periodical articleAlden, Evelyn V. (1985)
A Bibliography of Books Written by Osa Johnson
The Johnson Wait-a-Bit News. Volume 6 #2. p. 1-7.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1985)
Out in the Mid Day Sun: My Kenya
New York: Morrow. 262p.

Book chapterOlds, Elizabeth F. (1985)
Delia J. Akeley, 1875-1970
In: Olds, Elizabeth F. Women of the Four Winds. Boston: Houghton-Mifflin Company. p. 71-153.

BookOlds, Elizabeth F. (1985)
Women of the Four Winds
Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 318p.

Book chapterRobeson, Eslanda (Essie) Cardoza (Goode)(American)(1896-1965) (1985)
Eslanda Robeson
In: Culley, Margo (ed.). A Day at a Time: The Diary Literature of American Women from 1764 to the Present. New York: Feminist Press at the City University of New York. p. 226-247.

BookShaffer, Ruth Thiers (American) (1985)
Road to Kilimanjaro
Grand Rapids, MI: Four Corners Press. 248p.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1984)
Last Days in Eden
New York. New York: Amaryllis Press. 192p.

Periodical articleBazett, Mary (British); Thurston, Anne (1983)
A Letter from the Coast: Mary Bazett, Mombasa, 1892
Kenya Past and Present. #15. p. 8-17.

BookWincza, Ada (Polish)(1913- ); Wincza, Laddy (1983)
Bush and Plains
Clinton, New Jersey: Amwell Press. 411p.

BookRiefenstahl, Berta Helene Amalia (Leni) (German)(1902-2003) (1982)
Leni Riefenstahl's Africa
London. London: Collins/Harvill. 231p.

BookThurman, Judith (1982)
Isak Dinesen: The Life of a Storyteller
New York: St. Martin's Press. 495p.

BookBlixen, Karen (Danish)(1885-1962) (1981)
Isak Dinesen: Letters from Africa, 1914-1931
Used pseud. Isak Dinesen. Edited by Frans Lasson. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 474p.

BookGrant, Nellie (British)(1885-1977) (1981)
Nellie: Letters from Africa
Sold in U.S. as: Nellie's Story. Edited by Elspeth Huxley. London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson. 326p.

BookRicciardi, Mirella (Kenyan)(1933-) (1981)
African Saga
London: Collins. 300p.

Book chapterAllen, Alexandra (1980)
May French Sheldon
In: Allen, Alexandra. Travelling Ladies. London: Jupiter. p. 21-42.

BookGordon, Rene (British) (1980)
Africa: A Continent Revealed
London; Cape Town: Country Life Books; C. Struik. 280p.

BookHatch, Olivia Stokes (American) (1980)
Olivia's African Diary: Cape Town to Cairo, 1932
Washington, DC: Distributed by A.C.E. Distribution Center. 162p.

Periodical articleStott, Kenhelm W. (1980)
Martin and Osa Johnson: Exploration Was Their Way of Life
Explorers Journal. Volume 58 #3. p. 106-109.

BookAdamson, Joy (Czech)(1910-1980) (1978)
The Searching Spirit: An Autobiography
London: Collins and Harvill Press. 224p.

BookStott, Kenhelm W. (1978)
Exploring with Martin and Osa Johnson
Chanute, Kansas: Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum Press. 133p.

BookStauffacher, Gladys (American) (1977)
Faster Beats the Drum
Pearl River, New York: Africa Inland Mission. 168p.

BookTrzebinski, Errol (1977)
Silence Will Speak: A Study of the Life of Denys Finch Hatton and His Relationship with Karen Blixen
Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 348p.

BookLasson, Fran; Svendsen, Clara (1976)
The Life and Destiny of Isak Dinesen
Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 226p.

BookMcNeil, Marian W. (1976)
Lord, 'Give Me This Mountain'
Collingswood, New Jersey: Christian Beacon Press. 187p.

BookPerham, Margery Freda (British)(1895-1982) (1976)
East African Journey: Kenya and Tanganyika, 1929-1930
London: Faber. 264p.

BookChavis, Grace L. (American) (1975)
Reflections on Africa
Hicksville, New York: Exposition Press. 70p.

BookCole, Mary (Irish) (1975)
Dublin: Gill and Macmillan. 246p.

BookGatura, Kamante; Beard, Peter (1975)
Longing for Darkness: Kamante's Tales from Out of Africa, with Original Photographs (January, 1914-July, 1931) and Quotations from Isak Dinesen
San Francisco: Chronicle Books.

BookHulme, Kathryn Cavarly (American)(1900-1981) (1974)
Look a Lion in the Eye; On Safari through Africa
Boston: Little, Brown. 223p.

Periodical articleStott, Kenhelm W. (1974)
In the Footsteps of Martin and Osa Johnson
Zoonooz. #57. July. p. 4-11.

BookHicks, Beverly R. (American) (1973)
An Elephant's Ear: The Diary of an American Housewife in Africa
New York: Vantage Press. 108p.

BookLeslie-Melville, Betty (American)(1927-2005) (1973)
There's a Rhino in the Rose Bed, Mother
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 253p.

BookLeslie-Melville, Betty (American)(1927-2005) (1973)
Elephant Have Right of Way
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 222p.

BookLothrop, Ruth (American) (1973)
East Africa Safari
Hicksville, New York: Exposition Press. 48p.

Periodical articleMiddleton, Dorothy (1973)
See this publicationSome Victorian Lady Travellers
The Geographical Journal. Volume 139 #1. February. p. 65-75.

BookAdamson, Joy (Czech)(1910-1980) (1972)
Joy Adamson's Africa
London: Collins and Harvill Press. 125p.

BookHart, Susanne (British) (1972)
Listen to the Wild
London: Collins. 189p.

BookRuben, Hilary (British) (1972)
African Harvest
London: Harvill Press. 191p.

BookRicciardi, Mirella (Kenyan)(1933-) (1971)
Vanishing Africa
New York: Reynal. 299p.

BookWoodin, Ann Snow (American)(1926- ) (1971)
In the Circle of the Sun
New York: Macmillan. 307p.

BookBest, Ruth Showell (Canadian)(1930- ) (1970)
Strawberries All Year Round
Toronto: McClelland and Stewart. 180p.

BookHachten, Harva (American) (1970)
Kitchen Safari: A Gourmet's Tour of Africa
New York: Atheneum. 274p.

BookMayall, Madge (British) (1970)
Safari: Kenya-Uganda, 1968
Colne, Great Britain: Mayall Manor House, Foulridge. 118p.

BookChase, Ilka (American)(1905-1978) (1969)
The Varied Airs of Spring
New York: Doubleday. p. 63-167.

BookHart, Susanne (British) (1969)
Life with Daktari
London: Geoffrey Bles. 256p.

BookAdamson, George (1968)
Lifetime with Lions: Bwana Game; The Story of George Adamson
London: Collins and Harvill Press. 320p.

BookHolland, Ellen Morland (Bowie)(American) (1968)
Quiet Please!!
Fort Worth, Texas: Branch-Smith. 172p.

BookAmes, Evelyn Perkins (American)(1908-1990) (1967)
A Glimpse of Eden
Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 208p.

BookBrown, Clara Lee (American) (1967)
Beating around the Bush
Boston: Christopher Publishing House. 136p.

BookBrown, Evelyn M. (1967)
Edel Quinn, Beneath the Southern Cross
New York: Farrar. 170p.

BookMigel, Parmenia (1967)
New York: Random House. 325p.

BookSpencer, Hope Rockefeller (American) (1967)
The Way to Rehema's House: An East African Diary
New York: Simon and Schuster. 288p.

BookHarthoorn, Susanne (British) (1966)
Too Short a Day, a Woman Vet in Africa
See Also: Hart, Susanne. New York: Taplinger Publishing Company. 192p.

Periodical articleImperato, Pascal J. (1966)
The Martin Johnsons in Africa
Africana. Volume 2 #9. September. p. 18-20.

BookChase, Ilka (American)(1905-1978) (1965)
Second Spring and Two Potatoes
New York: Doubleday. p. 211-293.

BookDenis, Michaela (Holdsworth) (British) (1965)
At Home with Michaela
London: Hutchinson. 222p.

BookJennings, Helen Macy (American) (1965)
Ask the Bedroom Boy!
Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Franklin Press. 231p.

Book chapterMiddleton, Dorothy (1965)
May French Sheldon, 1848-1936
In: Middleton, Dorothy. Victorian Lady Travellers. London: Routledge and Kegan Paul. p. 90-103.

BookMiddleton, Dorothy (1965)
Victorian Lady Travellers
London: Routledge. 182p.

BookNolan, Cynthia (Australian)(1917- ) (1965)
One Traveller's Africa
London: Methuen. 254p.

BookDean, Elizabeth Rice (1964)
Grandma Goes Gadding: Missionary Evangelism with Carrie Reiter Hunsberger in Spain, Ghana, and Kenya
Also published as: 'Carrie: Ambassador at Large'. New York: Carlton. 224p.

BookDouglass, Lillie Bernard (American) (1964)
Cape Town to Cairo
Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers. 348p.

BookHahn, Emily (American)(1905-1997) (1964)
Africa to Me: Person to Person
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 277p.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1964)
With Forks and Hope: An African Notebook
New York: Morrow. 398p.

BookWood, Susan (Buxton) (1964)
A Fly in Amber
London: Collins-Harvill. 222p.

BookChase, Ilka (American)(1905-1978) (1963)
Elephants Arrive at Half-Past Five
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 269p.

BookHuxley, Juliette (Baillot) (British) (1963)
Wild Lives of Africa
New York; London: Harper and Row; Collins. 254p.

BookReece, Alys (Tracy)(British)(1912- ) (1963)
To My Wife 50 Camels
London: Harvill Press. 254p.

BookHallowell, Dorothy Saylor (American) (1962)
Letters from Africa
Kutztown, Pennsylvania: Kutztown Pub. Co. 123p.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1962)
The Mottled Lizard
Published in the U.S. as: 'On the Edge of the Rift: Memories of Kenya'. London: Chatto and Windus. 335p.

BookKeach, Margaret Sally (American)(1903- ) (1962)
A New African Song
New York: Twayne. 352p.

BookBarker-Benfield, Maud A. (British) (1960)
The Land and Peoples of East Africa
London; New York: A. and C. Black; Macmillan. 104p.

BookHuxley, Elspeth Joscelyn Grant (British)(1907-1997) (1960)
A New Earth
New York: Morrow. 288p.

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