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BookBest, Allena (Champlin) (American)(1892-1972) (1941)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen...
Erick Berry (pseud.0. London: Joseph. 286p.

Periodical articleNess, Mrs. Patrick (British)( -1962) (1941)
See this publicationLake Chad Picnic
Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 40 #161. October. p. 316-326.

BookNorthrip, Irene Spencer (American) (1940)
From Oklahoma City to Ogbomosho
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Baptist Messenger. 64p.

Periodical articleSheldon, W.G. (1940)
Obituary - Margaret Elizabeth Fountaine
Entomologist. Volume 73. p. 193-195.

BookWrong, Margaret (Canadian)(1887-1948) (1940)
Across Africa
London; New York: International Committee on Christian Literature for Africa. 104p.

BookSimpson, Helen (1938)
A Woman among Wild Men: Mary Kingsley
London: T. Nelson. 155p.

Book chapterBedinger, R.D. (1937)
Althea Brown Edmiston
In: Winsborough, Hallie P. and Timmons, Sarah L.V. (eds.). Glorious Living: Informal Sketches of Seven Women Missionaries of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. Atlanta: Presbyterian Church, U.S., Committee on Women's Work.

BookBeets, Henry (1937)
Johanna of Nigeria: Life and Labors of Johanna Veenstra, S.U.M
Grand Rapids, MI: Grand Rapids Printing Co. 228p.

BookStuart-Watt, Eva (1937)
Aflame for God; A Story of Pioneering amongst Cannibals
London; Edinburgh: Marshall, Morgan and Scott. 124p.

BookSpringer, Eva Alice (American) (1936)
As I Saw Africa: Land of Tragedy and Triumph
Cincinnati: Powell and White. 240p.

BookBarkas, Natalie Webb (British) (1934)
Behind the Camera
London: G. Bles. 237p.

BookAnonymous (1933)
A Memorial Tribute to Miss Johanna Veenstra: Missionary to the Dzompere Tribes of the Sudan United Mission
Paterson, New Jersey: Lont and Overkamp. 48p.

BookGwynn, Stephen L. (1933)
The Life of Mary Kingsley
London: Macmillan. 285p.

BookKipling, Rudyard (1932)
Mary Kingsley
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran and Company.

Periodical articleKipling, Rudyard (1932)
Mary Kingsley
Journal of the Royal African Society. Volume 31 #125. October. p. 351-353.

BookMorgan, Faith Cope (British) (1932)
The Stout Effort: An Account of a Motor Journey in Africa of 8500 Miles, Told in the Form of Letters to Her Daughter, Hilary
London: Burns, Oates and Washbourne. 312p.

BookMott-Smith, May (British)(1879-1952) (1930)
Africa from Port to Port
New York: Van Nostrand. 424p.

BookTabor, Margaret E. (1930)
Pioneer Women. Third Series: Mrs. Sherwood, Isabella Bird, Mary Kingsley, Gertrude Bell
London: The Sheldon Press. 122p.

BookSinger, Caroline (American)(1888-1963) (1929)
White Africans and Black
By Mrs. Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge. New York: W.E. Rudge or Norton. 120p.

BookVeenstra, Johanna (American)(1894-1933) (1929)
Black Diamonds
Grand Rapids, MI: Meyer Book Co. 134p.

BookBasden, George T. (1927)
Edith Warner of the Niger: The Story of Thirty-Three Years of Zealous and Courageous Work amongst Ibo Girls and Women
London: Seeley, Service. 91p.

BookChappell, Jennie (1926)
Three Brave Women: Stories of Heroism in Heathen Lands of Mary Slessor of Calabar, Mrs. Burleigh of Cape Horn, and Mary Bird of Persia
London: Partridge. 160p.

BookVeenstra, Johanna (American)(1894-1933) (1926)
Pioneering for Christ in the Sudan
London: Marshall Brothers. 190p.

BookTabor, Margaret E. (1925)
Pioneer Women: Elizabeth Fry, Elizabeth Blackwell, Florence Nightingale, Mary Slessor
London; New York: The Sheldon Press; Macmillan. 126p.

BookEllis, James J. (1920s)
Two Missionary Heroines in Africa: Mary Slessor and Jeanie Gilchrist
Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie. 159p.

BookEllis, James J. (1920s)
Mary Slessor: The Dundee Factory Girl Who Became a Devoted African Missionary
Kilmarnock, Scotland: J. Ritchie. 80p.

Periodical articleMacGregor, J.K. (1917)
Mary Mitchell Slessor, 1848-1915
The East and the West. Volume 1 #15. p. 143-163.

BookCadbury, M.H. (1916)
The Life of Amanda Smith: The American Sybil, the Christian Saint
Birmingham: Cornish Brothers. 88p.

BookTremlett, Mrs. Horace (British) (1915)
With the Tin Gods
New York; London: John Lane; The Bodley Head. 308p.

BookCameron, Charlotte (Wales-Almy) (British)( -1946) (1913)
A Woman's Winter in Africa, a 26,000 Mile Journey
London: Stanley Paul. 403p.

BookTemple, Olive Susan Miranda (Macleod)(British)(1880-1936) (1912)
Chiefs and Cities of Central Africa: Across Lake Chad by Way of British, French, and German Territories
Edinburgh; London: Blackwood. 322p.

BookLarymore, Constance Belcher (British) (1908)
A Residents Wife in Nigeria
London: George Routledge and Sons. 306p.

Periodical articleNathan, Matthew (1907)
See this publicationSome Reminiscences of Miss Mary Kingsley
Journal of the African Society. Volume 7 #25. October. p. 28-31.

BookBlyden, Edward W. (1901)
The African Society and Miss Mary Kingsley
London: J. Scott. 47p.

Periodical articleGreen, Alice S. (1901)
Mary Kingsley
Journal of the African Society. Volume 1 #1. October. p. 1-16.

BookHayford, Mark C. (1901)
Mary Kingsley from an African Standpoint
London: Beal and Taylor.

Periodical articleKemp, Dennis (1900)
The Late Miss M.H. Kingsley
London Quarterly Review. Volume 94. July. p. 137-152.

Periodical articleKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1900)
Nursing in West Africa
Chamber's Journal. June. p. 369-371.

BookLivingstone, William P. (1900)
Mary Slessor of Calabar, Pioneer Missionary
Garden City, NY: Doubleday-Doran. 353p.

Periodical articleToulmin Smith, Lucy (1900)
Miss Mary Kingsley
Athenaeum. #3791. June 23. p. 784-785.

Book chapterKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1899)
Life in West Africa
In: Sheowring, W.M. (ed.). The British Empire Series. Volume 2: British Africa. London: K. Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., Ltd. p. 366-380.

BookKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1899)
West African Studies
London; New York: Macmillan. 639p.

Periodical articleKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1898)
A Lecture on West Africa
Cheltenham Ladies College Magazine. #38. Autumn. p. 264-280.

Periodical articleCromarty, Deas (1897)
Miss Mary Kingsley in Africa
Young Woman. #62. November. p. 72-74.

BookKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1897)
Travels in West Africa, Congo Francais, Corisco and the Cameroons
London: Macmillan. 743p.

Periodical articleKingsley, Mary Henrietta (British)(1862-1900) (1896)
Travels on the Western Coast of Equatorial Africa
Scottish Geographical Magazine. Volume 12. March. p. 113-124.

Periodical articleTooley, Sarah A. (1896)
Adventures of a Lady Explorer; An Interview with Miss Mary Kingsley
Young Woman. #45. June. p. 290-295.

Book chapterBuckland, Augustus R. (1895)
Anna Hinderer
In: Buckland, Augustus R. Women in the Mission Field. New York: Thomas Whittaker. p. 53-67.

Book chapterBuckland, Augustus R. (1895)
West African Pioneers
In: Buckland, Augustus R. Women in the Mission Field. New York: Thomas Whittaker. p. 39-51.

Book chapterTelford, John (1895)
Anna Hinderer
In: Women in the Mission Field. Glimpses of Christian Women among the Heathen. London: Charles L. Kelly. p. 137-149.

BookTelford, John (1895)
Women in the Mission Field. Glimpses of Christian Women among the Heathen
London: Charles H. Kelly. 201p.

BookColville, Zelie Isabelle (Richaud De Preville) (French/British)( -1930) (1893)
Round the Black Man's Garden
Edinburgh; London: Blackwood and Sons. 344p.

Periodical articleColville, Zelie Isabelle (Richaud De Preville) (French/British)( -1930) (1893)
Ten Days on an Oil River
Blackwood's Magazine. Volume 153. p. 372-382.

BookHood, Jessie (1892)
Nwan Ima, the Woman of Love: Memorial Sketch of Isabella D. Lyall, Missionary, Old Calabar
Edinburgh: Robert R. Sutherland. 81p.

BookTaylor, Marshall W. (1887)
The Life, Travels, Labors, and Helpers of Mrs. Amanda Smith: The Famous Negro Missionary Evangelist
Cincinnati, Ohio: Cranston and Stowe. 63p.

BookWaddel, Agnes (1883)
Memorials of Mrs. Sutherland, Missionary, Old Calabar
Paisley, Scotland: J. and R. Parlane. 175p.

BookBarker, Mary Anne (Stewart) (British)(1831-1911) (1872)
Travelling about over New and Old Ground
Part Four: Africa. By Lady Barker. London; New York: G. Routledge. 353p.

BookHinderer, Anna Martin (British)(1827-1870) (1872)
Seventeen Years in the Yoruba Country. Memorials of Anna Hinderer
Edited by C.A. Hone and D. Hone. London: Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday. 343p.

BookFoote, Mrs. Henry Grant (British) (1869)
Recollections of Central America and the West Coast of Africa
By Mrs. Foote. London: T.C. Newby. 221p.

BookTucker, Charlotte Maris Sarah (British)( -c.1859) (1853)
Abbeokuta; or, Sunrise within the Tropics: An Outline of the Origin and Progress of the Yoruba Mission
London; New York: James Nisbet; Carter. 278p.

Search: ge=Nigeria
Found: 260 First Previous Record 201-260

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