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BookJavins, Marie (American) (2006)
Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik: One Woman's Solo Misadventures across Africa
Emeryville, California: Seal Press. 276p.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Barbara Carr - Not for the Wilds
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 294-295.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Edith Cecil-Porch - A Suffragette on Safari
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 292-294.

Book chapterCapstick, Fiona C. (2004)
Marguerite Roby - Alone through the Congo
In: The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller Through History. p. 275-283.

BookCapstick, Fiona Claire (2004)
The Diana Files: The Huntress-Traveller through History
Johannesburg, South Africa: Rowland Ward Publications. 363p.

BookMetcalf, Charlotte (British) (2003)
Walking Away: A Film-Maker's African Journal
Bridgnorth, Great Britain: TravellersEye. 256p.

BookShaffer, Tanya (American) (2003)
Somebody's Heart is Burning: A Woman Wanderer in Africa
New York: Vintage Books. 324p.

BookFeader, Barbara L. (American) (2001)
Self-Flying the African Bush: A South and East African Journal
Philadelphia: Xlibris Corp. 203p.

BookFuller, Alexandra (British/American) (2001)
Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African Childhood
New York: Random House. 301p.

BookLedger, Fiona Sax (2000)
Mr. Bigstuff and the Goddess of Charm: Parties, Cars, Love and Ambition South of the Sahara
London: Picador. 290p.

BookKistner, Alzada Carlisle (American) (1998)
An Affair with Africa: Expeditions and Adventures across a Continent
Washington, DC: Island Press. 246p.

BookAllin, Jessica (British) (1997)
A Breath of Africa
Edinburgh, Scotland: Pentland Press. 231p.

BookBlakemore, Christine Korol (German)(1943- ) (1997)
The People from the Pit: A Trans-African Journey
London: Minerva. 246p.

BookResnick, Laura (1997)
A Blonde in Africa
Alexander, North Carolina: Alexander Books. 351p.

BookViney, Joy (British) (1997)
And Mother Came Too
Chichester, West Sussex, Great Britain: Summersdale. 160p.

Periodical articleLewis, Andrea (1996)
A 'Nasrani' Woman Goes Native: Englishness in Rosita Forbes's 'The Secret of the Sahara: Kufara'
Ariel. Volume 27 #4. p. 47-67.

BookCampbell, Ffyona (British)(1967- ) (1994)
On Foot through Africa
London: Orion Books Ltd. 349p.

BookMacDonald, Agnes (Canadian)(1932-1992) (1994)
Send Me to a Hard Place
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada: Everyday Publications. 96p.

BookDibble, L. Grace (British)(1902- ) (1992)
Return Tickets to Africa
Ilfracombe, Great Britain: Arthur H. Stockwell Ltd. 312p.

BookOwens, Delia (American); Owens, Mark (1992)
The Eye of the Elephant: An Epic Adventure in the African Wilderness
Boston: Houghton Mifflin. 305p.

BookRutherford, Brenda E. (American) (1992)
Brenda's Diary: The African Adventure of an American Missionary Family
Winona, Mississippi: J.C. Choate. 212p.

BookBertram, C. Kate Ricardo (British); Trant, Janet Owen (British) (1991)
Letters from the Swamps East Africa, 1936-1937
Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Great Britain: Gas Street Print Centre Limited. 128p.

BookPillman, Naka (American) (1990)
African Diary: The Day-to-Day Account of an Incredible Adventure
Brandon, Mississippi: QRP (Quail Ridge Press) Books. 287p.

BookTeede, Fiona; Teede, Jan (1990)
The Zambezi: River of the Gods
London: Andre Deutsch. 187p.

BookPage, Robin (British)(1932- ) (1989)
Dust in a Dark Continent
London: Claridge Press. 348p.

Book chapterTinling, Marion (1989)
Dame Margery Freda Perham, 1895-1982
In: Women Into the Unknown: A Sourcebook on Women Explorers and Travelers. p. 217-223.

BookHobby, Georgia (American)(1916- ) (1988)
Give Us This Bread
Winona, Mississippi; Singapore; New Delhi: J.C. Choate Publications. 208p.

BookSchweppe, William H.; Schweppe, Leola (American) (1988)
Ibibio: The Life and Letters of William and Leola Schweppe in Africa
Edited by Ernst H. Wendland. Milwaukee, WI: Northwestern Publishing House. 144p.

Periodical articleSider, E. Morris (1987)
Hannah Frances Davidson: Pioneer Brethren in Christ Missionary
Studies in Third World Societies. #40. June. p. 53-78.

BookTurner, Edith L.B. (American)(1921- ) (1987)
The Spirit of the Drum: A Memoir of Africa
Tucson: University of Arizona Press. 165p.

BookBaker, Carroll (American)(1931- ) (1986)
To Africa with Love: A True Romantic Adventure
New York: D.I. Fine. 205p.

Periodical articleMorrow, Sean (1986)
See this publication'No Girl Leaves the School Unmarried': Mabel Shaw and the Education of Girls at Mbereshi, Northern Rhodesia, 1915-1940
Abstract presentInternational Journal of African Historical Studies. Volume 19 #4. p. 601-635.

BookAlexander, Joan (1983)
Voices and Echoes: Tales from Colonial Women
London: Quartet. 223p.

BookMusambachime, Mwelwa C. (1979)
'Mabel Shaw and the Mbereshi Girls' Boarding School: The Beginning of Women (sic) Education in Northeast Zambia 1915-1940
Department of Education Staff Paper #26. Lusaka: University of Zambia. January.

BookChavis, Grace L. (American) (1975)
Reflections on Africa
Hicksville, New York: Exposition Press. 70p.

BookPerham, Margery Freda (British)(1895-1982) (1974)
African Apprenticeship: An Autobiographical Journey in Southern Africa, 1929
New York; London: Africana; Faber. 268p.

BookHachten, Harva (American) (1970)
Kitchen Safari: A Gourmet's Tour of Africa
New York: Atheneum. 274p.

BookKorfker, Dena (1970)
Mother of Eighty: The Story of Augusta May Puett Brittell (1894-1964), Who Spent the Last Eighteen Years of Her Life as a Mother to Eighty Motherless Babies in Rhodesia, Africa
Winona, Mississippi: J.C. Choate Publications. 329p.

BookGinter, Lila C. (American) (1968)
The Missionary: A True Story
Minneapolis, MN: Osterhus Publishing House. 87p.

BookKeith, Grace (British)(1914- ) (1966)
The Fading Color Bar
London: Robert Hale. 220p.

BookChase, Ilka (American)(1905-1978) (1965)
Second Spring and Two Potatoes
New York: Doubleday. p. 211-293.

BookNolan, Cynthia (Australian)(1917- ) (1965)
One Traveller's Africa
London: Methuen. 254p.

BookHahn, Emily (American)(1905-1997) (1964)
Africa to Me: Person to Person
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 277p.

BookMilligan, Elsie Burr (American) (1964)
Treasures of Darkness: A Missionary Discovers Romance in Africa
Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. 135p.

BookHuxley, Juliette (Baillot) (British) (1963)
Wild Lives of Africa
New York; London: Harper and Row; Collins. 254p.

BookHallowell, Dorothy Saylor (American) (1962)
Letters from Africa
Kutztown, Pennsylvania: Kutztown Pub. Co. 123p.

BookRogers, Mirabel (1960)
When Rivers Meet: The Story of the First Trans-African Waterway Expedition
London: Hutchinson. 191p.

BookRowe, Myrtle (American)(1896- ) (1960)
Silhouettes of Life
Abilene, Texas: Quality Printing Co. 265p.

BookRogers, Dorothy (American)(1914-1986) (1957)
Jeopardy and a Jeep: Africa Conquered by Two Women Professors
Louis Ostberg. Rindge, New Hampshire: R.R. Smith. 301p.

BookMichael, Marjorie (British) (1956)
I Married a Hunter
London: Odhams Press. 224p.

BookMilligan, Elsie Burr (American) (1956)
Kalene Memories: Annals of the Old Hill
London: Pickering and Inglis. 143p.

BookThompson, Era Bell (American)(1905-1986) (1954)
Africa, Land of My Fathers
Garden City, NY: Doubleday. 281p.

BookPacker, Joy (Petersen)(South African)(1905-1977) (1953)
Apes and Ivory
London: Eyre and Spottiswoode. 400p.

BookKrippner, Monica (British) (1952)
African Way: Seven Months' Journey from Cape Town to Algiers
London: G. Bles. 224p.

BookFisher, William S.; Hoyte, Julyan (1948)
Africa Looks Ahead, the Life Stories of Walter and Anna Fisher of Central Africa
London: Pickering and Inglis Ltd. 212p.

Book chapterMathews, Winifred (1947)
Christina Coillard: Home-Maker in the Wagon
In: Mathews, Winifred. Dauntless Women: Stories of Pioneer Wives. London: Edinburgh House Press.

BookLawyer, Zelma Wood (American) (1943)
I Married a Missionary
Abilene, Texas: Abilene Christian College Press. 261p.

BookCullen, Lucy Pope (British) (1940)
Beyond the Smoke that Thunders
New York: Oxford University Press. 341p.

BookSpringer, John M. (1940)
I Love the Trail: A Sketch of the Life of Helen Emily Springer
Methodist Publishing House. 176p.

BookBigland, Eileen (British)(1898-1970) (1939)
The Lake of the Royal Crocodiles
New York; London: Macmillan; Hodder and Stoughton. 299p.

BookAlston, Madeline (1937)
Wanderings of a Bird Lover in Africa
London: H.F. and G. Witherby. 255p.

BookHubbard, Margaret Carson (American)(1897-1989) (1937)
African Gamble
New York: Putnam. 279p.

BookDunkelberger, Stella C. (American)(1877- ) (1935)
Crossing Africa: Being Experiences of a Home Secretary in Primitive Parts of the Dark Continent
Germantown, Philadelphia: The Mission Office. 105p.

BookHubbard, Margaret Carson (American)(1897-1989) (1934)
No One to Blame; An African Adventure
London; New York: Putnam; Minton Balch. 276p.

BookSpeed, Maude (1933)
A Scamper Tour to Rhodesia and South Africa
London; New York: Longmans Green. 148p.

BookMorgan, Faith Cope (British) (1932)
The Stout Effort: An Account of a Motor Journey in Africa of 8500 Miles, Told in the Form of Letters to Her Daughter, Hilary
London: Burns, Oates and Washbourne. 312p.

BookShaw, Mabel (British)(1889- ) (1932)
God's Candlelights, an Educational Venture in Northern Rhodesia
London: Cargate. 196p.

BookMott-Smith, May (British)(1879-1952) (1930)
Africa from Port to Port
New York: Van Nostrand. 424p.

BookNess, Elizabeth Wilhelmina (British)( -1962) (1929)
Ten Thousand Miles in Two Continents
London: Methuen. 278p.

BookWhitehouse, Selma (British) (1928)
Moonlight, Giraffes, and Frying-Pans
London: John Lane the Bodley Head Ltd. 240p.

BookCourt Treatt, Stella (British) (1927)
Cape to Cairo: The Record of a Historic Motor Journey
Boston; London: Brown Little; G.G. Harrap. 250p.

BookMackintosh, Catharine Winkworth (British) (1922)
The New Zambesi Trail; A Record of Two Journeys to North-Western Rhodesia (1903 and 1920)
London: T. Fisher Unwin. 370p.

BookEllis, James J. (1920s)
Two Missionary Heroines in Africa: Mary Slessor and Jeanie Gilchrist
Kilmarnock, Scotland: John Ritchie. 159p.

BookEllis, James J. (1920s)
Jeanie Gilchrist: Pioneer-Missionary to the Women of Central Africa
Kilmarnock, Scotland: J. Ritchie. 80p.

BookCurrie, Jessie Monteath (British) (1918)
With Pole and Paddle Down the Zambesi
London: G. Routledge and Sons. 159p.

BookDavidson, Hannah Frances (American)(1860-1935) (1915)
South and South Central Africa: A Record of Fifteen Years Missionary Labors among Primitive Peoples
Elgin, Illinois: Brethren Publishing House. 481p.

BookMaturin, Edith (Sylvia)(Money) Cecil-Porch (British)(1865?- ) (1913)
Adventures beyond the Zambesi, of the O'Flaherty, the Insular, the Soldier Man, and the Rebel-Woman
London; New York: Eveleigh Nash; Brentano's. 391p.

BookColville, Olivia (Spencer-Churchill) (British) (1911)
1000 Miles in a Machilla: Travel and Sport in Nyasaland, Angoniland and Rhodesia with Some Account of the Resources of These Countries
By Mrs. Arthur Colville. London; New York: Walter Scott. 311p.

BookWoods, Margaret L. (1911)
Pastels under the Southern Cross
London: Smith, Elder and Co. 291p.

BookKerswell, Kate L. (British) (1910?)
Romance and Reality of Missionary Life in Northern Rhodesia
London: W.A. Hammond. 96p.

BookSmith, Julia A. (1908)
Sunshine and Shade in Central Africa
London: Edwin Dalton. 107p.

BookMackintosh, Catharine W. (1907)
Coillard of the Zambesi, the Lives of Francois and Christina Coillard, of the Paris Missionary Society, in South and Central Africa (1858-1904)
New York: American Tract Society. 484p.

Periodical articlePage, Gertrude (British) (1907)
Life in Rhodesia
Empire Review. Volume 11. August-October. p. 561-565.

Periodical articleWilson, Sarah Isabella Augusta (British)(1865-1929) (1903)
Six-Weeks in North-Western Rhodesia
Pall Mall Magazine. Volume 29-31. p. 433-446.

BookGoy, Mathilde Keck (British) (1901)
Alone in Africa; or Seven Years on the Zambesi
London: James Nisbet. 78p.

Search: ge=Zambia
Found: 85 Record 1-85

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